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14 Easy DIY Bookmark Ideas For Kids

Bookmarks are the perfect way to get your kids into reading. They can be bright, large, tiny, or even decorated in glitter. 

14 Easy DIY Bookmark Ideas For Kids

Children often love picture books, but larger ones can feel daunting. Using a bookmark can teach them about breaking up a task, and fidgeting to keep themselves focused.

At the very least, it’s a fun activity that helps your kids develop their imagination and their crafting skills. 

1. Monster Bookmarks

These bookmarks might seem complex, but all you need is simple origami and multi-colored paper.

Kelly “D” Dot has a very simple instruction that you can do before your kids make their monsters, or they can follow them with your supervision.

Either way, the process only takes a few minutes to create the shape, and the rest is all decoration!

2. Minion Mayhem

In this example, we have a Minion bookmark, but your kids could draw or glue on any shape they prefer. All you need is thick paper, colored pencils, googly eyes, and string!

Artistic kids will love drawing their own designs, so bring out a bunch of paper templates for them to go crazy with.

3. Stained Glass Bookmarks

If your kids love painting, then try this fun idea. All you need is your bookmark cut-out, tissue paper, white glue, and string for the top tie.

This example design by First Palette has a lot of cool textures and blurring between lines, but your kids could also use laying colors to see how the palette changes when overlapping something.

Show your kids how to play around with color theory using this method!

4. Confetti Pouches

Want something sparkly instead? This DIY project is going to be messy, but your kids will enjoy every second. 

The Confetti Bar’s instructions are a little complex in places, so for an easier method head to Michael’s for pouches that resemble a bookmark shape.

If you have older kids who want to challenge themselves, use the Confetti Bar’s sewing machine method!

5. Laminated Watercolor Bookmarks

Watercolors are always fun, and any excuse to get them out will make your children happy. Follow the Making Things Is Awesome website for their instructions, but as you may expect the concept is simple.

Just make sure you have watercolor paper, watercolors, a lamination machine, and some ribbon for the tie.

6. Get Posing

We are going down a different route with this idea. Instead of getting your kids to make their own bookmarks, make them pose.

Take photos of your kids as if they are hanging from the bookmark ribbon, swinging through the air. Then laminate the image just like Maker’s Nook suggests.

This will be a fun physical activity where your kids get to play around and be silly.

7. Popsicle Stick Drawings

For this bookmark, you just need some old popsicle sticks and coloring pencils. That’s it. Your kids could copy this cool design, or they could go off on their own creative tangent.

Every time your kids eat a popsicle, wash the stick, let it dry, and keep it for a rainy day of drawing.

8. More Popsicle Art

Continuing on the theme, you could either give your kid’s googly eyes and paper or cut out a bunch of animal features. This way they can experiment with shapes and design their own creatures.

They could create animals they already know or make a new beast. New creatures are the best because you can turn them into another story.

Why are they here, what are their troubles, and who comes to help them? Once the story is made, you can turn it into a book, and the bookmark can nestle in as a prompt!

9. Foam Cut Outs

Another easy DIY method involved a trip to Michaels or some other craft shop. All you need is letters or images which your kids can glue to their bookmarks.

10. Ribbon Bookmark

For a more unique idea, follow My Busy Beehive’s ribbon design. Here they use buttons and ribbons and an elastic hairband to create a wrap-around bookmark.

These are perfect for clumsy children (and adults), as the bookmark won’t fall out of place when the book is dropped.

However, we suggest only using this bookmark type on hardback novels or with loose-fitting hairbands.

11. Giant Paper Clips And Ribbons

Here is another super easy design that can help a kid embrace their creativity. All you need is a bunch of giant paper clips and some fun and funky ribbons. 

Give your kids a selection of both and see what designs they gravitate towards.

12. Washi Tape Bookmarks

Washi Tape bookmarks work just like the painting suggestions, but this time, you offer your kids some bookmark paper and some washi tape.

Give them loads of rolls to choose from, so they can make the best design they can.

13. Mustache Bookmarks

Let’s face it, mustaches are hilarious, and there are so many ways you can make a mustache bookmark. First, you could add a mustache to our first Monster Bookmark idea.

This means creating the origami square and gluing the kid’s mustache designs on top.

Or you can copy the giant paper clip idea, and glue the hair piece on that instead.

For the kids, the best part of this creation is drawing and coloring in their unusual mustaches.

14. Paint Sample Bookmark

Paint samples are free, so this experience should cost you nothing. Grab a couple and ask your kids how the colors make them feel. Then get them to draw those feelings.

This artist saw Fall in the orange and red colors. What do you see?

Final Thoughts

Once the creative juices start, you’ll see potential bookmarks everywhere! Playing cards, old strips of cloth. The list goes on!

In the comments below, tell us what you have turned into a bookmark.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Kids Do DIY?

Yes! No matter how old your child is, they can craft and complete DIY creations. You should tailor their tools and textiles based on their fine motor skills.

For example, a 1-year-old probably cannot cut their own paper, so do this for them. Alternatively, you can get them shredded edible paper instead.

As your kids develop their hand-eye coordination, you can add more tools to their collection.

Is DIY Good For Kids?

Yes! DIY teaches kids that all the items around them can be repurposed if needed. It teaches children how to be resourceful and find use in the items around them.

DIY also teaches kids how to be creative. If the children craft often, you can also teach them that recycling their projects is healthy too.

This can help avoid the adult anxiety of “I can’t make that, what will I do with it” and instead create the healthy idea of “have fun, it doesn’t need to stay”.

What Are The Best Craft Items For Kids?

Depending on their age, the best craft items are ones they can hold and manipulate easily. 

Paper of all types is a great first opinion, especially if you get them in different colors. Then you can use cardboard, or wooden sticks like popsicles, and when they are old enough look at googly eyes and glitter.

If in doubt, bring the toilet rolls out. The cardboard toilet rolls can be turned into hundreds of things from creatures to bird feeders, rock shakers to bookmarks! 

When Do Kids Start Reading?

Everyone starts reading at different times, but remember this is a skill learned not a natural gift. Some kids will start at age 4, while others might get the hang of reading until they’re in school.

The more you read to your kids, and explain words to them, the quicker they will pick up the skill.

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