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50 Amazing 19th Birthday Ideas You’ll Want To Use For Your Own Birthday

19 might not seem like the most special of birthdays, but we can assure you that it is!

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You’ve got one whole year left of being a teenager before you start the journey of your 20s and you’re at a stage in your life where you can do more than you would be able to at 16.

50 Amazing 19th Birthday Ideas You'll Want To Use For Your Own Birthday

Turning 19 can feel a little intimidating, but when you find the right way to celebrate, it ends up being one of the best days of your life!

Say goodbye to your teenage years in a beautiful way and create some amazing memories you can look back on in your 20s with fondness!

If you are struggling to come up with a good way to celebrate turning 19 then you’ve definitely come to the right place!

We’ve made a list of 50 absolutely amazing ways you can celebrate your 19th birthday and celebrate your last year of teenhood with a bang!

50 Amazing 19th Birthday Ideas You’ll Want To Use For Your Own Birthday

From bonfires to themed birthday parties (see also “18 Unique Birthday Party Ideas Your Teenager Will Praise“), there are honestly so many different ways you can celebrate your 19th birthday. You can make it exciting and unique and anyone who celebrates it with you will have just as much fun!

Check out this list and see which ideas resonate the most with you! If your 19th birthday is quickly approaching, you have no time to lose and you’re sure to be inspired by this list!

1. Have A Bonfire


Bonfires are one of those things you can do on any birthday, so if you’ve never had one before, your 19th birthday is probably the best time to start.

It’s quite cheap to host a bonfire as well, so even if you dont have much money or your parents cant go all out, it will still feel like you’ve gone all out with a bonfire.

You can host it in your backyard and have all your closest friends over to celebrate with you.

If you want to take it a step further and really get in the bonfire mood, buy some s’mores ingredients and make them together around the bonfire!

2. Have A Spa Day

When you turn 19 it can feel a bit strange. You’re not a young child anymore, but you’re not quite a fully-fledged adult yet. However you are feeling about it though, you can be any age to enjoy a good spa day!

Your birthday should be a time when you can relax and feel beautiful and a spa day is a perfect way to do that.

You can take some family, and friends, or even go by yourself… it’s your special day so you get to decide how to celebrate it!

There are so many different spa treatments you can choose from as well. Some of the best are facials and massages, but see what your local spas have to offer!

3. Go On A Shopping Spree!

One of the best ways you can celebrate your 19th birthday is to go on a shopping spree and buy yourself some of the things you’ve wanted for a while.

You can go by yourself or you can go with your family or friends, the choice is really up to you.

You can make a whole day out of it too. Take time in the day to stop for some lunch or dinner too!

4. Have A 70s-Themed Party

Themed parties are always lots of fun, it gives you and your friends a chance to get creative with your outfits!

A 70s-themed party is a great way to celebrate your 19th birthday. You can unlease your inner hippie and decorate everything with flowers and peace signs.

You can all dress up as 70s icons, or you can listen to 70s music, the choice is yours!

5. Have A Beach Themed Party

If you have a summer birthday or you live somewhere hot for most of the year, why not have a beach-themed party?

Take your birthday to the beach and give everyone a beautiful summer memory while also celebrating your special day!

6. Go Horseback Riding

If you’ve never ridden a horse before and you’ve always wanted to try it, use your birthday as an opportunity to finally do it!

This is a great way to celebrate your birthday while also enjoying the great outdoors. You’ll never forget your 19th birthday if you go for this option.

7. Go Camping

Here’s another one for anyone who enjoys being outdoors. You can go with your family or your friends and enjoy a night sleeping under the stars (see also “What Are The Benefits Of Taking Your Teenagers Phone Away Before Sleep“)! This is a great idea for a 19th birthday (see also “21st Birthday Ideas – 54 Cool, Amazing, And Fun Things You Can Do“) if you love nature and love to camp!

8. Try Glamping

If you like the idea of camping but the all-natural approach is putting you off, try glamping instead!

Most glamping facilities offer electricity, beds, and even indoor plumbing, so you can still enjoy certain aspects of camping without having to worry about your normal comforts being unavailable.

9. Outdoor Dinner Party

If you have a nice sized garden and the weather is pretty good, throw an outdoor dinner party!

Most people love to sit down for a birthday dinner anyway, so why not take it to the next level!

Outdoor dinner parties have a fantastic vibe to them and it’s a great way to do something a little different.

10. Have A Sleepover


When you’re 19, you’re probably not having many sleepovers anymore, but that doesn’t mean you cant still enjoy them!

Why not throw a more “grown-up” slumber party? You won’t have a bed time, you and your friends can pamper each other, you can watch whatever movies you like, and you don’t need parental supervision!

11. Have A 90s Themed Party

If a 70s-themed party isn’t your thing, try a 90s-themed party instead! You and your friends can all dress like 90s celebrities and you can listen to 90s music all night long!

Even if you weren’t alive in the 90s, that doesn’t mean you can enjoy it for yourself.

12. Go Hiking

This is another one for all outdoorsy people. You don’t have to have a party or do anything extravagant if that’s not your thing, sometimes a good hike in your favorite spot is all you need!

Have a look for some picturesque hikes around your area, or even a bit further out if you can drive and go immerse yourself in nature!

13. Have A Tea Party

Tea parties are incredibly popular for all ages, and as you get older, they become more sofisicated and elegant!

For your 19th birthday party, you could go out for afternoon tea, scones, cake, and finger sandwiches. This also gives you the excuse to dress up in elegant afternoon tea attire!

14. Have An Old Fashioned Pizza Party

Everyone loves pizza, regardless of their age! A pizza party is simple and a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to celebrate your 19th birthday.

You can get your friends and family together and make your own pizzas from scratch. There will be lots of laughs and tasty food to go around.

15. Have A Delightful Picnic

If you have enough space in your garden you can host it there, or if you know a beautiful spot somewhere else, go there instead!

A picnic is always lots of fun because you’ll have a spread of food for everyone to enjoy and it’s a great way to enjoy nature without having to camp or hike.

This is a relaxing way to celebrate your birthday with those you love around you.

16. Outdoor Movie Night

You will need to get hold of a projector and have the right outdoor wall for it, but if you can work out the logistics for this idea, it’s definitley going to be a night to remember!

Invite your friends and family along, bring out some blankets and snacks and play some of your favorite movies while the stars are above you!

For extra ambience, get some fairy lights to hang around while you watch!

17. Try Goat Yoga

This is a quirky idea that is incredibly unique and it’s super fun! Goat Yoga is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: yoga, but with miniature goats!

Everyone who tries goat yoga finds the experience incredibly rewarding and funny, especially when the goats jump on top of you mid yoga pose!

18. Host A Fondue Party

Fondue parties are great because you just need a fondue machine and you can choose between savory, sweet, or even both!

This is a fun way to celebrate your birthday without getting to extravagant. You can watch a movie at the same time or just chat and have a giggle.

19. Host A Stargazing Party

Stargazing Party

If you live somewhere with low light pollution, then you can do this in your own back yard. If you can drive, you can get to a dark skies area and watch the stars with your friends or family.

If your birthday is around the same time as a meteor shower, you can see some really cool things in the night sky!

20. Throw A Black & White Parties

Black and white parties are great because they look luxirous and make you feel incredibly fancy.

You can theme the dress code, the food, quite literally everything around the black & white aethestic and it will look absolutely fantastic!

21. Take An Art Class

Whether you’re already arty or you’ve always wanted to try it, why not take an art class for your 19th birthday party?

There are so many different kinds of art classes as well, some of the most popular types include life drawing classes and pottery class, but you can also host an art night at your own home with your friends if you prefer something more cosy!

22. Go Bowling

You’re never too old to enjoy bowling and its more fun when you’re 19 because you dont need parental supervision!

If you want to take your family along you can, but at this age, it’s completely optional. Bowling is a great choice if you want something fun, but low maintenence.

23. Murder Mystery Party

A murder mystery party is great because it’s a bit more unique than some of the other ways you can celebrate your 19th birthday.

You can buy murder mystery kits on amazon, but if you want to go all out you can find somewhere that hosts murder mystery parties too! This celebration will defintily be one that everyone rememberes.

24. Tiki Party

If you want to do a beach party but you want it to be a bit more interesting, you should definitely try a tiki-themed party!

You can have tiki torches, serve drinks out of coconuts, and everyone can wear tropical clothes. You can even wait for the sun to go down for this one to add a bit more ambience to the whole event.

25. Have A Space-Themed Party

Chromatic silver, aliens, space ships, glitter… whats not to love about a space themed party?

Everyone can dress up in their own take on space and science-fiction and you can really have a lot of fun with the decor for this one too!

26. Go To A Concert

If you love music and there just happens to be one happening around your 19th birthday, use this as an opportunity to celebrate in one of your favorite ways!

Live music is always such an amazing experience, especially if you love the artist or band that is playing! You can even look into local bands and shows if you’d rather have something a bit cozier.

27. Go Rollerskating

Rollerskating has gotten quite popular again, and whether you’ve got some experience or you just want to try it out for the first time, this is a great opportunity to celebrate your 19th birthday in a fun way with your friends!

There are plenty of rollerskating places for you to check out and if you want to take it a step further, get everyone to dress up in 80s-themed clothes!

28. Go For A Fancy Dinner

Going out for dinner is a pretty standard way to celebrate, but take it up a notch by going somewhere fancy! Dress up in your most sophisticated clothes and dine in style!

Have a look at fancy restaurants in your area and see which ones stand out the most to you. You can take your friends, family, or both to celebrate!

29. Go On A Road Trip

Road Trip

The beauty of being 19 is that you have a lot more freedom than you did when you were younger!

Most 19-year-olds can drive and this means you can go on a road trip! This is a super unique way to celebrate your birthday and it will give you a chance to explore the world a little bit!

30. Have A Board Game Night

Game nights never fall out of fashion and they are fun regardless of what age you are!

You can play classic board games or play something more modern such as Cards Against Humanity. Get some snacks out and have a giggle with all your closest friends!

31. Have A Video Game Night

If you arent a huge fan of board games, try having a video game night instead! You can invite your friends over and have loads of snacks at the ready and you’ll have a fantastic night.

You can choose between retro games or modern games, or you can play both! If you have quite a few friends over you can even make a tornament out of the event.

32. Have A Pool Party

If you are lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard and the weather is good, then a pool party is always a fantastic way to celebrate your birthday!

Even if you don’t have a pool of your own though, see if any of your friends would be willing to let you use theirs.

Make sure you have lots of snacks and music for your pool party too and if you want to take it into the night, have some ambient lighting dotted around!

33. Do A Photoshoot

A great way to have a good birthday where you’ll have physical memories of it is to do a photoshoot!

You can hire a professional photographer, but you can also do this for free if you have a friend who is pretty good at taking photos.

You can make the photoshoot any theme you want, so don’t be afraid to go all out and be creative in your approach! You’ll look back on your photos with lots of happy memories for years to come.

34. Host A Cowboy Themed Party

Cowboy hats, horses, cowboy chaps… there is so much you can do when you host a cowboy themed party!

Regardless of how you choose to do it, this is one of those themes that is a classic choice and everyone will have so much fun for the entire event!

35. Celebrate At The Arcade

If you’re feeling nostalgic on your 19th birthday, try celebrating at your local arcade! You’ll feel like a kid again, but because you’re practically an adult now, the experience will be even better!

You’ll be able to play whatever arcade games you want and you wont need to have adult supervision either.

36. Visit A Psychic

This is one of the more out there ideas on this list, but your birthday is the perfect time to be out there! See if there are any psychics in your area and get a reading from them!

They can read your palms, give you a tarot reading, and even see your future! Remember, this idea is meant to be fun, so don’t take it too seriously if you choose to do it!

37. Have A Baking Party

If you love to bake or you just want to try it out for the first time, a baking party is a great way to celebrate your 19th birthday!

There are so many different things you can bake as well, so don’t limit yourself to just baking cakes.

You and your friends can all bake something different and then sit down together to enjoy the fruits of your labour!

38. Have A Tye Dye Party

This is always a fun option because you can create some seriously cool designs! This is also a great option for anyone who likes to do crafty things… plus you get free new clothes out of it!

It’s not too expensive to make tye dye stuff either and you can make a lot more than tye dye t-shirts!

39. Have A Karaoke Night

Karaoke Night

If you love to sing then this is a great way to celebrate your 19th birthday. You can go out to a karaoke bar or you can buy a karaoke machine to sing in the comfort of your own home.

Even if you cant sing very well or you just lack the confidence, this is a great way to have fun with your friends! Try some duets to really get the party going!

40. Have A BBQ

This is another great option for summer birthdays or for if you live somewhere with consistent good weather. A BBQ is a great way to enjoy being outside and having amazing food.

You can decorate your backyard with cute throws and cushions to make it extra cozy and you and your party guests can celebrate your birthday in a fun and relaxing way.

41. Have A Casino Night

While you usually have to be 21 to go to real casinos, that doens’t mean you cant host a casino night for your 19th! Instead of real money, use fake tokens or something else.

You can buy lots of card games online for quite cheap prices too. You can go all out and also have a dress code if you want!

42. Give Lazer Tag A Try

Lazer Tag is a great birthday option because it’s so much fun! If you have a lot of party guests as well, this is a great way to get them all together. Celebrate your last year of being a teenager in style!

43. Cochella Themed Party

If you couldn’t get to Cochella, bring Cochella to your backyard! If you have any friends who are willing to DJ you can take this themed party to a whole new level. This is a great way to incorporate a festival into your 19th birthday.

44. Go To The Cinema

If you really love movies and you just want something lowkey, take your friends to the cinema! If you want to take this idea to another level though, you can even rent a whole cinema room out and have a private viewing party!

45. Visit An Amusement Park

Amusement parks are great for everyone, and they just get more fun when you have more adult freedom.

If you have a car or someone who can drive, why not celebrate your birthday at your favorite amusement park?

You can ride rollercoasters and enjoy cotton candy, ride a ghost train and play some crazy golf… the options are practically endless!

46. Go To A Trampoline Park

If you’re quite an active person, this is a great idea for you! Trampolining might seem like a kids activity, but it’s way more fun as you get older!

47. Make Homemade Candles

A candle making party is perfect for crafty people or anyone who just wants a relaxing and laid back birthday celebration. It’s also lots of fun as well and you and your friends will love it!

48. Visit An Aquarium

If you love sea creatures, then you might want to visit your closest aquarium for your birthday! You can see loads of really cool fish in the aquarium and it makes for a really fun day out.

49. Visit A Botanical Garden

Botanical Gardens are super relaxing and a great way to have a fun and relaxing day out on your birthday. You can take your friends or even try this solo!

50. Go To The Zoo

If you love animals and want to spend the day with them, why not go to the zoo? Everyone loved to do this as a kid, but when you’re older, it’s even more fun!


Make your 19th birthday memorable! Give these ideas a try and create some fantastic memories!

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