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Can I Unblur Chegg Answers For Free? Your Complete Guide

Are you unsure if you can unblur Chegg answers for free? Maybe your free trial has run out and you want to know what your options are?

Or are you curious and want to know more? No matter what the reason is that brought you here, we have the answers for you!

Can I Unblur Chegg Answers For Free Your Complete Guide

Finding out if you can unblur Chegg answers for free can be tricky, especially if you have never done it before.

You head online, see that you can unblur the answers for free, but are met with conflicting and contradicting advice on how to do it!

You try a few methods, but nothing seems to work. Frustrated and disappointed, you resign yourself to paying to unblur the answers. 

Well, no more! Today, we are here with the answers you need. Keep reading to find out if you can unblur Chegg answers for free, how you can do it, and some awesome alternatives to Chegg. 

Can I Unblur Chegg Answers For Free?

Yes, you can unblur Chegg answers for free! It is a little fiddly, but there are ways that you can unblur answers and have full access to Chegg. 

Chegg requires you to pay for access to answers on their site. Free trials provide you with access, but once the free period ends, so does your access to the unblurred answers. To continue viewing the answers, you would need to pay for Chegg. 

Or would you? 

We have found a few ways that you can get around needing to pay for Chegg, allowing you to view the unblurred answers for free. Don’t worry, these are completely legal options and ones you can explore easily!

How To Unblur Chegg Answers For Free

There are a few ways that you can use Chegg for free and access their answers. Whether you want to use an extension, create new accounts, or access it through Inspect Element, we have a method for you. 

Let’s take a look at these different methods now! 

Working Around Chegg’s Paywall

Previously, there were a few ways you could get around Chegg paywall quickly. However, these are now unavailable. Currently, you will need to create an account and use the free trial to access Chegg’s answers.

Once the free trial period ends, you can choose to pay, open a new account, or make use of other platforms to find the answers you need. 

Many people opt to create another account for a new free trial period. You will need a different email address, so make sure you have a few you can use! 

Unblur Chegg Answers With Inspect Element

Another option is to use Inspect Element. This feature is handy and allows you to unblur text online. To use the tool, you simply right click on the blurred answer on Chegg.

You can then select the Inspect Element on your browser. 

Then, simply move your mouse over the answer and it will unblur. The answer will be revealed! You can uncheck the property in the Inspect Element tool to unblur the image.

This helps you to avoid the cost of Chegg and still enjoy the answers you need! 

Unfortunately, this hack no longer works on Chegg. You can still use it on other sites, but it seems Chegg has outsmarted the tool!

You can join a Discord server with a Chegg bot that will help you unblur answers if you can’t pay for an account (more on this later). 

Another option was the Chegg Unblur extension, but unfortunately, this Chrome extension has been removed. 

How To Get Chegg Answers For Free

How To Get Chegg Answers For Free

There are lots of ways that you can access Chegg for free. We have compiled the best ways you can get Chegg’s answers for free below, so let’s check them out now. 

Free Trial Account

As we have mentioned before, Chegg has a free trial period you can use. You get a four week free trial period that allows you to find the answer to your question without encountering any blurring! 

The trial period also provides you with plenty of time to use Chegg to decide if you like it or not. This time, you can take advantage of the site and get the answers you need!

To make the most out of Chegg, you should sign up for it when you need the answers. 

While you can have all the answers you need on Chegg, you cannot access books. These are only available to buy or rent/ you would need to pay for the account to access this extra feature. 

You can continue to create free accounts as we mentioned earlier, but be mindful that you need a new email address every time you sign up for another account. 


Another option is to use Reddit. There are lots of Chegg answer groups on Reddit that you can use to find the answers you need.

Plus, it’s completely free! All you need to do is post your question in one of the groups and wait for your answer!

Sometimes it can take a while for the answers to come in, but there’s a good chance you will get a reply.

Some of these Chegg answer groups have over 20,000 members, so there will always be someone around to answer your questions! 

Make sure you are a member of the group so you can post the questions you have and get the answers you need.

Now, there is a good chance you will get varying answers from several people, so you will need to read through them carefully and make your own decision on which answer you use. 

Telegram Bots 

The messaging app Telegram is a wonderful way to get Chegg answers for free. There are groups where you can share large media files easily.

Combined with the bots on Telegram, you can find Chegg answers for free easily. 

The tool is easy to use! All you need to do is find the bots that get the answers from Chegg. You get responses instantly too, meaning you don’t have to wait like you do with Reddit.

While the bots are quick, they aren’t always easy to find. There is also a limit of questions you can ask the bots too, so be sure to choose your questions wisely! 

Once you sign up to Telegram, find the bots that answer questions. You can drop a link to the question or type the question in.

There is no limit to the question length, so you can type your long questions and get the answers you need! 

Discord Bots 

Another option is Discord bots! There are several servers on Discord where you can check and find Chegg answers for free!

While Discord might be known for its gaming services, you can make use of it to get the answers that you need.

There are more than 4,000 members that can provide you with the answers that you need. You can join multiple servers simultaneously, allowing you to post different questions on each server.

You will get a variety of answers here too, providing you with options to select from. 

The Web

Finally, you can use the web. All you need to do is type your question into a search engine like Google or Bing, hit search and the answers will appear! You will have a pool of answers to choose from. 

While you will have lots of answers, there is a chance some of them will contradict! Thankfully, you can double check your answers and make use of verified sources to ensure you have the correct answers! 

Chegg Alternatives

If Chegg isn’t for you, or you want to try a different website, we have the answers for you! Check out our best Chegg alternatives below to help you find another option for you. 

24 Hour Answers

First, we have this wonderful alternative, 24-hour answers! It’s older than Chegg, but still a well-used, and well-loved site.

You get access to micro tutoring on any subject. There isn’t a free option, but don’t worry, there are payment plans available! 

You ask a custom question and get assistance from expert tutors. The price depends on the question you have asked, as some require more time than others. has a free plan that is great for most students. However, their premium plan is affordable, and has much more to offer!

There is no limit on the questions you can ask! You can ask as many as you want on a premium plan, allowing you to get your money’s worth! 


Bartleby is similar to Chegg, offering textbook solutions and homework help to students. The math solver and writing tools are great for solving any of your problems, and you can also ask experts questions.

Answers come straight from the database, so you are never waiting for someone to get back to you! 

What we love about it is the grammar checker, citation generator, and plagiarism detector. It has never been easier to check your work!

There are also lots of literature guides that cover social science, business, language, engineering, and science. There are plenty of resources for you to use! 

Crazy For Study

Crazy for Study has over 50 million answers you can use! The answers are 100% accurate too, allowing you to use them in your assignments, homework, and to answer textbook questions with ease. 

There is experienced subject matter from experts, giving you valuable answers you can trust. Curricular requirements are kept in mind too, so you know the answers are accurate. 

What we love about Crazy for Study is you can ask for solution manuals to your college textbooks. You will get these in just a few hours too!

The answers are all plagiarism-free, but we recommend tweaking the words so you have a unique answer for your work. 

Course Hero

Next, we have Course Hero. This website is packed full of textbook and homework solutions where you can find the answers to your questions!

You can upload your study material onto the site too, allowing others to use your material. This also means there is more material for you to take advantage of. 

You can also browse by institution, textbooks, and subjects. There are also plenty of video explanations with step-by-step solutions that will show you how to find the answer! 

The site is available for use any time/ you can use the site for free, but you would need to pay for each answer.

Paid members can choose from a few different plans, giving them 10 to 40 answers for the questions you need. 


CourseEagle is a wonderful online platform that provides you with answers to all aspects of the US curriculum.

You can find answers no matter what the subject or field of study is. Plus, the site is accessible globally and you can download the answers and save them for future use! 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers free assistance and learning resources for students including articles and videos.

You can take advantage of their courses to prepare you for tests in languages, computing, arts, science, math, and many more! 

It operates like a study aid where you can complete quizzes and exercises that will help to test your knowledge.

There are plenty of quizzes, articles, and step-by-step solutions that will help you solve any query you have! 

Library Genesis

Next, we have Library Genesis. This online platform allows you to access and download the books you need! Simply search for the book and click on the download link. The book is then free for you to use! 

You can download comics, graphic novels, fiction, books, and papers. They can also be downloaded in a variety of formats, so there is bound to be one that suits you!


Litanswers is a wonderful and free tool that you can use to find the answers you need. You can get help with research studies, exams, and assignments all for free!

You can also use the established database to find answers to Chegg questions for free! 

Simply enter the question in the search tab and the answers will appear! You can then tweak the answer to create a unique submission for your essay or assignment. 


Paperhelp is a fine alternative to Chegg if you use Chegg to proofread your papers. Paperhelp has experts that will proofread your work to give you advice.

You can have your thesis, cover letter, resume, presentations, research paper, or essay read for you! 

There is also writing and academic help that you can use. Make sure you check your institution’s policies too, you want to make sure you are hitting the criteria to get the grades you want!

The price of Paperhelp depends on the type of paper, its length, academic levels, and deadline. 

Paul’s Online Math Notes

If you are studying university-level math, then this is the site for you! There are plenty of notes you can use to solve the queries that you have, rather than asking questions and waiting for an answer. 

Paul is a math professor at Lamar University, but the notes are suitable for all students! Plus, they are free to use, so you don’t need to worry about making an account or paying for access. 


Previously known as Slader, Quizlet is one of the most popular learning platforms. You get wonderful explanations for a variety of questions and topics.

You can enter the textbook title or ISBN in the search tab and get the answers you need! 

What we love about Quizlet is the interactive activities like flashcards, tests, and games. Learning has never been so fun or accessible!

You can also use images, record audio, and create diagrams that you can download to use offline. Studying has never been so easy. 

Quizlet can be accessed for free, but you don’t get that many features. The paid for option isn’t too expensive, and can be used on the web, iOS, and Android users. 


Quizplus provides students with answers to questions, regardless of the field or subject. You have access to a huge database full of questions and answers for any academic subject. 

All you need to do is enter your question and the answer will appear! There are loads of study materials too!

You can use them to create unique and original answers for exams and homework. The materials are perfect for studying too! 

There is a free option of Quizsplus, but you don’t get access to the material. There are lots of different options you can choose from though, allowing you to pay for what you need. 


If you want extra study materials for literature, math, or science, Sparknotes is the site for you! There are ample study guides for you to choose from, providing you with helpful activities for you to study with.

There are flashcards and other features you can make use of. 

Plus there are sample articles you can use to help give you a better idea of how your essay should look. If you want a site that can be used alongside your reading, this is the site for you! 

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange provides Q&A help with experts answering questions to almost any topic! There are over 170 sites and subdomains that you can take advantage of.

There are far more topics here than Chegg, making it the ideal option if you want more variety. 

Plus you don’t need to pay to ask questions on Stack Exchange, it’s a winner for us! 

School Solver

School Solver gives you expert answers to the questions you have! What we love about School Solver is that you set the price.

You decide how much you want to pay, and the expert decides if they will take it on or not. If they chose not to, they can move to a higher paid question. 

How much you pay does depend. Some experts will answer questions for as little as $1, whereas others will take $100 for a question. For fast responses, you might need to up the price. 


Skooli offers online tutoring and homework help for English, science, and math. There are one-to-one tutoring sessions that you can take advantage of, all with expert tutors that are sure to help you! 

Skooli operates as an online classroom, where you can video chat, live chat, or make use of the whiteboard. Like Chegg, you ask questions and get professional answers and solutions from experts! 

There are a range of payment plans so you can find the one that best suits your budget. This could be the pay-as-you-go or one-off payment option. 


SolutionInn gives access to 2 million solutions to academic questions and problems.

How? There is a pool of professional tutors you can hire for homework help. The tutor marketplace allows you to find a tutor you like to work with 

There are step-by-step explanations and answers to your questions too. You can see the method that has helped you arrive at the answer, which we always appreciate!

Plus, the tutors are available 24/7, so you can always get the help that you need! 


StudyDaddy allows you to pay per question with no monthly commitments. It’s fantastic for those one-off questions where you don’t want to be stuck in a payment plan!

Simply post your questions and a tutor will send you proposals and quotes based on the price they are charging. 

You can look through the proposals, find one you are happy with, pay, and wait for a response. The tutor gets paid after the question has been answered, so you can ask for revisions if you wish.


This is another wonderful thing about Chegg where you can learn content efficiently and quickly. There is a pool of flashcards you can use, or you can create your own with custom images.

There is also an educational library that is community driven and full of resources to help you find the answers you need. 


Next, we have this online tutoring company that offers a wide range of education services.

You can enjoy online tutoring and virtual learning that allows you to access the answers to any questions you might have. Regardless of the subject or question, you will find the answer that you need! 

There are over 20,000 tutors who are experts in their field, providing you with the answers you need. These tutors are available 24/7, so you can get the answers you need whenever you need them!

You can also select the right tutor for you and your needs too.

Here we have another micro-tutoring platform you can use. Provided by The Princeton Review, this site is a wonderful place for test prep and to find tutors in any subject!

The tutors are experts or professors on a wide range of topics, allowing you to find the help that you need. 

You can also read each tutor’s bio and check out their ratings and educational levels to help you find the right tutor for you.

As works 24/7 you don’t need to worry about where you live or when you want the tutoring. It is one of the best sites if you want one-to-one tutoring.


Finally, we have Valorebooks. It is a wonderful alternative textbook rental service. Simply rent books from the site that you need for your assignment, or even sell your old textbooks there! 

Valorebooks operates like a library of school textbooks. They can be rented or bought, with the price depending on the book and its condition.

With just a little searching, though, you can almost always find a bargain! Simply search for the book by ISBN, subject, title, or school. 

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! There are a few methods you can use to unblur Chegg answers for free.

These will allow you to access the answers you need, without needing to pay for Chegg after your free trial ends. There are also plenty of free alternatives you can use to find Chegg answers. 

And there are even more alternative sites out there where you can have your questions answered for free! Don’t forget to check out one of the many tutoring based sites we mentioned if you need extra support with your studies.

With so many options out there, you are sure to find a tutor that will suit your needs and your budget! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our brief FAQ section to get the answers you need!

Is Chegg Cheating?

Technically, yes, Chegg is a form of cheating. Chegg provides you with answers to questions, if you copy these answers word for word, then you are plagiarizing someone else’s work.

You can get in trouble with your school or college, and face disciplinary action.

Make sure you check your schools’ policy on these sites. Remember, any work submitted needs to be original and in your own words.

Sure, these sites are good for help and to find out more information, but you should write all your assignments and homework answers yourself, rather than copying them from the internet. 

What Is Chegging?

Chegging is a term used by students. It refers to using Chegg or another platform where you can find answers to your questions.

It is often used by students who are struggling with their homework, online quizzes, or have run out of time.
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