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The Best Ideas For Christmas Classroom Door Decorations

If you want to embrace the holiday spirit and make your classroom a fun place to be during the festive season, why don’t you try decorating your classroom door?

The Best Ideas For Christmas Classroom Door Decorations

There are so many different ideas that you can use to create fun and festive designs. 

If you need some inspiration, you have come to the right place. Here are some of our top recommendations with various ideas to suit every budget. 

Classic Christmas

You can’t go wrong with these classic Christmas ideas to decorate your classroom door.

They are instantly reminiscent of Christmas and will get your students into the holiday mood. Make sure you use plenty of bright colors so that your decorations are eye-catching. 


A snowman is an easy decoration to try, and it looks really effective. You can create a snowman effect in various different ways. 

Plastic Cup Snowman

This snowman has been made using plastic cups. You could also use paper cups or make the snowman out of various recycled materials.

This idea is really fun because it creates a three dimensional character. You could name the snowman, or even have a naming competition with your students. 

Cotton Wool Snowman 

Making a snowman out of cotton wool creates a softer effect. You can also use the cotton wool to add some falling snowflakes.

Using a blue background gives a cool, icy impression just like the North Pole. 

Paper Snowman 

If you don’t have many materials you can easily make a snowman out of paper.

All you need is white for the snow, black for his facial features, and a bright color for the hat and scarf.

You can also create a background using paper of your choice. A lovely idea is to make snowflakes using photographs of your students. 


Angels were a big part of the nativity story, and they are an important symbol of Christmas. Choosing an angel to decorate your classroom door is a good way to get into the festive spirit. 

Handprint Angels 

If you want to get the students involved in the decorating then you can try these handprint angels.

The students can trace around their hands onto white paper and cut them out to make the angel wings.

You could also try painting handprints using white paint. Try a dark blue background to represent the night sky. You could even use a bible quote about angels to finish it off. 

Paper Angels

These paper angels are really easy to make and you can adjust the design however you want.

You can even try to give them different colored robes to create an interesting design. Include some yellow stars to make it look like the night sky. 


Nativity is a very traditional style of Christmas decoration. It would make a timeless choice for your classroom door. You can choose from a range of different designs for your nativity. 

Simple Nativity 

This simple nativity scene is made with black paper for the background and a lighter color for the outline of the nativity scene.

You can include stars for the night sky for a pop of color. You can include as many nativity characters as you like. 

Painted Nativity 

This stunning painted nativity is a really eye catching door decoration.

The night sky is made up of blended shades of blue which creates a beautiful effect, and the nativity scene is painted in black over the top to create a silhouette effect. 

Student Nativity

Your students will love getting involved in the nativity scene by having their photographs on the door.

Each student can be a different character, and you can also have angels and farm animals if you have a large class. You could also add student’s faces into the stars in the night sky. 

Christmas Trees

Is there anything more festive than a beautifully decorated Christmas tree?

You can create this holiday spirit in your classroom by decorating your classroom door with a Christmas tree. This is a great idea if you don’t have the space or the budget for a real christmas tree. 

Ribbon Christmas Tree

This ribbon tree takes very few materials but looks really effective. You can use different shades of green to make the tree multi-dimensional, and then add decorations on top.

You can make the ribbon tree as big or as small as you want depending on how much space you have on your door and how many materials you have. 

Handprint Christmas Tree 

You can get the students involved in the Christmas tree door decorations with this handprint design.

Each student can trace their handprint and cut it out, or make a painted handprint.

You can use different shades of green, or even bright colors to represent the decorations on the tree.

Arrange the handprints in a Christmas tree shape and stick them on to a background in a color of your choice. 

Paper Chain Christmas Tree 

This paper chain christmas tree is ideal if you don’t have a big decorating budget. It is also quick and easy to make.

You can get the students to help make the paper chains and use a star, a ribbon or an angel to decorate the top of the tree. 

Abstract Christmas Tree 

You don’t have to create a traditional Christmas tree – you could try a more abstract or minimalist design.

This Christmas tree is made up of different colored circles – you could stick them on a green triangle if you want to make it look even more like a Christmas tree.

You could even create some colorful presents to go underneath the tree. 

Festive Animals 

If you are looking for something fun that the children will love, why not create a classroom door decoration design that involves festive animals?

This is a great way to teach children about nature and wildlife whilst keeping with the Christmas spirit. 


Penguins are super cute festive animals to include in your decorations. Here are some ideas you can try. 

Cheeky Penguins

These cheeky penguins are decorating a christmas tree which creates a fun scene for your classroom.

You can easily come up with your own design like this using colored paper. Creating the penguins in a round shape makes them super adorable. 

Giant Penguin

This giant penguin is easy to make and very exciting for the children.

All you need is black and white paper for the body, orange for the feet and beak, and a bright color for any accessories like a hat and scarf. 

Penguin Photos 

If you want a fun idea, you could use photographs of your students as the faces of penguins.

Make lots of smaller penguins so you have enough room for them all on the door. You could create a snowy background for the penguins, like an icy slope. 


Is it even Christmas without the reindeer to pull Santa’s sleigh?

Children love reindeer, and using them as your classroom door decoration can be a fun way of getting your students to learn all of their names. 

Reindeer Stable 

This is a really fun idea for a classroom door decoration. All you need is colored paper to create this design.

You can even do this across several doors, so that each one is a compartment in the stable housing a different reindeer, with a sign above it for the reindeer’s name. 

Reindeer Stockings 

This is a really cute idea for a reindeer decoration.

You can make the antlers extra large, and then add Christmas stockings as if they are hanging off the antlers.

If you want to go all out you can even hang real stockings off the antlers using small hooks. 

Reindeer Singing

This funny design of a reindeer singing carols is really easy to make. The carol book popping out of the design adds a three dimensional element.

You can customize this design with a different color background or adding accessories to the reindeer character.

The children would love it if you gave the reindeer a red nose!

Polar Bear

You will often see polar bears featured on Christmas cards and other Christmas items, so why not use them as inspiration for your classroom door decoration? 

Blowing Bubbles 

This sweet and simple design can be made with only white paper. First you need to cut out a polar shape and use a pen to add some detail.

You can then make different snowflakes and arrange them so it looks like the polar bear is blowing them like bubbles. 

Polar Bear Cubs

Polar cubs are some of the cutest animals on the planet. You can make two small polar bear cubs with their arms waving to welcome the students into the classroom.

Add some snowflakes to create a fun, arctic scene reminiscent of the North Pole. 

Giant Polar Bear 

All you need is some white and black paper to turn your classroom door into a giant polar bear. It is even easier if the classroom door is white.

Make sure that your giant polar bear has a friendly face so it’s not too intimidating for the children. 


Instead of a classic Christmas animal, why don’t you try something different like a festive alpaca.

It fits in well with a carol singing theme as you can use alliteration with the word ‘llama’ by adding ‘la la la’. 

Festive Movies

If you are looking for inspiration for your classroom door decoration, why not take it from your student’s favorite festive movies? Here are some great ideas to get you started. 


Elf is a heart-warming movie full of fun characters. Children of all ages love this movie so it is a great choice for your classroom. 

New York 

Most of the movie takes place in New York, so you can create a cityscape on your door.

Include a few iconic buildings, and then add Buddy the elf and some snowflakes. You can also include some quotes from the movie. 

Elf Costume 

This is an easy way to create an Elf themed classroom door decoration.

You can create Buddy’s elf clothes using colored paper and include a quote from the movie. You can even make a hat to go over the door frame. 

Mr Narwhal 

Mr Narwhal is an adorable character who stole the show in the few seconds he was on screen. This door decoration is a less obvious tribute to the movie. 

The Grinch

The Grinch is a Dr Seuss classic that was written for children and has been adapted into several movies. You can use the book as your inspiration, or pick one of the movies. 

Light Up Scene 

This light up grinch scene is quite intricate. The effort is worth it as the finished effect is very impressive.

You can use fairy lights for the town of whoville, and include some of the well known characters from the book. Use a vibrant green color for the grinch. 

Grinch Fingers

You don’t need an elaborate scene – you can just choose one iconic freeze frame like the grinch stealing christmas decorations.

All you need to include is the hand, which doesn’t take much paper. You can also add some extra decorations with baubles. 

Grinch Mugshot 

We all know the Grinch is a troublesome character, so a cheeky mugshot is a great idea. It also allows you to create a full length image of the grinch.

You can use colored paper, tissue paper, cotton wool or any other materials that you want. 

The Polar Express 

The polar express is a lovely animated film that children love. It has an important theme of friendship that is ideal for the classroom. 

Simple Train 

If you want to keep things simple because you have limited time or resources, this design could be ideal. It looks like the front of a train, but all you need is black, yellow and white paper. 

Elaborate Train 

If you want to create something really impressive, you can try an elaborate train design.

Use black paper to create the shape of the train on the door, and blue paper for the night sky. Add details to the train in red and yellow.

You can also add extra decoration on the walls and even a train track on the floor. 

Ticket Booth  

If you want something a little different, try creating a ticket booth for the Polar Express.

You can make use of the window in your classroom door, and add a cutout of the train conductor. If you want to take it a step further you could even make tickets for the children. 

Nightmare Before Christmas 

The Nightmare Before Christmas is an alternative Christmas movie that is ideal for older children.

You can use the wonderful animation of this movie as inspiration for your classroom door decoration. 

Jack Skellington 

Jack is the main character in the movie so you can create a full length version of him on your classroom door.

You only need three colors – black, white, and orange for a pumpkin. If you want to make it a bit more colorful, you could do Jack in his Santa outfit instead of his halloween suit. 

Christmas Scene 

This design has everything – the snowy forest complete with Christmas lights, Jack in the sky with his reindeer, and even Oogie Boogie on the moon.

It would take some time to put together but it’s a really good tribute to the movie. 

Romantic Scene 

The Nightmare Before Christmas has a romantic element to the story. You can use this to inspire you with your classroom door decorations.

This iconic scene i very eye catching and would look great on your classroom door. 

Home Alone 

Home Alone has been a favorite Christmas movie for many families for years, and it is still entertaining children today.

Here are some great ideas you can use if you want to create a Home Alone themed classroom door. 

Movie Collage 

You can easily create a Home Alone themed door decoration by taking stills from the movie and using them to create a collage.

You could even get the students to choose some of their favorite moments from the movie franchise to include in the collage. 

Movie Quote

You could try taking a quote from the movie and turning it into your decoration. You can include some pictures of the characters or even a cityscape of New York from the second movie. 

The Kevin Pose 

The Home Alone movie is famous for the Kevin pose.

You can get your students to recreate this pose and use their photographs alongside a picture of Kevin and maybe some of the other characters from the movie.

Fun Ideas 

Here are some fun ideas for classroom door decorations that you can try to inject some festive cheer into the space. 

Elf On The Shelf

Elf On The Shelf is something that your students might be doing at home with their family.

You can bring this fun into the classroom with an Elf On The Shelf door decoration. You could even tie it in with the Elf On The Shelf mischief. 

Star Wars

The Star Wars franchise is still very popular, and Disney is making content for younger audiences.

There is a good chance that a lot of your students will be interested in Star Wars, so why not incorporate it into your classroom door decorations.

This Yoda design is a great idea and it is easy to replicate. 

Funny Reindeer

This funny scene features cheeky reindeer trying to decorate the door.

You can make this as extravagant as you want, with fairy lights and even cotton wool snow on the ground.

If you can use some of the wall in the corridor it will give you more options when it comes to creating a funny scene. 


During the holiday season you don’t take selfies, you take ‘selfies’.

You can turn your classroom door into an ‘elfie’ station by making use of the glass in the door.

You will need to create an elf costume out of paper, and maybe some cotton wool, along with a hat. 

Gone To The Beach 

Santa deserves a holiday for all of the hard work he puts in over Christmas. This is a really fun idea, especially if you live in a warmer climate.

You can make paper clothes for Santa, and hang them up with a sign to say that Santa has gone to the beach. You could even include some tropical foliage. 

Christmas Present 

If you want a simple idea that is still fun, you can wrap up your classroom door like a present. You will need some patterned paper and some wide ribbon.

The bow could be a bit fiddly, but you can find an online tutorial to show you how to tie an ornate bow. 


A fireplace is a simple idea that is fun for the students. You can hang paper stockings with their name around the fireplace on the door to create a personal touch.

You could even create a wreath out of handprints to hang above the fireplace which gets the children involved with the decorations. 

Gingerbread House

You can use the classroom door to create an illusion that the children ate stepping into a magical gingerbread house.

You need some icing over the door, and some gumdrops on the roof.

If your classroom door doesn’t have a window then you can create one with paper to add to the effect. You can also include a little gingerbread man. 

Easy Ideas 

You might not have a lot of time or resources to put into a redecoration project.

There are plenty of simple ideas that you can choose from that will still give your classroom some holiday cheer. 

Christmas Lights 

Christmas lights make a lovely classroom door decoration. You can easily make them out of colored paper and use a stencil to get the perfect shape each time.

Attach them to a string and add them to the door, and maye use a colorful border around the window. 


Olaf is the lovable snowman from the Disney movie Frozen.

It’s really easy to make Olaf out of paper – all you need is white and black paper and a bit of orange for his nose.

Add a snowy background and one of his funny quotes and your door decoration is complete. 

Santa Clause

Santa Clause is what most people think of when they think of Christmas- so why not use him as inspiration for your classroom door decoration.

You can create Santa using red, white and black paper. You can also use cotton wool to add texture to his hat and his beard.

Don’t forget a pop of yellow for his golden belt buckle. 

Santa’s Workshop

Santa’s workshop is where the magic happens – the toys are made ready to be delivered on Christmas Eve.

You can create this magic in your own classroom by turning your classroom door into the door of Santa’s workshop.

You can design it any way you want – even include a few elves. Use classic colors like red, white and green. 

Christmas Sweater 

A simple but fun way to decorate your classroom door is by turning it into a christmas sweater.

You can make a pattern, like fairisle, or you can just add random decorations to create the classic ‘ugly sweater’ style. 

Snow Scene

A fun snow scene is a fun way to create a classroom door decoration that you can keep up throughout the holiday season.

You can use animals, a snowy town, a winter forest, or any other scene that comes to mind. It’s easy to make but still looks amazing and the children will love it. 


These ideas will give you some inspiration when it comes to how you want to decorate your classroom door for the Christmas season.

Whether you want something based on a movie, something to do with animals, or something else entirely, there is an idea on this list for everyone. 

Don’t be afraid to come up with your own ideas and add customizations.

You should also try and get your students involved in the decoration process so that you can do some festive arts and crafts as a group. 

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