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Homeschooling In High School: Pros And Cons

Homeschooling is an interesting experience for all families who go down that route.

For lots of families, it is a more positive experience than public schooling, but even in those cases, that doesn’t mean there aren’t days when it is hard too.

Younger kids are usually a bit easier to homeschool, but high schoolers can be quite a challenge at times. They are going through a lot of changes and growing up, and it is a very sensitive time in their life.

Homeschooling In High School

We have put together a list of pros and cons of homeschooling kids in high school. If you are still on the fence, read on to learn more and make a more informed decision about it.

The Pros Of Homeschooling In High School

There are many pros of homeschooling high school-aged kids. Even on those days when it feels like a lot of work, because they are older, they are more independent, and you don’t have to watch them so closely.

Below you will find a list of the pros of homeschooling in high school that you should consider.

Avoiding Social Stress

The high school age is a very dramatic time for your kids. Hormones are flying at an all-time high, and they are much more sensitive than they would be at a younger age.

All kids who go to public high school have social stress that they have to deal with. On top of school work, they are also trying to make sure they fit in, avoid being targeted for bullying, and lots of other social issues.

When you are a high schooler who is being homeschooled, these social stresses just aren’t an issue. There aren’t other kids you have to deal with, and that means more time can be focused on your studies.

The Schedule & Curriculum Are More Flexible

One of the big reasons why so many families choose to homeschool is because they are free to create their own schedule and curriculum.

Sure, they still have to make sure they are following state laws and guidelines, but they have a lot more freedom than public schooling.

This, in turn, means that as a family, you can cater your school schedule and curriculum to make sure it fits with your child’s learning style.

You can let them learn at a pace that suits them, and as a high schooler, this will keep them more engaged.

Homeschooling Is More Consistent

High school years in school are some of the most crucial, and external disruptions can be a hindrance.

When you are homeschooling, you can avoid these disruptions completely. Global health events and other disruptions, such as snow days and outbreaks, don’t really apply to homeschoolers.

This means that you can continue homeschooling without having to disrupt your lesson plans and schedules.

Kids Get A Head Start On Career Paths

All high schoolers, regardless of background, will start looking into their careers, but when you are homeschooling, your kids can have a head start on their career paths.

If your kid has a specific career path in mind, you have more freedom to cater their homeschooling classes around it.

High school kids who are in public school just don’t have this same option, and it is something to consider when deciding if you should homeschool.

Homeschooling In High School

The Cons Of Homeschooling In High School

While there may be plenty of pros that come with homeschooling in high school, there are also a few cons that need to be taken into consideration too.

High school age is a tough age, regardless of your schooling situation, and homeschooling has its own challenges that are not always beneficial to the families involved.

Below, you will find some examples of cons you should take into consideration when homeschooling in high school.

Fewer Opportunities To Socialize

Sure, the risk of bullying and trying to fit in is not as much of an issue for high school homeschoolers, but the lack of socialization can also be harmful to your children too.

Having friends to hang out with and talk to, being part of school activities, and all related things help to prepare your child for college and the real world. It provides them with social skills they can use for the rest of their life.

You can look for homeschool co-ops and off-campus clubs, but it is important to be mindful that this is going to be harder and require a lot more effort in a homeschool setting.

You Have To Put A Lot More Time & Effort In

Dealing with a teenager who is going through a lot of physical and mental changes is hard enough, but when you are in charge of their schooling too, this can become quite a challenge.

Regardless of what age you are homeschooling, you will have to put a lot more time and effort into it than public school parents would.

You have to make sure that your children are being taught everything they need to know, you have to make sure they are being taught life skills, you have to plan their curriculum out, and so much more.

There Are Fewer Resources Available

In public school, you will usually find lots of resources are available for your kids. From guidance counselors, gyms, science labs, and all related things just are not available for homeschoolers.

You can find recourses online and in your local community, but they can be a lot harder to find and will require more work to make them accessible.

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Homeschooling is one of those things that really works for some families but is not a good fit for others.

This is why it is so important to talk to your children and really understand their educational needs before you commit to it.

Use the pros and cons we have listed here to make an informed decision about homeschooling your high schoolers.

Remember, any educational avenue has its own pros and cons, so collect as much information as you can before you make your final decision.

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