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7 Tips On How To Make Homeschooling Easier

Homeschooling comes with many challenges. Even if it is a better environment for you and your kids, there are still going to be days when it feels a lot harder.

As a homeschooling parent, you are in charge of your children’s education.

You have to plan out their curriculums and lessons, make sure they are hitting their goals, and you have to parent them too. It can get quite stressful at times. 

how to make homeschooling easier

But don’t worry, we are here to help. Below, you will find 7 tips on how to make homeschooling easier.

These tips will help you manage your workload and make homeschooling easier for both you and your kids, so read on to find out everything you need to know. 

1. Have A Designated Space For Homeschooling

This can be harder if you have a smaller house, but we cannot stress the importance of having a designated space for homeschooling.

Having a designated space means that you and your kids will keep work and home life separate. Homeschoolers spend more time at home than public schoolers, and having these spaces set out helps them to focus more.

Keeping out of that designated space outside of school hours also means that the two areas don’t blend together.

If you and your kids are spending time in the homeschooling space outside of school hours, you’re less likely to be as productive.

2. Create & Stick To A Routine

When you are homeschooling, it can be too easy to break the routine sometimes. Lots of families struggle with it at first, but we cannot stress how important it is to create a routine and actually stick to it.

It is ok to go off routine every once in a while, especially if you are teaching something new or going on a field trip. But having a basic plan of what a typical day looks like will keep you and your kids focused.

Having this routine also gives you as the parent/teacher more time to plan. Whenever you need to start on new materials or subjects, you can slot them into that routine.

3. Research Online Resources

Regardless of how you go about homeschooling, never underestimate the power of online resources.

When you know what to look for, there are plenty of online resources that will really help your child and let them learn to their full potential.

You can find information about lessons, subjects, and activities, and you can even find online forums that are dedicated to homeschooling families. 

The beauty of these online resources is you just never know what useful information they are going to have. They could have some real treasures that will make the homeschooling experience in your family so much better.

4. Keep Your House Tidy

This might not seem that important at first, but keeping your house tidy will ensure that you and your children can concentrate better.

Because you and your kids will be spending so much time in the house, you can expect it to get messier a lot more frequently and very quickly.

Trying to learn and teach in a chaotic environment like that isn’t very inspiring, and it’s not very motivating either. 

Too much mess can be incredibly distracting and stressful. We know that you already have so much to do as a homeschooling parent, but keeping the house tidy should be a top priority.

How To Make Homeschooling Easier

5. Communicate With Your Kids

It can be easy to stop talking to your kids about how they are feeling, but when you are homeschooling, keeping that line of communication is so important.

Knowing where your children stand with their school work and how they are feeling will help you plan out where you need to go next.

If they are comfortable and happy with how things are going, you don’t need to change your routine, but if they are struggling and not engaging, this is a good indication that the current format isn’t working. 

Try and set up a time every day or week when you can talk to your kids about any issues they might be having. The more you keep communication lines open, the more your children will be likely to confide in you.

6. Connect With Other Homeschooling Families

This option isn’t always easy for every family, but if you can connect with other homeschooling families, it will really make the whole experience easier.

You can actually find other homeschooling families quite easily in online forums that are dedicated to homeschooling.

Connecting with other families who are going through the same experience as you will make you feel less alone, and you can learn valuable information that will help you and your children as you homeschool. 

7. Establish Goals

Going into homeschooling without goals is a surefire way to make the whole experience more chaotic. Having goals to work towards means that you and your children have something to work towards and focus on.

If you have the resources, find somewhere visible in your homeschooling space where you can write the goals out. Having a visual reminder of those goals will help you and your kids achieve them faster.

But remember, reaching these goals is not a race. It is fine if they take longer to achieve.

Just establishing them and working towards them shows that you and your kids have the drive to achieve them, and you will reach them when all parties are ready. 


Homeschooling can seem a bit chaotic at first, but once you establish a routine and talk to your kids, you will find that the whole process is a bit easier.

The tips we have provided here will help you make the most out of the homeschooling experience, so if you haven’t already implemented them into your plan, start using them today.

And remember, homeschooling isn’t easy. It is normal to need to try a few different things in order to find out what works for both you and your children. Take each day as it comes.

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