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18 Unique Birthday Party Ideas Your Teenager Will Praise

Struggling to plan your teenager’s next birthday party? Look no further, because, in this list of eighteen out-of-this-world teenage birthday parties, all the hard work has been done for you.

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18 Unique Birthday Party Ideas Your Teenager Will Praise

There is something for everyone to indulge in. So get choosing!

Murder Mystery Party

Murder Mystery parties aren’t just for adults, the younger generation can enjoy them too!

With hundreds of different murder mystery kits available to purchase online, your teenager’s birthday party is guaranteed to be filled with excitement and paradox.

What Is A Murder Mystery Party?

Murder mystery parties involve inviting your guests around for dinner and having your guests dress up as assigned characters.

The players will be guided through the murder mystery game through cues and hints and must use the information given as clues to try and figure out which guest is the murderer.

In some cases, it may not always be a murder, for example, it could be a question of, who is the thief.

Some versions tell the person who is guilty of the crime they are guilty beforehand, whilst other versions wait till the game has finished revealing this.

Dress Code

Fancy dress! From cow-body themes to Harry Potter, to 80’s rave, to Pirate themed. There is a Murder Mystery party out there to attract anyone.

Dressing up as your assigned character and taking on their persona for the evening, is the super fun part of a Murder Mystery-themed party.

Age Range

14+ Not recommending these parties to anyone younger than 14, as they can get a little spooky!

However, you will find that most murder mystery packs have a guided age range labeled, so you know what you’re getting is appropriate for your teen.

Number Of Guests

4 – 12 players. Your Murder Mystery pack will guide you to the appropriate amount of players. You may find that the majority of packs work best with 6 players.

Decoration Ideas

Why not kit your dining room to match the theme of the murder mystery characters and the world they come from?

For example, if it is pirate themed then kit out your dining room with seaweed, and skulls!

Game Ideas

The fabulous thing about a Murder Mystery Party is that the games are all sorted for you in the pack.

Your guests won’t be bored for a second whilst they try to unravel the mystery of who at the table is guilty of the crime!

Bring Your Own Board Party

18 Unique Birthday Party Ideas - Bring Your Own Board Party

The fabulous thing about a bring-your-own-board party is that it can be suited to anyone, and to any age because there are endless possibilities.

The party gets all guests involved, guaranteeing them to have a blast.

What Is A Bring Your Own Board Party?

A bring-your-own-board party involves each guest bringing a food board of their choice to the party for everyone to enjoy.

This can be as specific or as vague as you choose it to be. You may however want to distinguish a theme.

If you are a cheese lover, then each guest could bring their own cheese board. If you are a chocolate lover, then each guest can design and bring their own chocolate board.

Perhaps to mix things up, you could branch out and let everyone bring something different, one person may bring a tapas board whilst someone else brings a dessert board.

On the other hand, a color theme could be distinguished whereby each guest is assigned a color, and all the foods on their board must be of that color.

Another idea could be to bring a board based on your favorite country; meaning all the foods on the board come from that specific country.

There are endless possibilities with this type of party, as it allows lots of creativity, leaving room for lots of fun.

Dress Code

This is entirely up to you, however, this type of party may work best at a sleepover or slumber-style party. You’re going to be doing lots of eating, so a casual, comfortable dress may suit you best.

Age Range

12+ With being a palatable, eating party there are no restrictions on who this can work for. Of course, if you are of the legal age to drink, you could even make a cocktail-making version of this board night.

Number Of Guests

3 – 8 guests. There is going to be LOTS of eating involved, so a smaller group of friends may work best.

Decoration Ideas

Why not kit your dining or living room to match the theme of the boards you have chosen? If you went with the color theme, let’s have colorful balloons around the room.

If you went with the around-the-world theme then it might be fun to pin up flags from the countries your guests have chosen.

Game Ideas

You could even vote for your favorite board and the winner gets a prize!

Instagram Photoshoot Party

A specularly glamorous event, for your teenager and their friends, to get dressed up to the nines, looking their best! Followed by an awesome photoshoot.

What is An Instagram Photoshoot Party?

The idea is for your teen to have an intense pamper session with their friends, followed by a fun photoshoot to create long-lasting memories.

Whether they get glammed up in a beauty salon, or simply give each other make-overs from your home, your teenager and their guests are going to feel one million dollars after indulging themselves in all things glitz.

They can have their hair curled, their nails painted (see also “Nail Ideas Perfect For Teens“), or even spray glitter on their hair. Perhaps you may want to hire a professional to do their make-up or ask a family friend.

On the other hand, you may want to let them do their own or help each other. It is entirely up to you how they get glammed up.

Most importantly, the best part of the day should come from the Insta photoshoot, where your guests can discover their inner model persona and pose for the camera.

You could create a fun backdrop in your house as a setting for the photoshoot, and pair this with DIY polaroid banners to make it even more fun.

A lovely idea could be to create a private Instagram account for all of your guests to follow. Here, the photographs can be shared, only for your party to see.

This creates long-lasting memories that the birthday girl or boy, can enjoy forever (see also “50 Amazing 19th Birthday Ideas“), as well as your guests.

Dress Code

Glam. It is a photoshoot after all, so why not encourage guests to put on their favorite outfit?

Age Range

13 -15 years. This may be best suited to the younger teens who are excited to start using social media properly (see also “Social Media + Teen Suicide – What Is The Connection?“) when they come of age.

Number Of Guests

4 – 10 guests

Decoration Ideas

Why not decorate your house with the Instagram logo, hashtags, and polaroid banners? Make sure your backdrop for the photoshoot is colorful and playful.

You could even consider having an Instagram logo cake made.

Game Ideas

Perhaps a modeling competition with a prize could really encourage your guests to go all out in the photo shoot. Followed by an Instagram scavenger hunt of printed photographs.

Board Game Party

18 Unique Birthday Party Ideas -Board Game Party

Something for absolutely everyone, who doesn’t love a good old board game?

What Is A Board Game Party?

The premise of a board game party is for each guest to bring along their favorite board game. Then, you can take turns playing each other’s game.

Incorporating this, with pizza and popcorn will keep guests entertained and satisfied all evening.

However, of course, you can select your own choice of scrumptious treats to feed your guests, but try to keep this something not so messy as the board games will be taking up most of the table!

You can keep track of who wins each game, and at the end of the night, the person with the most wins could win a prize of your choice.

Dress Code

Casual. You’re going to be sitting down all night, so need to wear anything fancy!

Age Range


Number Of Guests

3 – 6 guests

Decoration Ideas

It is entirely up to you if decorations matter, perhaps you want to keep things simple and leave out decorations as this is more of a relaxed style party.

But, there is always room for balloons and birthday banners, maybe even a little confetti.

Hollywood Party

Lights, camera, action! Make the birthday girl or boy feel like a star, and bring Hollywood to your home.

What Is A Hollywood Party?

The idea of a Hollywood-themed party (see also “Top 19 Hilarious White Lie Party Ideas To Copy“) is to bring glitz and glamour to your home, with the theme of Hollywood movies at the center of the party.

Encourage your guests to dress up as their favorite Hollywood character, or instead dress up as a Hollywood star attending the Oscars. It is up to you which route you decide to take.

Creating a red carpet for your guest’s arrival is essential because it wouldn’t be Hollywood without one.

Pair this with a paparazzi-style photoshoot, to make your guests feel like they are worth one million dollars.

Once guests have arrived, serve Hollywood-themed food and play Hollywood-themed games.

Ending the night with a showing of a beloved Oscar-winning movie, some suggestions could be: The Sound of Music, titanic, Annie Hall, and West Side Story. Don’t forget the popcorn buckets!

Dress Code

Fancy dress! You must decide which route you want to take. Guests could perhaps dress up as their favorite Hollywood movie character.

Or differently, they could dress up glamourously as if they were attending the Oscars – think feather bowers!!

Age Range


Number Of Guests

5+ guests. The more the merrier at a Hollywood-themed party.

Decoration Ideas

This is the fun part, let’s bring Hollywood to your home. Create a DIY Hollywood sign, a walk of fame, DIY Oscar awards, and Hollywood film clipboards.

Serve your drinks in champagne glasses. Gold confetti can’t go a miss!

Perhaps even make cupcakes with little bow ties on them and of course, big red and white popcorn buckets. The possibilities of fun decorations are endless

Game Ideas

Start the night off with a movie-themed trivia quiz. Then follow through with a movie prop scavenger hunt, hide props from different Hollywood movies for your guests to hunt out.

Don’t forget to host an awards ceremony, handing out Oscar prizes to winners, or even best dressed!

Karaoke Party

18 Unique Birthday Party Ideas - Karaoke Party

Is your teenager an aspiring singer? Then, get out the microphones and sing the house down!

What Is A Karaoke Party?

The premise of a Karaoke party is to get your guests up on the microphone to sing their favorite songs.

Whether you want to invest in a high-quality karaoke machine, purchase a Lets Sing game for your game console, or simply create a DIY karaoke game, a karaoke party will bring your teen’s group of friends together for a night of amusement and joy.

Pair the party with some delicious treats, perhaps a buffet will best suit, so that everyone can eat at different times, depending on who is up performing and who is in the audience.

Dress Code

Entirely your call, go as casual or as fancy as your heart desires! But, wouldn’t it be fun to see everyone dress up as their favorite artist and have them attempt to perform one of their songs?

Age Range


Number Of Guests

3+ There is no need for a large group of friends for a karaoke party, the less people, the more time you get to spend on the microphone.

Although, a group of 20+ may be interesting as it offers the opportunity to create a battle of the bands!

Decoration Ideas

Why not create a fake concert stage for the chosen singer or singers to get up and perform on?

A cake in the shape of a microphone would be super exciting. And don’t forget the balloons, it is a birthday party after all!

Game Ideas

Perhaps you could create competitions looking for the best singing duo, the best singing trio, or even the best performing band, depending on how many party guests you have!

There could be rounds of different eras of music, from the noughties to the twenty-twenties, or even go back to the 80s (if your teens know the words!)

Bake-Off Party

Does your teen have a passion for baking? Then, get the mixing bowl out because it is time to bake!

What Is A Bake-Off Party?

The premise of a bake-off party is to put your guests head to head against each other in a banking bonanza. The best way to do this is to have a baking station set up for each guest.

In round 1, each guest can make their own choice of dessert, cake, or cookie.

Let them know well in advance, so that they have time to practice their special bake at home to ensure it is perfect on the day, and nothing goes wrong!

This is a show-stopper challenge so it needs to impress, not just in taste but in presentation too.

In round 2, offer the guests a surprise technical challenge.

All guests will be baking the same goods, whether it is victoria sponge cake or chocolate brownies, they must carefully follow the recipe.

One or two adults will be needed to act as the judges, taste-testing each bake, and rating them based on taste and presentation.

It is up to you what kind of point system you set up, but by the end, you should be able to crown your winning star baker who wins a prize.

If you want to be extra brutal, you could offer a wooden spoon prize to the worst baker of the day!

Dress Code

Definitely casual, you don’t want to get your best clothes covered in flour! Make sure to offer pinnies to everyone to avoid ruined clothing.

Age Range


Number Of Guests

3+, this depends on how much room you have in your kitchen!

Decoration Ideas

Perhaps some pretty bunting will add some color and fun to your kitchen. Make sure to cover the worktops with a tablecloth, this will save a lot of cleaning up time later.

Pajama Pamper Party

18 Unique Birthday Party Ideas - Pajama Pamper Party

Best combined with a slumber party, a pamper party is a great way for your teenager to unwind and have some relaxing fun with their friends on their birthday.

What Is A Pajama Pamper Party?

The premise of a pamper party is of course – to be pampered. So, pair that with your favorite pajamas and get your friends around for a sleepover for the ultimate pamper and slumber party.

Teenagers can be pampered in endless ways, but here are some of the most appealing ideas:

  • Face mask pampering
  • Create your own nail painting station
  • Foot spa, get one on amazon, or even create your own DIY one in the bathtub!
  • Hair braiding, if you or one of the guests are blessed with this skill, why not treat everyone to braided hair for the sleepover?
  • Get temporary tattoos, choose a theme so that your guests can have matching tattoos for the night.
  • Bath bomb making, these easy-making kits are available to purchase online.
  • Chocolate fountain – any excuse for a chocolate fountain.
  • Create an at-home cinema, if you can get a projector to make the picture big like a cinema screen then even better! Pop on the birthday girl or boy’s favorite film and you’re good to go!

Dress Code

Pajamas only!

Age Range

15 and under

Number Of Guests

3+ However many you can make room for to sleep in your bedroom or living room.

Decoration Ideas

Be creative with your sleeping space, create a den space, and don’t forget the birthday banners!

Game Ideas

There are endless possibilities for games to play at your pajama pamper party, some fun ones include: truth or dare, would you rather, blindfolded make-overs, musical sleeping bags, paint twister, who am I, and charades.

Pick your favorites and go wild!

Disco Dance Party

What’s more fun than a good old boogie? If your young teen loves their music then why not throw them a disco dance party?

What Is A Disco Dance Party?

The idea of a disco dance party (see also “Amazing “Anything But Clothes” Party Ideas“) is to create a night-club vibe in your home, or room hire, and blast the disco music to get your guests dancing the night away – whether that be through a professional DJ or your at-home music speaker.

Power your music through Spotify or Apple Music on your speaker, and create a disco dance playlist.

To mix things up, you could even play a Just Dance game on your games console to get your guests feeling competitive.

You may even find dance lessons on youtube, where the group could learn a group dance to perform at the end of the party.

Another idea could be to have your guests go off in pairs to create dances to their favorite songs and then come back and perform to one another.

The most important thing is that your guests are up dancing on the dance floor, and having fun. Of course, the dancing cannot go on all night, and all that exercise will lead to hungry stomachs!

And what better way to feed hungry teenagers than pizza! So if you’re at home, why not have a pizza party after all the dancing?

Here your guests can make their own pizzas. A great way to wind down after all the boogieing. If you’re hosting your party from a hired room, then perhaps a buffet would suit you better.

Dress Code

Glamourous! Get your dancing shoes on and the glitter out.

Age Range

14 and under

Number Of Guests

6+ The more the merrier!

Decoration Ideas

A great big silver glittery disco ball is essential to hover over your dance floor. Wooden floors are better for dancing than carpets.

Perhaps silver tinsel, balloons, and banners will help create the illusion of a glittery night-club dance floor.

Game Ideas

Why not have a dance-off? And have a vote for the best dance of the evening.

Escape Room Party

18 Unique Birthday Party Ideas -Escape Room Party

Does your teen enjoy a challenge? Then look no further, because an escape room is going to captivate them for their birthday party.

What Is An Escape Room Party?

An escape room is a room where people are locked inside, to play a game, requiring them to solve a number of puzzles and clues within a certain amount of time.

The goal is usually to find the key to be able to free themselves from the room.

Escape rooms can be challenging, ambitious, and even a little bit frightening – depending on the theme of the escape room that you attend.

They are the perfect birthday party for an adrenaline junky!

If you’re feeling creative, you could even create your own escape room at home.

Dress Code


Age Range


Number Of Guests

3 – 6 players

Hotel Room Party

A short stay-cation at a local hotel could be all the fun your teen is craving for their birthday.

What Is A Hotel Room Party?

Simply pay for a night’s stay in a hotel of your choice, decorate it out, and have a relaxing stay!

Many hotels offer rooms with several beds inside, or adjoining rooms so that all your guests will have a place to sleep.

Decorating your hotel room is the most attractive part of a hotel birthday party, you can really turn the space into something magical to celebrate your teen’s birthday.

The perks of hotels are the other amenities they offer, so definitely make use of the pool and spa area during your stay.

What a treat! After the amenities have been used, you can go back to your room and enjoy a relaxing pampering evening, and movie session.

Also, book breakfast for the morning after for the real hotel experience.

Remember to set the ground rules with your guests though, as many hotels will have a curfew for noise.

And ensure you’ve double-checked with the hotel that it is okay to be celebrating a birthday as some hotels prefer that guests only use the premises to sleep.

For those still under 18, it is important to have an adult staying in a nearby or adjoining room for your teenagers’ safety.

Dress Code

Casual. Don’t forget your bathing suit and pajamas.

Age Range


Number Of Guests

2 – 6 guests

Decoration Ideas

Many hotels these days already offer decoration packages, so they may be able to do all the hard work for you for a fee.

Kitting the room out with beautiful balloons will make the party extra special for your teen.

Balloon arches and big numbered helium balloons are an absolute must! Think of the gorgeous photos you’ll be able to take to create lasting memories.

Beach Party

18 Unique Birthday Party Ideas - Beach Party

For a summer birthday, a trip down to your local beach could offer all the fun your teen needs at their birthday party (see also “21st Birthday Ideas – 54 Cool, Amazing, And Fun Things You Can Do“).

What Is A Beach Party?

Instead of hosting the fun and games at home, take it down to your local beach. On a sunny day, the fun will write itself.

Don’t forget to bring your portable Bluetooth speaker so that you can play some summer hits. A picnic set up with sandwiches and snacks will be a great way to keep everyone fed.

Check with the local lifeguard if bonfires are allowed on your beach. If they are, then when evening comes set up a bonfire, and get out the marshmallows.

You could even bring portable BBQs to make hot dogs and burgers for dinner.

Dress Code

Summer clothing. Don’t forget your bathing suit if you fancy a dip in the sea.

Age Range


Number Of Guests

5+ guests. The more the merrier.

Decoration Ideas

Make sure to bring plenty of camping chairs and towels so that everyone has somewhere to sit, to avoid getting too sandy.

Beach umbrellas are a fun way to create your own den for the day. You could even consider bringing a tent!

Game Ideas

Perhaps set up a sandcastle competition to get your guests feeling competitive.

Afterward, follow through with some exciting beach games and activities, here are some ideas: Limbo, volleyball, rounders, cricket, frisbee, kite flying, and tug of war.

You’ll need to be organized to ensure you have any equipment that is needed.

Amusement Park Party

If your teen is an adrenaline junky then an amusement park party may be what they’re yearning for.

What Is An Amusement Park Party?

Drive your teenager and their ride-loving friends down to an amusement park for a day of adventurous roller coasters and rides!

Investing in queue jump passes will help to make the most of your time in the amusement park, you don’t want your teen to miss out on any of the rides.

Dress Code

Casual clothing.

Age Range


Number Of Guests

2 – 6 guests, depending on how many guests you’re able to accommodate in your vehicle.

Game Ideas

Don’t forget to make use of all of the facilities at the amusement park. Most amusement parks offer an arcade. Here your guests can play to win tokens and prizes.

Around The World Party

18 Unique Birthday Party Ideas - Around The World Party

Looking for something a little different that leaves no room for boredom? Well, look no further because an Around The World party could be just what you are yearning for.

What Is An Around The World Party?

An around-the-world party asks all of the guests to get involved, as they will be just as important for the planning of the party as you the host.

Essentially, each guest will either choose or be assigned to a country. From there, they must create an outfit that represents their country, to wear to the party.

Along with, bringing cuisine from that country along to the party for everyone to feast on.

On top of this, they should research popular party games which originate from their assigned country, and come along to the party ready to explain the rules to the rest of the party so that it can be played!

Dress Code

Fancy dress!

Whether you decide to dress up as the flag of your assigned country, or a famous person from that country, or even attempt to generalize your country into one awesome outfit, the dress code for an around-the-world party leaves the opportunity for creativity and expression.

Age Range


Number Of Guests

5+, the more countries you can get involved in your around-the-world party – the better!

Decoration Ideas

Invitations in the style of passports would be a super fun way to invite your guests.

A world map somewhere in your house is essential for an around-the-world party. Why not turn each room of your house into the assigned countries?

That way, you can eat the country’s cuisines and play the country’s games in different rooms, to create the illusion that you are traveling around the world. And don’t forget to hang up national flags!

You could even consider baking or purchasing a world map birthday cake.

Game Ideas

Of course, each guest will be doing their own research to bring their own game to the party.

However, one general game you could set up could make use of the world map. Why not make DIY figures of your guests, creating a ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ style of game?

Here, guests must assign themselves to their country – blindfolded. Whoever manages to pin their figure closest to their country is the winner!

Talent Show Party

Sit back, relax and watch as your friends and family perform!

What Is A Talent Show Party?

Your guests will be the entertainment for the evening. Ask guests to organize a talent performance for the party.

These performances can be in the form of comedy stand-up, dancing, singing, magic tricks, playing an instrument or anything they desire! Don’t make it too formal, it’s all just a bit of fun.

For shyer guests who perhaps don’t want to take part in the show, offer them the position of judge.

Assigning three judges would be a great way to create the ‘Got Talent’ experience and will be a fair way to choose a winner.

Don’t forget your camera, capture it all on record for long-lasting memories. This talent show is going to be one you’ll never forget.

Dress Code

Smart Casual.

Age Range


Number Of Guests

6+, the more guests the more performances!

Decoration Ideas

Creating a stage is essential so that your talented guests have a space to perform. Think of sparkly silver tinsel to create a stage curtain!

Don’t forget the DIY microphones. Craft some rating cards for your judges, as you might want them to score the performance out of ten after guests have performed. This way you can choose a fair winner.

Party Bus Party

Looking for a more elaborate way to celebrate your teen’s birthday? If you’ve got the budget for it, then a party bus may be just what your teen desires to celebrate their birthday.

What Is A Party Bus party?

Principally, for this birthday party you would hire out a party bus, or even a limousine, to drive your guests around in.

In the vehicle, your guests will play games and be entertained, whilst the dancing tunes blast through the speakers.

It’s also important to have an age-appropriate destination for your party bus or limousine.

Potential destinations which your guest of honor may love are your local bowling alley, ice rink, rollerskating disco, a concert, or even your favorite restaurant.

Having multiple stops on the journey will keep the excitement going.

Perhaps, arrange for some guests to be picked up from their houses. Or stop off for a bite to eat or even a pampering session at a local salon.

Dress Code

Choose a theme! Whether it is disco, decades, or movie characters, get your guests involved and glammed up.

Age Range


Number Of Guests


Decoration Ideas

LED lighting, a glittery disco ball, sparkly confetti, and birthday banners will set the mood for the birthday girl or boy!

Game Ideas

It is imperative that the fun never stops on the party bus. Organizing party bus games is a fabulous way to keep the energy going throughout the bus ride.

After all, this party is mostly about the journey, not the destination.

Take your pick for this list of thrilling party bus games:

  • Truth or Dare
  • What Is In The Bag?
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Two Truths, One Lie
  • Karaoke Contest
  • Name The Song
  • How Well Do You Know
  • Who Am I?
  • Destination Scavenger Hunt

At Home Cinema Party

18 Unique Birthday Party Ideas - At Home Cinema Party

Looking for something more chilled for your laid-back teens birthday party? A cinema party might just best suit you!

What Is An At-Home Cinema party?

Essentially, you are bringing the cinema experience to your home. Your invitations could come in the form of a cinema ticket.

Investing in a wall projector to showcase your chosen film is a super exciting and different way for your guests to watch a movie.

Get bean bag chairs for everyone’s comfort, and create a viewing lounge with these bean bags. Don’t forget to offer cozy blankets!

Getting an at-home popcorn-popping machine will also add to the experience, and serving the fresh popcorn in classic red popcorn buckets. Also, serve at-home nachos and hot dogs.

You could even show trailers before the movie starts as if you are really in the cinema.

Moreover, your choice of film is essential. Will it be a big action blockbuster or a classic romantic comedy or even a thrilling horror? The film must appeal to all of your party guests.

Dress Code

Cosy! A fun way to get the party invested is to all wear matching pajamas or onesies. These will make a lovely party favor for your guests.

Age Range


Number Of Guests


Game Ideas

Break the ice with movie bingo, movie trivia, or movie charades. After the movie, your guests could even be quizzed on the movie – see who was paying attention!

Fake Festival Party

Your teenager might be too young to rush off to a music festival just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the festival to them for their birthday.

What Is A Fake Festival party?

If you have the space in your backyard and home, then why not create your fake festival to celebrate your teenager’s birthday?

Start by giving your festival a name. Offer wristbands as invitations, your guests must wear their wristbands to enter the fake festival!

To create the illusion of a music festival, creating at least three different music stations at the party would be a fabulous way to achieve this.

If you have the budget you could hire a DJ or performer to come to sing some live music for your guests. Or simply use music speakers around the house.

Each station needs to play a different genre of music to create the festival vibe.

Have a food stall serving burgers and hot dogs and chips; and create a zen zone somewhere, with bean bags, where guests can enjoy their food in peace.

You could even set up a beauty station where hair can be braided (see also “25 Super Cool Hairstyles For Teen Girls“), and teens can be glittered up so that they are festival ready. To add to that, you could even have one room doing a silent disco.

Dress Code

Festival vibes!

Age Range


Number Of Guests


Decoration Ideas

Decorate your garden and house with bunting, fairy lights, and LED lights. Consider hiring a bouncy castle, gazebos, and tents.

Don’t forget blankets on the grass and camping chairs in the zen zone.

Game Ideas

Lip sync battles or dance-off contests could be fabulous games for your Fake Festival.

Final Thoughts

Whatever interests your teen, this list should hopefully offer a solution for their next birthday party, that they and their guests will cherish!

Simon Lewis