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The Best Classroom Decoration Ideas To Try

If you want to redecorate your classroom, you might be finding it overwhelming to narrow down the choices.

The Best Classroom Decoration Ideas To Try

Here are some ideas to inspire you and help you choose the best option for your classroom space. 

Color Scheme Ideas 

Choosing a color scheme is a great way to decorate your classroom whilst still being able to switch between different themes for holidays and classes etc.

It also adds an element of fun to the classroom and creates a lovely atmosphere for learning.

Navy & Pink 

Navy and pink are great colors to choose for a classroom as you can find lots of accessories to inject pops of color into any space.

The contrasting colors look great together and you can even pair them with a theme like nautical or sweet shop. You could choose a gaudy pink or go for a more pale and delicate pink. 

Rustic Pastels 

If you want to choose pastel colors to decorate your classroom then this would work really well with a rustic theme.

You can use natural textures like wood and hessian to complement the pastel colors to create a calming space. Make sure to include a shade of yellow to create a happy feeling. 

Rainbow & White

Rainbow colors can be a really fun way to decorate a classroom. They encourage playfulness and creativity and also provide plenty of stimulation for the mind.

You can use white as a base color to build from, which really lets each individual color stand out. Mix up the colors in different orders to make sure that it doesn’t look too organized. 

Orange & Brown 

Orange is such a warm color and it looks fantastic in a classroom.

It is a happy yet comforting color and you can create a really natural feel with some brown and beige accent colors. This is a really great color scheme for a reading corner or a quiet time area. 

Seating Ideas 

Changing up the seating arrangements in your classroom is a great way to give it a fresh feel.

Flexible seating gives the students various options so they can choose a seating style where they feel the most comfortable. 

Low Tables With Floor Seating

Instead of a standard height table, you can use a lower table that is closer to the floor.

Use beanbags and cushions to provide comfortable and relaxed seating. This is a great area for arts and crafts or quiet coloring. 

Varied Seating Space 

It can be a good idea to provide a larger, open space with multiple seating options in one area. You can try some floor cushions, a bench, stools and more.

This can be really good for group learning, as each student can find a place where they are comfortable and find it easiest to concentrate. 

Reading Corner 

Creating a reading corner in your classroom provides a safe space for children to read and take some quiet time.

Use a soft rug and some cushions to make it a cozy corner that can be arranged in different ways. 

Crate Seating

Crate seating is an affordable way to create some flexible seating in the classroom.

You can use wooden or plastic crates and use various cushions on top to make them comfortable. Crates are light enough to be picked up and moved around so you can use them in any space.


A tepee is such a lovely style of flexible seating for a classroom.

You can use blankets and cushions inside to make a cozy space for various activities like reading or drawing. You can also use various color schemes. 

Wallpaper Ideas 

If you want to make your classroom less ‘official’ and more of a beautiful space, wallpaper is an excellent decoration choice.

It creates a feature wall in the room that makes the space feel special. 

Book Wallpaper 

Book wallpaper creates the feel of a library without having to use up storage space or get hold of lots of books.

You can get wallpaper that is made up of children’s literature, or you can choose one that features classics or other types of books. 

Tree Wallpaper 

You can use wallpaper to introduce an element of nature into the classroom. Trees are a great choice, but you could also choose flowers or animals.

This will add some interest to the walls and create a theme for the room. 

Patterned Wallpaper

You can choose a fun pattern like rainbows to add some colors to a feature wall in your classroom.

A patterned wallpaper is more versatile when it comes to fitting in with various themes, so you can leave it up all year round. 

Table Centerpieces 

You might think that centerpieces are just for weddings or dining tables, but you can use them in classrooms too.

Centerpieces are actually an easy way to add some decoration to the classroom. 

Crayon Mason Jars 

These mason jars are easy to make. You can decorate them to look like crayons and use them for flowers or to store arts equipment like pencils, pens, paintbrushes and more.

Choosing a range of colors will create a fun rainbow effect. 

Crayon Bundles  

If you have some spare jars or vases, you can tie crayons around them to create a fun decoration.

Use a rustic twine to create the best effect, or rainbow string. You can also super glue the crayons onto the jars if you want them to be extra secure. 

Letter Jars

Letter jars are fun and easy to make. You can use plastic or foam letters in lots of different colors to create a chaotic alphabet effect that fits with the learning theme. 

Lesson Themed Buckets

You can create a bucket centerpiece using pictures that fit with the different lessons you teach the children.

You can use shredded tissue paper to fill the bucket in different colors. Each table could be themed with a different lesson. 

Simple Ways To Add Color To A Classroom 

If you don’t have a big budget then you can still decorate your classroom in simple and affordable ways. There are lots of ways to introduce colors and textures. 

Colorful Stools 

Colorful stools are an affordable and easy way to introduce color into the room whilst also providing practical seating.

Try to spread the stools out around the room and not put the same colors together, as this will create a more colorful appearance to your classroom.

If you want to make the stools more comfortable, you could place a cushion on the top. Use a contrasting color.

If you’re worried about the cushion falling off, you can stitch some elastic to it so it will remain secure on the stool. 

Colorful Rugs

A colorful rug adds both color and texture to the classroom and can even be a flexible seating option.

You can choose a bright pattern, or you can choose something educational like an alphabet rug. 


Bunting is an expensive form of decoration – especially if you make it yourself. You could even get your students to join so they can be part of the decorating process.

Whether you choose classic triangle bunting or come up with your own design, you will have lots of fun decorating your classroom. 

Colorful Storage 

Upgrading your storage to a more colorful option is a fantastic way to spruce up your classroom space. You can use files, baskets, bookshelves and more.

If you have a small budget you could paint some items yourself such as an old bookshelf.

Colorful Blinds 

You don’t need to choose a boring color for the blinds in your classroom- you can try something bright to make the space more vibrant.

Rainbow blinds are a fun option, or you can choose a different color for each window – one blue set, one yellow set, one green set etc. You could also use alternate colors to create a stripy effect. 

Fun Seating 

If you are choosing some flexible seating options for your classroom, why not make them nice and colorful.

It could be as simple as a few bean bags or some floor mats. Rainbow colored floor mats are great for color games, so they can be used for multiple purposes.  

New Term Classroom Ideas 

If you want to freshen up your classroom in time for the new term to start, there are some easy things that you can try. 

Welcome Wall

To welcome your students back to the classroom after a break, why don’t you create a welcome wall?

You can use bunting, or create a notice board with some updates on what the students can expect in the upcoming weeks, including some fun activities.

Refreshing Colors 

To create a studious environment for the new term, you can update your classroom with some refreshing colors like gray and pale blue.

These colors are modern and fairly neutral, with cool tones which is perfect for a school environment. 

Woodland Corner

You can bring an element of nature into your classroom by creating a woodland corner.

Use some natural textures and wooden furniture, and perhaps a green rug. You can also use wall art to continue the woodland theme. 

Green & Blue Colors 

You can add a lovely pop of color to your classroom with some green and blue decorations. You could use bunting, paper lanterns, pictures and wall art or soft furnishings.

You can also add a splash of white or yellow to add some brightness. 

Quiet Corner 

Coming back to school after a holiday can be quite overwhelming for some children.

It might be a good idea to create a quiet corner for them to take some time to themselves if they need to.

Choose a nice rug and some floor cushions or soft chairs to sit on. You could also use some fairy lights to create a calming atmosphere. 

Classroom Decor Themes 

If you are redecorating a classroom, you can use a particular theme to give you inspiration. There are lots of fun themes to choose from that would work well in any classroom. 

Colorful Circus 

Colorful big tops and bunting can easily create a fun circus theme for your classroom. You could even add some animal plushies in the reading corner. Colorful flags also look great with this theme. 

Movie Theater 

You can try making your classroom more exciting by adding some movie theater themed decorations.

You could make a display wall, or even some popcorn centerpieces. You could also go with a vintage movie theater theme which some older children might appreciate. 

Construction Site 

This is a more unusual theme but it works really well if you want to inject some fun into the classroom whilst also teaching children how to be cautious in construction sites.

You can use caution tape, hardhats, signage and much more to make a wonderful display or decoration theme.

This could work really well for some practical activities like building blocks or modeling. 

Floral Woodland 

A floral woodland theme is easy to create but very effective.

You can use lots of different types of flowers and plants – you could even label them to make the decorations educational, so the students can learn about the nature around them.

If you want to extend this theme you can also include woodland animals. 


A campsite theme could be a great way to teach children about the great outdoors. It can also be fun for imaginative games and circle time.

You can create a campsite, or you can just add decorations that fit with the theme – wall paper, accessories, centerpieces etc. 


A weather theme can be an immersive way to decorate your classroom.

Each part of the room could represent a different type of weather – sunshine, rain, storm, wind – and you can then incorporate these decorations into activities and games in the classroom. 


You could try decorating your classroom with an ocean theme.

You could paint a mural on the wall with various underwater creatures, or choose a wallpaper that fits with the theme.

Choose various shades of blue for the walls, and use coral colored accents to add some color. You could also use some hanging decorations to create the impression that you are underwater. 

Classroom Storage Ideas 

You need plenty of storage spaces in a classroom to keep all of the learning materials for the students.

Storage needs to be practical, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Here are some great ideas to incorporate the storage options in your classroom into your decoration. 

Under-Whiteboard Storage

The space directly underneath your whiteboard is often under-utilized. It’s actually the perfect place for storage, making use of an area that would otherwise be wasted.

You can get a low shelving unit for books or some storage baskets for your pens and other materials. 

Desk Caddies

Desk caddies are a great way to keep the tables organized and neat, whilst still having everything close to hand.

You can paint them in bright colors to add some fun to the classroom, or decorate them in line with whatever theme you have chosen for the classroom decor. 

Rainbow Drawers

If you have a rainbow themed classroom then some colorful drawers would be the perfect addition.

The students can use the drawers to store their work, or you can use them to keep materials up together.

If you don’t have a rainbow classroom then you could choose drawers in the right color to match with the theme you have chosen. 

Beach Theme Shelves 

If you choose a neutral bookshelf – perhaps in white – it becomes very easy to fit the storage in with your theme.

You can use storage baskets in various colors and textures. For a beach theme, use pastel colors and mix it up with some accessories like beach balls or a bucket and spade.

For a woodland theme, use wooden boxes or natural textures mixed in with green baskets. 


If you are looking for a more modern theme, you can try a monochrome color scheme.

Stick to white and black, white and gray, or gray and black. Choose the shelves in white and the storage boxes in black or gray, and vice versa. 

Storage Bench 

If you are struggling for space in your classroom, why don’t you incorporate storage into your seating?

You can make your own storage bench by using plastic or wooden crates on their side, then using a panel or some cushions on top.

This works really well for a reading corner, as you can store the books underneath the reading bench. 

Hanging Storage 

Hanging storage is a great way to save space as it doesn’t take up any room on the floor.

There are lots of options for hanging storage so you can find an option that fits in with your theme. You could use buckets, cloth bags, netting, or other materials.

Try to mix up the colors and textures to create some interest, and make some nice labels so that it’s clear where things are supposed to go. 

Blue & White Storage

If you want to keep things simple then you can pick a color scheme like blue and white continue that theme throughout the classroom, including your storage.

Using a rug in the storage area is the perfect way to bring the colors in, whilst still using neutral colors for the furniture.

You could also try a fun sign or some wall art, as well some bunting. You could also try a lamp, with the right color shade to go with your color scheme. 

Upcycled Furniture

If you have a tight budget but you want to revamp your storage, why don’t you take on a DIY project and upcycle some furniture.

If you are planning to paint wooden furniture then you might need to sand it down first.

Choose a bold color for the unit, then wrap the shelves in a patterned wallpaper. This is a really easy way to change your furniture to fit with your classroom decor theme. 

Themed Learning Corner

If you don’t have the budget to redecorate your entire classroom, you can create a themed learning corner instead. Here are some ideas you can try. 


A rustic corner creates a neutral space for children to feel comfortable. You can use natural textures and some comforting materials along with soft cushions and a fluffy rug. 

Under Water  

You can use some blue floaty material to create an under the sea learning corner. Get some sea creature plushies and some various blankets in shades of blue.

You could use a yellow rug to represent the sand, and even collect some real shells from the beach. For quiet time, you could play some ocean wave sounds to create the atmosphere. 


A garden theme is a lovely idea for a learning corner. The calming effect of plants will help with learning, and you can use flowers to decorate the space.

If you want to make it more exciting, you can extend the theme further to an enchanted garden by adding toadstools and maybe even some fairies. 


The circus is a fun theme for a learning corner. All you need is a big top and lots of bright colors.

You could also use some flags and bunting, and even some animal plushies like lions and tigers.

Pick some brightly colored cushions and blankets, and use some rainbow storage boxes on the bookshelves. 

Movie Theater

If you want to create a movie theater themed learning corner, you will need to use red and yellow colors.

You could use a black background as a movie screen for a decorative board, with red curtains either side. You could put up pictures of the students like a cast list, and create popcorn centerpieces. 

Get The Students Involved 

When you are redecorating the classroom it is really nice to get the students involved.

If they can feel like they contributed to the new look of the classroom then they will feel a sense of achievement.

It also gives you a great arts and class project to complete with your students. Here are some ideas. 

Shooting Stars 

Shooting star streamers are easy to make with tissue paper. You can also use glitter to create a sparkly effect.

Experiment with different colors, or go for a rainbow effect. The streamers can be hung from the ceiling or pinned on a display board. 

Window Decorations 

Stained glass window decorations create a colorful lighting effect in your classroom. All you need is tissue paper, a frame, and some glue.

The students can come up with their own designs and choose their own colors. 

Handprint Wall 

A really fun way to get your students involved in the decorating process is creating a colorful handprint wall.

Each child can choose a color and place their handprint on the wall. They could even write their name inside their handprint. 

How To Create The Perfectly Decorated Classroom 

Choosing how to decorate your classroom can be overwhelming.

If you want to re-decorate your classroom but you aren’t sure where to start, you can follow these steps to make sure that you get it right. 

Decide On A Budget 

The first thing you need to do is figure out what your budget is. This will help you to decide how big your decoration project can be, and how much DIY you need to do. 

Pick A Theme Or Color Scheme 

You now have two options – you can pick a color theme that you can adapt to any theme, or you can choose a theme and then let that guide your decision on which colors to use.

If you have a smaller budget, it might be better to choose a versatile color scheme. 

Decorate The Walls 

Once you have decided on your theme and colors, you should start with the walls of the classrooms.

You could keep the walls neutral and use decorative boards, or paint the walls. You can also use wallpaper to create the colorful effect that you want.

You could also try painting each wall a different color for a fun and playful style of decor. 

Furnish The Classroom 

Once the walls have been painted you should move on to furnishing the room.

Make sure you include some flexible seating options, practical spaces and a cozy reading corner for quiet time.

If you don’t have much room in the budget for furniture you can try upcycling or sprucing up second hand items. Painting bookshelves or repurposing crates for seating are some great options. 

Finishing Touches 

Finally, you can add the finishing touches to the classroom.

This could be some colorful bunting, some fun centerpieces for the tables, a themed rug or some lovely soft furnishings like blankets and cushions. 


These classroom decoration ideas will help you to create a bright and colorful space. There are ideas for every budget and preference. 

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