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9 Spring Bulletin Board Ideas To Celebrate The Season

Having a useful bulletin board on the wall of your classroom can be incredibly helpful for not only helping to keep the children up to date on the latest goings-on throughout the school but also for injecting a little bit of life and vibrancy into the ordinary classroom.

9 Spring Bulletin Board Ideas To Celebrate The Season

The only problem is, the possibilities for decorating your bulletin board are totally limitless, even when sticking to a specific theme.

You’re probably here because you’ve scoured the internet looking for inspiration to help you to create a truly amazing spring-themed bulletin board for your own classroom.

You could not have come to a better place, because we have compiled the very best design ideas so that you can help your students to celebrate the joys of spring in style!

1. Hand Flowers

We love this design because not only is it totally appropriate for the springtime theme, but it is also a very unique design with a positive message.

Encourage the children to draw around their hands on paper, before then cutting those outlines out.

On each of the hands, encourage the children to decorate them however they see fit, while also writing their names onto them. 

You can then place these hands onto the bulletin board, in the formation of flower petals. This unique design will help the kids to feel really special and unique.

2. Butterflies

Encouraging young children is often much easier said than done, so this amazing display design is sure to get them pulling out their books, and flicking through the pages.

The positive message on the bottom of the board will encourage the children to read, while the butterfly design, which even reaches outside of the bounds of the board, helps to delight the children’s senses and bring some vibrancy to the classroom!

3. Bees

Nothing quite screams ‘Springtime’ like a bed of sunflowers! This amazing design incorporates intricate folded sunflower shapes, and adorable bees fluttering around. 

One of our favorite parts of this design is that it allows you to incorporate some positive messages that the children can learn from.

Each bee could say something different, such as “Bee kind”, or “Bee-friendly”, and these will help to influence the children to be better students and people! 

You can even get the children involved with the design, by tasking each child to create their own bee! 

4. Mindfulness Spinners

One way you can help to make springtime bulletin boards more exciting for the kids is to include some spinning elements that they can interact with.

The wind spinners in this design stand in for more traditional flower shapes, which allows it to be a little more interactive.

We also loved that this design incorporates mindfulness, a practice that is becoming more and more widespread in schools, as a way for young children to deal with feelings of stress, and focus on their mental health.

5. Spring Cacti

Springtime is a time of growth and rebirth, and you can use this to generate inspiring messages that your students can use to fire them up every day in the classroom.

This immense board design takes full advantage of this theme of growth by inviting the children to consider what they will encourage to grow over the Spring period.

Will they work on their confidence? Their creativity? Or even their sense of independence? 

This board will help to inspire your students to achieve great things, and remind them that they can achieve anything they dream of! 

6. Spring Showers

Moving between winter and springtime can be a really interesting period for young children because it sees the weather shifting significantly.

One day the sun might be beaming down, creating blazing temperatures, while the next day there may be total downpours. 

This bulletin board helps the children to better understand the flexible nature of the weather, as well as the positive impact that having a balance of wet and sunny weather can have on the world.

The design is incredibly fun, and even makes use of a 3D rainbow effect, which makes use of paper chains, which the students can help you to put together!

7. The More You Know, The More You Grow

One of the best ways to create a bulletin board that young children will love is to incorporate them directly into the design.

This awesome idea turns each of the children into the multiple flower shapes that dot the design. 

This design is not only incredibly motivating for the students, by reminding them of their potential, but it is also very educational, as it includes information on what flowers need to grow.

The kids can look at this board whenever they need a boost, while also depending on it to keep them educated.

8. When We Learn, We Grow

We absolutely loved this board for its simply adorable design, which includes both smiley flowers and smiley bees that will be sure to fill the children with joy and keep them happy while in the classroom.

This design makes use of really pleasant and bright colors that exaggerate the best of the spring season, when the sun is shining, and the flowers are growing.

As well as this, it was also simply incredibly easy to put together, making use of only a few simple paper shapes, yet resulting in an awesome 3D design.

You could also easily get the children involved with this design by tasking them with cutting out some petals for the flowers, or crafting little bees to fly around!

9. New Heights

Easily the best spring bulletin board designs are those that remind the students of the transformative potential that they all have.

This is one of the best designs, which makes use of an excellent slogan: “We are soaring to new heights this spring”, which is a very positive affirmation that will inspire the children to aim for big things.

This design also makes use of some very simple shapes and colors, so you can easily get the kids involved, and even invite them to design their own kites to add to the board!

To Wrap Up

These are just a small few of the amazing designs that you could try out in your classroom, but they are easily the best of the best.

All of these designs allow you to teach the kids a lot about the spring season, while also simply adding some stylistic flair to the classroom.

Ready for more ideas? Take a look at these spring-themed activities.

Simon Lewis

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