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7 March Bulletin Board Ideas To Excite The Class

Bulletin boards help to transform ordinary and boring classrooms into amazingly colorful, vibrant, and fun places to learn!

7 March Bulletin Board Ideas To Excite The Class

The best thing about them is that there are so many ways to design them, and it is easy to replace those designs throughout the year, to always have different decorations for your students.

As such, you’ve probably been on the hunt for some awesome March-themed bulletin board design ideas that you can take inspiration from to create the perfect display for the month.

Luckily, this is the best place to turn.

We have collected some of our very favorite March-themed bulletin board ideas that you can scroll through to get some inspiration and create a truly memorable board.

Some of these boards you can even get the children involved with making! 

1. Grow Your Mind

March is a time of growth, as the world enters into springtime, and the flowers begin to bloom from the ground, bringing back the color that winter hides away.

You can make use of the nature of growth to create a design that celebrates the students as they move forward into the future and achieve more and more amazing things.

We totally love this design because it proves incredibly inspirational. Depicting a flower growing from a small sapling, to a full blossom, the board depicts the journey of low confidence to full confidence.

It shows that, while children may be unconfident in their abilities now if they keep persevering, they will be able to achieve great things in the future.

2. Inching To Summer

March signals the early days of spring, when the weather begins taking a turn to the warmer, and natural life begins anew.

This board design takes advantage of this by reminding the children of the approaching summer, a period of the year they will already love, for bringing forth the long break!

We loved the inclusion of the long caterpillar design here, as it is incredibly adorable, and also 3D, making it more eye-catching and appealing.

3. Blooming Skills

Using a bulletin board can be a great way to help remind your students about how far they have come over the course of a particular academic year.

These boards can be designed in a way that highlights the students’ academic achievements.

We simply loved the way that this design made use of paper-plate flowers to create a spring-inspired design that celebrates student achievements.

On each of the flowers, you could highlight a skill that the students have focused on and developed over a recent period, or even display some of their actual work that shows this off! 

We loved the inclusion of a paper-chain rainbow in this design as it helped to make it far more eye-catching, while also adding a far more distinct sense of space to the whole design.

4. Spread Your Wings

Because March is one of the first months leading into the summertime, it can be great to remind children at this time of the potential that they all have within them, and the amazing things that they can achieve if they put their minds to it. 

This immense design makes use of intricate paper butterflies, arranged like leaves off of a tree, with a motivating motto that reads “Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly”.

This motivating design is sure to get the children pumped up, and ready to handle an excellent day in the classroom. 

This design might take a bit more work to put together, but it really pays off! 

5. Spring Is In The Air

March is a month that heralds the arrival of the Spring season, and this amazing design will help your students to celebrate this fact.

We loved how simple this design proved to be, but how massively effective the final design proved to be.

The use of string to create a clothesline effect, with each of the letters hanging from wooden pegs, really helps to add a great extra dimension to the design that makes it more interesting to look at.

This is a great design to get the students involved with. You can easily ask the kids to create their own flowers that can then populate the garden.

Or, if you wanted to create a more personal element to the design, you could ask the kids to design some objects to hang from the clothesline.

6. Sunlight Design

With the arrival of spring, the kids will love the opportunity to celebrate the arrival of the sunlight and the longer evenings.

This board has a design entirely inspired by the sun, with thin strips of paper extending outward from the central shape. 

On each of the strips of paper will be personal messages from each of the students where you can ask them to write about their wishes for the month, what they are proud of, or even what they love about the sun! 

The possibilities are massive with this board, so you can create a board that looks amazing, and involves all of the children!

7. The Sky Is The Limit

If you want to help your students to aim for big things, and to push themselves in the classroom, then this might just be the perfect design for you. 

This design makes use of the classic phrase of “The sky is the limit” to remind the children about their endless potential, and that, if they want to achieve amazing things, they can, if they set their mind to it! 

This design incorporates a lot of excellent 3D shapes, which makes it really fun to look at, and just as fun to put together!

To Wrap Up

Though this is only a few of the designs you could try out for a March-inspired bulletin board, they are easily the absolute best.

Each of these designs brings something different to the classroom, yet all of them help the students to celebrate the best things about the month!

Simon Lewis

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