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22 Autumnal Classroom Bulletin Boards To Celebrate Fall

Fall is a beautiful time of year, where the leaves change color and everything is orange and gold. So why not bring the wonderful outdoors into the classroom with autumnal bulletin boards?

22 Autumnal Classroom Bulletin Boards To Celebrate Fall

In our article you will find 22 autumnal classroom bulletin boards to celebrate Fall right. Let’s get started!

What Is A Bulletin Board?

Bulletin boards are visuals that provide information in the form of announcements, lessons, and news. Teachers often use bulletin boards to show off the work of their class.

It’s a quick reference of class events and adds an extra layer to your curriculum and lesson plan.

There are no limits when it comes to bulletin board ideas. Lots of teachers use the bulletin board for students to express themselves. For example, they can be a place for students to share messages with the class.

Bulletin boards can help create a classroom community and encourage students to share ideas.

1. Pumpkin Patch

This bulletin board instantly catches your eye and lets each student display their creativity skills by cutting out a pumpkin and coloring it with markers or painting it with orange.

This creative autumnal bulletin board is a favorite among students because each student can write their name on a pumpkin.

2. Pumpkin Writing

This bulletin board idea also features pumpkins created by students. Each adorable pumpkin has a sample of student writing for everyone to enjoy.

3. Leaf Through A Good Book

This kind of bulletin board is great for a school library. It’s an amazing way of encouraging reading in your classroom and beyond.

4. We Are The Cream Of The Crop

This autumnal board features ears of corn that features individual photographs of students. Your students will love seeing their pictures on the board!

5. Thankful Thanksgiving Hands

Celebrate fall with a festive Thanksgiving turkey. Its colorful feathers feature students’ painted handprints.

6. The Greatest Oaks

Use vibrantly colored tissue to create a pile of autumn leaves for your bulletin board. The tissue paper is an amazing addition of color and texture.

7. Reading Leaves You Happy

This bulletin board idea is ideal for a school library. You can use brown bulletin board paper to create the large tree, while the colorful leaves make great borders for your bulletin board.

8. Frankly, I Love Books

This Halloween-inspired bulletin board is rather simple to make, and your students are sure to love it! You can also change the phrasing to express a love for history, math, or science.

9. Get Caught In A Good Book

If you’re not scared of spiders then this is a really fun bulletin board idea! When creating this board, include some of your students’ favorite books.

10. Pumpkin Spice

This amazing bulletin board is an amazing way to teach character education, as it gives students the chance to describe what being nice means to them on these adorable coffee cups. 

11. Wrapped Up In Learning Mummy

This cool classroom mummy bulletin board is cheap and simple to make, and is ideal for the month of October. To create the mummy wrap, use white streamers.

12. Say Boo To The Flu Ghosts

Fall isn’t just about Halloween and Thanksgiving, unfortunately it’s also flu season. But this would make a great bulletin board for the nurse’s office!

13. Hocus Pocus Everybody Focus

Inspired by the classic movie Hocus Pocus, your students are sure to appreciate this adorable creation on Halloween.

14. The S’More You Read, The S’more You Know

Emphasize how important it is to read with this cute bulletin board. You could even make a party of it, and make actual s’mores with your students as well as paper s’mores. You’re sure to be the coolest teacher!

15. Hooray For Fall Owls

Bring this board to life by showing off an impressive owl created by the students. This bulletin board acts as a cute and striking display of your students’ artistic skills.

16. Fall Scarecrow

This colorful bulletin board idea features a yard decoration scarecrow, and is a great idea for a Fall bulletin board. Your students are sure to love this amazing autumnal display!

17. Fall Into Good Study Habits

You may think there are real leaves on this board! But fake leaves are the best bulletin board decorations and borders. Use this board to teach your students about useful study habits.

18. Happy Fall Y’all

The simplest boards are sometimes the best. This is a traditional design that will make your classroom ten times cozier.

The way they’ve used an autumnal motif like orange leaves and nuts makes for fun visuals. Plus, having the students’ names on the leaves makes this bulletin board more of a collaborative effort.

The color of the tree is also vibrant enough to make it stand out, but still looks like aged wood. Total autumn vibes!

19. Back To School

Fall is very much associated with returning to school after a well-deserved summer break. While some students look forward to return to school, some are not so enthusiastic.

Helping students transition to their next grade level is crucial when creating an inviting environment.

The bulletin board fall decorations here are really unique. The colors are vibrant and not the typical fall fare, plus the use of the caterpillar is really effective, as they are universal symbols of transformation and growth.

20. Witches Brew

Halloween is an exciting time of year for kids! Dressing up as their favorite characters or monsters is super fun, after all. Plus, there are many opportunities for fun fall arts and crafts.

This bulletin board looks like a page out of a picture board, and the students’ names in the bubbles are a nice touch. 

21. Your Goals High

In America, we’re a little bit obsessed with American football, and many of us associate fall with the start of the football season and cheering on our teams.

This may be the case for a lot of your students, which makes it a great choice for your classroom. You can even add small cheerleaders if you want!

22. What If I Fall?

Inspirational messages are crucial for motivating students, and this is one of our favorites.

The stunning autumn leaves and the stunning burnt orange border make this one of the most beautiful bulletin boards on our lists.

Plus, the yarn-string wheels look like targets on a goal, which is perfect accompanying imagery for the motto on the board. 

Final Thoughts

Autumnal bulletin boards can be totally beautiful and creative, and we hope our article has proven that!

They can teach lessons and motivate students, as well as be a great way to show off art projects and work created by your students.

So indulge in your creative side and make a beautiful board for your class! We hope these 22 ideas for the autumnal bulletin boards have inspired you to try designing one of your own.
Simon Lewis

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