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29 Engaging Preschool Circle Time Activities Your Students Will Love

Circle time is an opportunity to bring your students together to join in on a class activity.

It’s the highlight of the school day for many children, and it’s a great opportunity to engage all of the students at once.

Preschool Circle Time Activities

Keeping your ideas fresh for circle time can be a challenge, but we’re here to help.

Keep reading for 29 engaging preschool circle time activities the little ones will love.

1. Good Morning Song

Begin circle time each day with a simple “Good Morning” song.

This can help set the tone for the day and make children feel welcome.

The repetitive nature of songs aids in memory and language development.

2. Weather Check

Talk about the day’s weather and ask children to look out the window and describe what they see. Is it sunny? Rainy? Cloudy?

This activity not only teaches about the weather but also expands their vocabulary.

3. Calendar Time

Introduce the concept of days, months, and seasons in circle time.

Use a large calendar and mark birthdays, holidays, and special school events.

This activity helps them understand the passage of time and the cyclical nature of days and months.

4. Story Time

Reading together is one of the most popular circle time activities in schools all over the world.

Read a short story or picture book with your students and encourage them to predict what might happen next or discuss the feelings of the characters.

This promotes listening skills and fosters a love for reading.

5. Show And Tell

Allow children to bring in an item from home and talk about it at circle time.

This All About Me activity helps with public speaking skills and builds confidence while letting children share a bit about their personal lives with their friends.

6. Movement Activities

Engage the children in simple movements or dances.

For instance, they can mimic animals or do a small dance routine. This helps with motor skills and also keeps energy levels in check.

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7. Fingerplays And Rhymes

Teach children rhymes that involve finger movements, like “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” or “Five Little Monkeys”.

Activities like this boost memory, coordination, and rhythm.

8. Question Of The Day

Pose a simple question to the group at circle time, like “What’s your favorite color?” or “What did you have for breakfast?”.

This promotes listening skills, as children listen to their peers, and also encourages them to express themselves.

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9. Group Games

Circle time provides the perfect setting for group games.

Games like “Duck, Duck, Goose” or “Simon Says” are not only fun but also teach listening skills and encourage children to follow directions.

10. Relaxation Time

End the circle time with a short relaxation or meditation session.

Play calming music and guide children to take deep breaths, helping them to calm down and be ready for the next activity.

11. Color Of The Day

Choose a specific color each day and ask children to find items in the classroom that match the color.

This sharpens observation skills and color recognition.

12. Alphabet Bag

Introduce a letter each day or week and have an “Alphabet Bag” filled with items starting with that letter.

For instance, for the letter ‘B’, you can have a ball, book, and banana in the bag.

Children can guess the items inside and relate them to the letter.

13. Emotion Sharing

Discuss different emotions using flashcards or pictures.

Ask the children how they are feeling that day and why.

This encourages them to recognize and talk about their emotions.

Learning to open up from an early age makes it easier later on in life.

14. Nature Talk

Bring in a nature item, like a pinecone, seashell, or leaf.

Let children touch and observe it and discuss where it comes from and its features.

Preschool Circle Time Activities

15. Guess The Sound

Play different sounds and have children guess what they are.

This can range from animal sounds to every day sounds like a ringing phone or running water.

16. Name Song

Sing a song where every child’s name gets included. This makes each child feel special and helps peers learn each other’s names.

17. Themed Days

Have days dedicated to specific themes like “Transportation Day” or “Animal Day” and center activities around those themes.

18. Counting Activities

Introduce numbers and counting. Use items like fruits, toys, or beads.

Ask questions like “How many apples do we have?” to make it interactive.

19. Shape Detective

Talk about a specific shape and ask children to identify objects in the room that match that shape.

This improves shape recognition and observational skills.

20. Cultural Sharing

Introduce children to various cultures by discussing different festivals, foods, or customs.

This instills an appreciation for diversity from a young age.

21. Music And Instruments

Introduce various musical instruments and let children explore the sounds they make.

Combine instruments with songs for an interactive musical experience.

22. Mystery Box

Place an item in a box and give children clues about what’s inside. They can take turns guessing. This sharpens their inferencing skills.

23. What’s Missing?

Place several items in front of the children, have them close their eyes, and remove one item. They then guess what’s missing.

24. Daily News

Let one child share something exciting or new from their life. This fosters self-expression and listening skills among peers.

25. Community Helpers

Discuss different community jobs such as firefighters, doctors, and teachers. You could even invite guest speakers occasionally.

26. Safety Talks

Discuss different safety topics, like fire safety, road safety, or what to do in case of emergencies.

27. Friendship And Compliments

Ask each child to say something nice about one of their friends in the circle.

28. Days Of The Week Song

Incorporate a song that teaches the days of the week. This repetition aids memory and understanding.

29. Puppet Stories

Use hand or finger puppets to enact short stories or scenarios, making narrative sessions interactive.

In Summary

Circle time is a special chance to come together as a group and enjoy a shared activity or join in a discussion.

We’ve shared 30 of our favorite preschool circle time activities above, but which one will you choose first?

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