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40+ All About Me Preschool Activities Kids Will Enjoy

As children reach preschool age, they start to understand more about who they are, what they like, what their family unit is like, and how they fit into the wider world.

All About Me Activities are great for helping children develop more in this area and share who they are with the rest of the class – which is great for their confidence.

All About Me Preschool Activities

These activities can help to show children how they are similar to others in the class, but they can also be used to celebrate their uniqueness.

Below, we’ve listed more than 40 All About Me preschool activities you can try with your class:

Our Favorite About Me Preschool Activities

Below are some of our favorite About Me activities for preschool children:

1. Paint A Self-portrait

Give each child a mirror and ask them to paint a self-portrait. When they’re finished, you can hold each picture up to the rest of the class to see if they can guess who it is. The portraits can be displayed on the wall when the activity is finished.

2. Assemble My Body

Using magnets, stickers, or tiles with body parts on, ask children to put all of their body parts in the right order.

This helps them to think about how their bodies work. Get them to start at the top of the head and work their way down to the feet.

3. Pasta Name Spelling

Ask children to make a picture of their name using only pasta. Help them glue the pasta pieces to the paper to spell out their name.

4. Draw A Family Portrait

At this age, children love to talk about their families, so get them to draw a picture of them and the family they live with – don’t forget the pets!

5. Create A Time Capsule

Time capsules are often done with older children, but this is a great activity to try with preschoolers.

Ask each student to bring in something they love to put in the time capsule.

6. All About Me Books

Reading All About Me books is a great way to help preschoolers with their self-awareness.

Give the following books a try:

7. Feelings Chart

Children of preschool age are still figuring out how to understand and manage their emotions, so a great All About Me activity is to create a chart with some feelings on it so that they can think about their emotions with the help of a visual tool.

Keep it simple – using a paper plate or an A4 side of paper – and divide it into four sections with the emotions: Happy, sad, excited, and angry.

This is a handy thing to keep at their desks – especially for children who have difficulty expressing themselves.

8. Handprints And Footprints

Children LOVE to get messy, so get them to take their shoes and socks off and make prints of their hands and feet.

Ask the children to think about and tell you how they use their hands and feet for different things while they complete the activity.

9. Body Tracing

This is a super fun task to do in pairs. One child will need to lie on a large piece of paper while their friend draws around them with a pencil or crayon.

They can compare their outlines when they’re finished to see how different or similar they are.

To make it even more fun – ask the students to pose in a funny way while they’re traced.

All About Me Preschool Activities Kids Will Enjoy

10. Family Role Play

In groups, children can learn about family dynamics by taking turns to act as different members of a family group.

11. Heartbeat Listening

Let children listen to their heartbeat using a stethoscope or after doing a little exercise. This introduces them to the concept of the body’s workings and the idea that everyone has a beating heart inside.

12. Birthday Chart

Create a birthday chart to go on the classroom wall and have each student add a cake sticker to the chart to mark their birthday.

13. Playdough Figures

Using Playdough, get your students to make 3D models of themselves – complete with accessories.

14. Body Movement and Dance

Play music and encourage kids to dance and move the way they feel. This activity not only gets them active but also helps them express themselves.

15. All About Me Scavenger Hunt

Create cards with different descriptors like “has brown hair,” “loves to eat apples,” or “has a pet dog.” Children can then go on a scavenger hunt to find classmates who match the descriptors.

16. All About Me Interview

Pair up children and let them interview each other with simple questions like, “What’s your favorite color?” or “How many siblings do you have?”

Later, they can introduce their partner to the class using the information they’ve gathered.

17. Sensory Self-portrait

Instead of just drawing, children can create their self-portraits using fabric scraps, yarn for hair, buttons for eyes, and other tactile materials.

18. Favorite Things Bag

Ask children to bring in a bag of their favorite things to do a show and tell with the class.

19. Fingerprint Fun

Help children understand that all of our fingerprints are unique by creating a class picture full of their fingerprints.

20. Height Chart

Using string or a strip of paper, help children measure their height and then display a chart in the class so the students can see how they are all different heights.

All About Me Preschool Activities

21. All About Me Mobile

Get your students to draw and cut out pictures of themselves and their favorite things – create a mobile and hang all of the pictures from it.

22. Personalized Crown

Give each student a plain crown to make and ask them to decorate it with their favorite colors, add some stickers, and write their names on the front.

23. Memory Boxes

Children can decorate small boxes and fill them with trinkets and pictures that are significant to them. Over time, these boxes can be a tangible representation of their memories.

24. Family Tree Craft

Students can create a simple family tree to understand how each member of their family is connected.

25. My Name Meaning

Help children explore the meaning behind their names so this can be shared with the class.

26. Life-sized Cardboard Cutout

Children will have great fun creating life-sized cutouts of themselves. They can throw themselves into painting and decorating their cardboard double!

27. Baby Me

Ask students to bring in a baby photo of themselves and put the images up on the board. Then, ask the class to try and guess each baby correctly.

28. Sound of My Voice

Record each child saying a few sentences about themselves – but don’t let them use their name. Play it back and let them recognize their voice among others.

29. Personalized Name Jewelry

Using beads with letters on them, students can make personalized bracelets and necklaces with their names.

30. All About My Pets

Get children to draw pictures of their pets and talk to the class about what they’re like.

All About Me Preschool Activities Kids Will Enjoy

31. Personalized Flags

You can ask each child to create their very own flag – complete with their name, some pictures, and their favorite colors. You can then hang all of the flags together as bunting on the wall.

32. Guess Who Game

Collect facts or favorites about each child. Read one out loud daily and let the class guess who it relates to.

33. Shadow Tracing

This activity is similar to body tracing, but this time, children can learn about shadows, too.

Take them into the yard and, using chalk, get them to draw around each other’s shadows.

34. Personalized Door Hangers

Give each child a door hanger template and ask them to write their name and decorate it with pictures of all the things they love. They can then take it home to hang on their bedroom door.

35. Family Interview

This is a fun piece of All About Me homework that gets the whole family involved. You can send your students home with a worksheet that has questions for each member of the family.

They can bring it back into school and talk to the class about the people they live with.

36. My Favorite Food

Give each child a paper plate and get them to draw their favorite foods.

37. Dreams Of The Future

On a piece of paper, get children to draw pictures of the job they’d like to have when they grow up, the kind of house they might live in, the pets they might have, etc.

38. All About Me poster

Have each student design their very own poster to show the class who they are. They could include their name, their favorite color, their favorite foods, and what they like to do for fun.

These posters can be displayed on the classroom wall when they’re finished.

39. What’s In My Backpack

Ask your students to talk the class through the items they bring to school in their backpacks.

40. Name Tiles

Using letter tiles, ask your class to spell out their names. Then, partner them up and get them to spell their friend’s name.

In Summary

All About Me activities are great for preschoolers as they start to develop an awareness of who they are and how they fit into the wider world.

Activities like these are lots of fun and can help children develop into confident human beings. They can learn to love their quirks and appreciate what makes them different.

We’ve included 40 ideas above – which ones will you be trying next?

If you’re looking for ideas on how to reward your students, take a look at our award ideas here.

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