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50 Fabulous Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

Fall is one of the best times of year to create a vibrant and imaginative bulletin board for your classroom.

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There are so many themes to choose from and don’t even get us started on all the great colors you can include to make a bulletin board that is eye-catching and fun.

50 Fabulous Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

We have found 50 fabulous Fall bulletin board ideas to give you a head start on this wonderful time of the school year. 

We’ve divided them into six categories, reading, writing, and math to help kids learn while they create but also some pumpkins, trees and welcome bulletin boards. 

So go get your art supplies and let’s get stuck into creating some fantastic Fall decorations for your classroom. 

Reading Inspired Bulletin Boards

We always want to encourage our kids to read and these great reading inspired bulletin boards are a wonderful way to do just that while also being creative. 

1. Fall Into A Great Book

Encouraging kids to read is one of the most important things that you will do in the classroom and this colorful bulletin board decoration will really help. 

Involve the kids in your class in decorating this display with some real or paper leaves. They can even suggest some titles for the books on your Fall bulletin board. 

2. Leaf Through A Good Book

Kids love a good pun as much as adults and will love this play on words. This is such an eye-catching display and (pardon our pun) leaves a lot of room for your own interpretation. 

The baskets are filled with cut outs of  books and kids can choose their own favorite titles to put in there. 

3. Reading Leaves You Happy

Never a truer word was spoken, reading indeed does leave you happy. This happy tree is a wonderful character to have on your bulletin board encouraging your kids to pick up a book and read a good story. 

Let them cut out and paste on the leaves and maybe write the name of their favorite books on them too. 

4. Gobble Up A Good Book

Fall has so many great celebrations including Thanksgiving which of course lets you make a whole array of turkey displays in your classroom for different topics. 

There are some really fun ways to include turkeys including our favorite, Save A Turkey, Gobble Up A Good Book. Kids will love this joke and enjoy decorating this colorful bulletin board. 

5. Fall In Love With Reading

This is a simple but effective display for the bulletin board in your classroom or in your reading corner.

Provide some cushions and a quiet space to show the kids in your class how magical it can be to be transported away by a good book and their own imagination. 

We love the colors in this display as they really contrast well and stand out to attract attention. 

6. Nuts About Reading

Kids will absolutely adore the cute cartoon squirrel characters in this display and have great fun helping you make the tree.

This is a good way to combine an arts and crafts project with the love for reading that kids need to learn at a young age. 

We love their cute owl friend hiding in the tree too! 

7. Get Caught In A Good Book

Halloween is another great opportunity to engage kids with the idea of reading independently.

Our fun spider display with a web full of good books will certainly get your kids attention. Make sure to make him friendly though and not scary. 

Add some familiar titles to the books caught in the spider’s web, so the kids can identify with them. 

8. Reading Is Spooktacular

Kids love silly words, so this great Halloween themed display will appeal to them and encourage them to read.

You could put some age appropriate spooky books in front of the bulletin board to give them some ideas for what to read next. 

Let the kids add a bat or ghost each to give it a more personal touch. 

9. Scare Up A Good Book

Our final Halloween themed reading display is so great and wonderfully eye catching, just perfect for your bulletin board.

The silhouette of the haunted house against the big, full moon with the purple background and bats is inspired. We love it! 

Writing Prompts Bulletin Boards

Fall gives us so many great themes to write about so what better way to get your class in the mood for writing than some prompts inspired by this awesome time of year. 

10. How To Scare A Crow

Providing kids with writing prompts is a wonderful way to get them using their imagination as well as their vocabulary.

How To Scare A Crow gets them thinking about all the ways that the crows can be kept away from the corn, so they don’t eat it all. 

Encourage them to use all sorts of different ideas and make it fun and silly to keep them engaged. 

11. Spider Facts

We love this colorful bulletin board full of great spider webs and lots of facts about spiders. Rather than using their imaginations, kids should be writing facts about what they know regarding spiders. 

This lets them apply what they’ve learned and help them construct good writing pieces. But of course, it has to be fun too so get them making the most colorful and interesting webs!

12. Things We’re Thankful For

Of all the celebrations of Fall, Thanksgiving is perhaps the one that gives the most opportunity for writing prompts. Simply get your kids to write about all the things that they are thankful for. 

We love this idea of having them draw around their hands and make a tree out of them, keeping to the Fall theme but including Thanksgiving. 

13. Favorite Fall Things

A fun activity that gets kids writing is having them choose the things that they most like about Fall.

This gives them lots of choice, they can write about nature, Thanksgiving, Halloween or anything that makes Fall a great time of year for them. 

Kids will also enjoy decorating the tree and adding their own personal touch to the bulletin board. 

14. Acorn Writing Prompt

These acorn writing prompts are so cute, and you can create one for each child in your class and name them. Kids will love the fun faces, and you can choose any topic for them to write about. 

It could be their favorite thing about fall, what they did for Thanksgiving or what costume they wore for Halloween. 

15. Going Batty

This is a great display for a bulletin board and also a wonderful writing prompt opportunity.

Like our spider bulletin board kids can write what they have learned about bats and each child can draw or create their own bat to add to their writing piece. 

They will love showing off their work to visitors and parents with this great display. 

16. Pumpkin Writing Prompts

Pumpkins are the perfect Fall theme to include on your bulletin board. For a writing prompt you can either use fun facts or let the kids decide what they want to write about. 

This one is about how to stop pumpkins from rolling so gets children to use their reasoning skills but also their imagination. Let them each create their own pumpkin for the display. 

17. Fall In Love With Writing

For older children this Fall In Love With Our Narratives is a wonderful display for their classroom bulletin board. The great thing about this is that it can be used for all different kinds of subjects. 

This idea can also be adapted for younger children to write stories, fun facts or poems. 

18. Poet Tree

This is a great play on words and works perfectly as a Fall themed writing prompt for poetry. It will allow students to compose their own poems and attach it to the tree.

You can also have each leaf falling from the tree contain photos or students’ names. 

A bulletin board that is this eye-catching will be a stand-out feature in your classroom. 

Math Themed Bulletin Boards

Math doesn’t have to be scary for your kids, check out some of these great math bulletin boards in Fall themes that are guaranteed not to spook your class. 

19. Don’t Let Math Scare You

It’s true, math can be scary for some kids and this bulletin board is a great way to tackle that subject.

Making math fun and accessible with colorful and interesting displays like this can help kids engage with more confidence. 

Using Halloween themes create a bulletin board that won’t scare kids but instead encourages them. 

20. Can You Crack These?

This wall sized display uses acorns and a great pun to get kids excited about math. Put math problems on the cap of each oversized acorn and let kids fill in the answer on the larger area underneath.

Then put them all up on the bulletin board underneath the oak tree, so they can show off their work. 

21. Fall Into S’more Math

S’mores are one of the highlights of Fall and everyone looks forward to enjoying them in chilly weather. This great bulletin board display is a clever play on the word and encourages kids to engage with math. 

You can personalize your display by writing math problems on the s’mores or on each one of the falling leaves. 

22. Turkey Math

These turkey math displays for your bulletin board are really simple to make, and you can do one for each of the students in your class.

When they have completed all the problems you can make a whole wall display of really smart turkeys. 

You could also adapt this for writing, spelling or reading exercises or prompts. 

23. Falling Into Math

This is a wonderfully colorful, Fall themed display for the classroom and can be used interactively, just make sure to put it close enough to the floor so little ones can reach it. 

Let your students write their names on the leaves on the tree or the apples in the basket to keep them fully engaged and interested.

24. Pumpkin Math Fun

Pumpkins are so versatile and not just in the kitchen but in the classroom as well.

Here they have been used to create a math bulletin board for place value, but you could just as easily use this kind of display for any kind of math problem. 

Kids love having their work on display and this is a great way to give them confidence in their abilities. 

25. Falling For Math

Making math fun and un-intimidating can be a challenge for teachers and homeschoolers, but this great bulletin board really does a great job with both.

It’s big, colorful and looks inviting for kids to add their work to. 

Let the students help you decorate the display to further engage them and give them a sense of ownership. 

26. Monster Math

Kids absolutely love monsters and the theme of Halloween is a great opportunity to introduce some Monster Math to the classroom. 

The great graphics and decoration of this display will be a big hit with the kids in your class and lets you choose whatever math problem you want to include. 

27. Turkey Feather Fractions

Fractions can be tricky for some students so using Thanksgiving themed turkey feathers is a fantastic way to make them seem less scary.

Using different colored feathers for each turkey, kids can work out what fraction of the whole each color represents. 

This is a great visual aid for children who struggle with the concept of fractions. 

Pumpkin Bulletin Boards

Nothing says Fall like pumpkins, so this is a wonderful way to create a colorful bulletin board for your classroom.

The great thing is that you can use pumpkins for any subject, reading, writing, math, science, art, faith or wellness. 

28. Personalized Pumpkins

Pumpkins are synonymous with Fall and using them for your Fall bulletin board gives you a whole host of possibilities to brighten up your classroom.

This display has a pumpkin that has been personalized by each student in the class to encourage a sense of belonging. 

It is a wonderful way to add a Fall theme to your classroom. 

29. Pick Of The Patch

Let your students show off their accomplishments by having a Pick of the Patch bulletin board in your classroom.

They can add some of their work in any subject, draw, paint or create their own pumpkin and include characters such as crows and a scarecrow. 

This is a wonderful way for your students to show pride in their classroom. 

30. Pumpkin Art Display

Younger children will love making their own pumpkin to put on display in the classroom. This whole wall display lets them use their imagination to create a Fall themed bulletin board. 

Pumpkins are an easy craft for small hands to create, and they will thoroughly enjoy putting their own personal touch to them. 

31. Pumpkin Writing

This great bulletin board uses pumpkin shapes for students to show their work about a book they’ve read. It’s an eye catching and colorful display with scope for lots of different Fall themed additions. 

You can adapt this for different age groups and subjects so that children can show off their creativity and their hard work. 

32. The Great Pumpkin

The Great Pumpkin is an unseen character from a Charlie Brown Halloween special and this bulletin board is based on it. It even has some of the characters from the Peanuts comic strip. 

Kids can each make their own pumpkin with their name on it, and you can add the name of your classroom at the top. 

33. Welcome To Our Patch

This wonderfully colorful bulletin board has a whole host of pumpkins each of which has a teacher’s name on it.

It is a great display for the entrance to your school for Fall and will put a smile on the face of any visitor. 

You could adapt this to make one for your own classroom and have the students’ names on the pumpkins instead. 

34. Who’s Hiding In The Pumpkin Patch?

Who’s hiding in the pumpkin patch? Lift the flap of each pumpkin to find out! Every one of the pumpkins has a photo inside and the name of the student on the front.

Kids love seeing themselves on classroom displays. 

It can be a good way for students to get to know each other at the start of the school year. 

35. Pumpkins On A Fence

What an awesome bulletin board! It’s very colorful and draws your attention immediately with the strong contrasting colors. We also love the pretty tree with the cute little owl hiding in its branches. 

Let your students decorate their pumpkin and put their names on them. 

36. Happy Fall Y’All

When you want to welcome Fall and brighten up your classroom this Happy Fall Y’All is a great way to do it. This will look wonderful on your bulletin board and each of the leaves has a student’s name on it. 

You can be as creative as you like with this and even have the kids help you make it. 

Tree Bulletin Boards

One of the stand-out themes of Fall unsurprisingly is trees. So we think making bulletin boards with a tree theme is as natural as, well, trees!

There are as many applications for this kind of display as there are designs you can use. 

37. Gratitude Tree

For Thanksgiving, we love The Gratitude Tree. It perfectly captures the theme of Fall with leaves blowing off the branches by the wind.

Each leaf has something to be grateful for written on it. This is also a theme that could be used in Sunday school. 

We love the colors and how wonderfully they contrast against the background. 

38. Colors Of Fall

Just for the sheer joy of having a colorful Fall scene in your classroom this beautiful display can be left as it is or adapted for any subject or inspiration. It’s simple whilst also being very effective and eye-catching. 

Add your own ideas and let your students suggest things to include in this bulletin board. 

39. Oaks From Acorns

For an inspirational bulletin board it doesn’t get much more encouraging than this.

With its motivating message it lets children know that even though they are small now they have the potential to grow to be someone awesome. 

Each acorn can have a student’s name or photo on it, and they can help to create the colorful tree. 

40. Our Class Is Treemendous

With this fun play on words your students can show pride in their class. The tree is full of apples, each of which has a child’s name on it.

You can write the name of your class on the trunk or a message such as this one has. 

The apples could also have photos of the children too. 

41. Harvesting Sight Words

Fall is also harvest time so incorporating this into a classroom bulletin board is getting a big thumbs up from us.

This one is all about harvesting sight words which is ideal for new readers, but it can also be used for other subjects such as math or science. 

We love how colorful this bulletin board is and how versatile it could be. 

42. Leaves Are Falling

Have an artistic day and get your students to help create this wonderful display for the classroom.

While you are doing that you can get them talking about what happens in the Fall, the colors that they see and what the animals do at this time of year. 

We love the different colored and shaped leaves on this display. 

43. Faith Tree

For a classroom or Sunday school class this wonderful display shows leaves falling from the tree with the message His Grace Falls On Us. This gives you the chance to talk about what that means to the children. 

They can each choose a leaf for themselves and write their name or a prayer on it. 

44. Unbeleafable Class

Kindergarteners will love this great display of a big tree with lots of colorful leaves. They could paint or color the leaves themselves and stick them on the tree with your help. 

You can personalize this bulletin board with your own class name or by adding other Fall elements to it. We also love the play on words. 

45. Adjective Tree

This adjective tree is so cute, and we adore the sweet little owls hanging out in its branches. Each of them has a word written on them and the surrounding leaves have different adjectives that mean the same thing. 

It’s a fun and interactive way for students to learn about the importance of adjectives. 

Welcome Bulletin Boards

A great welcome bulletin board makes a classroom feel inviting for your students and for visitors.

It will also give your kids a sense of belonging to their space especially if they help to create their welcome bulletin board. 

46. Welcome To Our Patch

Every classroom should feel welcoming to the students and to any visitors, so we love this Welcome To Our Patch display.

It’s very colorful and the pumpkins at the base of the tree have the names of all the students. 

This bulletin board has used lots of different Fall themes to great effect which we thoroughly approve of. 

47. Pick Of The Crop

Create a collage of all the children in your classroom in this fun scarecrow themed display. The baskets are filled with fruit which have the faces of all the class students and the scarecrow is wonderfully made. 

This makes a great Fall themed bulletin board and will be great fun for you and your students to build together. 

48. Happy Fallidays

What a colorful and fun display for your bulletin board! The leaves of the tree are made from the handprints of the children and are wonderfully multi-colored just like real Fall leaves. 

It’s really creative and eye-catching and will be lots of fun for you and your students to make. We love the Happy Fallidays too! 

49. Fab-boo-lous Class

A Halloween inspired welcome into your classroom sets a great tone for a fun learning environment. This looks great on the door and is visible for everyone going in and out of the classroom. 

It would look awesome as a bulletin board display too and each of the ghosts could be personalized by your students. 

50. Hello Fall

We love the look of this bulletin board, it’s simple but effective, and you can add so much to it for your classroom.

It could act as a creative prompt for your students allowing them to suggest things to make and do to celebrate this changing time of year. 

Final Thoughts

Fall is such a fantastic time of year. There is so much going on in nature as well as in the classroom so it is the perfect opportunity to combine the two. 

With the fun of Halloween and the joy of Thanksgiving there is so much to celebrate, and it makes sense to include all of these things in a bulletin board for the classroom. 

We hope that our 50 fabulous Fall bulletin board ideas have given you plenty of ideas and inspiration to create your own.
Simon Lewis

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