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Ideas For 20 Questions Games For Kids (Classroom Edition)

20-Questions is a classic game where one person thinks of an item, and the others try to guess what it is by asking up to 20 yes-or-no questions.

In the classroom setting, this can encourage strategic thinking in your students while they have fun at the same time.

20 Questions Games For Kids

Here are 24 variations of the 20-Questions game tailored for a classroom setting:

1. Animal Kingdom

The selected student thinks of an animal, and their peers ask questions to identify what the animal is.

Questions might include: “Does it have four legs?”, “Is it a mammal?”, or “Can it fly?”

This will test your student’s knowledge of different species.

2. Historical Figures

Students think of a person from history.

Questions might be along the lines of: “Is this person from the 20th century?”, “Were they a ruler of a country?”, or “Is this person known for scientific discoveries?”

3. In the Classroom

This 20-question game is ideal for younger kids.

The item to be guessed is something located within the classroom.

Questions could be: “Is it a piece of furniture?”, “Is it used for writing?”, or “Is it electronic?”

4. Storybook Characters

This one is especially great for younger students or literature classes.

The nominated student thinks of a character from a book.

Questions from the rest of the class might be: “Is this character an animal?”, “Are they the main character?”, or “Do they have magical abilities?”

5. Geography Genius

The chosen student thinks of a country or city. Strategic questions could include: “Is it in Europe?”, “Is it landlocked?”, or “Is it known for its beaches?”

6. Scientific Concepts

Think of a term or concept from science for the nominated student.

Questions from the others might be: “Is it a type of energy?”, “Is it visible to the naked eye?”, or “Is it related to space or astronomy?”

7. Math Matters

The student thinks of a shape, number, or mathematical concept.

Questions could be: “Is it a polygon?”, “Is it a prime number?”, or “Is it used in geometry?”

8. Cultural Symbols

This could be about cultural or national symbols or items.

Inquiries might be: “Is it a type of food?”, “Is it a landmark?”, or “Is it associated with a holiday?”

9. Artistic Endeavors

This one is particularly fitting for older students or those studying art.

Think of an artist, art tool, or style. Questions could include: “Is it a type of paint?”, “Is the artist from the Renaissance era?”, or “Is it a musical instrument?”

10. Planets And Space

The student thinks of something related to space. Questions might be: “Is it a planet in our solar system?”, “Is it a celestial body?”, or “Is it a human-made object?”

11. Musical Minds

The selected student thinks of a musical instrument. Questions might include: “Is it a string instrument?”, “Is this played in an orchestra?”

12. Literary Lingo

This is designed for older students and those studying literature.

The nominated person should think of a literary term, genre, or even a famous literary work.

Questions could be: “Is it a type of poetry?”, “Is it a novel written in the 19th century?”, or “Is the term associated with drama?”

20 Questions Games For Kids

13. Sporty Spirits

The item to be guessed is a sport or a famous athlete. Questions might include: “Is it an Olympic sport?”, “Is it a team sport?”, or “Is the athlete known for football?”

14. Tech Talk

This is especially pertinent to today’s digitally-savvy students, the topic could be an app, gadget, or a known figure in the tech industry.

Questions could be: “Is it a handheld device?”, “Is it a social media app?”, or “Is the person associated with Apple?”

15. The Beauty Of Nature

The student thinks of a plant, tree, or natural phenomenon. Questions might be: “Is it edible?”, “Does it flower?”, or “Is it a weather condition?”

16. Historical Happenings

Focus on significant events or periods in history. Questions could include: “Did it happen in the last century?”, “Is it a war?”, or “Is it associated with ancient civilizations?”

17. Magical & Mythical

Think of mythical creatures, legends, or folklore tales.

Questions might be: “Is it a creature with wings?”, “Is it from Greek mythology?”, or “Is it a legend from a European country?”

18. Cinematic Circle

The student thinks of a movie, actor, director, or film genre. Questions could be: “Is it an animated movie?”, “Is the actor known for action films?”, or “Is it a romantic genre?”

19. Fashion Forward

Consider famous fashion icons, clothing items, or accessories. Questions might include: “Is it a type of footwear?”, or “Is it a winter accessory?”

20. Inventive Intellects

This one is great if you’ve been studying inventors with your class or if they’ve been working on their very own inventions.

The topic could be famous inventors or their groundbreaking inventions.

Questions could be: “Is the invention electronic?”, “Is the inventor from the 18th century?”, or “Is it an invention that changed communication?”

21. Culinary Curiosities

The chosen student thinks of a dish, cuisine, or an ingredient.

Questions could include: “Is it a dessert?”, “Is it associated with Italian cuisine?”, “Is it a type of fruit?”, or “Is the chef a television personality?”

22. Architectural Wonders

This is suited to older students and revolves around famous landmarks, types of buildings, or architectural styles.

Questions might be: “Is it one of the Seven Wonders of the World?”, “Is it primarily made of glass?”, “Is it in Europe?”, or “Is it a type of residential building?”

23. Celeb Spotting

Centered around celebrities, famous personalities outside of historical figures, or even movie/TV show titles.

Questions might include: “Is the person a musician?”, “Is this person on TV now?”

24. Disney

Finally, this is one for the younger kids.

The nominated student could choose a character from a Disney film.

Questions from peers could be: “Is this an animal?”, “Is it a princess?”

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In Summary

20 Questions is a great game to play in the classroom, and there are tons of variations to choose from to keep your students on their toes.

The only thing to remember is to tailor the top to the age group.

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