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22 Ideas For Cute Graduation Nails

Graduation is a pretty big moment in your life, especially up to this point.

After all, there’s so much that happens around this time. There’s the graduation ceremony, obviously, but there’s also the party to consider afterward, picking your graduation outfit, and a ton of other things to boot.

22 Ideas For Cute Graduation Nails

With all this planning that needs figuring out, worrying about how your nails should look on the day should be the least of your worries!

So, if you’re looking to find the perfect pattern or inspiration for your nails, this list might come in handy for you!

1. Purple & Gold

Starting this list with a real showstopper of a design, we have this great idea for adding a little violet to your nails.

The purple that they have used for this design is a great solid color, especially when paired with the gold accents as they have done here.

And, of course, the golden glitter nails pop out from the purple here too. No color is too dominating, and there’s plenty of room to appreciate each nail here, too!

2. Silver & Gold

If you’re going for glam and cuteness in one package, you should take a look at this design!

Gold and silver are a strong combination when they’re paired together like this. Combine that with the black nails that she has also done for this design, and you have nails that will catch anyone’s attention.

Now, some people might think that gold AND silver together are a little too showy, especially when used together.

Well, it is graduation day (see also “40 Fantastically Fun Ideas For Your High School Graduation Party“). When are you going to get the chance to show off like this for the whole grade to see again? Don’t be afraid to go all-out with your nail designs, as they have done here!

3. Blue Graduation Nails

Wow, gold is just a really solid color to use when it comes to classy cute nail designs isn’t it?

This particular design helps show off your natural nail color while also adding plenty of glam to the mix.

This shade of navy blue jumps from the nail, even with it only being on a tiny corner of each nail. Plus, navy blue and gold are just a great color combination in our eyes too!

4. Sparkling Spirit Animal Nails

We don’t just love this style because this nail design looks great WITHOUT needing gold (although we think that’s a pretty good point in its favor).

The solid colors that are used in this design mean that having a little logo or icon on them stands out. In this case, that strong color differentiation goes into making this super adorable puppy paw design.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a spirit animal pattern on your nail. It could any logo you want, a cute character, a favorite logo, or maybe even your school’s logo.

Also, shout out to the gorgeous spotted pattern on the middle finger there!

5. Blue & Gold

We couldn’t stay away from gold for too long, however! Not for an event as big as your graduation, anyway!

These nails specifically have a really pretty shade of blue, almost navy, that contrasts nicely with the glittery gold nail paint that they used here.

Plus, as the model for this style is done, you don’t have to have it in the same pattern for every finger.

Switch where the gold and blue are for each nail, or maybe have one hand have one style of this pattern, while also having the alternate coloring on the other hand’s nails!

6. Nude Ombre Nails

Of course, while having tons of colors is great, that doesn’t mean that cute nails can’t also have a more natural look to them.

Take this ombre style, as an example. While it is a solid color across all the nails, the natural color that fades across the nails look super slick and great.

Perfect for someone who loves their cute factor to be a little more understated!

7. School Color Graduation Nails

Now, if you’re looking to represent your school one last time, this is the perfect nail idea to do that with!

What could be cuter as a graduation send-off than something like this, only in your own school’s colors?

8. Floral Nail Art

Flowers have, are, and will always be, an instant winner when it comes to cute designs, especially when simplified in just the right way.

And the same goes for nails too.

If you’re thinking about using this idea as inspiration, make sure that you’re using colors that have a strong contrast against each other, as they have done here.

Navy blue or another dark color against white, or a dark color against your natural nail color. Otherwise, that gorgeous look might like a little lackluster.

And you DON’T want to be looking lackluster at your graduation!

9. Blue Marble Nail Art

Getting a marble effect with just nail art can be super tricky. But if you can pull it off, as she has in this idea, you’ll have a showstopping set of nails that will instantly be the center of attention.

And, of course, don’t forget the gold accent she uses here!

10. Red, White & Black Graduation Nails

They’re going for a whole queen-of-hearts aesthetic here, aren’t they?

Well, it certainly works, with the checker-board pattern design for the red and black nails being a super cute style to pick for your graduation ceremony.

However, the barber shop/candy cane color scheme for the red and white nails also looks adorable alongside them.

Ply around with this one. Maybe have red and black on one hand’s nails, and red and white on the other? Or alternate, as they have done here. There’s plenty of room to experiment around with!

11. Glossy Burgundy Graduation Nails

With so many gorgeous patterns and designs in this list so far and to come, don’t think that single solid color can’t stack up with the fanciest options here.

This burgundy color is immediately eye-catching while being very classy too! They bring a moodiness to your get-up, like winter’s just around the corner, and you are getting ready for it with style.

12. Pink Candy Graduation Nails

Of course, don’t let the finicky part of getting patterns right on your nails scare you off.

This candy design, with its light pinks and cyans, will look sweet as hell on graduation day!

Play around with the line work with this one. The example of vertical colors looks great, but a line going across might be more up your alley.

13. Ombre School Colors

Ombre nails just ooze style, so having one that uses your school’s colors will look amazing on the day.

Plus, it’s a very pretty way of adding your school’s colors to your style without needing to think about patterning.

If you’re feeling like these nails aren’t quite cute enough on their own, don’t be afraid to throw in a little glitter for good measure!

14. Neutral Nails

Going back to more subtle design, these neutral pink nails show how stylish going natural can be.

This is a good low-profile look to go with for your graduation. Plus, the natural colors will go with pretty much any dress or item that you may pick, so there’s no need to worry about them clashing at all!

15. Abstract French Nails

If you’re thinking about going with a white dress for graduation day, this is a great style to go with it.

Accenting the tips of your fingernails with a solid color is a great idea that we’ll see more of before we’re done with this list.

Plus, the white and gold color combo meshes nicely with a natural pink color, or even just your natural nail color.

16. Red & Gold Graduation Nails

Again, gold just goes well with every color on your nails. It’s kind of just a fact at this point!

When it comes to the shade of red to go with, don’t be afraid to go bold with the colors.

A single solid shade does work with this, but a glossier or glitter red might be a cute option to go with if you’re looking for a more glamorous cute look.

Plus, we do love the school symbol that was used in this nail concept.

17. Neon Manicured Nails

If you’re going for a bold outfit to go to graduation with, then neon nails might just be the aesthetic for you!

Against a faded or ombre white, these nails pop well.

Plus, if the lights turn down, your nails will start to pop out from your hands, dancing around the room as the lights go dim.

18. Cute Graduation Nails

The colors and designs pull this look together.

The little mini cap that is painted onto these nails is just adorable, and the rhinestone marks the day as the important occasion that it is!

Plus, the little dash of glitter on these nails lets them sparkle!

19. Colored Tips

Now, if you’re looking for a nail idea that does a lot with just a little, then this idea might be just what you’re looking for!

The dash of red used here really isn’t much, especially when compared to some of the designs we have covered so far. And yet they manage to pop just as well!

Try this concept out with different colors to see what fits your look best!

20. Green Minimalist Nails

And speaking of different colors, this similarly minimalist green nail job is another understated design that is great for someone that wants to make a little paint go a long way!

21. Half Sparkle

Nail glitter pops against anything, but the natural color that it is paired with in this idea shows how true that is!

This is perfect for a design that wants to be used on longer nails

22. Swirling Colors

Again, as this nail design is surely us, sometimes less is more!

Plus, the swirl design around the tips of the nails helps it look totally different from other minimalist ideas that we’ve covered so far.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is plenty of inspiration going around for how best you can style your nails for the big day!

Try some of these ideas out for yourself, and see which ones work best for the look that you’re aiming for.

Simon Lewis