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21 Great Boho Rainbow Classroom Décor Ideas

If you are looking for neat ways to jazz up your classroom while keeping within a theme, then a great idea is having a boho rainbow décor scheme.

This is simple and you can apply it to so many parts of your classroom, from a calendar to your drawing cart to a behavior chart. You can color-code it all!

21 Great Boho Rainbow Classroom Décor Ideas

These rainbow scheme ideas that we are going to show you can be easily achieved, which is great if you are a teacher who is super busy and might not have too much time on their hands.

These colors are also muted, so they won’t be too stimulating for children.

So how can you make a neat boho rainbow classroom color scheme? How long will it take you to create these items?

Can you apply these color schemes to your existing classroom items? Well, we’ll give you some great classroom decor ideas so that you can transform it into a relaxed and welcoming space.

21 Great Boho Rainbow Classroom Décor Ideas

1. Convert Your Teacher Trolley

If you have a teacher trolley with all your notes, assignments, and awards for each day labeled clearly, then why not jazz it up with a rainbow pattern color scheme?

This will immediately make any dull and drab information much more eye-catching and digestible.

All you need to do is decorate your labels with rainbows on the side. You can print off these strips with your rainbow insignia so that you can always use more.

Ultimately you will need to change one of your labels at some point, so having some spares will be a must.

2. Design Your Own Alphabet Poster

No classroom should be without some colorful reminders of the alphabet on the walls. But as we mentioned above, you might want something too stimulating for your students.

You can draw a cartoon of an animal or object that will represent each letter, along with a rainbow color scheme underneath.

Color coding your letters will also help your students with learning the alphabet, as they can associate different letters with different colors.

These visual cues are exactly what a lot of children respond to when it comes to learning large amounts of information.

Another great thing about having these paper tabs is that you can also customize them if you feel like students are not responding or that you’ll need to tweak a couple of design ideas.

You can leave a blank tab at the top so that you can type in your letter in whatever font you feel is suitable.

3. Design Your Own Behavior Chart

Managing the behavior of the children is important to keep track of who you feel might need some more encouragement or guidance.

Having a rainbow-themed behavior chart that is color-coded will help you keep track of this much easier because a lot of adults are visual learners too!

In the same way as the alphabet chart, you can customize these to suit your own needs and the changing nature of the classroom.

You can keep your tabs on a peg that you can move up and down to represent where you feel each student is on the behavior scale.

4. Create Your Own Birthday Display

Children love it when you celebrate their birthdays, so get them to place their own birth dates on a large chart that you can keep track of.

You can create a ‘Birthdays’ banner with rainbow-style tabs, under which you can have each student’s hand-written birthday on the correct date.

Children will love to see their own name on the wall, as it is very important for their sense of self as well as their self-esteem. You can also switch up the font for each year to distinguish between your new class and your old one.

5. Rainbow Covers And Binders

This is another relatively simple way to change something that would normally be drab and uninspiring into something much nicer to look at when you are making your notes.

This is a relatively simple thing you can do, all you have to do is replace your plain covers and binders with rainbow-themed ones.

Whether it is a ‘Guided Reading’ folder or individual student folders, you can have the rainbow design with a specific color for each folder.

You can personalize them with the date, title, and child’s name, making them much more accessible and easier to order.

6. Make Your Own Rainbow Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards are a great way to update you and your classroom on some of the events coming up, whether it is someone’s birthday, a test, or a day out. You can create swirling banners that you can print out and update week by week.

You can make hundreds of rainbow design banners that you can keep in your drawer ready to pull out and use at a moment’s notice. You can also have letters that your students can use themselves to help them with their spelling.

7. Classroom Job Cards

Kids love being given jobs to do, which is why having job cards that you can personalize and assign to certain children is a great addition to any classroom. Job cards give children a sense of responsibility and will help them socialize with other members of the class.

You can have distinctive rainbow cards to delegate to certain children. You can even have them as pin badges, with labels like ‘chair stacker’, ‘recycler’, and ‘milk monitor’, so that they can clearly see their job for the day.

8. Make Your Own Clock Numbers

Telling the time is one of the most important lessons that you can learn as a child, which is why it is important that it is clear and easy to understand.

Having your own rainbow-themed clock number that you can stick around your clock face will help your kids get the hang of time.

9. Design A Classroom Calendar

Along with your bulletin board, a calendar will be one of the most important methods of keeping track of events, but this time across the course of the year. You can include birthdays in this, as well as events that you have coming up to excite the children.

This calendar can be as large or small as you like, covering the entirety of the wall so that your kids can see it brightly and clearly.

This will also help your children to learn about the days of the week as well as specific holidays like Christmas and Easter.

10. Rainbow-Themed Weather Calendar

Learning about the weather is another crucial aspect of your child’s learning. Whether it be rain, sun, or snow, it is important that they learn to identify certain types of weather. If it is sunny, then you can designate certain children to place rainbow-themed stickers on the wall.

The fact that this board is interactive will really help children to learn practically rather than being taught. Each card can be rainbow-colored so that they associate certain types of weather with certain colors. However, you won’t have to change the rainbow card that much!

11. General Classroom Labels

This is another thing that most teachers won’t want to be without. Whether it is labeling the bookshelf or helping to label play bags and math tables, you’ll need a label for almost everything.

Not only will this help children associate objects with words, but it will help them orientate themselves around the classroom.

All you need to do is print off labels and then keep them in the drawer for when you need spares.

These can have little cartoon rainbow insignias in the corner and each label could be colored to help the children identify folders and drawers around the classroom.

12. Classroom Posters

Because not everything should have a purpose. Sometimes it is good to simply emphasize the theme of the classroom with a few rainbow posters.

These can be large printouts of your cartoon rainbow symbol, or you can have pictures of animals or objects on a rainbow border.

These can be as large as you want, which is great if you want to fill up that blank area of space in your classroom. You can also use these posters as your bulletin board or calendar if it is large enough.

13. Create Your Own Attendance Tally

Learning to be punctual in school every day is another important factor, and there is no better way to do this than with your own attendance board.

This way you and your children can see exactly how many days they have been in and which students need more encouragement with their attendance.

This will also help children with their numbers and dates, as they can see which days of the week that they’ve been in.

You can have hundreds of these tucked away in your desk drawer so that when a child completes a week of school, they can take home their full attendance card home as a reward they can show their parents.

14. Make A Door Display

Using up door space is not only a great way of brightening up your classroom, but it is also a common point of reference as your door is used hundreds of times a day.

Sometimes in a smaller classroom, you will want to utilize as much space as possible, and making a door display is a great way to do this.

You can also include affirmative messages on your door, as this will help with positive reinforcement for your children.

You can also include rainbow-themed stickers on your door to celebrate your children’s achievements for good attendance or completing homework.

15. Interactive Boards

Having a board that your class can draw on during their leisure time is a great way of encouraging creativity and communication.

You can place some water-based markers underneath each of these interactive boards so that the children can write whatever messages they want.

You can also get them to tick off any assignments that you happen to give them. For example, if you have encouraged a child to attend a class every day and they have achieved that goal, you can get them to sign their name on the rainbow-themed interactive board.

16. Number Boards

There are many unique and creative ways that you can teach your children numbers. You can print off colored rainbows cards that your children can pick up and place together to do some basic adding and subtracting.

You can also have corresponding black dots underneath each number, so your students are able to visualize the numbers better in their heads.

You can also create cards with blank spaces, so your children can fill in their own black dots, which will help develop counting skills.

17. Rainbow-Themed Student Tags

Helping to identify your students is very important, especially during those initial first weeks of school. It will help you to get you know the children in your class, as well as help them to get to know each other.

Having a rainbow drawing in the corner is a great way to brighten up what might overwise be a very plain-looking name tag.

Rainbow-themed name tags are also a great way of unifying the class as they can feel they are part of the one-of-a-kind rainbow crew!

Another thing you can add to your rainbow name tag is a goal box. Here, you or the child in question can write in their goal for the day.

This way everyone can keep track of what they have been set to do and how far they are away from achieving that goal.

18. Make Your Own Toolbox Labels

This is another great way of making your own teacher space uniform. From craft scissors to paper, it is important to make sure that everything looks neat and orderly, as well as being clearly labeled.

Having a theme for your classroom is a good way of making things look neater, which will encourage your children to keep things ordered and in the same place.

This will also help your children to learn that they must place items back in the correct drawers when they have finished with them.

19. Rainbow-Themed Day Plan

Keeping track of what is going on with your day hour-by-hour is important for both teacher and children.

This is why having a simple wall hanging or stickers that you can order in descending pattern is a great visual cue for everyone in the class.

You can even switch out these cards, for example, changing the Wednesday art class to Thursday science class.

You can also have fixed labels to identify the time and place for lunch, nap times, and various breaks during the day.

20. Boho Rainbow Welcome Posters

Having a class that feels welcoming is one of the first duties of a teacher and you can easily do this with a simple, multicolored yet muted rainbow design sign. You can put this on the door as people walk in or you can have it decorating the classroom.

A rainbow is a great symbol of diversity and inclusivity, and it will be important to foster this in your classroom. You can also have a few different designs so that you and your students can switch it up when you feel like it.

21. Rainbow Word Cards

If some students in your class are a little more advanced, then you can provide them with word cards, either as reminders or as part of word-identification activities.

You can have them printed with pictures or you can allow your children to sort and arrange as they please.

You can also do this with numbers, giving the children the ability to be able to associate certain colors with certain words, images, and numbers.

Giving your word cards a uniform rainbow theme will also help you keep them in order.


We hope that our boho rainbow-themed class décor ideas have helped you decide which ones you are going to adopt for your teaching space.

You can edit a lot of these cards, tags, and labels, which is great for keeping track of the fluid nature of the classroom and your students.

Take a look at our award ideas to make your students laugh.

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