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9 Of The Best Birthday Boards To Try In Your Classroom

Sometimes, nothing quite brings excitement to the classroom like one of your students having a birthday!

Celebrating a birthday is already an immensely exciting experience for a young child, so the idea of having that special day celebrated even inside the classroom can really make the day even more special. 

9 Of The Best Birthday Boards To Try In Your Classroom

One of the very best ways to help your students to celebrate their birthdays is to create a birthday board, which will feature their name right in front of the class, to make the student feel just like a VIP! 

Birthday boards can take countless forms, from overall birthday boards that chart all of the birthdays through the course of a year, to individual birthday boards for a single student.

The only problem is, because the options are so massive, you might find yourself becoming totally overwhelmed by choice, and wonder what birthday boards you should actually create for your students.

Luckily, we have scoured the web to find the very best birthday board ideas, so you can narrow the options down and find the perfect board for your class! 

1. Changeable Message Board

This is absolutely one of the best ways to help celebrate the birthday of one of your students.

These changeable message boards can easily be adjusted to say whatever you want, so you can write out birthday messages for all of your students whenever their special day rolls along! 

This is a great solution because the board is very inexpensive, and yet it can be used again and again to create perfect messages.

2. Flower Pot Birthdays

This board is a great idea if you want to remind the children of the fact that birthdays are a great opportunity for personal growth. 

Every year, the children will grow into their true selves, and this board will remind them of such.

Each of the pots represents a different month, and then each of the flowers planted in those pots represents a different student so that multiple students will share the same pot.

This creates a great opportunity for the kids to bond over their shared birthdays! 

3. Birthday Photos

A great way to get the kids directly involved with the creation of the birthday board is to include photographs as part of the design.

In this instance, you would group the children up by birth month, and then have them line themselves up, holding up their specific birth dates, before snapping a photo of them.

Encourage the kids to smile or pull a funny face within the photo, to inject a bit of personality into the design, and to really help it to shine.

Once the photos have been taken, simply paste them onto the board, just under the corresponding date. 

The children can then use this as a great visual reference that they can refer to in order to keep track of the birthdays across the classroom!

One way you could make this board very interactive is, when a specific student has their birthday, ask the children to consult the board, to find out who it is.

You’ll be sure to get the birthday boy or girl giggling in no time! 

4. Birthday Hangers

This is a really simple method for charting the birthdays of all of the children in your classroom, but it also results in a really wonderful-looking decoration that you can easily hang up anywhere within the classroom.

Have the months lined up along a sturdy piece of long material, and then hang string directly under each of the distinct months.

On these strings, you will then attach each of the children’s names and their corresponding birthdays.

This is a great way of displaying this information because it can also be used as a helpful tool for teaching the children some basic math.

From looking at the board alone, the children will be able to tell which months have the most birthdays, and which months have the fewest!

5. BEE-Day

We simply loved the way that this board decided to chart all of the birthdays throughout the year, so we could not resist the opportunity to add it to our list.

This chart depicts each of the specific months as individual beehives, in which the students, represented as bees, can fit!

This really adorable and very humorous way of displaying the birthdays was made all the more special by also displaying each of the teachers’ birthdays, to help the children to feel much closer to their teachers! 

6. Birthday Cake Board

There are perhaps few birthday symbols quite as iconic as the classic birthday cake. Birthday cakes are a delicious treat that kids can enjoy as a way to celebrate becoming an extra year older. 

This amazingly inventive design actually makes use of candle shapes to depict each of the children, which are then adorned atop each of the cakes, which represent the different months of the year. 

This is a really fun way of depicting the chart, and one that will help to make the children feel even more special when their special day arrives.

7. Marshmallow Birthdays

If you need just a simple way of depicting your student’s birthdays, then this board could be just the one for you.

This incredibly simple board makes use of a campfire theme, in which each of the distinct months of the year are depicted on the marshmallows that are roasting over the flames. 

On each of the marshmallows, all you then need to do is write down each of the children’s names, as well as their specific birth date, to make it much easier for everyone to keep track of what birthdays are coming up! 

8. Popcorn Birthdays

This is another very inventive method for displaying the birthdays of the children in your class, and one that actually allows the children to get involved with the process.

Each of the months is represented by an individual popcorn bucket.

Invite the children to create their own popcorn shapes, which they can then write their names and birthdates on, before sticking their names on the correct months. 

Have the children come up one at a time to add their names to the board. This will help the children to show off their creativity, while also allowing them to more easily remember one another’s birthdays! 

9. Birthday Owls

This incredibly humorous and very charming birthday board idea is one of our very favorites, and when you see it for yourself, you will have no trouble understanding why. 

Each of the months is represented by a different adorable owl, each with its own unique design, to help each of the children to feel incredibly special.

The “Whoooose birthday is it” message is incredibly funny, and will be sure to elicit fits of laughter whenever you ask it on one of the students’ special days.

Want to announce a special birthday? Have the kids head up to the board to find the right owl and the right birthday! 

To Wrap Up

There you have it! Creating birthday boards is a great way to make students feel special on their big day, and these are amongst some of the best board design ideas to do just that!

Why not try creating one of these boards for your own classroom?
Simon Lewis

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