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34 Ideas To Beautify Your Bulletin Board & Inspire Your Class

Bulletin boards are a fantastic way to add a pop of color to your classroom. When done right,  they will inspire your class and make them feel included, and it will add a feeling of unity to the whole classroom. 

34 Ideas To Beautify Your Bulletin Board & Inspire Your Class

Bulletin boards are fantastic, but finding a way to beautify them and display them in an amazing way can be a bit of a challenge. Sometimes being a bit cliche is fine, but you still want the bulletin boards to be genuine. 

Well don’t worry, we are here to help! Below you will find 34 ideas to beautify your bulletin board in a way that will inspire your class. So read on to see if any of the ideas resonate with you! 

1. Interactive Boards

One of the best ways you can beautify your board is by making it interactive.

Adding envelopes so your students can take things and interact with them adds layers to the board, and makes it a bit more fun instead of just sitting in the room untouched. 

2. Add Lots Of Colors

One of the simplest ways you can beautify your board is by adding a lot of color to it. Add all the colors of the rainbow if you can!

This will make your bulletin board a central area that is bright and full of life, and it will inspire your students to work better and harder. 

3. Add Flowers

Adding flowers to your bulletin board is another simple way to add colors and layers to the board. It gives the whole design a bit more depth.

In lots of cases, you can even ask your students to design the flowers, which also includes them a bit more. 

4. Play On Words

It might be a bit cheesy, but adding a clever pun to your bulletin board could be all that it’s actually missing!

Something motivational and inspiring is perfect for a classroom setting, and it might even make your students laugh a bit. 

5. Knick-Knacks

Some people may find this idea a bit messy, but if you are going for creativity, then adding knick-knacks is perfect!

It adds so much depth to your bulletin board and gives it a sort of scrapbook feel. When done right, it can make the whole classroom feel more relaxed. 

6. Hand Prints

Not only does adding handprints beautify your bulletin board quite a bit, but it is also a fantastic way to get your students involved and make it more of a class project.

You can use handprints to make flowers, or to make any other object, there is no limit to how you can use this idea! 

7. Add Photographs

Photos are another great way to beautify your bulletin board.

You can add photos of your students to give them a sense of belonging and togetherness, or you can add other kinds of photos depending on what sort of theme you are going for. 

8. Colored Paper Collages

Using colored paper to make collages on your bulletin board encourages and inspires creativity.

It adds more layers and depth to the board as well, and when done right, it can make the whole room feel more beautiful. You can really make collages with colored paper in any way you like! 

9. Blankets & Bedsheets

Bring your bulletin board to life by adding a bedsheet or some blankets to it! You can use the blanket to create a tent or a bed or anything else that you can think of.

This morphs the bulletin board into real life and helps it to blend into the room better. 

10. Paint Outside The Box

If you have permission, why not expand the bulletin board and paint on the wall it is hung on? You can creat vehicles, turn the board into a door or a window, you can do whatever you can think of!

This is another way to blend the bulletin board into the rest of the room and beautify it a bit.

If you have permission, why not expand the bulletin board and paint on the wall it is hung on? You can creat vehicles, turn the board into a door or a window, you can do whatever you can think of!

This is another way to blend the bulletin board into the rest of the room and beautify it a bit. 

11. Add QR Codes

If you are teaching in an environment that encourages online learning, incorporate QR codes into your bulletin board!

You can make this as creative as you want and it will actively encourage your students to interact with the board too. 

12. Windmills

Windmills are great when you want to add color or add a bit of depth to your board. You can make them yourself or you can get the kids to do it.

This will actively involve them and let them be a part of the creative process.

13. Make It A Game

Go all out with your bulletin board and turn it into a game! You can do something similar to snakes and ladders, or you can base how the kids move on their progress in class.

This is another fun way to make the board colorful and interactive. 

14. Encourage Reading

Reading should be fun, and with the right bulletin board, you can showcase that! Create a cozy scene on the board with an inspiring message about reading.

It will look great and inspire your kids to read a bit more in their spare time. 

15. Hanging Up Memories

Utilize the space on your bulletin board to let your class hang up their favorite memories. You can have them hang them up on ‘shirts’, speech bubbles, or anything else you can think of.

This is another beautiful way to include your kids in the creation of your bulletin board. 

16. Periodic Table

Learning the periodic table isn’t exactly fun, but when you add some patterns and a splash of color, it’s a lot easier to remember.

Having the periodic table up in class in a fun way is great for helping your students remember it and it looks beautiful! 

17. Showcase Students’ Art

If you want to add beauty and color to your bulletin board, then why not showcase art made by your students?

Give them a brief or just ask them to express themselves and hang the finished products up on the board! 

18. Butterflies

Nothing says beauty quite like butterflies, and a really fun and beautiful way you can include them on your board is by having them spring forth from a book!

Add an inspirational quote and have them fly off of the bulletin board onto the wall. 

19. De-Stress Corner

School can be stressful sometimes, so give your kids a corner to decompress! Print out a large mandala or zentangle piece and leave it black and white.

Tell your students that they can use the bulletin board to color if they need a break. By the time it’s finished, you will have a beautiful piece of collaborative art on the wall. 

20. Promote Kindness

Sometimes a bit of kindness can go a long way, so use the bulletin board to promote it!

You can use soft and warm colors, cute animals, and plants to bring this message to life, and it will look so lovely in the classroom.

21. Ocean Themed

A pop of color goes a long way, and using the ocean as a theme is a great way to bring that color into the classroom.

The bright and deep blues will give your class a sense of being outside or being somewhere warm and tropical and it will make a beautiful addition to the classroom. 

22. Polka Dots

Polka dots can really liven your classroom up and give the space more of an outgoing feeling.

They can be a bit crazy in some situations, but if you add them in a tasteful way, they will really add a bit of beauty and liveliness to your classroom. 

23. Famous Writers

Turn your bulletin board into a space dedicated to famous writers. Add quotes from their works and a picture of them to help your class get to know them.

Lots of things we say in the modern world are thanks to writers of the past, so showcase this on the bulletin board! 

24. Cut Out Plants

You can use plants as a symbol to encourage growth and never stop growing, so add them to your bulletin board!

You can use colored paper to do this, and that extra pop of color along with an encouraging message will motivate your students and it will look great!

25. Use Colored Tassels

Tassels are great if you want to add some extra materials to your bulletin board. They will give the board more depth and they will make it feel more alive.

You can get tassels for quite cheap at craft stores and in so many different colors as well! 

26. Seasonal Themes

Whether it’s the middle of summer or the start of winter, use the seasons to add some beauty and flair to your bulletin board.

Snowmen and snowflakes always work really well for the winter, and the sun and popsicles always work great for the winter! 

27. Make It Tropical

Tropical themes always make the space feel warm and exotic, so it’s definitely a great idea for beautifying a bulletin board!

Things like palm trees, pineapples, and flamingos are a great way to make the board feel warmer and more exotic. 

28. Sunny & Inspiring

Use the sun to bring your bulletin board to life! On each of the rays, you can include a class rule or a motivational message.

It will encourage your students to go up and read the board and it will make the whole class feel warmer and more beautiful. 

29. Watermelon Name Cutouts

If you are looking for something a bit different, give watermelons a try! They are bright and colorful and will look great in your classroom.

Add in the names of all your students on each slice of watermelon to create a sense of unity! 

30. Class Sudoku

Sudoku is fantastic for brain training, and making a giant sudoku board on your bulletin board is a great way to make it interactive. It will also look really clean and tidy in the class. 

31. Umbrella Flower Basket

If you are looking for a spring-themed bulletin board idea, then you should definitely try this umbrella flower basket one out! It perfectly fits into the springtime and it is incredibly pretty to look at. 

32. Play With Shapes

Circles, squares, triangles… sometimes a few shapes is all your bulletin board is missing to be complete! Add in some shapes to round off the board’s design and it will look more pleasing to the eyes. 

33. What Brings You Joy

Keep it simple and positive by turning the bulletin into a joy board! Simply write out the word ‘joy’ in big letters and actively encourage your students to write something in the word that brings them joy! 

34. Cacti

Cacti come in many shapes and sizes. They are all beautiful shades of green and they will really add a lovely pop of color to your classroom! 


If you didn’t know how to beautify your bulletin board before, you do now! Use the ideas we have listed here to bring your classroom bulletin board to life and add a bit of beauty into your classroom for you and your students!
Simon Lewis

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