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Amazing “Anything But Clothes” Party Ideas

While college is a place of learning, it’s also a great opportunity to have fun and attend some of the best parties! You can find all kinds of party themes at college, including the “Anything But Clothes” theme.

To help you pull off an incredible costume, we’ve put together this list of amazing “Anything But Clothes” party ideas so you can look great and be hilarious at the same time!

What Is An “Anything But Clothes” Party?

If you’re in college, there’s a strong possibility that you already know what an “Anything But Clothes” party is. But even if you’ve never heard of it, the idea is really simple!

The popular college party theme “Anything But Clothes” (also known as the “ABC Party”) calls for guests to arrive at the event wearing anything but regular clothing.

Most people will use their creativity to arrive wrapped in materials like tinfoil, bubble wrap, caution tape, and so on.

Others may decide to attend in just their underwear! You decide how imaginative you want to be with it.

“Anything But Clothes” Party Ideas

1. Backpack

This idea is both hilarious and functional (see also “Hilarious Ideas To Bring To An Anything But A Cup Party“)! You can keep all your belongings safe while making your friends laugh all night (see also “200 Questions You Can Ask To Get To Know Someone Better“).

All you need to do is grab a cheap backpack, cut some holes in the bottom, and wear it like pants. Simple, but so effective!

2. Bandanas

Another incredibly useful item you can use to put together a cute “Anything But Clothes” party costume is a bandana.

For a wonderfully charming party outfit, sew bandanas of various colors together to form a skirt and top.

3. Beer Box

Using beer boxes, you can create a funny party outfit or even turn yourself into a beer box transformer or gladiator! All this outfit needs is a little creativity and a hand for crafting.

You’ll definitely be noticed with this “Anything But Clothes” party outfit, and the beer boxes make it perfect for the party vibe.

4. Beer Cans

Beer cans can also be used to create a great outfit with the perfect party vibe!

Make a vest out of empty beer cans and even add some full ones! You’ll be stocked up for the night and your friends will find it hilarious!

5. Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is easy to get your hands on and makes a creative dress! Just wrap it around your body, secure it, and you’re ready to go.

For this material, we recommend wearing a nude dress or underwear underneath it, as bubble wrap is quite see-through.

6. Caution Tape

This is yet another ridiculously simple “Anything But Clothes” costume you can use if you can find caution tape online or in your local party supply or hardware store.

You can create a bikini, shorts, or overalls using tape, which makes it a terrific material to work with for clothing! Your level of creativity is entirely dependent on you and your design abilities.

7. Duct Tape

This might be the most popular suggestion on the list, but duct tape, like caution tape, is the ideal material for your outfit.

Duct tape is convenient because it’s affordable, easily accessible, and allows for creativity.

Just make sure that you don’t stick it directly to your skin, as you might have trouble removing it and give yourself an accidental wax in the process!

8. Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are another great choice for your “Anything But Clothes” party outfit! It’s unique and really easy to create a fun outfit.

It only involves blowing up some rubber or latex gloves and tying them off at the ends. The ends can then be fastened to a dress or other garment underneath.

9. Loofa

Being a loofa is one of the more inventive “Anything But Clothes” costumes.

While it requires some significant DIY skills and is particularly popular among girls, this outfit sticks out from the crowd.

10. Money

If you want to make a statement and be an absolute show-stopper, you can make an outfit with hundred dollar bills!

Of course, unless you’re rolling in the dough, you won’t want to waste real money on this outfit! You can buy fake bills online or use Monopoly money.

11. Paper Bag

This costume is an absolute classic for an “Anything But Clothes” party! And it’s super easy to pull off!

You can make this costume by combining paper bags and fashioning them into a dress. You can also achieve this look with paper gift wrap if you want to make this costume even easier.

12. Pillow

For this look, all you need are a few pillows and a belt! With these items, you can create an adorable outfit for your upcoming “ABC” party.

This outfit is prone to malfunctions, so make sure you wear a nude dress underneath so you’re not left naked with pillows at your feet!

13. Pizza Box

For a particularly wild outfit, you can opt to use a pizza box to make a hilarious costume!

This one works better for guys; just cut a hole in the center of a pizza box and put it on, making sure your manhood is covered (see also “60 Fantastically Fashionable Hairstyles for Teenage Guys“)! It’s bound to go down well.

14. Playing Cards

A playing card outfit is definitely a great choice! It’s cool, creative, and has lots of potential to make an awesome outfit.

You can use staples to make rows of playing cards and then attach them to some nude underwear. Of course, you could attach them to body chains instead, but the breeze might be unwelcome!

15. Pool Floats

Using pool floats and life jackets as clothing is another fantastic “Anything But Clothes” party idea!

When partially deflated, these donut-shaped pool floats can be transformed into skirts. You can either use a regular life jacket as a top or create your own top using some water wings.

16. Sauce Packets

Use sauce packets to create your perfect outfit! What’s great about this is that it’s completely free, as you can pick up plenty of packets next time you get takeout.

To create this costume, just glue your sauce packets to an old bra! You can even make a skirt out of a takeout bag for an extra creative twist!

17. Tinfoil

Another versatile material you can make a great costume out of is tinfoil!

Tinfoil is super easy to manipulate and can be used to make a fun outfit however you like. You can make hats, dresses, and even shoes with it!

18. Towel

It doesn’t get much easier than this! Use a towel and wrap it around yourself for a simple “Anything But Clothes” costume with minimum effort.

You can wrap it around your body, waist, or make a toga out of it. Whatever you choose, you’ll have no trouble making a fun costume out of a towel.

19. Trash Bag

A trash bag costume is another classic and so easy to style! Just grab a trash bag, cut some holes in it, and make your outfit.

If you want to be extra fun and creative with your look, you can even add some fake trash to your outfit!

20. Vines

More “Anything But Clothes” Party Ideas

If none of these ideas inspire you, then here are some more for you to try:

  • Balloons
  • Body paint
  • Burlap sack
  • CDs
  • Candy wrappers
  • Condoms
  • Egg cartons
  • Envelopes
  • Feathers
  • Flag
  • Magazines
  • Menstrual Pads
  • Newspapers
  • Plastic cups
  • Post-It notes
  • Posters
  • Saran wrap
  • Shower curtain
  • Toilet Paper
  • Twister board
  • Wallpaper

What To Wear Underneath Your “Anything But Clothes” Outfit

This is a common dilemma when it comes to “Anything But Clothes” parties. Most of the time, these party outfits are going to be very revealing, so you’re going to need to make sure that you’re comfortable.

If you’re wondering what to wear underneath your costume, here’s what you should do:

  • For a “nude” look – Choose a base layer of nude-colored pantyhose or other full body undergarments. Bodysuits are definitely your friend here!
  • If you don’t want to show skin – Choose a costume that has plenty of coverage and opt for a nude or black layer underneath.
  • If you’re comfortable being exposed – There’s no reason why you can’t just wear your regular underwear under your outfit if you don’t mind showing a lot of skin.

Securing Your “Anything But Clothes” Items

There are various methods for doing this. The first step is to choose clothing that fastens on its own.

It is simple to alter bags, cartons, and other similar goods to fit snugly and prevent them from falling off. Things that tie on are also simple to secure; just make sure the ties are tight.

Second, tape is your ally. However, don’t use any old tape! Avoid using duct tape and other strong adhesives unless you want to wax off your body hair and possibly a few more layers of skin.

Choose body-specific tapes as an alternative. There are body adhesives for costumes on the market, but in a pinch, medical tape will work just as well.

Third, think about pinning your costume-as-clothing to a base layer or your underwear.

The fig leaf is one such instance; you could easily attach it to your underwear so that it stays in place and you remain covered the entire evening.

Just be careful to attach it so that your skin underneath won’t become irritated.

And lastly, body glue does exist. It’s a skin-friendly glue that will firmly fasten anything other than clothing to your body.

However, it is simple to remove without damaging your skin at the end of the night.

Top Tips For An “Anything But Clothes” Party

Provide Inspiration

It’s likely that some of your guests have never heard of this college party theme. They might be having trouble coming up with outfit ideas.

When you send out invitations, suggest some simple “not clothing” items that they can wear.

Be Comfortable But Creative

For instance, wearing a bathrobe undoubtedly ticks the comfort box; while it is simple and technically compliant, it lacks originality.

While dressing in a bin is quite imaginative, it won’t be the most comfortable outfit to wear all night.

You want to strike a delicate balance between looking good enough to blend in while still feeling comfortable enough to truly enjoy the party. The decision as to how far you take it ultimately rests with you.

It’s All In The Name

There are a few different names for “Anything But Clothes” parties, so if you see any of these alternative names, then you’ll know that normal clothes are a no go!

  • ABC Party
  • Anything Goes But Clothes Party
  • No Clothes Party
  • Everything Except Clothes Party
  • No Clothes Allowed Party

Dress For The Weather

Before you decide on a costume, make sure that it’s weather appropriate. If you go for something revealing in the middle of winter, then you will certainly catch a chill!

Furthermore, if the party is during the hot summer months, then you won’t want to be sweating in a plastic bag outfit.

The point is to be smart and dress for the weather, even though you won’t be wearing clothes!

Prizes For Winners

You should absolutely provide awards for the funniest outfits if you’re hosting the party!

People will be encouraged to attend in their wackiest attire and will have a lot more fun with the party theme as a result!

Make Sure You Can Go To The Bathroom!

This is a classic mistake when wearing a costume, especially if you don’t pee standing up!

Make sure that you can easily get in and out of your costume when you need a bathroom break. This is especially important if you’re drinking!

Avoid Wardrobe Malfunctions

Having fun with your outfit is great, but flashing the entire party is not!

Use double-sided tape, safety pins, or anything else you need to keep your clothing in place to make sure it is extremely secure.

To be extra safe, we advise donning a dress or pair of shorts in a neutral color underneath your outfit.

Don’t Forget To Set Up

As with any party, you should clean up the area first. Make sure there are no potentially dangerous items in the area you are using.

There will always be someone knocking things over or crashing into others, we can assure you of that. Don’t allow them to damage your belongings!

If you’d like, you can hang caution tape and/or adorn the walls with a variety of objects that guests could wear for an “Anything But Clothes” party.

Also, set up lights if you have them, and make a dance floor for people to use.

The more you add to the atmosphere, the more enjoyable it will be for you and your guests. We advise that you try to keep the room semi-dark and add as much decoration on the walls as you can.

Final Thoughts

The great thing about an “Anything But Clothes” party is that there are so many ways you can dress for it! If you really wanted to, you could throw an outfit together in ten minutes!

Make sure you use our guide to get plenty of inspiration for your upcoming party.

Simon Lewis