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12 Cute Twin Day Spirit Week Outfit Ideas That Are Easy To Try

When it comes to outfits that you can wear to spirit week, finding the right outfit to wear can be such a hassle, even when it is just for yourself or one kid.

Cute Twin Day Spirit Week Outfit Ideas That Are Easy To Try

What happens when you have two to think about for your outfits?

Well, in this case, you take this unique opportunity to create an outfit combo that will go down great for the occasion!

Here are some of our favorite ideas for twin outfits that will be great for when spirit week next rolls around!

What Exactly Is Spirit Week?

For those who aren’t aware, spirit week is a week that takes place in every school quarter, as a way for the school to raise spirits, by showing a sense of unity, pride, and togetherness.

And what better way to show together than for everyone to get involved with some fun outfit ideas?

While you’ll usually find that how spirit weeks look will vary pretty wildly depending on the school in question, most will have outfit ideas for specific days of spirit week.

For example, Monday of spirit week could be a day when pupils and teachers represent the colors of their school, by wearing clothes that have the school colors as a part of them.

Tuesday meanwhile could be a character or costume cay, where students dress up as their favorite fictional character or a character created by a specific author (see also “19 Halloween Costumes You Can Create With A Simple White Dress“).

There is usually a different outfit idea for each day of the week (see also “22 Funny No Backpack Day Ideas“).

One of the most popular day ideas for spirit week is twin week, where two pupils will have outfits that match another student.

So, what ideas should you have for this day in particular?

Well, that’s what this guide is for!

1. Twin Angels

Starting us off with a simple, but very popular costume/outfit idea, we have this pair of angel outfit ideas for the kids to try out!

The simple white tees and jeans are items that most people will have in their wardrobes anyway, making this a great last-minute twin outfit idea for you to try.

The halo is what brings the look to the classic angel imagery that is accentuated by a pristine white shirt that you will have handy.

Plus, the halo can always be taken off if it becomes too uncomfortable, and you’ll still be rocking a stylish look.

This is for the pair of friends or twins that are a match made in heaven!

2. M&Ms Outfit Idea

Name a more iconic duo in the candy world than red and yellow M&Ms. We’ll wait.

It’s a simple idea that makes for a great twins day outfit. A simple shirt or t-shirt with a solid color, a friend who’s on the same wavelength as you, and you’re set!

While there are ways to either get an officially licensed M&M shirt or simply have a printed M on a shirt, you can do this with any old-colored shirt too, as long as the color is nice and bright.

This is an outfit that can require you to be joined at the hip to your partner for this look, as just one color will probably not be enough to clock people into the design that you’re going for.

Plus, with the extended cast of M&Ms that there is, you don’t have to just limit this matching outfit to one person. Up to 6 people can join in this simple, yet effective outfit idea.

3. Matching Dog Costume

This is a cute outfit idea that anyone who is an animal or dog lover will love to try out.

What’s great about this costume design is that, because dogs come in all colors and fur patterns, there’s a plethora of different looks that you can try out for this twin outfit.

You can always go with a single solid color, or you can try out a polka dot design to emulate fur spots.

Heck, even a tie-dye shirt or sweater can emulate a dog’s fur patterns well. Just make sure that you have the dog’s nose handy!

Plus, a cute dog outfit still works even when you’re not by your outfit partner. You’ll just look like an adorable little dog on your own!

4. Simple Dr. Seuss Things 1 & 2

Now, this is a simple idea that is perfect for those spirit weekdays that ask you to dress up as your favorite book characters.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are practically tailor-made to be used in spirit week outfit ideas. Plus, they’re an idea that can have as little or as much effort put into them as you want.

Want to go with something simple? A good old-fashioned shirt or t-shirt will be enough. Want to go the whole hog with a costume idea? Their matching onesies and blue hair are perfect for that too!

Find your fellow Thing, and you’ll be ready to go with this idea!

5. Rugrats Phil & Lil Outfits

This outfit idea is perfect for kids that love an old throwback costume design, especially if they are a fan of 90s cartoons!

The rugrats became instantly iconic when the show was first released in 1991, and part of that was due to their incredibly iconic line-up of characters, each with a distinctive look.

Well, except for twins Phil & Lil, who make the perfect outfit for a pair of real-life twins for spirit week!

6. TWINkies

Sometimes, twin costumes or outfits can be as extravagant and extra as your heart desires.

And sometimes, all you need is a solid pun, and a single item to bring a twin outfit together!

All you need for this outfit, besides a pair of Twinkies boxes, of course, is a little string for hanging the box around your neck, and that’s it!

The matching clothes are just an extra detail that you can choose if you want to go the whole hog!

7. Snow White & 7 Dwarves Outfits

Now, if you have a bigger group that you’re planning on getting together for a twin-day outfit idea, you can’t go wrong with this Disney classic!

With 7 dwarves to pick from, you’d better make sure that your group is big enough for this idea, otherwise, the concept may sink.

If you have an eighth person who wants to get in on the action, you can always go with the princess herself, Snow White, for the princess of your group!

8. Monster’s Inc Outfits

This adorable outfit idea is perfect for a pair of real monsters to try out in spirit week!

Aside from simply being an adorable costume, it is also a fun color-coding outfit to try. After all, no one is going to confuse Sully or Mikey, or Boo, are they?

Plus, if there’s only a pair of you for this outfit idea, you can also just go with Mike and Sully for your outfit duo design!

9. Construction Workers

Construction workers never work alone. So if you have a partner in crime or builder in crime, this is the perfect idea to go with!

Plus, this can be a pretty simple outfit together, provided that you know what items to look for.

Just a hard hat and high-vis vest will get the costume across. But if you want to go the whole hog and grab some overalls with this costume, that is always a great option too!

10. Crayola

With how many colors Crayola crayons have, this is the perfect outfit to try.

Plus, outside of grabbing some color-coordinated hats, the costume is very easy to make for yourself. Just some black insulating tape and colorful shirts will do the trick very nicely!

11. SpongeBob & Patrick Twin Outfits

Phil & Lil might be an iconic cartoon duo in their own right. But when it comes to a costume for best friends, you can’t go wrong with THE nickelodeon pair, SpongeBob & Patrick!

These cartoon-inspired outfits are perfect for the friends that loved cartoons as kids (or the memes that they have since inspired!), or even that pair of friends that seem to share a single beautiful brain cell between them!

12. Rosy The Riveter Outfits

Rosy the Riveter might be one of the most iconic images of history from the 20th century.

So, if you’re looking to add a little history to your twin outfit (with a little girl power on the side), this is the perfect outfit to make for the history lovers out there.

Final Thoughts

So, which of these twin-day ideas will you try with your partner-in-crime?

Simon Lewis