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60 Fantastically Fashionable Hairstyles for Teenage Guys

The teenage years can be some of the best and some of the worst times of our lives, thanks to the influx of hormones, school and college woes, emotions, and the vast array of difficult life choices to make.

60 Fantastically Fashionable Hairstyles for Teenage Guys

One particularly prominent situation that every teenager goes through is discovering who they are as a person, which translates to finding your personal style as well as your inner self.

Our hair is an important part of our style and who we are as individuals, so finding the one that suits you best as a teenager is an essential part of this personal development.

Guys and girls alike can struggle when it comes to finding the hairstyle that they like the best, but in this article, we are going to be looking specifically at a range of sixty different hairstyles for teenage boys to help them on their way to finding the perfect look to get them through their adolescent years!

Keep in mind that we are going to be looking at hairstyles for a variety of different kinds of hair, from Afro hair to curls to straight hair, long hair, and more so that no matter what kind of hair you have, you are sure to find the look that suits you and your hair type perfectly. Let’s get started.

1. Quiff

The quiff became a hairstyle that was a staple of fashion in the 1950s, but it has definitely made a comeback in recent years, especially with teenage boys.

There is a wide range of different styles of quiffs- as we will go into soon- with the quiff, but even the most basic one is a more noticeable choice when it comes to a hairstyle.

Because of this, it is best suited for boys who have the confidence to pull it off.

2. Short Quiff

If you have shorter hair but still want to rock a quiff, you can do so with a shorter quiff.

These kinds of quiffs tend to have a heavily textured style on the top to make up for the shorter nature of the back and sides.

This gives it a messier look, making for a style that is going to appeal to boys who prefer a more unkempt hairstyle.

3. Textured Quiff

Whilst the short quiff tends to have that aforementioned texture, there are other ways that you can get creative with the textures of your quiff.

Have a discussion with your barber about the possibilities of different kinds of textures with your hair when it comes to a quiff style.

4. Wavy Quiff

As the name suggests, the wavy quiff is exactly the same as the other kinds of quiff, except it has a wave to it!

You don’t need to have naturally wavy hair to pull off this look, as you can also get your hair styled in a wavy fashion to achieve a look that is a little bit different from your usual hair texture.

5. Curly Quiff

To go all out with your quiff, why not consider a curly quiff?

This is a great look to go for if you have naturally curly hair, and you find yourself struggling to style and manage it, as it allows for a level of control that can be difficult to attain with particularly stubborn curls.

The curly quiff also offers a retro look as well as a particularly eye-catching one.

6. Short Curls

Teenagers that have curly hair can style it in a variety of ways, but if you prefer your hair to be out of the way whilst still styled neatly, then short curls are the way to go.

The great thing about curls in general is that they can look both messy and polished depending on how you choose to style them.

You can achieve either of these looks with short curls, or just a casual one if you are lower maintenance when it comes to your hair.

With a shorter style, it can be a little more difficult to make your curls more noticeable. To achieve this, simply use a texturizing product to bring out those natural curls!

7. Mid-Curls

Medium-length hair is a great middle ground when it comes to hair lengths for people of all genders and ages, including teen boys!

There is a lot that you can do with mid-length hair, as it offers more variation than shorter looks whilst not running the risk of it becoming unmanageable as is possible with longer lengths.

Curly hair is no exception to this, with mid-length curls being a great way for teenagers to make the most out of their curled locks without having to do too much in terms of maintenance.

8. Long Curls

Longer hairstyles for men, teenagers, and boys are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason!

Long hair is an excellent way to express yourself, whilst also offering more options for you in terms of styling.

Some teen boys are likely to avoid long hair due to thinking it needs a lot of upkeep and whilst it does need more than shorter styles, it is definitely a lot easier to maintain than many people think.

If you have curly hair, growing your hair longer creates an eye-catching style that is unique and can create an almost ethereal look for young men!

One particularly noteworthy figure who rocks the long curled look is actor/ teenager/almost young adult Finn Wolfhard, known for his role as Mike Wheeler in the Netflix show Stranger Things.

9. Messy Curls

Messy curls can be had with short, medium, or long styles of curly hair, though to achieve the full messy look then you are likely to do better with hair that is medium to long in length.

With this style, the general rule of thumb is the messier, the better! For that reason, teenage guys with curly hair that are low maintenance with their hair are sure to be a fan of this look.

10. Low Fade

We are going to be looking at the popular fade haircut next, and there are a lot of variations to be had with this one!

A fade is a haircut that is short on the back and the sides that gradually gets longer toward the top of the head.

The low fade is a popular choice for teen boys, with the hair tapering much lower down on the head.

The popularity of the low fade is likely due to it being less extreme than other fade variations, with more hair on top and less of a dramatic change to the shorter style on the back of the neck and the sides.

11. Mid-Fade

As the name suggests, a mid-fade is the middle ground of fade haircuts.

These are also pretty popular for men of all ages, as – much like the low fade- there isn’t as much of a drastic change from short to long (though it is still more so than the low fade).

12. High Fade

The high fade is where the look begins to get more distinctive, with the shortness raising up much further at the back with hair that is less long on the top.

This can be a bold look, though it is still a highly popular one amongst young men, much like the other variations of fade on this list.

13. Skin Fade

Skin fades are one of the more advanced variations of the fade haircut, with very close hair on the back and the sides.

The name of this kind of fade comes from the fact that it is a style wherein the hair is faded to the skin, which is what creates that more dramatic look.

14. Box Fade

A box fade features sides that have been closely clipped, as well as a taper at the back that progresses down along the scalp.

The bottom of this style is pretty much shaved, and the style as a whole is characterized by its clean and sharp lines.

The box fade is a popular look for men that have kinky or very curly hair, such as black men, boys and teens.

15. Temple Fade

The temple fade is also known as a Brooklyn fade, but the name temple fade is more popular due to the associations that the style has with the temple.

As the name suggests, the main focus of the cut is the temple area. The hair will gradually increase in length at the back and the sides, starting way up at the temples.

16. Curly Top Fade

Teenage guys with curly hair can also rock a faded look thanks to the curly top fade.

This kind of hairstyle can be used no matter what kind of curled hair you have, from Afro hair to tight curls and even loose curls.

The curly top fade is definitely a stylish haircut that can look both modern and retro, so curly haired teen guys should definitely consider trying it out!

17. Disconnected Undercut

The disconnected undercut is a bold look, but one that is also pretty popular with young men due to being seen sported by various pop culture figures, from footballer David Beckham to boy band BTS.

The disconnected undercut is a particular style of undercut that features very little fading or bleeding between the long hair on the top of the head and the cropped sides and back, which is what gives it that dramatically stylish look.

18. Long Hair Undercut

For teen boys with longer hair, undercuts are still very much a possibility.

With long hair, undercuts can create a striking, almost Viking-like look thanks to that combination of long hair on the top and short or shaved hair on the sides.

19. Long Top Undercut

This is a style that could be considered as simply a disconnected undercut due to the short sides and back combined with the longer top. However, it is the length of the top that makes this look a little different.

An undercut with a long top features hair that is particularly long on top, but not quite as long as say a long-haired undercut. It is long enough to make for an eye-catching look, but not long enough to go full Viking!

20. Pompadour

A fun fact about the widely popular pompadour haircut is that it was originally meant to be for women- after Madame de Pompadour from King Louis XV’s court in France- with the cut being worn high on the forehead and swept back and upwards, away from the face.

The style itself hasn’t changed, but it is a look that became highly popular with men in the 1950s, being associated with the greaser style. The style is still a popular one today for men, both young and old.

21. Comb Over

You can’t beat a good old-fashioned comb over! This is a traditional look that has always had a certain amount of popularity, but it has recently come back into fashion with the younger generation, even more so due to its versatility.

Comb overs work with all kinds of face shapes and can complement a range of fashion styles too.

22. Buzz Cut

If you are someone that prefers not to have to worry about the hassle that comes with long hair, or if you just want a cleaner, neutral look, then a buzz cut might be the way to go.

Buzz cuts have always been and will always be around when it comes to men’s grooming as so many opt to shave off their locks altogether, but there is nothing to stop it from being a highly stylish look too.

23. Crew Cut

Whereas a buzz cut is a very short style that is as close to going bald as you can get without actually going bald, the crew cut is a little different in that it features hair that is a bit longer on the top.

The sides of the style are pretty short, but still not quite as dramatically short as with a buzz cut.

If you are looking for a super short style, but don’t feel brave enough or don’t want to opt for a buzz cut, a crew cut is a great choice.

24. Wavy

Wavy hair is an often underappreciated hair type, falling by the wayside in favor of straight and curly hairstyles. However, there is a lot that can be done for teenage guys with wavy hair.

There is tons of variety to be had with waves, whether they are shorter, medium length, or long.

Take advantage of the messiness that waves are prone to in order to create a surfer dude look, or create your own wavy quiff for a modern teen style.

25. Messy Fringe

Fringes are a popular choice for men of all ages, but for a particularly youthful, teenage look then a messy fringe is definitely the way to go.

Messy fringes can be paired with a range of different lengths and styles to emphasize that teenage, carefree look.

It is also a popular look for teenage pop culture icons, with it often being associated with the “teen heartthrob” archetype.

26. Natural Afro

Those with natural Afro locks might feel a little bit self-conscious when it comes to letting their Afro grow out, especially teenagers that tend to be more self-conscious in general.

However, natural Afros are not only super stylish, but can also have both modern and retro vibes.

27. Short Afro

Short Afros are a great variation on the natural Afro if you want to keep things a little more controlled, offering that natural Afro look but without the need for quite as much maintenance as you get with a longer, more grown-out Afro.

28. Faux Hawk

The faux-hawk is another look that has been popular in the past with male pop culture icons, such as football players, pop stars, and actors.

It is a look that dates back to the punk rock era, but we aren’t talking about the more extreme versions such as the infamous Mohawk!

The faux-hawk offers just the right about of edginess without being too over the top, making for a great look for teenage guys looking for some edge to their look.

29. Man Bun

The man bun has become overwhelmingly popular in the last few years, acting as a style that is not only practical for those with longer hair, but also one that embraces a more modern style of grooming for men.

Man buns don’t have to be particularly neat. You can just bunch up your hair and tie it up on top of your head to achieve the same look you get with a more polished bun.

Whether you need your hair out of your face or you just want to try something different, the man bun is a versatile choice.

30. Side Parting

The side parting is similar to the aforementioned comb-over, but with a little less polish to it.

As the name suggests, all the side parting really consists of is that side parting! It doesn’t matter if it’s combed to perfection or simply pushed back from your forehead. A side parting is purely and simply side parting!

For a stylish yet simple look, a plain side parting is a great way to change up your hair a bit.

31. Short Back And Sides

Similar to the crew cut, short back and sides is a look that has been around for generations and is very much a go-to look for guys who might not be particularly high maintenance with their hair.

The only real difference between the crew cut and the short back and sides is that the hair on the top of the head tends to be a little bit shorter with the short back and sides (hence the name!).

32. The Ivy League

Whilst we are on the subject of variations of the crew cut, the Ivy League is another take on the classic crew cut look.

The Ivy League combines the shorter style of a crew cut with a slick side parting that is swept over to the side.

The result is a classy and trendy style that definitely lives up to its name!

33. Shaggy

The shaggy hairstyle is basically when you combine an overall medium-length messy style with a messy fringe.

This is another look that is often adopted by teen guys in popular culture, such as television and movies, due to the youthful and fresh look that the style can create.

Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, a shaggy look is carefree and young as well as easy to maintain.

That being said, using product to increase the volume and texture is a great way to heighten the shagginess to another level!

34. French Crop

Whilst not as popular as some other shorter hairstyles, the French crop is a recognizable look thanks to its distinctive style.

The French crop features a small amount of hair on the top that falls forward in order to create a fringe that has sharp, defined edges as well as sides and a back that is clipped very short.

For a short look that is unique, a French crop is a way to go.

35. Angular Fringe

Bangs are well and truly making a comeback for guys and if you are thinking of going for something that is particularly retro, the angular fringe might just be the look for you.

When we discuss an angular fringe, we mean a fringe that has been cut in a particular way to give it an angular texture. The fringe also hangs over the forehead on one side.

Grungy or gothic looks have always been associated with the angular fringe, but these are far from the only styles that you can pair an angular fringe with.

36. Cornrows

Cornrows are popular and traditional braid that features hair braided incredibly close to the scalp.

You can braid cornrows into any kind of hair, but they are most common amongst those with thick, kinky hair such as black teens.

Cornrows are a gender-neutral hairstyle that can be modified in tons of different ways whilst also being practical to keep your hair under control.

They are popular with teens thanks to how many kinds of styles and looks you can achieve with some well-braided cornrows.

37. Bob

The bob look for men has evolved significantly over the years, becoming a staple of modern hair for men of all ages.

Bobs are a great way to style your hair in a fashionable and versatile way, with lots of different looks that you can opt for, such as a longer bob or a bob with a middle parting.

38. Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut is very similar to the aforementioned French crop hairstyle, but it has one major difference that sets it apart from that particular look.

That difference is that the Caesar features short hair all around the head, whilst the French crop has a longer fringe. Because of this, the Caesar cut is slightly less in terms of maintenance in comparison to the French crop.

39. Highlights

Highlights might sound like a scary prospect if you have never had them before, but the texture and depth that highlights can add to your hair are undeniable.

The great thing about highlights is that they work excellently with any kind of hairstyle, be it short, medium, or long.

40. Heavy Fringe

We have mentioned a few different kinds of fringes on this list, as they all work well when it comes to framing your face. The heavy fringe is similar to the messy fringe, though it is somewhat thicker.

Heavy fringes are also popular hairstyle choices for teenagers in the spotlight. Think Justin Bieber back when he first debuted!

41. Surfer Shaggy

We briefly touched on getting a surfer-style look with shaggy hair earlier, but the style itself is so much so that it has to have its own spot as an individual haircut well suited for teenage guys on this list.

The beach bum look is one that has been around for many years, as well as one sought after by men of all ages.

Just like with regular shaggy hair, surfer hair has the benefit of being emphasized by an unkempt style, so it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance (unless you are going for a very particular look).

42. Slicked Back

Slicked back hair is another style that has been popular for a very long time and is similar to the pompadour but without the addition of the side-swept pieces of hair.

From Elvis Presley in the 1950s to John Travolta in the 70s and David Beckham in contemporary times, the slicked-back look is one that creates an air of confidence.

It is also a style that works best in hair that has a low to medium level of density.

43. Long With Side Parting

We discussed a side parting earlier, but the look that teen guys can get when pairing a side part with a long hairstyle is such that it has to have its own spot on our list!

A longer do with a side parting can make for some super elegant looks for young men, so it’s a great choice to consider when it comes to a special occasion or gathering.

44. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are matted locks of hair that can occur naturally when hair becomes tangled after not being brushed for a long time.

However, they are also a style often used in the black community to maintain kinky hair (though they can be formed in any kind of hair).

Not only are dreadlocks a cool look for a teenager, but they are also time efficient, easy to maintain, and promote the healthiness of your hair.

There are also all sorts of different styles of dreads available, such as the next inclusion in this list.

45. Undercut Dreads

You can combine your dreadlocks with an undercut to create a look that brings together the best of both worlds with these styles.

Much like plain dreadlocks, undercut dread looks are incredibly versatile and available in a range of different styles, such as a side-swept undercut look with dreads, shaggy undercut dreads, and even ponytail dreads with an undercut.

46. Waves

Not to be confused with the aforementioned wavy hair, the wave is- much like dreadlocks- another look that is suited for the kinky hair that is prevalent in the black community.

The wave hairstyle consists of curls that are either combed or brushed into the hair and then flattened out. This creates a pattern similar to that of a water ripple, hence why it has the name waves.

Waves are definitely one of the cooler and more modern hairstyles for black teenagers and adults alike.

47. Layered Look

For hair that is full of volume and texture, layered hair is the way to go. Layered hair is made up of- as you probably guessed- layers of hair!

The top layers are those that grow closest to the crown of the head, whilst the shorter layers lie beneath them.

Plenty of men and teen boys have started rocking the layered lock nowadays thanks to its versatility, with it being well suited for long, short, or mid-length hair as well as suiting a range of face shapes.

The volume that layers can provide can also be beneficial to those with thinner hair.

48. Spiky

Spiky hair is another style that is making a comeback as of late, as well as one that is versatile enough to suit various hair lengths.

Shorter spiked hair creates excellent textures and also works fantastically with an undercut, whilst mid-length hair can be spiked up in certain areas, but not in others, creating a versatile, unique look for a teenager.

49. Medium Length Middle Parting

The mid-length look with a middle parting can give a teenager a striking look if it is styled the right way.

Images of 90s boy bands might come to mind with a mid-length style and middle parting, but it is also a super versatile and youthful cut that can give a teen guy that teenage heartthrob/boy-next-door look.

50. Long Half Up Half Down

Similar to the man bun, the half up half down look will only work with medium or long-length hair, but it is also similar in that it can be practical as well as fashionable.

As the name suggests, this hairstyle features a bun or ponytail, with half of the hair falling out at the back.

Not only is this a style that keeps the hair out of your eyes, but it is also one that offers a laid-back, stylish look that is well-suited for teenagers.

51. Messy Side Swept

The only difference between this particular hairstyle and general messy/shaggy hair is the fringe, which is swept over to the side.

Like some of the other hairstyles we have included on this list, the messy side-swept style is one that is often adopted by pop culture teens thanks to the youthful look that it creates.

It is also a popular style for teenage guys who prefer a low-maintenance look.

52. Blowout

We mentioned the slicked-back look earlier on the list, but if you are looking for a style that is similar to slicked-back but with a bit more volume, then this is the haircut for you.

The name of this hairstyle is a dead giveaway as to the look it has, similar to when someone’s hair is “blown” by the wind or by a hairdryer.

This is a look that plays on that messiness in a controlled manner, requiring a fair amount of styling products and maintenance to get it perfect.

53. Fabulously Fluffy

Fluffy hair is not only a super cute look for a teenage guy, but it is also one that is very versatile, with a range of different fluffy styles possible, from the layered fluff to the brushed-up long bob and more.

To get that fluffy look, you will need to put in some work if your hair isn’t naturally that texture.

Some tips to get that fluffed-up hair include using volumizing shampoo and condition, drying your hair with a blow-dryer, and using a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair whilst it is still wet.

54. Curtains

You’d be forgiven if the first thing that came to your mind when thinking of curtains hair is 90s boy bands! However, curtains are making a comeback in a thoroughly modern way.

As the name suggests, this is a hairstyle that resembles curtains due to the way that the parted fringe of the hair at the front hangs down and frames the sides of the face.

Curtains are often associated with teenage boys, and there are plenty of ways that you can make them work for different hair lengths and textures.

55. Brushed Back Waves

Brushed back waves are similar to the blowout hair that we looked at earlier, but they are a little less dramatic when it comes to volume.

However, the brushed-back look will still require some maintenance if you want it to stay that way!

Use some product to keep the waves in as well as to keep them pushed back to create a cool and youthful haircut.

56. Mullet

Mullets often have a unique reputation, but mullets are far more versatile than you might imagine!

Whilst longer mullets are more dramatic, shorter mullets can be a subtle way to create an individual look. Of course, longer mullets are good too if that is what you want.

The main takeaway here is not to be afraid of the mullet! Opt for a more subtle take if you are feeling nervous about trying it out.

57. Wet Look

The wet, glassy-haired look is one that might be considered a little too formal for some, but if you have an occasion coming up, and you are thinking of experimenting with a new hairstyle, then the wet look is an awesome choice.

As you can imagine, wet look hair is pretty high maintenance. You’ll need hair gel that will have to be applied to the roots and to the lengths of your hair.

You will also need to comb it back and spritz on some glossing spray.

Alternatively, you could just stand out in the rain or dip your head in the sink!

58. Completely Colored

Tons of both men and women all over the world dye their hair on a daily basis, but the range of colors that you can now dye your hair with has increased significantly in our modern day and age.

The rise of fashionable young men in the media sporting looks in a range of hair colors- such as Internet personalities like Ninja, actors such as Jared Leto, and musicians including the likes of South Korean boy band BTS-, means that now more than ever is a great time for teenage boys to be bold and dye their hair.

Whether it is multiple colors, streaks, or a whole head of hair, the colored look is one that teenage guys shouldn’t be afraid of if they are willing to give it a try.

59. Modern Cowlick

The cowlick is a tuft of hair that grows in a different direction from the rest of your hair, and the modern cowlick hairstyle plays on this idea.

The modern cowlick focuses on allowing the wayward hair tufts to do their own thing, creating a unique and contemporary look.

When it comes to length, modern cowlicks work best with hair that is about medium length but slightly longer on the top than the sides, such as with a fade.

They are also a look that has a lot of texture, thanks to the random nature of the hair tufts.

60. Asymmetrical

When we discuss asymmetric haircuts, we are referring to styles that are not symmetrical- as the name suggests- but they can also be haircuts that are uneven.

Much like the aforementioned angular fringe, asymmetrical hairstyles in teenage boys have long been associated with those who have a punk rock, grunge or gothic style.

This has since expanded to a range of different kinds of people, though.

The only limitations to rocking the asymmetric look is your confidence, so why not try it out and see what you think?

Final Thoughts

So there you have sixty different hairstyles to suit all kinds of hair types and textures for teenage boys.

Whether you prefer a minimalist look, a low-maintenance do or something a little more exuberant, you are sure to find something to suit your personal tastes with our extensive hairstyle list!

Simon Lewis