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30 Red Flag Party Ideas – What Is A Red Flag Party And How Can You Dress For One?

We’ve all heard of red flags in a relationship, that is, something that you should avoid at all costs when you are looking for a romantic partner.

30 Red Flag Party Ideas – What Is A Red Flag Party And How Can You Dress For One

For example, one flag might be ‘neediness’, which means that you’ll want to avoid that in a partner.

So, what exactly is a red flag party?

Well, this is a great idea that was developed a few years ago on social media where you wear a red T-shirt with your personal red flag written across the front. This gives you a great icebreaker at a party and gets the conversation flowing.

But what on earth should you put as your red flag at your next party?

You might be reluctant to put a real one, as this might be a very personal thing to write. Well don’t worry, we’ve written a list of 30 great red-flag party ideas (see also “Top 19 Hilarious White Lie Party Ideas To Copy“).

1. Mommy/Daddy Issues

What could be worse than someone who keeps going on about much their mother ruined their childhood or how they’re always attracted to people who remind them of their dad?

2. Never Wrong

Who wants to be stuck with someone who will never lose an argument because they believe that they are never wrong? Although it’s doubtful that there is anyone on the planet that would ever admit to this flaw.

3. TikTok Addict

Are you having a conversation with a person or the back of their phone? If you want to avoid someone who prefers to watch 30-second dance videos than talk to you, then get that across your red flag shirt.

4. Coming Onto Your Parents

This will make people wince at the mere mention and you might not think of this as a red flag but more a good rule of thumb. You should avoid this type of person at all costs!

5. Drinks Too Much

If you have had exes in the past that like to chug too many beers or are big fans of the tequila shot, then you might want to avoid this with any future partner or even friend!

6. Slow Texter

This might infuriate some people specially if you like someone who responds instantly. So why not keep the people who take forever to get back to you at bay with a polite few words written on a red shirt?

7. Too Serious

We all like a joke, but what about those people who have no sense of humor? They can be hard to deal with in a social setting, let alone having a one-on-one with them.

8. Bad Haircut

We can all tolerate a mullet or even a skinhead, but what about an afro with frosted tips?

There are some hairstyles that can draw unwanted attention, especially if you are trying to make an impression on family or friends that you haven’t met.

9. Loud Laugher

Not all of us like to be the center of attention, and there’s nothing that will get all eyes on you more than someone screeching loudly like a horse in a crowded bar.

10. Scared Of Commitment

It’s very hard for someone to throw themselves into a relationship and it is important to let someone know about your relationship issues before getting involved with them.

What better way to do that than with a jokey T-shirt?

11. Shades Indoors

Shades indoors are quite frankly inexcusable, no matter how cool you think you look, if it’s raining outside, you and everyone around you is just going to look like a fool.

12. Too Emotional

We are all entitled to feel emotional about things, but if you’re emotional about every little thing, then you might use up all your relationship credit, so that eventually crying over a parking ticket and a dead relative will inspire the same neutral response.

13. Balding

Sadly, some people find balding unattractive. The worst is when you leave little tufts of hair growing out of the sides, which makes it seem like you’ve made even less of an effort.

14. No Social Media

There’s nothing that arouses people’s suspicions more than if you have no online presence.

Some people just don’t like to broadcast their business to the world. If want a partner you can message on Facebook or Insta, then you should make that clear.

15. Lies Too Much

Whether it is little white lies or really big lies, you’ll want someone who is honest with you.

16. Doesn’t Drink

If you are a drinker then you might want a companion that is going to sink some drinks with you.

17. No Middle Name

Might seem like a crazy one, but there are people out there who like more letters than less.

18. Frat Boys

Chugging beer bongs and walking around shirtless will certainly turn off plenty of folks.

19. Not A Bike Rider

Some people might find it hard to get on with someone who can’t ride a bike.

20. Crypto-Dealer

Red Flag Party Ideas

Crypto is not normally the subject that gets people in a romantic tizz.

21. Non-Athletic

If you like hitting the gym once a week then you aren’t going to be attracted to a couch potato.

22. Sock On In Bed

If your squeamish about things touching your feet as you sleep, then socks will be a no-no.

23. Too Honest

Sometimes ‘honesty’ is used as a byword for ‘rudeness’, so if you don’t like criticism, then you’ll want to fend them off with a long red flagpole.

24. Likes Disney

Liking Disney as an adult can be very embarrassing to some people, so make sure they know upfront.

25. Short Fuse

If your partner loses it over the smallest thing, then that can be no fun.

26. Only Child Syndrome

It might not be fair to pigeonhole all only children as the same, but if you have been with a few in the past and found them selfish, then you might be wary of exposing yourself to a similar situation.

27. Self-Obsessed

Nobody likes to be sharing a relationship with a mirror.

28. Doesn’t Shower

If you can smell your partner five minutes before they arrive, then it might be time to invest in a red T-shirt.

29. Likes Dub Step

If hours of repetitive bleeping are an issue, then you might want to make the fact known.

30. Long Stories

Sometimes it’s best to just cut to the chase.


We hope that our list of some of the biggest red flags has helped you figure out what to write for your next red flag party.

Simon Lewis