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19 Cool Winter Bulletin Board Ideas To Inspire The Class

Bulletin boards are a fantastic way to brighten up your classroom and inspire your students. You can make a bulletin board in any theme, and in any way, so the only limit to a good one is your own imagination! 

19 Cool Winter Bulletin Board Ideas To Inspire The Class

But when it comes to a theme such as Winter, it can be a bit harder to think of a good design.

Sure, you could just do something Christmas themed, but if you want to inspire your students, you are going to have to think outside the box. 

Winter may be a bit of a harder theme, but we are here to help you! Below, we have included 19 cool winter-themed bulletin board ideas that will help to inspire your students and brighten up their school day!

So read on to see which ones you like the most! 

1. Draw Your Own Winter Hat

Winter is the coldest time of year, and most people (even kids!) aren’t a big fan of it.

But one way that you can inspire your students and make the winter a bit more fun is by creating a bulletin board of the kids dressed in winter clothes and wearing giant hats! 

You can print out photos of the kid’s faces and get them to design their own beanies and winter clothes.

Using this idea for a bulletin board gives you the chance to brighten up the classroom, include everyone in the class, and stick to the winter theme. 

You can make a whole art project out of it as well, which will give them something fun to work towards and their work is on display for them to see. 

2. Window To The Outside

Another fun idea is turning your bulletin board into a window. During the winter, it’s normal for people to feel a bit more cooped up, and this will add a colorful spot to your class that will really brighten up everyone’s day. 

Behind the ‘window frames’ you can include snowmen and a snowy landscape, anything that really reminds you and the class of winter.

If you want to take it a step further, you can even turn your students into snowmen, which makes the idea even more fun. 

This bulletin board will bring your students lots of joy and it will feel like there’s an extra window in the class. 

3. Lots Of Mittens

One of the good things about winter is that there is a lot more to it than just Christmas and snow.

It is a time when everyone wears thicker, warmer clothes, and one item of clothing that really shines during these months is, of course, mittens! 

You can really play on the mitten theme and you can get your class to color or draw their own mittens.

This is another great idea because it gets your class involved in the bulletin board creation and they will feel included in the whole process.

You can even write something like ‘Smitten about learning!’ on the bulletin board to inspire your class if you want to.

4. Learning Is A Gift

It can be hard to convince kids that learning is fun, but this is why colorful art projects and bulletin boards are usually a good way to go about it!

Winter is of course when Christmas happens, and people do get a lot more festive during this period. 

Really play on that festive feeling and incorporate it into your bulletin board.

Create a slogan or inspirational quote such as ‘Learning is a gift’ to put at the top of the board and then get the class (or yourself) to design presents to go underneath it. 

You can label these presents with different class subjects, or you can use stars to reward your students who are doing well in those subjects. You can really play around with this idea and make it your own!

5. Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

We mentioned snowmen a few ideas ago, but let’s build on that idea a bit more. Instead of having snowmen as a bit more of a backdrop, you could bring them right to the center of the bulletin board. 

You could design the border and the text of the bulletin board, but give your students free rein on the designs of the snowmen!

You can ask them all to ‘build’ their own snowman and then the finished product can be stuck up on the bulletin board. 

This is another great idea to use when you want to include the whole class in the bulletin board design. 

6. Encourage Reading

Lots of animals hibernate in the winter, but unfortunately, that’s not the case for humans. However, you can play on the hibernation idea and use it to inspire your class to read a new book! 

You can design a bulletin board that involves an animal of your choice (preferably one that hibernates through winter) and you can make them look all cozy as they read a book.

Add in a phrase that says something like ‘Get ready to HIBERNATE with a great book!’. 

This idea will encourage your class to make the most of the colder weather, and it may even inspire some of them to start reading a bit more. 

7. Winter Wonderland Fairy Lights

If you are a pretty crafty person, or you just learn really quickly, then there are plenty of ways you can make your class bulletin board even cooler for your students

One such way involves creating a winter scene and then attaching fairy lights to give it a bit of extra depth. 

The inclusion of fairy lights will make the bulletin board stand out and give your whole classroom a bit of an uplifting boost.

You can write something simple like ‘Welcome to our winter wonderland’, but don’t be afraid to get creative with it and write something really inspiring. 

You can even play around with different colors for this bulletin board idea. Fairy lights are great all year round, but they are especially magical during the winter!

8. Class Stockings

Here’s another Christmas idea that will work perfectly for the winter.

All you need to do for this idea is to create a giant fireplace for your bulletin board and then get your class to color or draw their own stockings to leave out for Santa. 

You can include the students’ names, or you can leave them blank depending on how unique everyone’s designs are!

This is a great way to get your students involved and to get everyone into the holiday spirit while they are in school. 

9. Snowflakes

Even if it doesn’t really snow in your part of the world, snowflakes are still a pivotal part of what people think when they hear the word ‘winter’.

A great way to play on the snowflake theme is to get your students to design their own snowflakes and hang them up on the board. 

Every snowflake is truly unique, and that’s the message you will be aiming to share with your students here.

Plus, making snowflakes can be really fun, so it’s a great way to show your kids something arty that has a positive message attached to it. 

10. Hot & Cold

Lots of people aren’t a big fan of the winter time, mainly because it’s cold and it can be quite hard to stay motivated during that time. This idea is a bit more out of the ordinary, but it’s definitely a bit more unique! 

Simply create some snowmen and add them onto a sunny, tropical island! Include palm trees and even the sun.

Sure, in reality, snowmen would melt under these conditions, but your bulletin board snowmen will always be there. 

You can even add something like ‘Think warm thoughts’ just to brighten your kids’ days up a bit more and make the winter feel less cold. 

11. Let It Snow

Here’s another snowy idea you can do if you want a cool winter-themed bulletin board. All you have to do for this idea is create snow out of something like cotton balls and then print out pictures of your class in snowball fight poses!

Some of them can be making snow angels, some of them can be sledding, and you can really do whatever snow-themed activities you want!

This is a great idea to include all the members of your class in the bulletin, and it will inspire them and keep them cheery when it’s cold outside. 

12. S’more Fun This Winter

The winter is the perfect time to roast marshmallows and get warm by the fire and if you want a bulletin board idea that’s a bit different to snowflakes and snowmen, then try this one out! 

You can simply craft a cute fire and mugs and s’mores and add a cute message such as ‘Let’s have more fun this winter!’.

It doesn’t have to be over the top and it can be simple. The idea here is that you want this bulletin board to have an inspiring and warm feel to it. 

Use bright colors too. Anything like yellow, orange, and red! 

13. Christmas Lights

Using Christmas lights as the main feature on your bulletin board is a great way to be festive, inclusive, and on theme with the winter.

You can write the names of your students on these Christmas lights, or you can get them to design their own to hang up on the string. 

Add in a cute, motivational message such as ‘We light up this room’ as well. This will keep your kids inspired and motivated to keep learning and finishing their work and it will add a lovely pop of color to the classroom. 

14. Penguin Paradise

You don’t always have to include a message on your bulletin board for it to be inspiring – sometimes just a good scene can do the trick!

Penguins are another great animal to turn to during the colder months, and creating a penguin paradise is a great way to get your kids excited about the winter. 

If you are quite arty, you can make this bulletin board yourself, but if you want to get the kids involved, have them color or draw some of the penguins.

Get some of them to design some snowflakes to hang up on the picture. You can have lots of fun with this idea! 

15. Sliding Into A New Year

Christmas will often overshadow the New Year, but it is very much a part of the winter!

New years give everyone a chance for a fresh start, and you can really emulate that chance by creating a bulletin board that focuses on the new year. 

You can add a message such as ‘sliding into the new year’ with penguins sliding down a hill, or you can get your students to write a new year goal they want to achieve. 

16. Snow Globe

Think outside the box… turn it into a snow globe instead! This is a great idea if you want to do something a bit different that still fits into the winter theme.

Once you have created the snow globe, you can add pictures of you and your class inside. Extra points if you turn everyone into elves! 

This will put all of your students in a festive mood and it will add a wonderful bit of color to the whole class. This snow globe idea will put a smile on everyone’s faces!

17. All Out Winter Appreciation

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Winter may not be everyone’s favorite time of year, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun!

When it comes to designing the perfect bulletin board, simply make one that really inspires a love for the season. Help your students find some appreciation for the colder months! 

18. Hibernating Animals

Use the bulletin board idea for this time of year to teach your students a bit more about animals that hibernate.

Make a bulletin board showcasing these animals, and take time out at the beginning or end of your lessons to educate them a bit on each of the animals who hibernate! 

It’s fun, it’s colorful, and it’s educational!

19. Sweater Weather

This idea is another great way to get your students involved. Simply write a message saying ‘It’s sweater weather’ at the top of the board and then get your kids to draw or color in some sweaters to hang up. 

It’s fun and inclusive and it will add a nice pop of color to the whole classroom! 


There are lots of great ideas for winter bulletin boards, but the ones we have included here are definitely the coolest! When it comes time to design a new board, try these ideas in your class!

Simon Lewis

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