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29 Great Practical Gifts That College Girls Will Love

Buying for others can be tricky, but not if you’ve got a list like this! If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for a special college girl, then you’re in the right place. 

While you might think that a great gift should just be fun, it’s especially important if you’re buying for a college girl that you get a gift that’s really useful too.

29 Great Practical Gifts That College Girls Will Love

After all, college is a tough time, and every student will need something to make their life easier! 

In our handy guide below, we’ve got 29 great practical gifts that college girls will love.

Whether you’re looking for something on the cheaper side (but no less great), or a present that costs a bit more, we’ve got it all covered in our list. Read on!

29 Great Practical Gifts That College Girls Will Love

1. Workout Leggings

All kinds of workout gear make brilliant gifts, especially these workout leggings.

Whenever your college girl is working out, she’ll be able to do so in extreme comfort, thanks to these smooth, squat proof yoga pants. 

Even better, they double as great leggings for when she’s relaxing too. This is gear that can be used at all times, and they’re inexpensive too!

2. Apple Watch

An Apple Watch is a brilliant all in one tool that’s perfect for college girls. For one, it allows them to keep healthy and happy, thanks to its fitness, heart rate, and sleep tracking functions. 

On top of that, it acts as a versatile planner, allowing them to carry their calendar on the move and set important alarms. With a place as busy as college, keeping on top of events is crucial!

3. Transparent Purse

Every college girl needs a purse, and having a transparent one is so much more useful.

Non-transparent purses are a nightmare for finding things in, forcing you to rummage through all your belongings before finding the thing that you wanted.

With a transparent purse, the girl will be able to immediately see where the thing she wants is sitting, saving her so much time and stress. 

Additionally, a transparent purse allows girls to see whether something has been stolen from them!

4. Mini Projector

A great way for college students to unwind after a busy day of studying is to watch a film with their roommates, and this mini projector allows them to do that in the best way. 

Without needing the space for a large TV, which would also cost a lot more than this, your college girl can watch things as if she was in her own private movie theater! 

5. Cute And Sturdy Phone Case

Phone cases are perfect for two reasons. For one, they help to protect your phone if you drop it, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars.

Secondly, they let you turn your mobile phone into an expression of yourself.

A regular phone design can be pretty boring, but a phone case with a colorful design that’s personal to you really jazzes it up. 

This pink phone case has a cute design that a college girl is sure to love, but there are endless other designs out there to choose from too. 

6. Amazon Prime Student Discount Subscription

Amazon has everything a college girl will need on it, from last minute stationary supplies to books for their course.

However, she’ll want these things arriving as quickly as possible, and so a Prime membership with free next-day delivery is essential.

Even better, Amazon offers a special prime membership for students that is cheaper than the regular one.

On top of that, students also get access to Amazon Music, with its enormous library of hot tunes. Gifting a college student this membership saves them so much money, time, and effort!

7. Instax Mini Camera

There are loads of memories made at college, from awesome parties, to new friends and fun pizza nights.

Any college girl will want to capture the memories so that they can relive them later on, and using an Instax Mini Camera is a great way to do that.

This portable camera gives instant pictures, too, printing off polaroids that develop in a very short amount of time.

She’ll be able to treasure her memories straight away with this gift, then get back to snapping more!

8. Hydrating Face Mask

After an exhausting day of working and socializing, a college girl will want nothing more than to sit back, relax, and have some “me time”.

Using a hydrating face mask is one of the very best ways to relax, because it totally soothes your skin, makes you feel new again, and gives you a refreshing surge of hydration and energy. 

On top of that, a face mask will smooth uneven skin discolorations, as well as give a new glow to the skin. It’s a perfect gift that costs very little, but makes such a big difference. 

9. A New Laptop

Everybody needs a laptop when going to college. Laptops are used for everything there, from writing essays to researching assignments, and everything in between.

As a result, a great gift for a college girl is a new laptop.

We know what you’re thinking – that’s an expensive gift! You’d be surprised, however, because there are loads of great laptops that are efficient, quick, stylish, and don’t break the bank. 

10. An iPad

Similar to a laptop, a new iPad makes studying at college even easier, providing the tools to get great work and research done.

An iPad is even more portable and versatile than a laptop, too, because you truly can just bring it out anywhere and get working. 

These fantastic devices allow you to read documents and books, highlight important information, research on the internet, stream videos, and even play games when you need some downtime! They’re the perfect device for college. 

11. An Apple Pencil

The addition of an Apple Pencil with the gift of an iPad is a must, because these slick tools make it so much easier to scribble, annotate, write notes, draw, and more. 

Speaking of drawing, if your college girl is studying art, this is an even more essential gift! They’ll be able to create masterpieces all with the help of this super intuitive, super responsive special pencil.  

12. Phone Wallet

Since she’ll be carrying her phone with her everywhere, another great gift for a college girl is a phone wallet.

These attach a small wallet holder onto the phone case, which you can then use to hold crucial things like credit cards, I.D. cards, money, and more. 

These are a great saver, meaning she won’t have to reach for her purse to get these things, they’ll be right there in the palm of her hand already!

13. Perfume

Perfume is an essential for any college girl. After all, who doesn’t love smelling great?

There are so many different types of perfume to choose from, too, allowing you to find the exact scent that your recipient loves.

Though some perfumes are very expensive, examples like this one show that you can get brilliant, pure scents for a very reasonable cost. 

14. A Portable Phone Charger

There’s nothing worse than your phone running out of charge when you’re out and about. It stops you from being able to contact friends, use maps, look things up, and so much more.

Thankfully, the solution is a portable charger!

This is a great gift for a college girl, because it’ll remove the stress for them of having to keep on top of their battery.

Without that worry, they can go out and focus on having a great time, knowing their phone battery is in good hands!

15. Gold Hoop Earrings

One of the biggest fashion trends right now is a pair of gold hoop earrings, so they’re a great gift for any college girl. 

With their attention-grabbing style and bold, dazzling color, these gold hoop earrings will make any outfit a total knockout. Even better, you can get this gift for a very affordable price.

16. Stop Overthinking Book

At a busy place like college, where there’s the constant struggle of balancing work and social life, it pays to learn not to overthink.

This book of stress-relieving tips is the perfect gift for a college girl, helping them to free up their mind and bring them back to the present. 

17. College Cookbook

On the topic of useful books for college girls, this cookbook of quick and easy college meals is a must buy!

With all the work that comes of college, there isn’t going to be the time to spend ages making an intricate meal each night. 

That’s where this cookbook comes in! All of its recipes use just 5 ingredients, are super easy to make, and taste great. It’s a gift that makes a college girl’s life much easier – and tastier.

18. Hair Curler

A hair curler is the perfect tool for quickly and easily curling a girl’s hair before a big night out, making it an essential gift for any college girl. 

These useful devices heat the girl’s hair, turning it into perfectly stylish waves and curls. 

19. Yeti Travel Mug

If they’re going on a fun road trip, any college girl will need a travel mug to accompany them.

These fantastic products from Yeti hold plenty of caffeine, and they’re a brilliant gift idea for a college girl who loves her coffee. 

20. Fun Bunny Slippers

When a college girl is relaxing and enjoying some much-earned downtime, she’ll be dressing in comfortable lounge clothes.

This includes things like a hoodie and sweatpants, but another key ingredient is slippers.

These adorable and fun bunny slippers make a great gift for any college girl, keeping their feet warm and comfortable, while also having a design that’s totally cute and totally humorous. 

21. Party Games

One of the best parts of college is spending time hanging out with your flatmates, watching movies, listening to music, and chatting.

Of course, a great activity to do together is party games, and there are so many different college party games to choose from.

For example, the New Phone, Who Dis? Party game revolves around players trying to create the funniest text message thread they can.

It’ll be totally relatable and it’s a fantastic gift for any college girl, giving her hours and hours of hilarious fun with her flatmates. 

22. A BedShelfie

You’ll be wondering what a BedShelfie is – and it’s exactly what it sounds like!

This is a clip-on table tray that attaches right to the side of a bed, allowing users to put their food, mugs, phones, speakers, and so much more on it.

This is a great gift for college girls, because it makes working and relaxing in bed so much easier. 

23. Tinted Lip Balm

An essential for any college girl’s handbag, this is a tinted lip balm that helps to nourish and moisturize the lips.

Better yet, it adds a bit of color to the lips, making it a perfect gift for a night out. They come in lots of different colors, so pick one that you know your college girl will love.

24. Mini Coffee Machine

Most college students live off coffee, which helps to keep them going when they’re working late into the night on an essay, or having to get up for a super early class on just 4 hours sleep (there was a party!)

As a result, a terrific gift for a college girl is their own personal mini coffee machine. These will fit into their room easily and allow them to brew delicious coffee whenever they need. 

25. Airpods

Fighting with the tangling of earphone wiring is really annoying, which is why Airpods make a great gift to make life easier for a college girl.

These earphones require no wires, instead being wireless. This makes getting lost in music so much easier, especially if the girl is out running – she won’t have to battle against those cables!

26. Personal Safety Alarm

It’s incredibly important that women are safe when they’re out, which is why a personal safety alarm is an essential gift for a college girl.

All she has to do is pull a pin and the alarm gives out a flashing light and a very loud sound, alerting others to her danger and sending attackers running.

Colleges can be a dangerous place, so keep her safe with this present.

27. Hydraflow Insulated Water Bottle

It’s incredibly important to stay hydrated, and this ace gift for a college girl will allow her to do just that.

The insulate design keeps the liquids totally cool, and the bottle is easy to carry and fill. It also has a flip straw to drink from. 

28. Special Keychain

A decorative keychain really lightens up a college girl’s set of keys, like this beautiful macrame piece that has “Love” written on it and sweet heart shapes on the other side.

These will brighten up any day, and put a smile on your college girl’s face.

29. Fanny Pack

Finally, a fanny pack is a fantastic gift for a college girl, because it makes carrying things so much easier. With one reach, she can get whatever important belongings she’s carrying, and they’re all secure too.

Final Thoughts

These gifts for college girls are practical AND fun!

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