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25 Trendy Bedrooms To Inspire Any Teen Girl

Has your daughter mentioned anything about revamping her room? Perhaps she has outgrown the current design, and she’d like something a little more contemporary. 

If so, you will want to look into ideas on what you can do to make her feel more comfortable.

25 Trendy Bedrooms To Inspire Any Teen Girl

In this article, we have listed a bunch of ideas that will inspire you, and her, to completely redesign her room.

Continue reading to discover our X trendy bedroom ideas that will inspire any teen girl.

Bedroom Essentials For Any Teen Girl

A teenage girl will require a few items, including furniture and decor, to ensure that her bedroom is just right.

Check this list to see if there is anything you may have forgotten if you are unsure that you have everything ready for designing.

A Comfy Bed (And Lots Of Pillows)

Teenagers’ brains are still developing, so they will need a comfortable bed with lots of pillows and blankets to ensure they get a good night’s sleep, every night.

A double bed is ideal, as they will have plenty of space to relax.

An Area To Sit 

While a sitting area isn’t necessary, it is a nice thing for your teenager to have. She should be able to sit back and relax after school and studying, and a pleasant, comfy chair would be ideal.

A Wardrobe

Of course, a wardrobe is an absolute necessity for any teenage girl. Whether she is fashion-mad or not, she will need space to put all of her clothes, shoes and accessories, ready for selection.


A mirror is also an essential part of any teenager’s room.

She could have a vanity mirror to use when she puts her make up on, or she could have a long mirror so she can examine her outfits… or, she could have both!

Lots Of Lighting

Teenagers love a dimly-lit room, so you may not want to spend too much money on a light shade for the main light in her room. Instead, think about getting fairy lights, neon lights, or even some candles.


A rug, or several rugs, is a great way to pull a room’s theme together.

They are also nice to place underneath a bed or a desk, especially if she has a wooden floor in her room. There are so many designs available for rugs.


Curtains are a must-have, but blinds may be more beneficial for a teenager.

After all, blinds have the ability to completely block out sunlight, which they will appreciate when they want to have a lie-in on the weekends.


Last but not least, posters and photographs are an essential part of most teenagers’ room decor.

Printed Polaroids of their best friends, or posters of their favorite band, can be displayed on every wall in the room.

25 Best Bedroom Inspirations For Teen Girls

1. Pastel Geometric Designs

First up, check out this colorful, pastel-themed room that is ideal for a vivacious, outgoing teenage girl. 

This bedroom exudes mermaid vibes with bursts of blue, purple, pink, and teal, and the wall art would be perfect for any girl who dreams of travelling.

We also really adore the Polaroid camera cushion cover and all the complementary pillows.

2. Galaxy Ceiling Lights

Teenage girls who like to sleep with a nightlight should have galaxy ceiling lights.

The enchanted, vibrant swirls are stunning to look at and look amazing as they illuminate the entire bedroom.

These projector lights are excellent in that they’ll reduce your electricity costs, especially if they run on batteries, and they illuminate the space without being too bright.

3. Creative Desk Space

Teenagers will need to devote a significant percentage of their time to studying for exams, and they should have a distraction-free environment in which to do so.

This desk area is large enough to accommodate all of your teen’s school supplies and books, in addition to looking fantastic with its vibrant design.

To suit your teen’s preferences, you can change the primary color scheme, and they can switch up the decor.

4. Cozy Sleeping Set-Up

There is nothing cozier than a big bed with lots of soft blankets, fluffy pillows, and a fuzzy bed cover. 

Since teenagers’ brains are still developing, they need a lot of sleep, so a comfy bed is a need for them.

From the color scheme to the vine decorations hanging from the ceiling, this rustic decor motif is very lovely and calming.

5. Ceiling Fairy Lights

Fairy lights, and many of them, are essential for creating a truly aesthetically pleasing space, as any adolescent girl knows.

Fairy lights are a fantastic method to illuminate a room, together with neon lights and/or projectors.

You can fasten fairy lights to your teen’s bed, walls, ceiling, and anything else you can see with tacks or nails. Be imaginative!

6. Pretty In Pink Decor

Is your teenage daughter a real girly-girl? This bedroom is ideal for a princess and looks amazing with its subdued pink and white accents.

The curtain arch above the bed, which is covered with fairy lights, really completes the look.

This room really seems to be something taken straight from a fairy tale, and any girly teenager is sure to love something similar.

7. Mini Poster Wall Collage

Although hanging posters on a teenager’s bedroom wall is by no means a novel concept, we have been doing it for countless generations, and the tradition doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

Your teen can customize her bedroom wall with her favorite photos by utilizing smaller, postcard-sized posters. You can print off a few of the pictures and give her free rein to decorate.

8. Simplistic Girly Make-Up Station

For many teenage girls, having a makeup space is just as vital as having a desk. They will spend the majority of their mornings here getting ready for the day.

This example is ideal for individuals who like a more simple look to their bedrooms, and the pink used as the primary color can be changed to match your teen’s preferred color.

9. Neon Gaming Set-Up

On the other hand, some teenage gals would much rather have space for their gaming setup than a makeup area.

As long as they have enough space in their beds, there is nothing stopping some girls from having both.

Anyone entering the room will notice this gaming setup right away because it is glowing with neon signs and lights.

10. Two-In-One Bed

Does your teenager have a smaller room? If so, they might want to consider acquiring a bed that also serves as storage to save some space.

They can store their items beneath the mattress thanks to the bed’s numerous built-in drawers.

For additional storage, there is a hollow space beneath the bed between the drawers and the wall.

11. Black Make-Up Station

Thanks to the wonderful vanity mirror and the salt lamp placed on one of the adjacent shelves, this makeup station can be used even when the main light is off.

This can be a good theme to use for your daughter’s makeup area in her room if she prefers the darker themes in life than pretty pinks and pastel colors.

12. Plants And Neon Signs

From the cow print sheets to the bright, neon signs displayed on the wall behind the headboard, this bedroom’s theme is alluring. The vines that are cascading down are also really attractive.

Your young lady can express herself with a straightforward yet hip theme like this one without ever leaving the coziness of her bed.

13. Cozy Seating Area

As we have discussed, a comfy seating area may make a teenager’s bedroom feel cozier. They might come here to unwind when they need to after a lengthy study session at their workstation.

Egg-shaped chairs have continuously gone in and out of style, but they are currently more popular than ever. If she can find one that hangs from the ceiling, extra points.

14. Neon Lighting Behind Bed

Numerous neon and fairy lights have previously been discussed in this piece, but have you considered hanging some from the back of your child’s headboard?

Your adolescent will be able to study or read in bed without using any additional lights if you do this. They will finally be able to fall asleep as a result without utilizing any strong illumination.

15. ‘Collect Memories, Not Things’ Wall

This is not only an excellent lesson to impart on your adolescent, but it’s also a wonderful way for them to reminisce about happy times spent with loved ones.

Prints of images are a stunning decoration that may be pinned to a wall.

Print up a tonne of your teen’s favorite pictures of them having fun with friends and family, then let them hang them up.

16. Bunk Bed With Fairy Lights And TV

A bunk bed is always a good option, whether you have two teenage females sharing a room or one teen who frequently hosts sleepovers.

For your teen’s added comfort, you can get bunk beds with a double bed on the bottom.

A television mounted at the foot of the bed would be a great addition, as would some fairy lights.

17. Record Wall

Many musically capable technical devices have come and gone throughout the years, with today’s consumers primarily relying on streaming services like Spotify.

However, even when they are merely employed as decoration, records are larger than before.

If your teen discovered her favourite albums on vinyl, she could use them to adorn the walls of her room.

18. Polaroid Wall With Fairy Lights

Your teen can completely transform her bedroom wall into a shrine to all of her best memories by utilising fairy lights and a tonne of pictures.

This is not only a sweet touch but also a gorgeous decoration that looks amazing, especially if fairy lights are used. But hanging them all up can take some time and work.

19. Pink Gaming Set-Up

Next, we have a fantastic gaming setup that is both adorable and beautiful. This can be the ideal setup for your teen’s room if she is a girly-girl who enjoys gaming.

You can fully change the decor of the room to reflect your teen’s favorite hue by utilizing pink LED lights, or LED lights that change color.

20. Mirror And Vines Above Bed

You may give your teen far more freedom with their decor if you stick with a neutral color scheme like cream, beige, or brown. Additionally, these are soothing color schemes that are great for bedrooms.

Beautiful vines and fairy lights are strung behind the bed, and the mirror bearing an affirmation looks especially compelling.

21. Canopy Bed

A bed with a canopy, or even just a sheet or mesh put over a normal bed, will look like something from a fairy tale. This is an affordable approach to enhance the coziness and tranquilly of your teen’s bedroom.

It will feel as though your teen is sleeping in a makeshift den, thanks to the netting covering the bed.

22. Posters And Stickers

When in doubt, encourage your adolescent to express themselves with posters, stickers, photos, etc.

This is a fantastic opportunity for them to exhibit their interests, regardless of whether they are huge into movies, TV series, music, or anything else.

Tapestry is also a great way to make a room feel cozier and more personalized, and they’re fairly cheap to purchase, especially secondhand.

23. Two-Storey Bedroom

Do you, your spouse, or a family member have aptitude for construction? If so, you might want to think about using this two-story bedroom design for your teenager’s room.

You can build an upper floor to place the bed atop, and then create some stairs so that she can walk up and down. We bet that her pals will all be envious of this.

24. Simplistic Desk Area

This study space is very lovely and colorful, yet it is also understated enough to prevent your adolescent from becoming sidetracked from her studies.

The white shelves and desk contrast beautifully with the pastel-colored walls and furniture.

The shelves’ alignment is also quite attractive, giving your child plenty of space for desk supplies, books, and decorations.

25. Posters Around Mirror

Not to be forgotten is this lovely photo collage that surrounds a large mirror at the side of a bedroom.

Teenage girls should always have access to a long mirror, so they may examine their attire from all directions before heading off to school.

The posters enhance the interior decor of the space and provide it a unique touch that your adolescent can enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Whether your daughter is a girly-girl who requires a make-up desk, or a gamer who needs her gaming set-up, there is something here that will inspire everyone.

Be sure to take another look through, and make notes of ideas that inspire you and your daughter.

After all, being a teenage girl is hard work, and your teen deserves the best!

We hope you found this article helpful.

Simon Lewis

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