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31 4th Grade Books You Need For Your Kids

Finding a book for your fourth-grade reading-level child can be tricky. There are so many options on the market, how do you sift through them all and find a book they will enjoy? 

You head online for some assistance but are met with page after page of contradicting and unhelpful advice, leaving you frustrated and overwhelmed.

31 4th Grade Books You Need For Your Kids

How are you supposed to cut through all of this and find the perfect book? 

Well, you can turn to us! We have done all the hard work for you and have 31 4th grade books you need for your kids!

Whether they love action and adventure, magic, animals, or everything in between, we have the book for them! 

Let’s dive into our article now and get you the answers you need. 

1. Fantastic Mr. Fox

First up, we have the wonderful Roald Dahl! No list would be complete without one of his books, and Fantastic Mr. Fox is an excellent choice.

After Mr. Fox is caught stealing from the farms near his burrow, he creates a quick plan of escape that is sure to keep your children entertained. 

Plus the illustrations by Quentin Blake are delightful and allow your children to get more than great words from this book. 

2. The Girl Who Drank The Moon

Next, we have this wonderful book from Kelly Barnhill. The Girl Who Drank The Moon follows Xan, a witch who rescues babies left as a sacrifice in a forest.

One year, she feeds a baby moonlight, filling the child with extraordinary magic. 

Xan raises the child as her own, watching the magic emerge. There are consequences, volcanoes starting to ramble, men after Xan, and much more!

The book has everything and more to keep your child entertained. 

3. The Bookwanderes

If you want a series that your child can fall in love with, then The Bookwanderes is the one for you! Eleven-year-old Tilly Pages discovers that she can book wander into any book or story.

Her adventures are fun and exciting, but there is danger. 

She uses this newfound power to uncover what happened surrounding her mothers’ death. It’s a wonderful book featuring a young heroine, and there are plenty more in the series to enjoy too! 

4. When You Trap A Tiger

When You Trap  A Tiger brings Korean folklore to life! Lily finds herself on a quest to unlock the power of stories to try and save her grandmother.

She must return what her grandmother stole from the tigers, but deals with tigers aren’t what they appear to be. 

The story has plenty of twists, courage, and bonds of friendship that your child will love. 

5. There’s A Boy In The Girls’ Bathroom

Louis Sachar’s book, There’s A Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom follows Bradley Chalkers, the oldest kid in fifth grade, who tells a lot of lies and picks fights with the girls.

The new school counselor Carla is the only one who likes him and sets about helping him change. 

The task isn’t easy, considering he feels like the most hated kid in the school. The book is pretty short compared to others on our list, but it is full of plenty of humor and serious notes your child will love. 

6. The Adventures Of Robin Hood

That’s right, we have a classic book for you now! The Adventures of Robin Hood is one your child will love.

Set in Nottingham, Robin and his friends try to outwit his enemies while taking from the rich and providing for the poor. 

7. Mary Poppins

We have another classic for you! Mary Poppins follows a nanny that falls from the sky to care for the Banks’ children.

An unusual nanny, she gets to work adding magic to the children’s lives, while getting them to complete their chores too!

Plus, there are six books in the series, so there is plenty for your child to enjoy. 

8. Bridge To Terabithia

Bridge to Terabithia is a terrific book for your child. Friends, Jess and Leslie let their imaginations run wild! They create their own magical kingdom, Teabithia, an escape from school and their home lives. 

The story is full of adventure, but there is some sadness too. 

9. The Trumpet Of The Swan

The Trumpet of the Swan features stunning illustrations that your child will love. The story follows Louis, a trumpeter swan who can’t make a sound!

As he makes no sound, Serena, the beautiful swan, pays him no attention. 

But all of this could change when his father presents him with a real brass trumpet. Is this the key to Serena’s affection?

10. Becoming Brianna

Becoming Brianna follows brainy Bri, a middle schooler that hates the spotlight.

But after agreeing to have a bat mitzvah, she finds herself learning a new language, organizing a party, juggling both home and school drama, and needing to do a speech! 

Will it all be worth it? Join Brianna to find out in the eight months that lead up to the big day. 

11. The Secret Zoo

Bryan Chick’s book is perfect for any fantasy lovers or animal buffs. There is something strange happening at Clarksville City Zoo.

The monkeys are scaling the walls and searching the neighborhood, but what are they looking for?

Follow Noah and Megan, who live next door to the zoo. Megan disappears one day, leaving her brother and friends to follow clues and sneak into the zoo.

Can they save her? And what is going on in the zoo? The book answers all these questions and more!

12. Remarkable Journey Of Coyote Sunrise

For five years, Coyote and her dad have lived on the road in an old school bus, following the death of her mother and two sisters.

Coyote hasn’t been home once, but after learning the park in her old neighborhood is being demolished, she comes up with a plan. 

She travels over 3,000 miles back to Washington with her dad, without him realizing! They pick up some travelers along the way as they try to make it in time and save the park. Will she do it?

13. Surfside Girls: The Secret Of Danger Point

Things are getting strange in Surfside! Samantha’s best friend Jade explodes with giggles whenever a boy walks past, which is causing an issue for their plans of surfing and hanging out. 

After swimming through a secret underwater cave, Sam begins to see things like pirates, ghosts, and something scarier. Can she and Jade solve the mystery and save their town?

14. Who’s Afraid Of Fourth Grade?

Katie and her friends are excited to start fourth grade, but the pressure of new friends, teachers, and classes gets to Katie.

To make things worse, the magic wind appears twice and turns her into her new friend Emma! 

Emma has her hands full with younger siblings to take care of and turns into her best friend about to make her fashion runway debut. What are they to do?

15. The Suitcase Kid

Jacqueline Wilson is always a hit with fourth graders, so why not get The Suitcase Kid? The story follows Andy West, a 10-year-old whose parents are divorced.

She is left without a home, splitting her time between her mother’s house, with her new husband and children, and her dad, living with his pregnant wife and kids. 

Living out of a suitcase is tough, as she wishes for her life back in Mulberry Cottage. How does Andy find a way to make a home for herself in these two houses?

16. Just Me. Morley

This coming-of-age story is perfect for anyone! Morley has a bullying problem, but it isn’t her only issue. Her mother has been sad since her boyfriend left, and she has an annoying sister to contend with. 

Morley thinks she knows how to fix it, but can she? This is the first book in the series, giving your child plenty to read and enjoy. 

17. Fourth Grade Fairy

That’s right, we have another series for your child to enjoy! Fourth Grade Fairy follows Willow Doyle, who wants to be normal and fit into her new school.

But Willow can’t ever be normal, coming from a long line of fairy godmothers. 

She is expected to join this long line and become one too. While that might have sounded cool before, Willow would rather be normal and human.

Will her time at an elementary school help her experience normal life and help her fit in? And can she make friends even when her family is against making friends with humans?

18. Inside Out And Back Again

Inside Out and Back Again follows a refugee family moving from Vietnam to Alabama after the Vietnam War.

Based on a true account, you can expect a moving story that will teach your child about other cultures and compassion. 

The paperback edition of the book also features an interview with the author, activities you can do with your child, and some activities too. 

19. Girl’s Best Friend

Does your child like mystery books? Then Girl’s Best Friend is the book for you! When dogs start to disappear in Maggie’s neighborhood, she gets involved.

After all, she has her dog-walking business to think of!

She teams up with her ex-best friend to recover a dog being held at ransom. But with her crush MIlo being involved, this is anything but an easy case.

Can Maggie crack it and find out what has happened with the dogs?

20. The Ickabog

J.K. Rowling’s book, The Ickabog follows a mythological monster, a kingdom in danger, and an adventure that will test two children’s bravery!

The original fairytale is full of hope, friendship, and the desire to win against all the odds! 

Your child will enjoy detailed descriptions, lifelike characters, and a story they will love! 

21. Emily Windsnap And The Monster From The Deep

Lis Kessler’s book is wonderful for any mermaid or sea lover.

When the main character attempts to impress her best friend Shona and the other mermaids that live around Allpoints Island, things do not go her way. 

Instead, she wakes the Kraken! And before the Kraken causes a sea of destruction, she must stop the Kraken! Can she do it in time or cause trouble for the other mermaids?

22. El Deafo

Cece Bell’s book is a fantastic one for your child! It follows Cece, a student with hearing loss and a hearing aid, attending a school with non-deaf students for the first time.

While her Phonic Ear helps her hear, it seems to repel friends. 

Until Cece makes a discovery, her Phonic Ear can hear her teacher anywhere in the school! Overnight, she becomes a superhero, El Deafo, Listener for All!

But will it allow Cece to finally make a true friend? Or will she be lonelier than before? 

23. The Girl Who Rode In The Wind

Stacy Gregg’s book follows an epic and emotional story of two girls and their bond with their hoses.

The action takes place between present day Italy and the Second World War. if your child loves history books or horses, this is the one for you! 

Lola finds herself in Italy with her grandmother, she has a chance to enter a horse riding competition and solve the mystery that could bring hope to her grandmother’s life. Can she do it?

24. Lemons

Lemons is a sensational book for your fourth grader! Lemonade Liberty Witt’s mother always told her to make lemonade, but she can’t seem to make lemonade from her lemons in her new life.

She has been forced to live with a grandfather she never met following her mothers’ death, in the Bigfoot Capital of the world. 

Then she meets Tobin Sky, CEO of Bigfoot Detectives Inc, who invites Lem to be his assistant. They set out on an adventure to capture proof of Bigfoot.

Can they do it? Or will they uncover more than they set out to?

25. All The Impossible Things

Lindsay Lackey’s book follows Red, a girl with power over the end. Whenever she is scared or angry, the wind picks up.

After being moved into foster care, the skies have stayed stormy. Red needs to control it, but she doesn’t know how. 

But this time, the wind blows red into the home of the Grooves, who run a petting zoo. But they aren’t ordinary either, they have their own curious gifts.

Finally, Red has found a place. But just as she settles, her mother and a fresh storm rolls in. 

It is time for Red to discover who she is, her power, and how she can find the family she needs. 

26. Some Places More Than Others

Some Places More Than Others follow Amara. All she wants for her birthday is to visit Harlem in New York City, to see her father’s family.

She’s excited to meet her grandfather and cousins in person and see where her father grew up. 

But New York is not what she expected. The city is confusing and busy. Her father is busy and too angry to spend time with her grandfather, she is left to her own devices.

As she explores and asks questions, she learns more about her father, and family, and sees how they are all connected. 

27. When The Stars Are Scattered

If your child enjoys graphic novels, then this is the book for you! Omar and his brother Hassan have lived in a refugee camp in Kenya for most of their lives.

Life is hard here, but when the opportunity arises for Omar to go to school, he is torn. Leaving is the chance for a future, but it means leaving his brother, the only family he has, alone every day. 

The book is filled with hope, heartbreak, and some gentle humor. The illustration is beautiful and will provide your child with a raw insight into life in a refugee camp and the daily struggles. 

28. The Bridge Home

The Bridge Home is a breathtakingly beautiful book about four determined homeless children making a life on the streets in Chennai, India.

Quickly, eleven-year-old Viji realizes how vulnerable they are, and steps up to help care and provide for the other three of them. 

The story is filled with freedom and the fight for it. There are conflicts, especially when there is illness and Viji has to decide whether they should risk their freedom for help or not. 

29. Sweep: The Story Of A Girl And Her Monster

It’s been five years since the Sweep disappeared, leaving Nan Sparrow orphaned and alone. She has no choice but to work for ruthless chimney sweep Wilkie Crudd.

The job is thankless and dangerous, but she manages to beat the odds time after time. 

But when she gets stuck in a fire, she panics. But, she wakes up in an abandoned attic, with a mysterious creature, a golem.

Through the story, we see love, vulnerability, purpose, and strength. The Dickensian-style story is perfect for your child. It is full of wonder and two outcasts saving each other. 

30. Matilda

That’s right, we have another Roald Dahl book for you! Matilda follows a gifted child, sidelined by her family.

She thinks school will be different, but with Miss Trunchbull, the headmistress that hates kids, she isn’t so sure. 

That is until she discovers a power that allows her to fight back! With the help of her friends and her kind teacher, Miss Honey, she finds her place in school.

Miss Honey spends time teaching her outside of class to unleash her true potential. 

It is an enjoyable book with vivid characters and is perfect for your child, whether they love books or not!

31. Rocket To The Moon

Finally, we have Rocket To The Moon. This graphic novel celebrates the ideas that ultimately changed the world.

If your child enjoys discoveries, history, and learning, this is the perfect book for them. It is so fun to read, and beautifully illustrated, they won’t even feel like they are learning! 

There are two other books in the series too, perfect for anyone that wants to keep learning. Your child will learn more about the discoveries, art, and events that have shaped our history. 

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Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, 31 4th grade books that your child will love! Whether your child looks at stories of animals, magic, friendship, or family, we are sure you will have found a book for your child. 

With all of the books, you can find them at an affordable price online or at your local library, so no matter your budget, you can find an entertaining book for your child! 

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