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The 12 Best Homeschooling Podcasts

Homeschooling can become a flexible way of giving your child the best education you can envisage. It also provides the opportunity to find new ways of helping your child learn.

That improvisation can come from a customized lesson plan or taking the time to teach some valuable life skills.

Best Homeschooling Podcasts

As a parent, you can also use different forms of teaching, which can include homeschooling podcasts.

If you want to encourage your child to learn away from the screen and aside from books, then consider active listening.

This method can increase your child’s focus and concentration as well as build up their critical thinking. In this guide, we will look at the 12 best homeschooling podcasts.

Podcasts Aimed At Homeschooled Children

While you may consider podcasts to be ideal entertainment when you are out for a walk or a drive, they can be great for homeschooled children.

More and more podcasts are entering the market, and many are aimed at children who are learning from home.

These can prove to be ideal educational resources when you want to encourage activities away from blackboards and screens.

To Encourage Reading: Book Club For Kids

Many children enjoy reading, yet if you want to find an audible experience to go with it, then opt for Book Club For Kids.

The podcast may even be the solution you have been looking for to encourage your homeschooled child to pick up a book.

Various children’s books are featured and come with a free curriculum guide, which you can download.

Librarians, teachers, and even parents are at hand to provide their own tips on the podcast to encourage your homeschooled child to read.

For Science Lovers: Tumble Science Podcast For Kids

Science can be a tricky subject to teach at home, so find some extra help with the Tumble Science Podcast For Kids.

That could mean learning about dinosaurs, plants, or ancient primates. There is a vast collection of subjects amidst more than 120 episodes, so there should be something for your homeschooled child.

The podcasts are aimed at children in grades K to 8 and include listening exercises, ideas for projects, and activities you can do at home.

To Learn About The Natural World: Nature Just Got Real!

If you want your homeschooled child to make sense of the natural world, then Nature Just Got Real! represents essential listening. This is a great podcast if you want to encourage your homeschooled child to learn from real experience.

While they may see wasps in the garden, the ‘What About Wasps’ episode can give them the full story.

If they enjoy the great outdoors, then the ‘How To Tell Directions Without A Compass!’ episode may put their mind at rest should they get lost.

The world outside can be a mystifying and wonderful place, so it could prove valuable to encourage learning about it.

You may not have the answers about climate change, viruses, and snakes, and that’s fine. Simply download the relevant podcast and let the learning commence.

For Activity-Based Learning: The Kids Listen Activity Podcast

Learning can be really fun, especially when it’s linked to activities you can both do.

From learning how to create art to creating your own county fair games and making your own maps. Should you want to find innovative ways of making learning make sense, then this is the podcast.

Make sure you have a printer in your home, as certain episodes may include printed materials.

For Young, Curious Minds: The Fina Mendoza Mysteries

If your child has already displayed a curiosity in life, then The Fina Mendoza Mysteries can further encourage that.

This is a podcast for young girls; if you can imagine, Nancy Drew is set in The West Wing.

Mendoza is a 10-year-old and the daughter of a US congressman in Capitol Hill who is set to investigate mysteries.

The podcast even features a downloadable curriculum and further educational material.

Should you want to try something new and challenging, then you can incorporate the podcast into a schedule that works for you. There is even the option of using the novels as an extracurricular activity.

If You Want Some After-School Learning: Bedtime History

Bedtime History comes from Podcast Republic and proves that learning can continue up to and including bedtime.

This is the ideal podcast if you are used to reading your child to school, as you can simply press play and let the podcast do the hard work.

Not only are the podcasts educational, but they are also relaxing and help coax your homeschooled child to sleep.

Teach your homeschooled child about Franklin D. Roosevelt, The Taj Mahal, or even The Lost City of Atlantis for some interesting listening before slumber.

Best Homeschooling Podcasts

Podcasts Aimed At Homeschooling Parents

For parents who are still learning how to become great at homeschooling, there are podcasts that aim to make it easier.

Some will encourage the best homeschooling practices, and you may even hear some helpful tips.

If you want to become a homeschool parent or want to find ways to improve, then sample some of these podcasts.

To Learn About Homeschooling: Homeschooling IRL

The reality of homeschooling may be far removed from your expectations, so it is best to find out first.

That could mean discovering its affordability, learning how to get organized, and how the arrangement can impact a marriage.

These are real-life scenarios that could prove ideal research topics if you are still finding your way with homeschooling.

For Encouraging Homeschooling: The Homeschooling Solutions Show

From The Homeschooling Mom comes The Homeschool Solutions Show.

This is the podcast to listen to if you want to learn from those with the experience and know-how.

Each podcast looks at a certain subject, and the series encourages guests to talk about their experiences.

There are hundreds of episodes to select from, so work out your problem area and find your solution.

To Discover How To Teach Life Skills: Raising Lifelong Learners

Each child can have their own way of learning, so it helps to find different ways for them to learn.

The Raising Lifelong Learners podcast can encourage outside-of-the-box thinking and ways of encouraging their creativity.

The podcast excels at teaching valuable life skills like setting healthy boundaries, the importance of self-care, and how to ignite your child’s passions.

For Learning How To Cope With Homeschooling: Homeschool Sanity Show

There can be days when you wonder whether homeschooling is best for you and your child. For those occasions, make sure that you listen to the Homeschool Sanity Show.

The podcasts still keep a keen focus on homeschooling yet explore subjects that help you learn how to cope with those difficult times.

Those subjects could be dealing with strong-willed children or discovering when you are simply doing too much. Before homeschooling becomes overwhelming, take the time to learn some helpful tips.

Even if you do not have a specific reason for listening to the podcast, there are episodes that spark some new-found ways of improving your homeschooling.

Some episodes may help simply to show you that others are experiencing similar problems to yours.

To Find Out About Other Homeschool Experiences: Homeschool Snapshots Podcast

The Homeschool Snapshots Podcast comes from Your Morning Basket. If you want to discover how other homeschooling parents do it, then this will prove to be essential listening.

Each podcast features a homeschooling parent and details their own experiences.

It is worth knowing that each homeschooling parent may find themselves in a variety of daunting situations.

The beauty of the podcast is finding out how those problematic situations can be overcome.

It could be working out the most ideal curriculum for your child, finding out which self-care methods work for you, or how to homeschool into your child’s teen years.

If You Have Children Who Are Wired Differently: Tilt Parenting

Homeschooling can be remarkably advantageous for children who are wired differently.

Traditional school environments can be tough places to learn for children with learning difficulties, which is where Tilt Parenting comes in.

There are over 300 episodes to choose from, each geared towards supporting children in specialist ways.

This is the ideal podcast if you are homeschooling a child with conditions such as autism, ADHD, giftedness, or twice-exceptionality.

Not only will you hear from the host, Debbie Reber, and her own child, but other parents will be given a platform to show their insight.

With regular conversations featuring parenting experts, educators, and authors, there is plenty to learn about how to homeschool.

Final Thoughts

Homeschooling can be a learning experience for both your child and you as a parent. Thankfully, help is at hand from a variety of podcasts that can provide an uplifting audio experience.

Some of these podcasts are aimed at parents who need some reassurance and guidance to work out how to make homeschooling work for them.

Other podcasts are directly aimed at children and offer some relief from screen time.

You may also want to check out these books on homeschooling.

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