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A Guide To The Best Homeschool Programs In Georgia

There are a host of benefits to homeschooling. From personalized curriculums and greater flexibility to reduced peer pressure and year-round enrollment, there’s no wonder why homeschooling has become increasingly popular.

And if you’re a Georgia resident, there are more K12 homeschool programs at your fingertips than you might realize, offering curriculums to suit your child’s academic needs and learning style.

Best Homeschool Programs In Georgia

So why not take a look at them?

Below we’ve listed some of the best homeschooling programs, homeschool academies, and online schools in Georgia, offering high-quality curriculums, educational resources, and the support you need to enhance your child’s education at home.

15 Best Homeschooling Programs In Georgia

1. Destinations Career Academy Of Georgia

Destinations Career Academy of Georgia (GADCA) is a full-time online public school for K12 students.

It’s tuition-free as a bonus with a focus on preparing students for their long-term careers, providing the professional skills development and industry-recognized certifications they need to broaden their opportunities in various fields.

The curriculum at Destinations Career Academy of Georgia covers middle school and high school education, plus career and college preparation.

The course list is extensive too, offering everything from Art, Math, and History to Music, Health and Physical Education, and Career Readiness Education.

Destinations Career Academy of Georgia also offers students the opportunity to socialize and interact with other GADCA classmates through regular school field trips, outings, and other educational activities held around the state.

2. Power Homeschool’s Homeschooling In Georgia

Power Homeschool is a top online homeschooling platform offering parents the support, guidance, and homeschool curriculum needed to enrich their child’s education.

This includes a dedicated homeschool support network and online portal that makes homeschooling support, record keeping, and progress monitoring much simpler.

Power Homeschool offers accredited elementary, middle school, high school, and STEM-10 courses and online lessons provided by Acellus, covering the necessary K12 subjects and more.

These include math, language arts/reading, history/social studies, science, electives, and preschool skills.

It’s also easy to enroll with Power Homeschool and monthly subscriptions to the learning platform can be canceled at any time.

So if you’d prefer a homeschooling program that doesn’t require long-term commitment, Power Homeschool is worth looking at.

3. Marian University Preparatory School

Marian University Preparatory School (MU Prep) is a faith-focused private school offering online learning in over 30 states, including Georgia.

It offers a flexible virtual learning environment for grades K-10 with comprehensive student support as well as project and work-based learning opportunities for college prep and career readiness.

Above all, it’s a great choice for developing an education rooted in faith, as Marian University is a recognized Catholic institution.

You can start homeschooling with Marian University Preparatory School by creating a Parent Portal account online, enrolling over the phone, or chatting directly with a virtual consultant.

Overall, the program offers an extensive K12 curriculum that covers elementary school, middle school, high school, and college and career prep.

All virtual lessons at Marian University Preparatory School are taught by licensed teachers, which can benefit students who need extra support and guidance.

4. LEAD Homeschool

LEAD Homeschool provides online homeschooling classes in Decatur and Atlanta.

The platform is run by a secular homeschooling community of close-knit volunteers, so LEAD is not for profit and is worth considering if you’re looking for increased support and a sense of community with your homeschool program.

LEAD Homeschool covers math classes, science classes, and enrichment classes, which you can hand-pick and enroll directly to on the website.

Just a few classes include Robotic Design & Programming, Earth and Space Science, Funtastic Math, Kids Cook At Home, The Art of Language, Biology Labs, Wet on Wet Watercolor, and more!

On top of that, LEAD Homeschool offers a range of social events to supplement your child’s homeschool education.

These include weekly park days, monthly game nights, and annual dances held at Halloween, so it’s a homeschool program that’s as fun for students as it is educational.

5. Enlightium Academy Online Private Homeschooling

Enlightium Academy offers online private homeschooling with a Christian curriculum for grades K-12.

It’s an accredited institution for homeschooling programs in Georgia, providing NCAA-approved courses, AP & Honors Courses, U.S. high school diplomas, over 70 elective modules, and more with affordable tuition rates.

With the Christian faith strongly rooted in its educational courses, Enlightium Christian Academy is an ideal homeschool program for Christian families residing in Georgia.

It’s simple to enroll with Enlightium Academy as students can enroll throughout the year, with dedicated counselors who will help align coursework completed from previous schools.

Starting the enrollment process at Enlightium Christian Academy can be done through its online form. Payments are monthly and you’re provided with a 14-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the program.

6. Inspire Homeschool Academy

Inspire Homeschool Academy is based in Douglasville and Hiram. It offers K12 classes held once a week, making it the perfect program to supplement your child’s homeschool education.

What sets the program apart is that it’s non-denominational Christian with a focus on in-person group learning, enhancing homeschooled students’ social participation.

Despite that, the extra-curricular classes at Inspire Homeschool Academy still provide student homework to enrich any homeschooled program being taught at home.

Inspire Homeschool Academy also offers parent and student access to a dedicated online portal with iGradePlus, which can be accessed on-the-go through the SmartTuition app.

As for the class schedule, Inspire Homeschool Academy operates at Hiram on Mondays and Tuesdays, and at Douglasville on Thursdays.

Best Homeschool Programs In Georgia

7. Keystone Prep Academy

Keystone Prep Academy offers a hybrid Christian homeschool program to further develop the homeschooling of students residing in Georgia.

It’s based in Woodstock, providing accredited classes for high school students and advanced intermediate students, including weekly classes on Tuesday and Thursday and elective courses held every Wednesday.

Keystone Prep Academy caters to students in 9th grade to 12th grade, with courses that include English (American Literature/Composition), mathematics (Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2 with Geometry), social science (US history and government), science (Physical Science and Earth Science), and elective classes for ASL and PE.

So overall, Keystone Prep Academy offers a wide range of homeschool courses and classes covering the main subjects, paired with a supportive and inclusive community for Christian parents and students residing near Woodstock, Georgia.

8. Gainesville Homeschool Academy

For younger Christian students, Gainesville Homeschool Academy (GHA) offers K-6 homeschooling taught from a Biblical perspective.

Subjects range from math, reading, and science to poetry, art, nature, music, and more, taught at home and at the Westminster Presbyterian Church – its main campus.

So Gainesville Homeschool Academy delivers a unique homeschooling setup that involves classroom instruction from Wednesday to Friday and homeschool instruction on Monday and Tuesday.

The homeschool program aims to combine the benefits of homeschooling with in-person classes, friendships, and educational social activities, including field trips.

Above all, if you’re interested in a hybrid-style homeschooling program rooted in Christianity that gives your child a balance of at-home education and the opportunity to learn and socialize with peers in Georgia, this is another great homeschool academy worth looking into.

9. Discovery K12 Online Homeschool

Discovery K12 (DK12) is designed for independent K12 homeschoolers in Georgia, offering a flexible curriculum through its online platform.

The online platform is accessible on all devices and provides daily assignments, with automatic grading and reporting, that you can use in any way you like, whether that’s part-time or full-time!

The curriculum involves standard subjects such as Reading/Literature, Language Arts, Math, History/Social Studies, Science, Visual/Performing Arts, and Physical Education.

Extra curriculum and STEM subjects are also offered, including over 500 math quizzes, 20,000 lessons, and a library of more than 100 classic literature e-books, and more.

As a result, Discovery K12 Online Homeschool is a fantastic program for K12 students thanks to its wide-ranging course choice and options for extracurricular education.

Resources and educational materials are extensive, providing students with all the tools to improve the homeschooling experience and further their education.

10. Georgia Connections Academy

Georgia Connections Academy is an online public charter school serving students across grades K-12.

The academy works to bring public school and virtual learning together without tuition fees, with additional benefits that include flexible school days, college prep focus, real-world career skills, tailored one-on-one support, and strong family values.

As an accredited Georgia educational institution, the program follows and meets all homeschooling requirements in Georgia.

You can also sign up for a free eGuide before enrolling, providing valuable resources, informative videos, and sample schedules to decide whether Georgia Connections Academy is the right choice for your child.

As for the enrollment process at Georgia Connections Academy, this involves three steps: considering your commitment level as a parent/caregiver, checking student eligibility, and preparing the necessary documents, with open enrollment starting from February each year. Classes at Georgia Connections Academy start yearly in August.

11. Georgia Cyber Academy

Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) is an accredited, tuition-fee public charter school for students in grades K-12. It offers online lessons and live virtual classes led by certified teachers with real-time participation for students.

Currently, over 9000 students have enrolled with Georgia Cyber Academy across more than 150 counties in Georgia!

The homeschooling program at Georgia Cyber Academy offers a well-rounded curriculum that can also be used for double enrollment.

Students can manage their own course schedule, interact with teachers and peers online, take assessments, and receive grades. The curriculum also offers school services that include field trips and club activities.

So all in all, Georgia Cyber Academy offers live and interactive courses for all K12 students, including those studying for primary grades, elementary grades, middle grades, and secondary grades.

The academy also provides extensive student support, including graduation counseling and dual enrollment counseling for both students and parents.

12. Georgia Virtual School

Georgia Virtual School (GAVS) is a homeschooling program offering teacher-led virtual classes under the Georgia Department of Education’s Office of Technology Services.

It provides over 100 middle school and high school courses for students to enroll on, all of which are Cognia-accredited and enriched with online student support.

What’s also great about Georgia Virtual School is that its courses are offered year-round, with enrollment welcomed during the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

All courses feature a final exams week and final grading, with online class hours ranging from 7–10 hours per week to 30–40 hours per week.

The enrollment process at Georgia Virtual School starts with registering for selected classes before communicating with a facilitator.

Once granted approval, students can start their classes, keep track of assignments and assessments through the online portal, and take their final exams to complete each course.

Best Homeschool Programs In Georgia

13. Ashworth College

Ashworth College is a great choice for complicated schedules as it allows year-round enrolment, easy access to lessons and educational materials through its online Student Portal, and the flexibility to progress and complete courses at any pace. It’s based in Georgia and is nationally accredited with more than 300,000 current students.

As a result, online courses taken through Ashworth College produce recognized degrees and certifications.

These include accredited high school diplomas, general diplomas, and college prep diplomas, providing diplomas for students of all ages thanks to Ashworth’s College partnership with James Madison High School.

Overall, Ashworth College is a great choice that can help homeschooled students to progress to desired career pathways with all the benefits of online learning.

Courses can be tailored to unique goals, schedules, and learning styles, with no scheduled classes, exam times, group projects, or due dates!

14. Georgia Credit Recovery

Georgia Credit Recovery is a program designed to help students who did not obtain course credit retake courses to earn their graduation.

The credit recovery program offers flexible schedules and a range of complete courses aligned to state requirements, free for public students but also available to private high school students based in Georgia.

The online program at Georgia Credit Recovery, provided by the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE), includes core courses and electives required for graduation from public high schools in Georgia.

The credit recovery courses include language arts, math, science, social studies, and health, with final exams provided at the end of each course.

All in all, for students in Georgia who weren’t able to graduate, Georgia Credit Recovery is a program that’s worth looking for its program that allows students to retake courses online and earn course credits for graduation.

There are also accommodations for special education students, including course self-pacing and increased test times.

15. Gwinnett Online Campus

Gwinnett Online Campus is an award-awarding online public school in Georgia serving K12 students under Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS).

It offers more than 7900 course segments with the flexibility for students to enroll full-time or part-time, providing up to five online classes that can supplement their current education.

Both new students at GCPS and students currently studying at GCPS can enroll online on the Gwinnett Online Campus website.

Parents can also monitor the enrollment process, courses, and grades of their children through the Gwinnett Online Campus parent portal. The programs are popular too, as over 2000 students enroll full-time each year!

Gwinnett Online Campus is Cognia-accredited as part of Gwinnett County Public Schools.

So for accredited supplemental programs and full-time programs designed for online homeschooling, Gwinnett Online Campus is an online public school worth considering for students from kindergarten to 12th grade.


Georgia offers a range of homeschool programs for K12 students of all backgrounds.

So if you’re considering homeschooling your child or enrolling your child into an online school, there are more than enough options to cater to your child’s specific interests and goals, learning style, and schedule.

Just don’t forget that there are state laws and regulations surrounding homeschooling in Georgia, some of which involve notifying your child’s school of your intent to start homeschooling, providing proof of your high school diploma or GED, and ensuring your child takes nationally standardized tests and assessments.

Homeschooling your child might sound daunting at first, but it presents a handful of benefits over regular schooling, including the ability to tailor your child’s education and courses around their college and career goals, have greater flexibility with school hours, and enjoy up-close involvement with your child’s education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Georgia Homeschool Friendly?

Georgia is a homeschool-friendly state, offering various options for students and parents who are interested in homeschooling, including local homeschool programs, full homeschool curriculums, and online school classes.

How Many Hours Of Homeschool Are Required In Georgia?

Georgia homeschool laws and requirements law by the Georgia Department of Education requires that students must complete an equivalent of 180 days of at least four and a half hours of educational instruction per day unless the child is physically unable to do so.

How Can I Homeschool My Child In Georgia?

To homeschool your child in Georgia, it’s important to follow the state laws and regulations around homeschooling.

Some of the requirements involve submitting a declaration of intent, possessing a high school diploma, and taking standardized testing programs.

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