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When Is The Best Time To Move Out And Get Your Independence?

In modern times, it can be quite expensive for teens to be moving out of their family home and most of them don’t actually want to so they can save as much money as they possibly can.

When Is The Best Time To Move Out And Get Your Independence

There is no specific age that people should move out of their parents house, but there are several times in a person’s life when they are most likely going to move out.

This guide will be covering those specific times in someone’s life and the signs you are ready to move out.

The Average Age To Move Out

Most people stay with their parents past the age of 18 now because it is very expensive to buy your own house or even rent and you will need money saved up to be able to do this comfortably.

The most common age for people to move out now is up to 25/26.

However, if you are still living at home by the age of 28/29, this is considered past the average age because at this age, most people want their independence and are most likely in full time employment and can afford to.

In the past, people used to move out much earlier because of the norms in society where many people were getting married earlier and having children much earlier too which requires having your own home.

However, because this is happening much less now because people are waiting until they are more financially and emotionally stable, staying at home is more convenient.

Why Do People Want To Stay At Home Longer?

People want to save as much money as they possibly can so they can get a mortgage for their own home and this requires a lump sum for a deposit.

Therefore, many people will work full time and save the largest amount of money they can before taking the leap to leave the nest.

A lot of people have a fear of moving out in modern society as well because it puts more pressure on the lifestyle you want to live and you have far more responsibilities.

People will try to avoid bills, tax and their own finances as long as possible so they can travel and go on more holidays before they have these payments coming out.


Are people going to judge you if you still live with your parents past graduation?

Many people do tend to move out after graduating and getting their first proper job.

However, most people are in the same money boat where you won’t be getting paid as much in a graduate job.

When people are reaching the ages of 28/29, you might get judged by some colleagues if you have chosen to stay at home because you are a grown adult and should feel as though your independence and relationships at this age are important with having your own place.

Even if you are just renting a small one bedroom apartment, this is still flying the nest and becoming an independent adult.

Most people in modern society will need to help with finding a place and understanding how the wolf of mortgages and renting works, but there are external places you can get information, online, in banks and from your family members.

How To Move Out Of Your Parents

There are several steps you will need to take before moving out which will help you become more stable and have a better understanding of your situation.

  1. Understanding what your living expenses will be for the place you’re looking to buy or rent. Bills are becoming increasingly more expensive everyday. It is important to calculate what you will be able to afford monthly and balance this out with rent and external expenses you will have to pay. There are also expenses in your home such as tax, wifi, food and transport you will also need to include. These can make a big difference to your overall finances. When you have worked out the money situation, you can decide whether you can even afford to move out or whether you need to save more or look for somewhere cheaper.
  2. Monthly budgets are very helpful so you can keep track of how much you will have left for personal spend and what needs to be in your bank for bills and direct debits. You will also need to have some emergency money saved to make sure you are never just working around an exact number in case anything changes.
  3. Talking to the people in your life about moving out is important because they have already been through this process and know to expect. They are able to help you understand the difficulties and good benefits of moving out. They can also help you with things you might not understand or have had to do before when living at home. They might also be holding you back from moving out, so communicating how important it is for you to have your independence is important to have at your age. It is very common for a lot of parents to try and hold onto you for as long as they possibly can, but hopefully they will be supportive of your choices and will help you with your journey.
  4. Having a plan is always important for any big step you are about to take in your life. Being organized and deciding when you are going to be able to move out and knowing the steps you need to take before this date. You also need to think about whether this place is going to be furnished or unfurnished and what you need to buy for your new home and what you can afford. Planning is also important for your budget and knowing how much you have to put towards this. When you give yourself tasks to complete, it will make you more motivated to get things done which will be important in this case. Leaving things to the last minute will not be helpful.
  5. Credit is always a massive thing which isn’t really taught from a young age, what it is and how to have a good score. Ever since you had your first card and paid off any type of money, your credit has been building. You will need to have a good credit score for the landlord to even consider taking you for their property because they want to know that you will be reliable with your payments and have a good track record in keeping up with them. If you don’t have a good track history, this will show on your credit score and could be difficult for you to get a place over others who do have a good score. There are certain things you can do to improve your credit like being in the electorate and start paying off your small purchases fast on credit cards. Paying for things outright is also good because it shows that you aren’t reliant on credit to live your life and you can budge for what you spend.
  6. Having savings is important because you don’t want to just be living from paycheck to paycheck. From an early age, people should be more informed about the importance of having savings because it will make you feel more comfortable and put you in a good position. This is for both renting and getting a mortgage because you need a deposit for both and it is money to fall back on if needed. You will need a good few thousand to put down for a mortgage deposit and landlords would rather people with savings because if they lose their job they have something to fall back on for their monthly payments.
  7. Finding a good estate agent will make all the difference because it is their job to find you the best and most suitable property for you. They’re I’ll know your needs every step of the way whether this is for renting or buying a home. They will be a key part of your journey and will have the most knowledge about the industry.
  8. Moving in after all of these steps is the exciting part, but you might need some help doing that. If you are furnishing the place yourself you might need to think about getting furniture there and getting family members or friends to help you. Moving all of your personal items out will need good organization as it will help you when you put them in your new place. It is also the little steps which makes moving out so much easier.
When Is The Best Time To Move Out And Get Your Independence

What Are The Signs You’re Ready To Move Out?

There will be certain signs you will notice when living at home is just getting too much for you because you need your own space.

This section will be outlining the most common signs you will see!

  1. Tension in the home and arguments starting (see also “5 Peacemaking Tactics To Use On Your Teen“) is definitely one of the most common signs you will see at the start. When you get older, you expect more freedom and to be able to do whatever you want. However, when you are living in someone else’s home, you must live by their rules which can be hard as you get older. You don’t want to feel like a child in your older years of 20 upwards. You will also start to see the generational difference between you and your parents which can cause friction in the home because you just think differently and it can cause rifts in the relationships. This is a big sign that it is time to move out.
  2. The feeling that you don’t have anything of your own and you’re just living off other people is another big one. The way you feel can have a big impact on you making this move because your attitudes and mindset will change as you get older and you want your own space and something to call your own too. When you’re living in your parents house, they are used to getting everything for you and owning that, but as you get older this stuff you still might seem like it’s their property because you’re in their home, but it’s not. This is another good sign to move out and just have your own independence and control over your belongings.
  3. If you have the money to move out but you just haven’t got round to it, do it. Moving out will give you the freedom you never knew existed. Being at home does feel great money wise because you will be able to save a lot, but when you already have good savings, what is stopping you? In this case, it is more of a personal fear for many about leaving the best and thinking what if something goes wrong! However, for most people, if something does go wrong there is always a space back at your parents until you have sort it back out.
  4. Your schedule and the times you work and when you’re getting home late from night out can start to grate on your parents and can be annoying for you. When you get to an age when you can go out, it is great to just come home to your own space and not have to get any backlash for your actions because you are an adult. This can also cause tension in the home because of the differences of opinion and respecting House rules no matter what your age is. Some households are very strict which is why you should get your own place.
  5. Friendships and relationships (see also “Do High School Relationships Last?“) are also a big issue for many people because parents can be very intrusive mainly because they are looking out for you, but this can affect your relationships. For example, if your parents don’t like your partner and don’t allow him in the house, this causes a huge rift because it is not respecting your choices. However, if you had your own place, they would not have this say over who you are dating and who can come to your home. Friendships are very similar because your parents will dictate who can and cannot be in their home. If they don’t like them, they are not coming in which can be frustrating and feel like you are trapped.
  6. Even keeping a pet can be a problem in your parents home if they don’t want one. This is a sign to get your own place where you can have whatever property you want depending on the place. This is always going to be the parents choice but can feel slightly frustrating when you will look after it and pay for it. Moving out will remove this barrier.
  7. Feeling claustrophobic in your own home and slightly cramped is never good because this is where people start to get on top of one another. This is where arguments can be caused and changes in behavior which is another good sign to move out. You don’t want to damage the relationship you have with your parents when the solution is just moving out and having your own space to breathe and be free.
  8. Privacy is one of the biggest factors as you get older  (see also “Giving Your Teen Some Privacy – 7 Reasons Why It’s Important“) and especially with your partner. As you grow up you will want to be more intimate with your partner which everyone understands, but some parents do not want this happening under their roof. This can be a dealbreaker for many where they will choose to move out with their partner for that privacy.
  9. Food is another thing which will irritate the best of people. When you live with your parents and buy your own food which keeps getting eaten then this will make you furious eventually. Trying to be independent with your things is difficult living at home because you might have siblings around you constantly who are younger and just want to be with you and annoy you.
  10. Your personal growth is such an important part of your life. Seeing yourself grow up and noticing the differences in the way you think and how you live your life is a good indication you’re ready to move on with your life and find your own place. It is these big steps in life where you really start to find yourself because you will be on your own more and working life out for yourself instead of being babied at every step.
  11. Are you jealous of others moving out and creating their own life? This is very common and many people feel FOMO in these moments. You might feel like you’re at the same stage as your friends and you want to live out too but it isn’t happening as fast or you don’t have as much help as them. This is a sign to go out and find that help because there are people listed above who can help you.
  12. Mental health is another huge part of the reasons why people decide to move out. Your mental health can get very compromised when living at home because you constantly still feel like a child and you might be fighting more with your family and start to spend more time in your room where you feel like you have more space. You might find yourself constantly finding things to do outside of the house so you don’t have to spend as much time there.

Moving Out For College

Many students will decide to move or when they go to college or university.

They might choose to go to another country or move across states which requires relocation.

This is a time in many individuals’ lives where they have the opportunity and a real reason to move out and fly the nest.

This might require you sharing a house or living in an apartment, but it still gives you that freedom away from your parents and surrounded by people who are in the same or similar boat as you.


Overall, when it comes to moving out, there is no specific age which is deemed the one.

However, your late 20s is a good time to get that independence you probably need.

It is not just for you but also your friendships and relationships which might be affected.

Many people argue with their family constantly because they just need space from one another. It is as simple as that.

Some people might even need a little push from their parents to be more independent and flee the nest finally.

There is a fear for many people in modern society about being on their own and feeling scared for the responsibility of having their own place.

Everyone goes through this, but if you have everything in this list above, you are ready to move out and you need to see the signs!

Simon Lewis