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What Is Homecoming In High School?

Homecoming is one of the most anticipated events for high school students. But what exactly is homecoming in high school and why is it such an important event? 

What Is Homecoming In High School

Homecoming remains an important part of high school culture. It’s a time for students  to celebrate the school year, build camaraderie, and show off their school spirit.

It’s a time for students to come together and celebrate their school pride by wearing special colors or costumes, attending pep rallies, playing games, and dancing at the big dance. 

From its humble beginnings over 100 years ago to today’s modern celebrations, homecoming continues to be an exciting tradition for students across America!

History Of Homecoming

Homecoming has been around for more than a century, with its origins dating back to 1911.

The first homecoming celebration was held by the University of Missouri and the focus was a football game that marked the homecoming event. 

Since then, it’s become a tradition at many high schools across the country.

The school or college welcomes back former students and they celebrate with current students with various activities throughout the week. 

The fact that the tradition of homecoming has deep roots in American culture has meant that homecoming plays an important role in High Schools today. So what activities mark the event? 

Homecoming Week Traditions


One of the most important traditions of homecoming is the parade.

The parade typically includes floats made by each class, and also includes marching bands, dance squads, and other student groups. It’s a great way for students to show off their school spirit.

Pep Rally 

The next tradition of Homecoming Week is the pep rally. At the pep rally, students are all together in the gym, cheering on their team.

This often includes performances from cheerleaders and the band, as well as speeches from coaches and players about how hard they’ve been working for this game.

It’s a great way for everyone to get ready for the big game ahead.

The Big Game 

Homecoming wouldn’t be complete without a big game! Usually this game will be against an opponent that has been chosen in advance.

The night before or day of the game there will usually be some kind of pre-game celebration, like a bonfire or barbecue.

Next it’s time to head to the stadium and cheer on your team!

Homecoming games are always special occasions that bring together family, alumni, and community members alike to celebrate their school experience. 

Homecoming Court

Homecoming Court

Homecoming court is a traditional part of homecoming week. It is a way to recognize the active members of the student body and celebrate their accomplishments.

The court typically consists of two representatives from each grade, typically one girl and one boy. They are usually  chosen by their peers in a democratic vote.

In some schools, the voting process consists of nominating candidates who then need to campaign for votes.

This process can include anything from wearing pins or handing out leaflets to giving speeches about why they are qualified for the position.

Once all the campaigning has taken place, students cast their vote for their favorite candidate during homecoming week.

After the votes have been tallied, the top male and female contenders become king and queen of homecoming court respectively.

They may be asked to appear at certain homecoming events such as pep rallies or sporting matches throughout the week, where they often lead cheers or present awards.

On homecoming night itself, they will usually be crowned at halftime of the football game and participate in a dance afterward with their court members.

Homecoming Dance

The fourth element of the traditional homecoming celebration in high school is the homecoming dance.

This is a semi-formal event that usually takes place at the end of the week and acts as a culmination to all other activities associated with homecoming.

It’s an opportunity for students to dress up, mingle, and have fun together.

The dance usually has a theme and decorations that fit that theme. It’s also common for students to get creative when it comes to their outfits and accessories.

Some students choose to coordinate with friends or dates for extra style points. 

Professional photographers may be hired to capture special moments during the night, including couples slow dancing or groups posing for pictures together.

Homecoming Committees

Homecoming committees are an important part of the homecoming tradition. They help make the event memorable and special for everyone involved.

These groups of students, often led by teachers or a faculty member, are responsible for planning, organizing and executing the entire homecoming experience.

The committee’s role is to come up with creative ideas to bring the student body together and celebrate their school. This could involve coming up with fun activities, such as talent shows, dances or rallies. 

The committee must also decide which decorations to use, where to hold events, when they will take place and any other details that go into making homecoming successful.

Homecoming Fundraising Efforts

Fundraising efforts for homecoming may include selling tickets or t-shirts, asking for donations from local businesses, or setting up a donation page online.

These activities are important because they help cover the costs of decorations and other materials necessary for making homecoming a success.

Additionally, fundraising efforts allow students to get creative in finding ways to bring in money for the event. A great life skill!

Schools may also choose to use the money raised through fundraising towards charity organizations or causes that are meaningful to the student body.

This can be an excellent way to give back while also helping to keep the costs of homecoming down and make sure everyone has a great experience.

By doing this, students can make sure their homecoming celebrations have a positive impact on their community as well.


Homecoming is a special event in the lives of high school students. It’s a chance for them to get together and celebrate the school experience and lots of fun making memories.

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