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Why Am I So Tired After School?

Being a student in school is a lot more challenging than it might originally seem.

Why Am I So Tired After School

Being a teenager is very taxing on both the body and the mind, and it’s quite normal for teenagers to feel tired after school. 

There are lots of different reasons as to why you might feel tired after a long day of school activities and learning, and if you are finding yourself feeling tired after school a lot, then there is probably a simple reason as to why! 

If you find yourself feeling tired after school a lot, then you have come to the right place!

Below, you will find lots of potential reasons as to why you might feel tired, and these reasons might explain what’s going on. So let’s take a look at them! 

Why Am I So Tired After School?

Aside from studying, or taking part in after-school activities and clubs, there are lots of other reasons why you might feel tired after school.

Some of these reasons might actually surprise you, and most of them are easily dealt with. 

Teenagers go through a lot of growing and stress and lots of other things, and it’s completely normal to feel tired after school. 

Improper Sleep

One of the biggest factors as to why you might be feeling tired all the time can be due to improper sleep.

If you are only getting about five or six hours of sleep, then this could be why you feel so tired after school. 

As a growing teenager, you should be getting about eight to nine hours of sleep a night, so if you aren’t, you may want to switch up your nighttime routine a bit.

Come off of your digital devices a bit earlier, get into bed at a more reasonable time, and if you are trying to cram for an exam, make sure you aren’t staying up all night to do it. 

Proper sleep is so important when you are a teenager, and it plays a crucial role in your development and growth.

If you are getting less than eight to nine hours of sleep, this might be why you are feeling so tired after school. 


It might sound like an excuse, but you would be surprised to learn just how taxing adolescence is. When you are a teenager, you are going through so much, both physically and mentally.

Not only are you navigating the social highs and lows of school, but your body is also going through an intense period of growth, that can be extremely taxing. 

This is one of many reasons why teenagers tend to feel tired after school, and tired in general.

Lack of energy is completely normal, and when you add school into the mix, it is very common for you to feel more tired, even if you are getting enough sleep.

Adolescence is all a part of growing up, so don’t beat yourself up too much if you feel extra tired some days!

Lack Of Exercise

Lack Of Exercise

It can be difficult to find time to exercise when you also have to juggle school, but when you aren’t getting enough exercise as a teenager, it can drastically affect your energy levels for the entire day. 

Regular exercise can make you feel more awake and energetic, and it helps your whole body intake oxygen better, which means your lungs and heart will function a lot better.

Finding the time to exercise can be quite challenging, but if you have the motivation to get up a bit earlier before school, or even just spend 30 minutes exercising after school, you will see a huge improvement in your overall energy levels. 

If you feel inclined, try joining a club in school that focuses on exercise. Having like-minded people around you will help motivate you!

Too Much Caffeine 

It’s no secret that most teenagers really enjoy coffee or other caffeinated drinks, but did you know that too much of it can cause you to feel more tired?

Caffeine is great in small quantities, but when you drink too much of it, it actually becomes a major sleep disrupter. 

You might be tempted to make a cup of coffee when you come home from school, but it’s in your best interest to just keep coffee for the earlier hours of the day.

By the time you get home, a cup of coffee might be a bit too much caffeine and you might find it harder to sleep later at night if you indulge in your cravings. 

Try a week without having caffeine after 11 am and see how drastically it helps your sleep! 


It should come as no surprise that stress is a huge factor as to why you feel tired all the time, but if it is a shock, let’s look into it a bit more so you have a better understanding!

Stress is always going to be a part of life, but when you are a teenager, the effects of stress can feel even harder.

As a teenager, you have to deal with so many stressful things, exams being just one of them, and your body will store that stress, which in turn, will make you more tired.

The best thing to do when you are feeling stressed is to find a relaxing activity.

Anything like going for a walk, spending time in nature, or just outside in the sun, and yoga are all great ways for you to relax and unwind. 


Being a teenager is a lot harder than most people think, and it’s completely natural for you to feel tired after school.

As you can see, there are lots of contributing factors as to why you might be feeling extra tired, but there are plenty of things you can do to make that lack of energy less of a problem. 

And remember, you are still growing, so there will always be days when you feel more tired after school than usual. Just take each day as it comes!

Simon Lewis

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