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Your Complete Guide To High School Reunions

Are you looking to plan a high school reunion? Maybe yours is coming up and you don’t know what to expect? Or are you curious and want to know more?

Whatever your question might be, we are here with the answers for you! 

Your Complete Guide To High School Reunions

Finding out what happens at high school reunions and what to expect can be tricky, especially if you have never attended one before.

You head online to find out more but are met with tons of conflicting articles that leave you unsure who to trust or where to turn, and as the reunion approaches, you feel the fear and frustration creeping in.

Well, no more! Today, we are here with the answers you need! Keep reading for a complete guide to high school reunions.

We have everything you need to get you ready for the upcoming reunion, or even just to satisfy your curiosity! 

When Are High School Reunions?

High school reunions tend to happen ten years after you graduate. Following this, there might be a reunion every five to ten years after the first ten-year reunion.

So you can expect to see 10 year, 20, 25, 30, 40, and even 50 year high school reunions! 

There are plenty of opportunities to see old classmates with this many reunions! 

What Are High School Reunions For?

The main purpose of a high school reunion is for high school friends to catch up and reconnect.

Many people won’t have seen each other since prom or graduation, so it’s a good chance to see what old classmates are up to, what they are working on, and listen to how their lives have been. 

High school reunions are also a good networking opportunity. You never know who might be working in the same field as you or even have a job opportunity waiting for you!

Why not ask about people’s jobs and lives? The answer might surprise you! 

Before social media took off, high school reunions were a great way to learn more about your former classmates.

Keeping in touch with classmates can be tricky, so high school reunions allow you the opportunity to reconnect with friends and ask the questions you want answered! 

When Were High School Reunions Invented?

High school reunions were invented in the 1800s when graduates would visit undergraduate friends and professors at college on Commencement Day.

Held in late September, this tradition was held for a hundred years.

Alumni guests would attend a special dinner funded by the college president before the occasion was moved to June in 1844 to fall after graduation. 

Reunions often included dinners where guests would listen to speeches from other alum. As time went on, the occasion evolved.

Families were invited, bands were hired, and college rivals would play baseball games with one another. 

The event trickled down from colleges and started being held for high schools too.

This meant that even if you didn’t go to college, you could still attend a reunion and catch up with old classmates and teachers. 

Are There Five Year High School Reunions?

Yes, there are five year high school reunions. These typically come after the first ten year reunion. We then see reunions every five to ten years. 

These days, five year high school reunions aren’t that common. This is down to social media making it far easier for you to stay in touch with your classmates.

Now you can go longer without needing to see someone to know what is happening in their lives! 

Are There Ten Year High School Reunions?

Yes, there are ten-year high school reunions. These are the most popular high school reunions in the US. These usually involve old classmates getting together near to or at their old high school.

There might also be a ceremony on the anniversary of their graduation which can be organized by old teachers or classmates. 

Former classmates have the opportunity to catch up and learn about the lives of their old friends, as well as sharing stories about their old school days. 

A lot can happen in ten years, making high school reunions interesting events to attend. Everyone’s lives take a different path after school, so you can expect lots of fun and engaging stories being told!

Whether your classmates have had lengthy careers, got married, traveled, or attended college since you saw them last, you can bet there will be some good stories told! 

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How To Plan A High School Reunion 

Planning a high school reunion requires some careful planning and time dedicated to it. Thankfully, we have a step-by-step guide below that you can follow. Let’s take a look at it now. 

1. Create A Reunion Committee 

The class president usually leads the committee formed of former classmates. You can track these down through an alumni contact list or social media platforms.

From here, you can decide how you will plan the reunion. There are lots of planning tools you can use that help you create mailing lists and send invites. 

2. Assign Roles 

Next, give everyone a job to do. This helps make planning the event easier, and increases the chances of everyone on the committee participating and pouring the same level of energy into the planning process. 

3. Contact Alumni Office 

They can provide you with the names and details of your former classmates ready for invitations. They can also offer some advice about previous reunions and let you know if there are any coming up. 

If they are unable to give you contact information, you can use social media to find phone numbers and addresses of former classmates. 

4. Pick A Date And Venue 

Next, set a date that everyone is happy with. Once you have the date you can book the venue.

Make sure you do this with plenty of time, you don’t want to be rushing! Look for a venue that is practical, affordable, and accessible, especially if you are not using your old high school. 

5. Set Your Budget 

Most high school reunions charge ticket prices for a reunion to cover the costs. So you need a budget to calculate the cost.

You might want to do this after you have booked the entertainment, decor, and menu, or you can do it beforehand. 

Set a deadline too for collecting the funds and assign a person whose job it is to collect the money. Alumni donations, class gifts, ticket sales, and alumni association dues are all typically used to fund reunions. 

6. Create A Menu

Next, create a menu. Consider any food restrictions or allergies and create a menu that you all agree on. You will want to consider desserts, appetizers, and drinks, as these are often forgotten! 

7. Plan The Decor 

Create a decor plan for the event. Consider what you will get from the venue and what you can add in.

You might want to use video clips or photo books that can be shared at the event, or incorporate music from your high school days. 

8. Source Entertainment 

If you have the budget, you might want to include entertainment. Usually, this is a DJ or live band to provide some music and entertainment during the event.

You don’t need to have this for the whole event if you don’t want to. 

9. Send Invitations 

Once everything is planned, you can send your invitations! E-invites are usually used as they are cheaper and you don’t need to worry about finding everyone’s address.

Make sure to include an RSVP section and date to RSVP by so you have a clear idea of numbers.

When Should I Host A High School Reunion?

You should plan a high school reunion at a time that suits most of your classmates. It can be hard to find an exact date, so opt for a time that works for most people.

This will likely be the summer months or close to the end of the season. 

We recommend planning the reunion on a weekend or public holiday. If you want the event to be family-friendly too, try and plan it during the daytime.

This way it reduces the need for childcare, ensuring more of your guests can attend. 

What Month Are Most High School Reunions Held?

Most high school reunions are typically held in the summer. This is usually due to the summer being the time more people are free, especially if you have children.

You don’t need to worry about school, especially if you need to travel back for the reunion. 

High school reunions are usually held from June to September. The warmer weather also makes it easier to plan outdoor events. Plus, you don’t need to worry about snow disrupting travel plans! 

Where Should I Have A High School Reunion?

Ideally, your high school reunion should be nearby, or at your old school. Most people will travel if the reunion isn’t too far from their old school.

Of course, this depends on your school’s willingness to host the reunion. Generally, most high schools allow this, especially as the building isn’t used at evenings or during weekends. 

Having the reunion at your school also helps to spark memories and conversations about your time at high school. 

Your Complete Guide To High School Reunions (1) (1)

Who Plans High School Reunions?

Anyone can plan a high school reunion. Usually, a class president will take charge and plan the event. It is usually them that coordinate a committee and plan the event.

Anyone can choose to join the committee, and usually, this is advertised on social media or through alumni communications. 

Thankfully with high school reunions, everyone has the same interest in the event/ so you can expect everyone that joins the committee to commit and contribute to planning the event. 

What Happens At A High School Reunion?

So what happens at a high school reunion? Usually, there will be lots of conversations!

Old classmates will reconnect and discuss adult experiences, previous academic life, what they are working on, where they currently are, and what they are working towards. 

Reunions tend to be a casual event. You can expect finger foods or a sit-down dinner, depending on what has been planned. There might also be some entertainment or live music.

Whether this happens depends on the budget and size of the reunion.

Due to the factors that impact a reunion, each high school reunion looks different. But one thing stays the same, old-school friends catching up. 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, everything you need to know about high school reunions! Whether you are planning a reunion or have been invited to one, you should know what to expect when you arrive! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Before you leave us today, check out our brief FAQ section to answer all your last-minute questions! 

Do People Hook Up At High School Reunions?

Yes, people do hook up at high school reunions, especially if they have had a few drinks! It can be an opportunity to reconnect with a high school partner, or someone you had a crush on at school. 

They don’t often, but these hookups can form into serious relationships, especially if the people live near each other and are ready for a committed relationship!

What Should I Wear To A High School Reunion?

Unless there is a dress code on the invitation, wear something casual. High school reunions tend to be casual events held at your high school, informal restaurant, or bar.

Wear something you feel comfortable and good in, you don’t want to be standing awkwardly all night! 

We also recommend comfortable shoes as there tends to be a lot of standing at high school reunions! 

Do Partners Go To High School Reunions?

Yes, partners do go to high school reunions. Often, the invitation will state whether it is open to partners or not.

Generally, it is expected that partners will attend high school reunions. It can be fun to take your partner to meet your old school friends, but it’s worth considering them too.

Will they be bored while you reconnect with old friends? You don’t want to spend the evening worrying about them, so consider carefully whether it’s worth attending or not. 

Why Do People Go To High School Reunions?

People go to high school reunions to see their old classmates and catch up. It can be good to hear success stories and how people you once spent every day with are doing. 

People also go to evaluate the success of their classmates. We all love a healthy dose of competition and it can be interesting to see who has succeeded after school.

Remember, we all measure success differently, so try to go in with no expectations. 

High school reunions also provide an opportunity to learn where people have been and what they are working on, especially if you haven’t tracked everyone down on social media.

You can also reconnect and rekindle friendship with your old school friends. 

While you might have had bad experiences in high school and don’t want to attend, it will surprise you how much fun it can be!

Time has passed and people do mature and grow up. Plus, if you are living a successful life and are thriving, it can be great to return and show everyone just how fantastic you and your life is! 

What Do You Talk About At A High School Reunion?

Generally, people talk about their memories from school.

They will also talk about what they have achieved in life, the goals they are working on, how they have progressed, and generally fill the gaps in life since they finished school. 

You can also expect people to reminisce about their old days in school,

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