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10 Websites For Reading Intervention You Need To Check Out Today!

If you are looking to improve reading skills or provide effective interventions for struggling readers, look no further!

Today, we have curated a list of 10 exceptional websites that offer valuable resources for reading intervention. 

10 Websites For Reading Intervention You Need To Check Out Today!

We understand the challenge of finding free or inexpensive reading interventions to improve literary skills.

Combine this with finding good quality resources and it becomes even harder. Because of this struggle, we’ve done the hard work for you!

Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or student, the websites we have chosen today are packed with engaging content and evidence-based strategies to enhance literacy skills to bring out that inner Shakespeare!  

From interactive reading games to comprehensive lesson plans and targeted interventions, these websites are a treasure trove of tools and materials designed to support readers of all ages and abilities. 

Get ready to explore these top-notch resources and take your reading intervention efforts to the next level!

1. The Spel-Lang Tree: A Word Study Program

Unlock the power of literacy with this comprehensive program, targeting essential components, such as vocabulary, phonics, spelling, and grammar.

The Spel-Lang Tree: A Word Study Program is an exceptional resource that is not only free, but also offers support across multiple levels, catering to preschoolers and beyond.

Based on a fun tree-themed progression, the program begins with Seeds, providing a strong foundation in sound-symbol correspondence for pre-k to first-grade learners.

It incorporates games, connections within literature, captivating visuals, enrichment activities, and word lists, ensuring an immersive learning experience.

Progressing further, Roots caters to struggling first-graders who require help in sound-symbol relationships. The meticulously designed scope and sequence encompass handwriting, phonics, and grammar.

With 20-minute lessons, it seamlessly integrates into both homeschool and classroom environments, accommodating diverse learning settings.

For second-graders or students seeking advanced grammar and phonics support, Trunks offers a targeted approach.

Here, students delve into syllable patterns, explore word families, and dive deeper into grammar skills.

Notably, this level covers silent letters, and the program includes a comprehensive formative assessment plan, empowering educators with valuable insights to guide their instruction effectively.

2. SERP Institute

Discover the impressive literacy programs offered by SERP, a renowned research institute dedicated to enhancing educational outcomes and needs for older students.

With a focus on specific literacy components, including basic reading, vocabulary, and comprehension, these programs are designed to make a significant impact. Let’s explore each program in more detail below.

Developed as a Tier 2 adolescent literacy program, STARI caters to students in grades six to nine who are reading two plus years below grade level. This program comprises nine units and is thoughtfully designed to connect with authentic reading experiences. 

Students engage with a variety of reading materials, including short stories, novels, poetry, and nonfiction texts.

This myriad of resources build engagement and facilitate skill development. To access the STARI materials, all you have to do is simply visit the designated section on their website.

Then, there is WordGen. Ideal for students in Grades 4 and above, WordGen is a content-area literacy program. It consists of 12 two-week units that provide a comprehensive approach to improving reading skills. 

While the lessons may be slightly lengthy for elementary intervention periods, they are specifically tailored for middle school blocks of 40 to 50 minutes. 

For upper elementary learners, it might be necessary to divide the lessons into manageable segments. Overall, WordGen offers separate programs designed for both Elementary and Middle schools, ensuring targeted and effective instruction.

With SERP’s STARI and WordGen programs, teachers and students alike have access to valuable resources that prioritize basic reading, vocabulary, and comprehension, skills.

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of these superb offerings to empower older students on their literacy journey!

3. Prodigy English 

Next up, we are introducing Prodigy English. This website offers an exciting new adventure world where kids can set off on thrilling quests and unlock a multitude of opportunities to improve their language and reading skills.

Set out as an enthralling game (because what kid doesn’t like a game?), children can dive into it and encounter interactive questions that fuel their energy and propel their progress.

With each question answered, players earn valuable energy to explore an expansive open world, gather resources, earn coins, craft items, and even construct their very own village!

Prodigy English is a remarkable platform that effortlessly motivates children to practice and develop their language skills within a welcoming and engaging environment.

To start on the site, simply create a free parent account and then witness your child’s language and reading abilities flourish.

Best of all, Prodigy’s English adventure is available for free, making it an accessible and invaluable tool for language learning. Optional paid Membership features provide further enhancements for those seeking even more immersive experiences.

Embrace the power of Prodigy English and watch your child’s reading and language proficiency soar through fun adventures!

4. Epic

Epic is an incredible site that can empower a child’s independent reading journey via its vast reading library.

This site provides unlimited access to a large collection of books, designed especially for beginning readers. Epic is a great resource that adapts and evolves alongside your child’s growing reading skills.

This exceptional online tool offers personalized book recommendations based on your child’s reading level and interests, ensuring they discover stories that are perfectly suited to their abilities.

With a selection of “read to me” books, Epic further enhances their reading experience, providing an easy-to-use dictionary feature that helps develop skills and expand their vocabulary.

Epic goes the extra mile to motivate young readers by rewarding their achievements, too. As your child progresses, they earn badges that celebrate their accomplishments, igniting a sense of pride and encouraging them to continue their reading journey.

The pricing options for Epic are designed to cater to different needs. The basic membership includes one free book every day, allowing your child to enjoy a new reading adventure regularly.

For unlimited access, you can opt between two affordable plans, unlocking a world of endless reading possibilities.

Epic is a truly remarkable reading intervention platform. When kids use it, we are pretty sure you can watch as their reading skills soar!

5. Florida Center For Reading Research

Another effective, highly impressive tool for tutoring or intervening with struggling readers, is the Florida Center for Reading Research website. With its comprehensive approach, it covers five crucial components of literacy:

  • Vocabulary
  • Phonological awareness
  • Fluency
  • Phonics
  • Comprehension.

What sets this site apart is its meticulous organization, providing a wealth of resources, including lessons and games, all tailored to someone’s specific reading intervention requirements.

The content is neatly divided into student centers, allowing targeted activities for skill-building. Each reading area, from K-1, 2-3, to 4-5, offers a set of centers designed to address the unique needs of learners at different grade levels.

The convenience is unparalleled on the Florida Center for Reading Research site.

All you need to do is simply print the materials, and you’re all set to deliver impactful instructions, making it ideal for teachers looking to expand their student’s literary skills in the classroom.

This website truly serves as a one-stop shop for all your reading intervention needs, delivering comprehensive resources in an accessible and user-friendly manner.

Visit this website and unlock a treasure trove of resources that will empower you to support struggling readers. The site is an excellent opportunity to take your tutoring or intervention efforts to new heights.

6. ReadWorks

ReadWorks may be one of the most widely known resources available to help those struggling with their reading and writing skills. It is perfect for teachers and homeschooling parents offering ways to revolutionize your approach to reading intervention.

ReadWorks is a game-changer, offering a diverse range of engaging and expertly crafted texts that align with the K-12 curriculum.

Whether it’s non-fiction or literary assignments, this website has you covered with an extensive collection of in-depth, interesting topics. Each text is accompanied by question sets and vocabulary practice, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

What sets ReadWorks apart is its remarkable feature called StepReads, specifically designed to support struggling readers.

StepReads presents the same information as the original text but in a simplified manner. Instead of “dumbing down” the topic, ReadWorks maintains the integrity of the material, including vocabulary words, while tailoring it to suit your child’s reading level.

The best part? ReadWorks is completely free, allowing all budgets to access high-quality reading intervention resources.

We highly encourage you to explore ReadWorks today and hopefully witness the transformation in your child’s reading abilities. 

7. Oxford Owl

Whether you’re a parent or a teacher who is eager to support a child’s reading journey, Oxford Owl is an absolute gem of a website. It offers a plethora of invaluable resources, expertly designed to boost confidence and reading success.

The parent guides available on Oxford Owl are a game-changer.

They provide clear explanations on how phonics works, equip parents with practical tips for learning at home, and outline important reading comprehension milestones from pre-k to age 11.

These guides empower parents with the knowledge and tools needed to guide their child’s reading development effectively.

But that’s not all. Oxford Owl’s free digital library offers a huge selection of tablet-friendly reads. With a vast variety of books available, children can explore wondrous stories while improving their reading skills.

This digital library offers a seamless reading experience that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

And, the best part, yet again, is that Oxford owl’s resources are available for free. Oxford Owl is certainly committed to providing accessible and high-quality reading intervention support to parents and children alike.

8. Lalilo

When it comes to effective reading intervention, Lalilo is one of the most fantastic web-based resources out there. And, guess what – it’s completely free of charge.

Designed for students operating at K-2nd grade levels, this digital platform offers an adaptive learning experience that caters to individual needs.

Lalilo focuses on crucial skills such as word recognition, phonics, and comprehension. What sets it apart is the gamified approach that injects fun into learning foundational reading skills.

Students can enjoy an adventure through various worlds, collecting badges and stories along the way, making the learning experience engaging and enjoyable.

One notable aspect of Lalilo is its rich vocabulary, which revolves around fascinating topics like nature and animals. This thematic approach sparks interest and captures the imagination of young learners, making the learning experience even more meaningful.

Behind the scenes, Lalilo offers invaluable data that allows educators to monitor student progress and make informed instructional decisions.

With access to this data, teachers can tailor their interventions more effectively and ensure personalized support for each student.

With its adaptive and individualized approach, engaging vocabulary, gamified elements, and data-driven insights, Lalilo proves to be an outstanding website for reading intervention. 

9. Khan Academy

When it comes to online learning resources, Khan Academy continues to reign as one of the best, covering a vast array of subjects. ‘

For early readers, the newly launched Khan Academy Kids steals the show in particular! This program, tailored for children aged two to six, provides a self-paced and personalized learning experience.

It’s the perfect platform to introduce your little ones to the world of reading while allowing them to progress at their own pace.

If you have an older child in need of extra reading support, look no further than the original Khan Academy site.

Here, you’ll discover personalized reading instruction designed to cater to second-graders and beyond.

With a focus on reading comprehension, this self-paced and secure environment provides a safe space for your child to enhance their reading skills and witness remarkable growth.

What’s even more impressive is that all these valuable resources are available for free.

Khan Academy remains committed to providing accessible and high-quality education to learners around the globe, ensuring that financial constraints are not a barrier to learning.

With Khan Academy, learning becomes an enriching and accessible experience for all.

10. Free Reading

Last but by no means least on our list today is Free Reading, a top-notch website for reading intervention that covers a wide range of literacy components.

Its clean and user-friendly interface ensures a seamless navigation experience, allowing teachers, parents, and kids to quickly locate the resources needed.

What sets this website apart is its exceptional Tier 1 intervention options. The materials are thoughtfully organized, providing easy access to resources specific to various literacy components.

From phonological awareness to concepts, vocabulary, comprehension, phonics, writing, and fluency, you’ll find a wealth of materials to support targeted interventions.

But here’s the best part; the Free Reading site offers much more than just free reading intervention resources.

The “Find Activities” tab allows you to choose from a wide array of areas tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s honing in on particular skills or addressing specific challenges, this website provides the flexibility to customize all needs.

In addition, the Teaching Tools tab offers a comprehensive week-by-week plan for literacy interventions, providing a structured framework to guide your instruction.

The Free Reading site not only delivers top class resources, but also ensures a user-friendly experience. Teachers, in particular, will appreciate the ease of use, as this website is designed to simplify their intervention efforts.

Free Reading allows users to experience the convenience, effectiveness, and teacher-friendly features it offers. Like all the sites on our list, this one will surely have a positive impact on a students’ literacy development.

Why Use A Website For Reading Intervention

Using a website for reading intervention offers advantages such as access to diverse resources targeting different literacy components and grade levels.

It provides flexibility for personalized learning, allowing interventions in various settings. 

Distinct instruction supports individual student needs, and interactive activities engage kids with quizzes, games, and multimedia content.

They also allow students to monitor their progress and use data analysis tools to track growth. For teachers and parents, they can inform instructional decisions. 

These websites also offer professional development opportunities and support through guides, webinars, and forums.

By utilizing these benefits, teachers and parents can enhance instruction, provide targeted support, and build literacy development in their students and kids.

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In Summary

We hope these websites can help your students and/or children develop their literacy skills going forward. The sooner you take advantage of these sites, the sooner their reading and writing skills will improve.

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