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25 Awesome Show And Tell Ideas For Your Class

Can you remember your first show-and-tell experience? Or perhaps the time you attended your child’s first show and tell?

Show and tells are a great way to get your students to speak about something they’re happy about, passionate about, or proud of.

Show And Tell Ideas

Not only do they help you get a better understanding of your students, they also benefit their education by encouraging self-expression and improving their ability to speak publicly.

Show and tells benefit the whole class. And the best is that there are many ways you can get creative with it!

If you need inspiration for your next class show and tell, below we’ve listed 25 awesome show and tell ideas for your class.

1. Favorite Toy

Asking your students to bring in their favorite toys is one of the best show-and-tell ideas, as it’s fun and something the kids won’t find difficult to talk about.

The idea is ideal for younger students, especially students doing their first show and tell.

2. Favorite Book

Encourage reading by theming your next show and tell around the students’ favorite books.

You can let the students have complete freedom to bring in any book they like or ask them to find their favorite book within a specific genre.

3. Travel Souvenir

Travel souvenirs are a great way to get the kids reminiscing about their favorite vacation and what led to them buying or finding a certain travel souvenir.

This show-and-tell idea can also benefit the other students’ knowledge of different countries and cultures.

4. Family Pet

This is another awesome show-and-tell idea that your students won’t find difficult to talk about. For students who don’t have family pets, you can ask them to talk about their favorite animal instead.

5. Collections

A class show and tell themed around “collections” can involve anything your students like to collect. It can also be a particular item your students have many of, such as toys, books, or video games.

This is a fun show-and-tell idea for getting the kids to share their interests.

6. Personal Hobby

Kids are more talkative when they’re enthusiastic. So, asking the kids to talk about their personal hobbies is a fantastic show-and-tell idea that will also help the whole class learn more about each other.

7. Personal Achievement

Teach the kids to celebrate their successes by organizing a show and tell about personal achievements, which can be an achievement in school or out of school.

Give them ideas by asking them to think about any certificates, medals, or praise they have received.

8. Favorite Subject

Learn more about your students by asking them to talk about their favorite school subject at your next show and tell.

This idea can also be highly educational for the rest of the class as each student talks about what interests them and why they enjoy it.

9. Childhood Item

Get the kids to reminisce by asking them to bring in their favorite childhood item – a great show-and-tell idea that will help the children develop the concept of nostalgia and sentimentality.

This can include comfort items or one of their favorite old toys.

10. Family Photo

Ask your class to bring in their favorite family photo to talk about the story behind the photo and why it’s their favorite.

Just bear in mind that this show-and-tell idea might not be a comfortable subject for every student.

Show And Tell Ideas

11. Future Goal

Get the kids thinking about their future and possible careers that interest them by asking them to talk about their future goals.

This show-and-tell idea can also include things that they would like to do in the future.

12. Favorite Outfit

A “favorite outfit” show and tell is an awesome idea where you can allow the kids to come in dressed up in their favorite clothes.

Get the students to talk about why it’s their favorite outfit, which will help them develop a concept of what makes them feel confident.

13. Hidden Talent

Organize a part show and tell, part talent show with this fun idea that will get the students to demonstrate a hidden talent.

Let them know that their hidden talent can be anything they are proud they can do or something they can do that’s unique!

14. Artwork

Have the kids bring in their favorite drawing or painting to show off to the class.

This can also be an arts and crafts project or any piece of artwork that they like (it doesn’t have to be something they have created).

15. Favorite Thing To Do In The Summer

This show-and-tell idea is perfect before or after the summer holidays.

Ask the kids to talk about their favorite thing to do in the summer and why. This idea can also involve their favorite summer memory and why.

16. Favorite Fruit

Encourage healthy eating and the benefits of eating fruit with this show-and-tell idea where the kids can bring in their favorite fruit and talk about why they like it.

You could also let each student bring in fruit to share with students who would like to try it.

17. Favorite Animal

Get the class to think about the animal kingdom with this show-and-tell idea themed around their favorite animals. This can be any living creature that they are interested in or like.

You can get them to talk about why before presenting an interesting fact to the class.

18. Favorite Gift

Teach your class about the importance of appreciation by asking them to bring in their favorite gift to present to the class and talk about.

The gift can be a Christmas present, a birthday present, or any item that was given to them.

19. “Something That Begins With The First Letter Of Your Name”

Encourage your students’ creativity with this awesome show-and-tell idea that gives them the freedom to bring in any item that begins with the first letter of their name.

It can be an item they like, or something they think represents them!

20. “Something That Can Be Recycled”

Help your class learn more about recycling and the importance of recycling by having them bring in something that can be recycled.

Make it educational for the class by asking the students to explain why the item is recyclable and how to recycle it.

21. “Something That’s Your Favorite Color”

Ask your students to bring in an item that’s their favorite color. You can ask them to explain why they chose that item and why that color is their favorite.

This is another show-and-tell idea that will encourage expression and get the class thinking!

22. “Something That’s Shaped Like A Circle”

Here’s another show-and-tell idea that will let your students use their creativity and imagination.

Ask them to bring in an item that’s circle-shaped (or any shape you prefer) and talk about why they chose it.

23. “Something Related To The Holidays”

Get your class to bring in an item related to the holidays. This can be an item related to Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.

You can give them the freedom to choose their favorite holiday or theme it around a holiday that’s just around the corner.

Show And Tell Ideas

24. “Something You Created”

This awesome show-and-tell idea will encourage your students’ creative side by getting them to bring in something they have created, which can be something newly created for the show-and-tell or something they have created in the past.

25. “Something That Makes You Happy”

Last but not least, ask your class to bring in something that makes them happy! This show-and-tell idea offers lots of freedom, as you can let your students talk about anything from their favorite toy to their favorite hobby or even their favorite food or favorite memory.


That wraps up our list of 25 awesome show-and-tell ideas for your class, which are sure to inspire creative expression and provide lots to learn about, no matter whether your students are presenting or listening.

Show and tells are a great way to understand your students more and are also an opportunity for your students to learn more about one another.

Always make sure your class show and tells are engaging and educational by saving this page for future reference!

Simon Lewis

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