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22 Cute DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

Instead of getting the same gift every year, why not try something different? A cute Valentine’s Day gift basket is a great idea for the sweetie in your life!

You can fill it with the things your loved one loves, and really make it truly personal and special to them.

22 Cute DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

You also can spend as little or as much as you like. Whether that is filling the basket with a bouquet and chocolate, or going all out at the Dollar store – it really is up to you.

If you are looking for some Valentine’s Day gift basket ideas, then you have come to the right place. 

Whether it is for your bestie, partner or child, here you will find all the inspiration you need with these 22 cute DIY Valentine’s Day gift basket ideas that are sure to surprise your loved one.

1. All-Red Cute Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

This cute red themed basket is a mix of traditional Valentine’s Day gifts (the teddy bear and Valentine’s Day themed goodies) along with treats that your Valentine likes to eat.

This is great because it shows how much you know them too, but also that you want to add in a cute aspect as well. Plus, the bear is adorable and they can keep it forever – of course!

2. You’re My Kind Of Brew Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

If the one you admire likes their beer, then this Valentine’s Day basket is perfect. While it has a more masculine edge (there is a bucket, afterall), it does make a fun gift without being overly romantic. 

However, the card paper hearts really bring this together – as does the cheeky monkey! Fill it with real ice cubes too, so the beer can be cracked open right away. 

3. For The Single Bestie Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

There is nothing that will cheer the bestie in your life more than a hot guy holding a baby animal book. 

This cheeky Valentine’s (or should we say Galentine’s) basket is filled with fun things to give to your BFF. Add some chocolate and a cute card – make them Valentine’s Day themed – and you’re good to go.

Don’t forget to place it all in a basket too – they can always repurpose it.

4. Fun And Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

What better time than now to have fun putting a Valentine’s Day gift basket together? This basket is all about the cheese. It includes using the brand names as ways to describe your love.

For example, Milk Duds. Written on a sticker is: ‘Your love is no dud!!’

It is fun yet thoughtful, and doesn’t cost a lot of money to put together either. Even the basket has heart shapes cut out from candy and chocolate wrappers stuck on it. 

Add in a photo with a corny frame for that extra cheesiness.

5. Sport Loving Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

This Valentine’s Day gift basket is perfect for the guy or girl in your life who loves sport. It is a fun basket to put together too, as you can make the colors fit with their favorite team.

You can also add in mini alcohol bottles too, or even craft beer to make it more premium. There is also the option to add in beer bottle openers or holders. 

6. Premium Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

If you are looking for a premium Valentine’s Day gift basket, then look no further. This one places champagne, red roses, and high end chocolate inside a beautiful picnic basket.

You can also find alternatives too, as premium doesn’t always have to be expensive.

This one also includes items of interest too, such as mini pots of paint and a brush. This shows that you really know the other person well. 

7. Starbucks Themed Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

If you have a coffee lover in your life, then this Starbucks themed Valentine’s Day gift basket is a wonderful idea.

You can place Starbucks coffee packages inside the basket, as well as any cookies they sell, and a coffee cup too.

If you can find red Starbucks gifts, then that is a bonus! However, if you can’t, then add in some red color with ribbons and hearts.

8. Be Mine Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

Nothing says ‘crush’ more than the words ‘be mine’. Whether you are in your early days of dating, or you have your eye on somebody, this cute Valentine’s Day gift basket is all you need to show them that you are interested in them.

Or, you could just give this to your partner who you have been with for several years. It shows that you will love them always. 

9. White And Red Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

The majority of people focus on the red or pink color theme with their Valentine’s Day gifts, but this one makes white the main color.

While red is still prominent, it adds some freshness to the gift basket. Plus, you can buy a really cute white bear and place it in a white basket with red hearts. Basically, it looks really pretty!

10. Favorite Candy Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

If you aren’t sure what to put in a Valentine’s Day gift basket, then their favorite snacks and candy will most definitely do.

You can buy a whole bunch of stuff from the grocery store and have fun playing Tetris trying to fit them all into the basket.

Or, you could do something similar and use a popcorn box, especially if they enjoy going to the movies. 

11. Handmade Gifts Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

Handmade gifts can be a wonderful thing to give to somebody. While it makes it extra personal if you have made them yourself, you could also source handmade items from independent stores.

This creates a wonderfully unique gift that also supports those who are using their craft to make amazing products. 

12. Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

A unique basket idea is buying (or making) a pot or vase, painting it and then placing a few thoughtful gifts inside. The pot can be reused for something like flowers – so maybe buy them too!

It makes a wonderfully inexpensive gift idea that is also very personal. Finishing it off with a red bow adds the final touch to this great gift idea.

13. Beauty In A Box Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

Whether for your daughter, sister, or your favorite gal pal, this beauty in a box Valentine’s Day gift idea is all you need to show them how much you care. 

You can add in a makeup bag, a few cute cosmetic items (red or pink colored), some chocolates and makeup accessories. 

You don’t need to go too expensive with this either – pick up some of their favorites and make it look special. 

14. All About You Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

While all Valentine’s Day gift baskets are focused on the other person, this one says it with words. You can create special quotes about how much they mean to you which they can keep.

Adding in items too like their favorite DVD, snacks and so on will make it extra special. Cover the whole thing in beautiful quotes so they have to read them as they are removed.

15. Heart Quotes Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

This cute Valentine’s Day basket idea plays on the brand names, yet does it in such a cute way by writing them on heart shaped pieces of card. 

The basket is full of alcohol and snacks, as well as colored tissue paper. It looks fun and has a romantic edge.

16. Couple Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

This sweet Valentine’s Day gift basket is perfect for a couple who want to have a relaxing night. It includes wine, chocolate, a candle, drinking glasses and towels.

This cute gift is sure to go down well if it means relaxing for a few hours!

17. Heart Shaped Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

A heart shaped box might be a bit of a cliché, but it is popular for a reason – it always goes down well.

Fill it with a teddy bear and some of their favorite candy and snacks, and it is sure to be a winner on Valentine’s Day.

18. Wine O’Clock Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

Another couples Valentine’s Day basket coming up! This one is a little different to the one above. It includes sweet Valentine’s Day tumblers and mini bottles of wine.

You can change the gifts up too. For example, a pint glass and bottle of craft beer. 

19. Balloon Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

This cute gift basket idea is great for those who like to do crafts. It involves placing a balloon on a stick and attaching a ribbon to make it look like a hot air balloon.

Fill it with flowers or snacks, and this will be a real showstopper!

20. Full Jar Valentine’s Day Gift basket

If you are after something unique, then this jar idea is sure to be right up your street. You can add candy to the jar and put decorations on the outside.

The jar can also be reused making this a great planet-friendly option.

21. I’m Hot For You Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

This gift basket is perfect for your loved one who enjoys everything hot and spicy. To make it romantic, you can create your own card to show the person how much you care.

This one is also really fun to put together, as you can be varied with the type of items you put into the basket. From sauce and sachets, to spicy snacks – there are so many things to choose from.

22. Handbag Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

It will be like a birthday and Valentine’s Day rolled into one for this person. Using a handbag as a gift basket is a really interesting way of showing the female in your life how much you care.

The handbag doesn’t need to be expensive either, and can be something you saw while in the mall at Claire’s. 

This makes it perfect for a daughter or a bestie. It can include lots of cute heart shaped lollipops and candy, as well as fun cute gifts like nail varnish and hand lotion. 

Final Thoughts

From cute teddy bears and pretty flowers, to filling it with things that they love, a Valentine’s Day gift basket is a real treat for the one you want to show how much you care. 

You can make the gift basket look very romantic, or add some items that they genuinely love – almost like a birthday gift or two. 

Whatever your budget, there is bound to be a Valentine’s Day gift basket idea that has inspired you – and just remember, it is the thought that counts.

You don’t need to spend dollars upon dollars to show how much you care, unless you want to, of course!

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