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The Best Classroom Door Ideas To Decorate Your Classroom

Decorating your classroom door can be a great way to bring some fun and excitement into the classroom.

It can also be an exciting revamp if you don’t have the time or the budget to re-decorate the whole classroom.

The Best Classroom Door Ideas To Decorate Your Classroom

The classroom door is the first thing the student will see on their way in, so you might as well make use of this space.

Whether you want to inspire the students, make them laugh, or make them smile, you have come to the right place. 

There are so many different ideas that you can use to decorate your classroom door. If you are looking for inspiration, check out this list of the best ideas to help get you started. 

Inspiring Classroom Door Decorations 

If you want to inspire your students, you can do this with your classroom door decoration.

Pick an inspirational quote and build a design around it, using plenty of color to keep it eye-catching. 


This design will make each child feel like they have something to offer. It helps to make students feel special and worthy, building their confidence.

Confident children will usually perform better and have a much more enjoyable school experience. The black background makes the colors stand out. 

The Sky’s The Limit 

This classroom door shows students that there is no limit to what they can achieve.

It is important that children are able to dream big and feel that anything is possible, so you can incorporate this idea into your classroom decorations. 

Amazing Things 

This is a simple design that you can customize with your own choice of colors and patterns. It has a straightforward message that shows the students that school can be a great place.

A positive message like this on your classroom door will help your students to start off the day with the right frame of mind. 


This butterfly themed door design is very easy to make but the colors are super effective. You can use a butterfly stencil to make sure that they are all the same shape and size.

Alternatively, you can get each student to make their own butterfly to add to the door. This could be a fun way to get the children involved with the decorating process. 

Young Minds 

This beautiful ensign features large and colorful flowers that you could make out of various different materials.

The flowers represent the minds of the students blooming as they learn more and more, creating a positive association with learning and school. 


This door design also has a floral theme, but with a different message. It is about appreciating each other and ourselves for the ways that we are all different.

Variety is one of the things that makes life beautiful, but confidence can be knocked when we try to compare ourselves to others.

This door will remind the students that each flower is as beautiful as the next. 


This fun door decoration uses the idea of the periodic table, but each ‘element’ is an attribute that helps a student to be successful.

This helps the children to recognize the positive traits in themselves, helping them to feel more confident.

It also helps them to get their mind into the right space before they step into the classroom to learn. 

Reach For The Stars

This idea gets the students involved in the decorating process. They can trace their handprint and arm, then cut it out and add it to the door.

Each child can write their own goals on their hand to show what they are reaching for. 

Lesson Themed Classroom Door Decorations 

You might want to decorate your classroom door to fit in with the theme of the lesson that you teach. Here are some fun ideas that you could try. 


Math can be quite a heavy subject, but there are plenty of ways to make it fun.

Adding a colorful classroom door decoration is a great way to achieve this. Here are some themes you could try out. 

Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson is an inspirational historical figure. She was an American mathematician who worked for NASA and provided vital calculations for crewed spaceflights.

She is also an inspirational black woman whose story was turned into a major movie called ‘Hidden Figures’. 

Bright Future 

This colorful door design can be personalized to include a pair of sunglasses for each student. They can design their own and write their own name, even choosing the colors used.

This inspirational message also shows students that succeeding in math can help them to achieve their future goals and opens up a lot of opportunities. 


This door design has an element of comedy which will entertain both the teachers and the students.

You can use a black background to make it look like a blackboard to fit with the classroom theme.

Add some bright colors so that the design catches the students eye as they walk down the corridor. 


A lot of students enjoy science because of the exciting demonstrations in class.

It is also an important lesson for teaching students all about the world around them. Inspire them even further with these fun design ideas. 


You can use caution tape to create this wacky design which shows the fin side of science.

Choose a bright neon color like green, yellow or pink so that it stands out against the dark background. 

Positive Proton

This play one word is related to protons and will also help students to remember some of the key facts they will need in exams.

Make sure the proton diagrams are as accurate as possible, as this is not just a door decoration but a visual learning aid. 


This fun design shows what can go wrong in the laboratory, but injects some humor. You could customize by making the scientist character look like you or one of the other teachers.

You can change the colors around and even add labels to the vials of chemicals.  


Learning a language can be tricky, so it helps to use as many learning tools as possible.

You can turn your classroom door decoration into a visual learning aid to help your students excel in languages. 


You can use your classroom door decoration to help your students learn even more Spanish words.

By keeping the background neutral the words will stand out more, and you can change the words every few weeks to fit with whatever topic you are covering in class. 


Try printing out different words and phrases to build sentences on your classroom door.

This gives the students something educational to read as they enter the classroom, getting them in the right frame of mind for learning.

Make sure you use some bright colors and choose a font that is easy to read. 


A simple design to use for a language classroom door is the relevant flag and something iconic from that country.

You can also add some extra words to help your students learn key phrases even before they step foot into the classroom. 


This paint and paintbrush design is really eyecatch. The paint splodges on the black background stand out clearly. Making the paints three dimensional adds an extra element of interest. 

Drama & Theatre

It is only fitting that the drama classroom has a dramatic door decoration.

This design makes it look like students are at a movie premiere, walking the red carpet complete with paparazzi. All you need is colored paper to make this design come alive. 

Christmas Classroom Door Decorations 

You can bring some holiday spirit into your classroom during the festive season with a Christmas themed classroom door decoration.

It will help the children get excited for Christmas and creates a more cheerful atmosphere for learning. 

Fun Reindeer 

This reindeer scene is full of fun and comedy. The use of the fairy lights make the scene feel even more real, and tells the story of what is happening.

It almost looks like a still from an animated Christmas movie. Add some snow to make it extra festive. 

Christmas Tree 

You might not have space in your classroom for a Christmas tree, so why don’t you add one to your classroom door instead?

This one is easy to make with rolled up green paper, brown paper for the trunk, and some colorful decorations. Add some presents underneath to finish it off. 

Singing Reindeer 

This carol singing reindeer is a really easy design to create but it creates a very cheerful decoration for the classroom.

Add some three dimensional elements like a red nose and some baubles to really bring this design to life. 

Polar Express

The Polar Express is a lovely animated Christmas movie that your students probably love.

They would be very excited to come into school and find that their classroom door has been transformed into the Polar Express, complete with steam and snowflakes. 

The Grinch

The Grinch is a very famous Christmas character that would make an excellent idea for your classroom door decoration.

You can use the book or either of the two films as your inspiration for your Grinch, and even include a quote.

Make sure you choose some vibrant colors, like green for the grinch and red for his outfit. 


This happy snowman will put a smile on the students faces as they come into the classroom. Making a snowman is really easy with white paper, but you could also use cotton wool.

If you want a three dimensional snowman you can use plastic or paper cups, 


A gingerbread house is a simple design that makes use of the natural shape of the door.

The students will feel like they are entering a festive gingerbread house when they step into the classroom.

You will need lots of brown or beige paper, and white paper for the icing. You can even make a gingerbread man stand outside the house. 

Santa’s Workshop

Why not decorate your classroom door to make it look like the door to Santa’s workshop?

There are lots of different designs you can choose from, but make sure you choose some bright and happy Christmas colors.

You can even create an elf character to welcome the students into the workshop. 

Movie Themed Classroom Door Decorations 

If you want to keep your classroom door decorations relevant to your students, why don’t you take inspiration from their favorite films.

There are so many inspirational movies and characters that would make for exciting classroom door decorations. Here are some suggestions. 

The Incredibles

The Incredibles are a family of superheroes who are most successful when they work together as a team.

This teaches your students about the importance of teamwork, and how everyone has something different to offer. 

Toy Story

Friendship is the main theme of Toy Story, so this is a great choice for your classroom door.

You can choose characters from any of the films in the Toy Story franchise, and also use a quote to inspire the students. 

Peter Pan

There have been lots of movie adaptations of the Peter Pan story over the years, so you can choose whichever one your students seem to prefer.

The classic scene of Peter and the children flying around Big Ben is a good choice for your design, or you can pick something from Never Never Land.

If you want a more simple design then you can create PEter’s shadow using black paper. 

Lilo & Stitch

Lilo & Stitch is a sweet story about family and loyalty. It has plenty of bright colors and would make a lovely choice for your classroom door.

Include some blue ocean waves and a bright sky, along with the main characters. 


Up is a heart-warming story that provoked a lot of emotional reactions from viewers.

The iconic scene of the house flying away with balloons is a perfect idea for your classroom door decoration idea.

You can use real balloons to recreate this scene – make sure you don’t add too much air to the balloons or they will pop.

Use a range of different colors to make it really eye-catching. You will need to create the background of the sky first, and you can make the house out of colored paper.  

101 Dalmatians

This is an easy film to use as inspiration for your classroom door decoration, as you only need black and white paper.

You could also use a bright color for the background so the dalmatians stand out. You could use a different dalmatian for each student and write their name on the bones.

You could even get the students to design their own dalmatian character so they can get involved in the process of decorating the classroom door. 

Inside Out 

Inside Out is a great film that teaches children about different emotions and experiences.

You can use this idea to make a display of different memories by including photographs in the yellow balls.

These could be school trips, school plays, and other events that take place that have brought the students together. 

Animal Themed Classroom Door Decorations 

If you want to keep your classroom door design simple you can choose an animal. Most children love animals and will get on board with this idea.

You could even change the animal each term to keep it fresh and exciting for the students. 


It is important to teach children about bees, as they play a vital role in our ecosystem. This is why you should consider designing your classroom door decoration around bees.

You can include some beautiful sunflowers and use a black background so the yellow colors stand out more. 


You can easily create a giraffe using brown and yellow paper. The background should be yellow, then add the brown shapes on top to recreate the pattern of the giraffe fur.

Don’t forget to add the ears and the ossicones on top of the giraffe’s head (they can go above the door frame). 


All you need to create a convincing zebra is black and white paper. This design includes the head and neck of the zebra which are very easy to stencil out.

You can add the tree, leaves and grass if you want to create a scene and give the zebra some context by showing it in its natural habitat. 


Lions are at the top of the food chain and they are very recognisable due to their manes. Lions are often a symbol of courage, which makes them a great choice for your classroom door.

You want your students to feel courageous in school, as this will give them more confidence.

You can turn the door itself into the face of the lion then add the mane around the edge of the door. 


This shark idea is really fun. The students will have to walk through the mouth of the shark to get into the classroom.

Use a soft material like foam for the teeth of the shark, otherwise your students will end up with papercuts.

You can make the shark look friendly or scary depending on what you think your children will enjoy more. 

Jungle Scene 

You don’t have to choose just one animal – you could create a fun jungle theme with lots of different animals.

Ask your students what their favorite animals are and try to include some of them in your jungle scene.

You could also take this idea and use it to make a farmyard, a desert, under the sea or any other places where animals live. 


These ideas will help to give you inspiration for how you can decorate your classroom door.

This will make your classroom more exciting and creative, creating a better learning environment for your students.

There are simple ideas or more complicated ideas depending on your decorating budget and how much time and effort you are able to put into your redecoration project. 

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