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260+ Of The Best “Who Knows Me Better” Questions

Have you ever wanted to know who knows you the best out of your friends, family, or even your boyfriend or girlfriend? Well, there is an easy way to do that and it just involves playing a game of “Who Knows Me Better”. 

260+ Of The Best "Who Knows Me Better" Questions

“Who Knows Me Better” is a game where you need at least two people and you use questions to get to know each other better.

If you want to make the game more fun, you can turn it into a competition and use points to have a winner at the end. It is good harmless fun that can help you find out who knows you the best! 

But coming up with the best questions can be quite challenging, so we are here to help with that side of the game!

We have put together a list of over 260 of the best “Who Knows Me Better” questions so you can just play the game without having to think about what you are asking! 

260+ Of The Best “Who Knows Me Better” Questions

Whether you want funny questions or deep questions, or you want to ask your family questions or your boyfriend/girlfriend questions, we have got you covered!

Below, you will find lots of fun and unique “Who Knows Me Better” questions that will really make the game more interesting. 

We have divided each of the questions into subcategories so you can find the perfect questions a whole lot easier! So let’s take a look at the questions now! 

Easy “Who Knows Me Better” Questions 

It’s always best to start out simple, so having some easy questions on hand will start the game off right.

These questions aren’t too deep, and they aren’t too serious, so you can ask them to anyone, and you can ask them to people you don’t know that well too. 

Try out these easy “who knows me better” questions to ease you and any participants into the game! 

  1. What’s my zodiac sign?
  2. How many siblings do I have?
  3. What’s my favorite food?
  4. Who’s my celebrity crush?
  5. Am I a dog person or a cat person?
  6. What is my favorite animal?
  7. What is my favorite movie?
  8. Which part of the world would I like to visit most?
  9. Do I prefer to stay in or go out on a Saturday night?
  10. Who’s my favorite artist or band?
  11. What’s my middle name?
  12. What’s my favorite food?
  13. What is my favorite color?
  14. Do I have any pets?
  15. What do I like to do on the weekends?
  16. Am I able to speak any other languages?
  17. What color are my eyes?
  18. What is my job or profession?
  19. Do I like to travel?
  20. Do I like playing video games?
  21. Can I play any instruments?
  22. Which app on my phone do I use the most?
  23. Do I go to the gym?
  24. Do I have any allergies?
  25. Do I have any tattoos or piercings?
  26. What is my job title?
  27. Am I religious?
  28. How old am I?
  29. Do I eat meat or not?
  30. What is the color of my hair?
  31. Do I have an iPhone or Android phone?
  32. Do I wear a watch or not?
  33. Do I like to wear hats?

Funny “Who Knows Me Better” Questions

If you know the people you are asking the questions to well, then you can start getting funny about what sort of questions you want to ask!

Funny “who knows me better” questions are perfect if you have just asked some deep questions and now you want to lighten the mood a bit. 

Funny questions will also give you and the people you are asking an excuse to have a good laugh and reminisce on some memorable moments from your shared experiences that you may have forgotten about! 

  1. What’s something guaranteed to make me laugh?
  2. If I came with a warning label, what would it say?
  3. What word do I use too often?
  4. What makes me laugh?
  5. If I were an animal, what animal would I be?
  6. Who is my favorite superhero?
  7. If you looked in my backpack (or purse, or bag), what would you find?
  8. What do I think of hairy legs?
  9. Is there an alcoholic drink that best describes who I am?
  10. What is my strangest habit?
  11. What is the oddest thing that I do?
  12. What’s the worst thing I’ve ever cooked?
  13. What is the weirdest thing that I eat?
  14. Who’s my secret celebrity crush?
  15. What’s the craziest/silliest thing I’ve ever done?
  16. What noise do I hate the most?
  17. What is one of my bad habits?
  18. What weird quirk do I have?
  19. What is the dumbest thing that I’ve ever done to hurt myself?
  20. What’s my favorite corny joke or pun? 
  21. What word do I use too often?
  22. How long do you think I would last in a zombie apocalypse?
  23. If I came with a warning label, what would it say?
  24. Have I ever pooped my pants?
  25. What’s the funniest thing I’ve done on a night out? 
  26. What do I do that makes you laugh?
  27. What’s the one food I despise eating?
  28. Which Disney character am I most like?
  29. What would I perform at a Karaoke party?
  30. What was the most embarrassing experience of my life?
  31. Which actor/actress would play me in a movie about my life?
  32. What is my least favorite musical genre?

“Who Knows Me Better” Questions For Family

260+ Of The Best "Who Knows Me Better" Questions

Family are always going to be the people who know you the best in life. They have seen you grow from a baby into a completely independent adult and they would have seen all of your highs and lows!

You can get really personal and deep with your family and if you ask some family-inspired “who knows me better” questions, you may just come across some memories or moments that you had forgotten! 

  1. What other member of my family has the most information about me?
  2. What was my favorite subject in school?
  3. When did my parents let me stay home alone for the first time?
  4. Is there any trouble that I got into when I was a child?
  5. If I were a ghost, which family member would I haunt first?
  6. Who is my favorite sibling?
  7. Am I like my mom or dad?
  8. What was my favorite family vacation?
  9. What did I want to be when I grew up when I was a kid?
  10. What is the nicest thing I’ve ever done for a relative?
  11. When my mother calls, how do I answer the phone?
  12. What’s the best practical joke I’ve ever played on a member of my family?
  13. So far, what is my best accomplishment?
  14. How vital is it for me to be in touch with my family on a regular basis?
  15. What is the weirdest text message you’ve ever received from me?
  16. What is the worst meal I’ve ever had, and who prepared it?
  17. What was I like when I was a baby?
  18. What was the name of my favorite stuffed animal?
  19. When I need practical guidance, who do I call among my family members?
  20. When I’m worried about anything, who do I usually contact?
  21. When something amusing happens to me, who do I call?
  22. In our family, who do others say I resemble?
  23. What is the most irritating habit I have?
  24. What odd habit did I have when I was a kid?
  25. What’s my most embarrassing travel story?
  26. What, in my opinion, has been the most difficult task our family has faced?
  27. What is our strangest family tradition that I don’t like?
  28. What is the oddest item I’ve ever given as a present to a family member?
  29. Who would I choose to share a bedroom with if I had to choose only one family member?
  30. Who would I pick to share a lottery win with if I had to share it with another family member?
  31. Which member of my family would I invite to a scary movie with me?
  32. What was my worst subject in school?

“Who Knows Me Better” Questions For Your Boyfriend

If you want to see how well your boyfriend knows you, then there are plenty of “who knows me better” questions for you to test him with!

You can ask him what he likes about you, or you can use this opportunity to ask him some questions to get to know him a little better too! 

  1. What do I admire most about you?
  2. What are my thoughts on marriage?
  3. How can you tell when I’m in a bad mood?
  4. Would I rather have a successful career or stay at home with my children?
  5. How many ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends do I have?
  6. Do you have any habits that annoy me? What are they?
  7. Would I take care of you unconditionally if you were sick?
  8. Am I willing to spend just my money on some of our dates?
  9. Am I a morning person or a night owl?
  10. Do I prefer to cook, order food, or eat out?
  11. What would be my ideal dating night?
  12. What are the three things I like about you?
  13. How do you know when I am angry?
  14. What are three things you like about me?
  15. What is my favorite sleeping position?
  16. When we are together, what is one thing I love to do?
  17. How do I like my coffee?
  18. If I was stranded on an island, what are the three things I will miss the most?
  19. When did you begin to fall in love with me?
  20. How many birthmarks do I have?
  21. What is the nicest thing that I have done for you?
  22. How often do I snore in bed? 
  23. If I ask you to give me a nickname, what would it be?
  24. What was one occasion where you knew I lied to you?
  25. Where do I feel the safest?
  26. Would I rather have a lot of money and not talk to my family or be poor but be close to my family?
  27. Do I like public displays of affection?
  28. What are my favorite pizza toppings?
  29. If we had to pick a couple to go on double dates with, who would I choose?
  30. Which unconscious gesture reveals that I feel uncomfortable with the situation or conversation?
  31. What was the first meal I cooked for you?
  32. Do I argue too much?
  33. Do I take a long time to get ready?

“Who Knows Me Better” Questions For Your Girlfriend

Just as there are plenty of “who knows me better” questions for boyfriends, there are also plenty of “who knows me better” questions for your girlfriend too!

These questions are perfect if you want to see how well your girlfriend knows you, and they are also great to ask if you want to know how your girlfriend actually feels about you! 

  1. Do I like taking pictures together?
  2. What’s my favorite activity to do with you? 
  3. Would I be willing to uproot and move my life for someone I love?
  4. What is my favorite gift you have given me?
  5. What topics can I ramble on about all day?
  6. What would I name my children?
  7. What was my first impression of you?
  8. How have I grown as a person since you met me?
  9. Where do I see us in five years? 
  10. Do you think I’d be a good president of the United States?
  11. Who made the first move in our relationship? 
  12. What’s a secret that no one knows except you? 
  13. Have I ever committed a crime? 
  14. Have I ever had a problematic relationship? 
  15. What’s my love language? 
  16. Who is my best friend? 
  17. If I had to sell everything but three of my items, which three would I keep? 
  18. What spices do I love to use in the kitchen? 
  19. If I had a YouTube channel, what would it be about? 
  20. If I wrote a book, what would it be about? 
  21. What’s my favorite part of your body? 
  22. Would I ever try non-monogamy? 
  23. What would I say to an alien if one appeared right now? 
  24. Do I prefer singing or dancing? 
  25. Do I prefer physical touch or words of affirmation? 
  26. What’s my favorite TV show? 
  27. Do I prefer coffee or tea? 
  28. Why did my last relationship end? 
  29. What is my biggest pet peeve in a relationship? 
  30. What is a challenge I overcame in the past five years? 
  31. What goals do I want to reach this year? 
  32. Would I risk my life for anyone? 

Deep “Who Knows Me Better” Questions

Sure, easy, and funny questions are great, but sometimes, you just want to get deep. These questions require a little more thought and effort in answering, and you can learn a lot about the people who are answering them. 

These questions only really work when you ask them to people who know you really well and vice versa, so if you are playing the game with people who you aren’t totally comfortable with yet, maybe skip out on these ones! 

  1. Do I have any insecurities?
  2. Am I a believer in second chances for people?
  3. If I were to die tomorrow, what would I like to do before I die?
  4. Do I believe in life after death?
  5. Out of all the things I do, what do I do best?
  6. Describe me in three words.
  7. What keeps me up at night?
  8. What is one of my biggest fears?
  9. What are habits or personality traits some people have that I find annoying?
  10. Would I ever take back someone who had cheated on me? 
  11. What kind of parent do you think I will be?
  12. Have I ever lost someone closer to me? 
  13. What’s the one thing that people always misunderstand about me?
  14. What have my past relationships taught me? 
  15. If a genie granted me three wishes, what would I wish for? 
  16. What did I learn from the biggest mistake in my life? 
  17. Why do you think I am still single?
  18. What are three things I value most in another person? 
  19. What would you say is my best quality? 
  20. What are some of my personal goals for the next five years? 
  21. What is the greatest risk I have ever taken? 
  22. If I had the ability to erase something I did in the past, what would it be? 
  23. What fictional character do I most relate to? 
  24. If I could do one thing without suffering any consequences, what would it be? 
  25. What thought or idea do I find deeply unsettling? 
  26. What is my favorite song and why? 
  27. When would you say I was most in love? 
  28. If my life was a movie or a book, what would the title be? 
  29. Have I ever had a past life experience? 
  30. Do I believe in extraterrestrial life? 
  31. How would I feel if I had evidence that god didn’t exist? 
  32. Do I believe in other dimensions and parallel universes? 

“Who Knows Me Better” Questions For Friends 

260+ Of The Best "Who Knows Me Better" Questions

Like family, friends are people who are going to know you a whole lot better than the vast majority of other people!

When it’s your close friends, you can get really personal with them and ask questions you usually wouldn’t be able to ask anyone else… including your family! 

  1. Do you think I would pick you up in the middle of the night if you called me?
  2. When did we meet?
  3. What kind of job do you think I’d be great at?
  4. What makes me happiest in the whole world?
  5. What do your parents think about our friendship?
  6. What do you think will make our friendship stronger?
  7. Who was the person who last made me cry?
  8. Do you think I have ever stolen anything?
  9. Have I ever been bullied?
  10. Did I grow up in a particular religion?
  11. Am I still friends with any of my exes?
  12. What is my favorite movie genre?
  13. When I am lost, do I ask strangers for directions?
  14. What is my favorite type of music?
  15. What is the first thing I’d grab if my house were on fire?
  16. Do you think I lie? What would be the last lie I told?
  17. Which was the hardest goodbye in my life?
  18. Do I have a green thumb or do all my plants die?
  19. When I eat out, do I take leftovers home?
  20. Have I ever been fired from a job?
  21. Would I rather work at home or at my place of employment?
  22. Which celebrity would I like to meet?
  23. What is my biggest complaint about any relationship?
  24. What job have I had that I hated the most?
  25. What is my go-to funny story or joke?
  26. What comforts me when I am happy or sad?
  27. What is the craziest thing I ever did to my hair?
  28. Could I change the tire on my car if I got a flat?
  29. If I went to jail, who would I call first?
  30. What were my favorite and least favorite subjects in school?
  31. Do I prefer being inside or outside?
  32. Am I more of an introvert or an extrovert? 

“Who Knows Me Better” Questions For Siblings

And finally, we have some questions you can ask your siblings.

Siblings are like the perfect blend of family and friends, so you can ask them questions only your family would know, whilst also asking them things you don’t want your parents to know! 

  1. Which of our loved ones would I choose if I could bring them back to life for one day?
  2. What trendy thing did I wear as a teenager that I want no one to know about now?
  3. Which of our parents did I think was stricter?
  4. Do I prefer to do laundry or dishes?
  5. Do I share any weird talents or tricks with anyone else in the family?
  6. If you had to live with me in old age, what would be our biggest challenge?
  7. Have I ever been diagnosed with any medical conditions that required treatment?
  8. What do I put first in my bowl: cereal or milk?
  9. Which is my favorite meal: breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
  10. Which family member would I haunt first if I were a ghost?
  11. How do I feel about spending time together as a family?
  12. What is my favorite dessert?
  13. What is my most annoying trait?
  14. What was the longest road trip we ever took?
  15. Did I ever blackout from drinking too much?
  16. What is the naughtiest thing we have ever done together? 
  17. What is something that only you and I know? 
  18. Which one of us is the better dancer? 
  19. Which one of us is more scared of horror movies?
  20. Who is the more mature sibling?
  21. Which one of us is more likely to commit a crime? 
  22. Which one of us do you think will get married first?
  23. Which one of us is pickier when it comes to food? 
  24. Who among our mutual friends is your favorite?
  25. Name some things I am good at.
  26. Name some things I am bad at.
  27. What was our worst argument about?
  28. Am I messy, neat, super organized, laid back, or a complete slob?
  29. Complete the sentence, “My sibling is a/an ………”
  30. Am I mama’s boy/girl or papa’s boy/girl?
  31. What’s that one conversation we had that you’ve always remembered/cherished?
  32. Do you have a crush on any of my friends?
  33. Do I curse a lot?
  34. What’s a personality trait I have that you wish you had?
  35. Describe the bond that we share.
  36. Name a time I made you proud.
  37. What advice would you give me?
  38. Do you notice a difference in the way our parents raised us both?


So there you have it! Over 260 of the best “Who Knows Me Better” questions that you can use whenever you fancy playing the game!

These questions work for all different types of relationships and closeness, so you will not run out of ideas when it comes round to playing the game. 

If you ever find yourself stuck for questions, use the options we have provided on this list and watch how much fun you, your family, friends, and your partner have playing “Who Knows Me Better”! 

Simon Lewis

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