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17 Best 2nd Grade Art Projects Kids Can Do In Class Or At Home

If you’re a teacher, then you’ll already know how much 2nd graders love art.

It seems to always be their favorite subject, and it’s probably due to the fact that they’re getting to explore new materials and produce a wide range of different media.

17 Best 2nd Grade Art Projects Kids Can Do In Class Or At Home

Because their fine motor skills are improving rapidly at this age, they can also exercise more control over their projects, and subsequently can take part in more complex art based tasks.

But, as a teacher, it can be incredibly difficult to come up with new ideas that your students can participate in. You want to find something stimulating, but also not too difficult that it’s off putting.

When it comes to Google, you’ll find all manner of different art projects out there, some of which seem really cool, but it’s difficult to find a list of ones specifically targeted towards 2nd graders. 

Thankfully, that’s where we come in. Below, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be some of the very best art projects for 2nd graders.

These are super diverse, and have some super interesting concepts and ideas.

They’re also transitional, so if you want to set some of these as homework, you can absolutely do so, because they can be done either in the classroom or at home. 

To find out more, simply keep reading below, as we take a closer look. 

1. Painting With Yarn

This is a super and easy fun art project that you can whip out when you need something relaxing for the kids to partake in.

Painting with yarn is one of the simplest activities on our list, and only requires a few materials. 

In order to make this project, all you’ll really need is a piece of paper, and some balls of yarn in different colors.

You tape the piece of paper to the table, then you simply cut up the pieces of yarn you want to use in the desired size, and dip it in glue. 

The glue is then used to stick down the yarn in the shapes that you want to achieve.

The kids will have fun making this project their own, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a landscape picture, they can enjoy making abstract patterns too, if they desire. 

2. Back To School Calendar

If you’re looking for an art project that’s both fun for the kids, and super practical too, then we’d like to introduce you to this ‘back to school art calendar’.

In this project, the kids will create their own personalized calendars that have the correct dates for the entire school year. This one is great for making just before the summer holidays commence. 

They will then have this calendar ready for them to start the following year.

There are no real rules for this calendar, you can decide what kind of mediums they use to decorate them, be that crayons, stencils, paints, or just coloring pencils. 

Either way, this is a stimulating way to keep the kids preoccupied when their minds are locked in to summer vacation mode. 

3. String Painting

Some of you reading this list might have already come across string painting during your internet journey.

This type of project has become increasingly popular in recent years, and mostly amongst adults wanting to create their own artwork. 

This one however is actually super amazing for kids, and is a really easy way to make something fun and unique that they can take home with them.

All you’ll need are some sheets of black card paper, some plain yarn, and some multicolored paint options. 

All the kids need to do is dip the yarn into the different colors along the length of the string, then simply place them on the black card, and have fun trying to create different shapes and designs. 

The fun part about this one is that each of the projects will be unique, so no two members of the classroom will have the same design. 

4. Bloom Painted Paper Flowers

This art project is a little more complex, and may take several different sessions to complete, but we can guarantee you that the result is most definitely worth it.

It only requires a few items to make, including paints, card paper, and a pair of scissors to cut. 

For this art project, the kids can have fun creating their own designs and patterns on separate pieces of paper.

Then, after they’ve created several different ones on each of the pieces of paper, they can begin cutting out the petal shapes. 

The petals are then all assembled together, and made into a beautiful flower shape. We think that this is a super fun project to partake in during easter time. 

5. Watercolor Fish

We think that this is one of the prettiest designs on our list, and involves your students creating a beautiful watercolor fish.

2nd graders are already well acquainted with acrylics, so it’s fun for them to try painting with a medium that requires a little more attention and preciseness. 

In order to complete this background, all they’ll need to do is create a turquoise scene to act as the ocean. Then, after they’ve done this, they can have fun drawing and painting their own fish.

If your students are struggling a little bit with making their own fishes to paint, do not worry, as this tutorial provides a template for teachers to print out too. 

This project doesn’t just need to be confined to fish, as your students can have fun making any type of sea creature that they like. 

6. 3D Paper Hot Air Balloons

If you’re looking for an art project that’s a little bit fun and different from the others on our list, then we’d recommend that you take a closer look at this tutorial for making 3D hot air balloons.

This one is super fun, and is made using a process called weaving, which is responsible for creating the balloon-like effect. 

Some students may find the weaving process a little bit difficult, and this one can be challenging for 2nd graders, so make sure that you take the time to aid those who are taking a little longer to get the hang of the weaving process. 

Your students can choose multi colored pieces of paper for their hot air balloons, and they can really make the project their own by creating a scene to surround the page. 

7. Jellyfish Paper Plate Craft

If you’re looking for a super fun and somewhat silly craft to make with your 2nd graders, then we recommend that you take a look at this jellyfish paper plate craft.

This one is incredibly enjoyable to make, and can be done in a single art session if need be. 

In order to make this plate craft, all students need to do is cut a paper plate in half, then paint it in the color they desire.

After they’ve done this, you can help them to punch holes in the bottom section of the paper plate, where they’ll then be able to weave yarn through. 

You can have a wide variety of different yarn color options available, so that it matches the color the student has chosen for their project. 

Your students can then have fun personalizing their jellyfish, by creating a face for them. They can use some googly eyes, and make mouths for them too. 

8. 3D Paper Robots

This is another craft project on our list that your students might need a little bit of help in order to complete. This one involves making 3D robots, and is a great way for them to show their creativity. 

In order to make the project a little bit easier, have the students sketch out what they’d like their robot to look like with a pencil.

Tell them not to make it too intricate so that it’s still possible to assemble into a 3D shape afterwards. 

Following on from this, your students just need to draw and cut out each of the different body parts for their robot, and fold the paper accordingly so that it stands up.

They don’t just have to use paper to make this project, but they can utilize paint and coloring pencils too. 

9. Create An Underground World

This one constitutes not just as an art project, but also an opportunity for your students to really get thinking, and let their creative juices flow.

For this project, it might be a good idea to introduce them to some of the artwork produced for the Beatrix Potter book series, in which a group of sentient animals live beneath the ground. 

This will help to provide them with the inspiration they need in order to create their own underground world.

They will need to draw burrows for their animals or people to live in, and within these burrows, they can enjoy making various different rooms within the household. 

In order to create this project, all they’ll need is a few coloring pencils and a sheet of paper. 

10. Cup Shark Art

If you’ve never done any cup art with your students before, then let us assure you that it’s one of the easiest projects to partake in, and they’re left with something super satisfying at the end too. 

This cup shark art simply involves grabbing hold of a couple of paper plates, then painting them.

After this, your students can cut out what will work as the fins, that they’ll then attach to the paper cups using some glue. 

They can also get creative with this project and place some googly eyes on their shark, and draw on some fierce teeth. 

This project is also super versatile, and your kids aren’t limited to just making sharks. They can make pretty any type of fish they like, and can even create an octopus if so desired.

Either way, this is a super fun and quick project that can be made in only half an hour. 

11. Color Wheel Umbrella

This art project is both fun and educational, and can help to teach your students about the different types of colors found in the color wheel.

In order to make this project, your students just need to draw their own color wheel using a ruler. They can then go ahead and create a body underneath it holding the color wheel as though it were an umbrella. 

After they’ve done this, they can go ahead and start filling it in with each of the different colors.

Because this project is a little bit more detailed, they can use watercolors instead of acrylic paint in order to fill it in. 

Whenever your students need to reference which colors to mix together in order to form new colors, they can simply reach for this art project, and it will help to refresh their memory. Fun, easy, and educational!

12. Spring Flower Boxes

If you’re looking for the perfect art project for your kids to take part in ready for mother’s day, then we think that this is the perfect one.

This one takes a few sessions to complete, but is really worth the effort, and the students will love taking these home as presents for their mothers. 

In order to make this spring flower box art project, all your students will need to do is take an oblong box, then paint it with rust colored paint, in order to make it look like a flower pot.

After they’ve done this, they can then go ahead and fill it up with crate paper, which will act as the soil. 

Following on from this, they can go ahead and create their own personalized paper flowers.

They can make these in a variety of different colors and shapes, and the tutorial linked above shows you some different patterns they can follow. 

13. Sponge Sailboat

This one is a super fun project that you can create some activities around.

It involves creating a sailboat using just a few key items, including some pieces of card paper, a household sponge, and a stick to hold everything in place. 

In order to make this project, you’re going to need to educate your students on each of the different parts of a sailboat.

You can show them what the mast, rudder, and sails are, as well as where they belong on the boat.

After you’ve done this, they can then go ahead and start cutting out each of the different parts, and assemble them together. This is a good mini lesson to teach them about boats. 

After they’re done making the sailboats, you can then place them in a bowl of water to show them how they float.

If it’s possible, your class could even take a walk to the nearest lake, where they can have fun racing them in pairs. 

14. Handprint Animals

If you’re looking for a fun and easy activity to do on a rainy day, then this handprint animal project is perfect for such an occasion.

We’ve all heard of handprint turkeys before, but your kids can pretty much make any animal they desire simply by printing their hands with some paint. 

It’s great for developing their fine motor skills, as they’ll need to pay close attention to where they’re placing their hand on the page, and judge how far apart each handprint needs to be, based on the scene that they’re trying to create. 

They can make all sorts of landscapes using this project, and as you can see from the image above, they can enjoy painting around their handprints and making elaborate scenes. 

15. Trace And Color Circle Art

This is an incredibly bold, abstract art project that your kids can have fun participating in. It simply involves tracing a large circle, and then creating smaller circles within.

Depending on the skill level of the child, they can either draw the circles freehand, or they can employ some cups and other various circular objects in order to create their artwork. 

After they’re done creating each of their different circles, they can then go ahead and start filling them in with colors. Encourage them to make these as bold as possible so that they really stand out on the page. 

To give them some inspiration to get started with this project, show them the artwork created by Frank Stella, who makes some amazing abstract pieces that will mesmerize students. 

16. Underwater Art Project

This is another project that’s super easy to do, and involves creating a self portrait of themselves underneath the sea.

In order to create this art project, all you’ll really need is a piece of paper and some coloring in pencils. This one’s great for when you don’t have much time on your hands to prepare something more elaborate. 

This is a chance for your students to express how they see themselves visually, and in their minds, place themselves in different situations. 

If you want to make it a little more fun, you could split everyone in the classroom into pairs, then they can have the challenge of drawing each other’s portraits.

17. Alphabet Beading

If you want to combine an English and art lesson into one, then we recommend that you take a closer look at this alphabet beading tutorial. 

If you’re concerned about purchasing all of the individual beads for this project, you’ll actually find that they’re super inexpensive. 

This project is a great chance for your students to exercise their fine motor skills, and create words and names on their strings. 

You could set the students a challenge of beading the name of their favorite animal, then allow them to try and spell it out.

Once they’re done doing this, they can take the beads off, and you can start a different project using them the following week. 

There are a whole bunch of different things you can do using alphabet beading, and you could even create a word of the day that they can attempt to bead. This project offers a lot of different possibilities. 

Final Thoughts 

So, to sum up, there are a whole bunch of different art projects out there specifically tailored towards 2nd grades.

Some of the ones on our list are more elaborate than others, whilst some are just easy and fun projects to pass the time. 

The reason why the projects mentioned above are so great is because they’re so transactional in nature.

Your students can either make these within the confines of the classroom, or you can set it as homework for them to complete for the following day. 

Either way, we sincerely hope that this list has provided you with some much needed inspiration. 

Simon Lewis

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