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Field Day Games Your Students Are Sure To Love

Field Day! It’s an amazing day for all involved. Laughter fills the air as your students battle it out in some healthy and lighthearted competition.

The school books are set down for the day, and instead, the focus moves to team building, growing a community within the school, and also helping to nurture the development of the younger students. 

Field Day Games Your Students Are Sure To Love

But while field day is a whimsical day for your little learners, it can involve a whole lot of work and planning from our incredible and dedicated teachers.

To help cut down on some of that logistical work, we thought that we’d give a helping hand by listing as many amazing field games as we could think of. 

So, sit back, relax, read through, and find the perfect options for your next field day! 

1. Three-Legged Race

Is a field day even a field day without a three-legged race? It’s a staple game that you couldn’t dream of skipping!

It’s a competitive game that’s a whole lot of fun, it can be practiced indoors and outdoors, aids coordination, and also promotes working together. The perfect option. 

Just find something like a string to tie the students’ legs together and you’re all sorted too! So the game has never been simpler. 

2. Tire Roll

Who knew you could get so much enjoyment out of some old tires? Top tip – you can usually find old tires for cheap at local tire shops, car shops, or the dump.

Then, add a lick of paint to separate the tires into team colors and begin your relay.   

With teamwork, motor skills, and cognitive thinking all being combined, this game may seem like just a barrel of laughs, but it also helps to further learning development too! 

3. Tug Of War 

Pushing teamwork, cooperation, and physical strength to the limit, tug of war is a staple field game that children of all ages enjoy.

Simply get some rope and two separate teams, and start pulling. The first team to pull the other over to their side wins. 

4. Splash The Teacher 

While this is certainly a lot more enjoyable for the students than the teachers, it’s the perfect game for field day.

It will help to build a bond between the younger children and the supervising adults. It’s lighthearted, it’s silly, and it evokes a whole lot of giggles from all involved. 

So, if you’re not scared of getting wet, let your students get their revenge for their continuous days of learning. We’ve all been young once, right? 

5. Wheelbarrow Races

Wheelbarrow races are practically a right of passage, right? Who doesn’t have a memory of their elbows burning as they battle it out to win the race? 

You can be sure all the children will be engaged, it definitely brings out their competitive side, and it also promotes a healthy form of exercise, coordination, and teamwork. 

6. Water Balloon Toss

Teamwork, communication, and coordination are to name but a few of the skills that your students will develop while playing this fun high-stakes game.

It’s also the perfect option for a hot summer’s day. 

Just how long can your students toss the balloon until it inevitably bursts? 

7. Water Bottle Bowling 

If you’re looking for a game that promotes focus, is easy to play, and is cheap to set up, then look no further than water bottle bowling.

All you’ll need is a few full water bottles, some chalk to set up the perimeters, and a ball. 

Then the rest will take care of itself. The focus will come to the kids naturally as their competitive side takes over. 

8. Encouraging Reading Books

While field day can be a great day for many of the kids, sometimes the pressure of competition can get a little overwhelming.

Especially if the child isn’t the fastest or the strongest. 

Books like the one included in the link, encourage and remind children that it is about taking part and having fun, that’s what is important, and not the actual medals to be won. 

9. Real Life Hungry, Hungry Hippos 

This game is honestly so much fun. The kids are sure to have an absolute blast with this one. And all it requires is a little bit of DIY on the teacher’s part.

Top Tip, though, ensure there is plenty of supervision for this game…the kids tend to get a little over competitive

10. Obstacle Course

An obstacle course is always a great option. It’ll mean that your students need to get their thinking caps on to navigate the course correctly, but it also promotes a whole lot of coordination and physical skills too. 

11. Pool Noodle Target

This game is super easy to set up and can be made as easy or difficult as you’d prefer making it pretty versatile.

Students can practice their skills as they try and get a variety of different objects through the hoops. 

12. Art Rooms 

While field day is something most students look forward to, nothing in school is a completely universal experience for students.

There may be those that find the busy hustle and bustle of field day too overwhelming. It may be a sensory overload for some children. Or some are simply not suited to the games available. 

Having a quieter option for children to enjoy throughout the day ensures that all students are being catered for.  

13. May Pole Fun

Want to opt for a team-building exercise that is plenty of fun and also the perfect photo opportunity for the day?

Then you can’t go wrong with maypoles. It’s something that children, teachers, and parents alike are sure to enjoy. 

14. Balloon Floor Is Lava Game 

For this super fun game, you’ll have all your students stand in a circle holding hands. Then you’ll cause absolute mayhem by releasing a balloon into the circle.

Everyone must keep it from touching the floor using any body part except for their hands. 

This will improve communication skills, team building, and coordination. 

15. Rock Painting 

A bright sunny day and a whole lot of sports activities can be a lot of fun, but it can also get pretty tiring.

Give your kids a break from all those high-energy games and prevent them from overheating by opting for a few calmer activities. 

Rock painting is a great example of this. It allows creativity and fun without your students breaking a sweat. 

16. Giant Jenga 

Why not purchase some giant jenga blocks for a familiar game that the children are sure to enjoy.

Not only is it a lot of fun, and a lower-maintenance event, but it also adds some more practical learning skills and thought processes to the day. 

17. Karaoke 

Karaoke is fun for everyone involved and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser amongst your students. They can let their hair down and sing along to their favorite songs.

And you never know, you might have an upcoming superstar amongst your group! 

18. Group Dances

Dancing is one of the most effective forms of exercise and it’s also one of the most fun.

You’ll be sure to have some energetic and friendly faces amongst your midst as you have a boogie to some kids-favorite songs. 

19. Tye Dye Shirts 

This is another interactive activity for those who prefer a quieter or less competitive setting.

It’s hands-on, a lot of fun, and each child has a keepsake to remember the day by. It’s also super rewarding to see your little learners proud of their hard work. 

20. Water Relay Race

This game is sure to hold the attention of your students no matter what their age. The field is sure to be filled with giggles as your students compete in this wet and messy game. 

You’ll find a selection of different water races to choose from in the link, so there will be something that works well for you.

And this is the perfect option to cool down on a hot summer’s day too. 

21. Three-Headed Monster

Who knew that one oversized T-shirt could cause so much laughter?

With three students and three head holes (the sleeves and the headspace,) the students must master the perfect speed for this relay race. 

Teamwork will be put to the test, and we’d definitely recommend plenty of teacher supervision for this one.  

22. Hula Hoop Soccer 

Students will adore putting their soccer skills to the test with this fun and interactive game.

With hoops at differing heights and placement, each with their own corresponding point system, your children will aim to score as many points as possible. 

23. Kids Long Jump

Long jump is something that many children enjoy, it’s a lot of fun and pushes their physical capabilities, but it’s also a great way to involve some of your STEM subjects too.

Get your students to calculate their own measurements 

24. Whipped Cream Eating Contest 

Shoving their face into a giant pile of whipped cream is every little kid’s dream, right? So, how could they possibly do anything but adore this lighthearted and fun competition? 

Prepare yourself for a whole lot of laughter, some fierce competition, and the inevitable impending sugar rush! 

25. Tic Tac Toe Relay Race

It’s always a good idea to have plenty of indoor games ready for field day.

You never know what the weather might be, and even if you are blessed with constant sunshine, your students may want some respite from the blistering heat. 

Enter the tic tac toe relay race. Indoor friendly. Super fun. And it encourages plenty of healthy competition. 

26. Penguin Race

This game is a great way to help kids feel a little less self-conscious. It’s a very silly game, where kids will let their hair down, get super excited, and laugh a lot.

And though the premise is simple, it can get pretty intense too. 

You’ll certainly see your students’ competitive side come out with this game.

27. Paper Plane Games 

You can actually get so many different kinds of games out of something as simple as a piece of paper – and your students will adore them.

Not only do the children get the chance to create their very own paper plane (which is half the fun in itself) they’ll also be able to put their creation to the test to see how effective it is. 

28. Shoe Balance Challenge 

With so many physical games to tire out your students, it’s always a good idea to have a few options that are slightly less intense.

But less intense doesn’t automatically mean less fun, as this option proves. 

Your students will love putting their balance to the test, and it also helps to improve their gross motor coordination, core strength, and proprioceptive input. 

29. Cross The Swamp 

This game is so much fun and educational.

Not only will your students need to work together to achieve their goals, but they must also think critically, and work on their coordination skills.

But don’t worry, they’ll be enjoying themselves too much to even realize that the game is informative in any shape or manner. 

30. Helium Ring

Team building and good communication skills are vital if you want to excel at this game.

Though it’s a relatively simple game, it is still a lot of fun and is sure to keep your students entertained. 

31. Balloon Pop Relay Race

Loud bangs are impending for this fun relay race.

As the kids race to pop their balloons, they’ll be developing their agility, speed, and physical coordination, while also having lots of fun and working together as a team. 

This is a perfect indoor option for when the worst happens – it rains. 

32. Minute To Win It Office Tennis 

Add a time constraint to build the pressure of this fun and interactive game.

Students must make a paper ball travel a certain distance and into a trash can to score a point. The team with the most points in 60 seconds wins! 

With some fierce competition, a lot of teamwork, some great coordination skills, and a sprinkling of fun, this is the ultimate indoor field day game option.  

33. Suck It Up 

This game is always popular amongst students of a variety of ages.

Using just a straw and some personal vacuum power, they must place four small items (such as candy-coated chocolate) atop four other straws. 

Just be sure there is constant supervision throughout this game to ensure there are no choking hazards. Or kids looking for just a quick free snack – we all know they’ll be opportunistic! 

34. Eat The Donut 1-Minute Challenge 

All you’ll need for this game is a bit of string, a tasty donut for each student, and a rule of no hands allowed.

Sure, this isn’t the most educational game out there – but they don’t all have to be. 

This is so much fun for the children and laughter almost always ensues. 

35. Giant Connect Four 

Connect Four is a game almost every child is familiar with, and making it giant just adds more fun.

It’s a great option that varies from the several physical pursuits on offer during a field day and encourages some logical and strategic thinking. 

Just be sure to set up a sign-in sheet for this one to avoid arguments about who wants to play next. 

36. Squirt Gun Games 

Squirt guns and hot weather go together like a match made in heaven, and you can be certain that your students will have endless fun playing games with them.

In the link above, you’ll find a variety of different games that can be played with them. 

Choose the option that works best for you. 

37. One-Handed Bracelets 

One minute games are a great way to get your student’s adrenaline pumping and their focus laser-sharp.

The time constraint adds extra pressure to a somewhat simple game and adds an element of excitement. 

And this is no easy task. Watch as the kids scramble to complete the challenge as quickly as possible. It makes for a lot of laughter. 

38. Elephant March 

Keeping children entertained is a great way to ensure that they get involved and stay involved in the activities you are providing. And this game is as entertaining as they come. 

Children will belly-laugh as they navigate through an obstacle course while wearing a pair of pantyhose weighted down by a baseball as their elephant trunk. 

39. Straw Cup Blow Race 

Lung capacity is pushed to the limit as your students blow through a plastic straw trying to get a cup to move to a designated finish line (often to be blown off the table.)

This game is fairly simple in its premise but the fun comes in when students learn that it is actually much harder than it originally seemed. 

40. Plastic Cup Movement Challenge 

Who knew that a red solo cup could come so in handy during field day? Here we have another endlessly entertaining game that features nothing more than a few cups and some string. 

It also promotes several important skills such as communication and teamwork. 

41. Scatter Ball 

This game can be played inside or outside, so you know it’s a safe bet regardless of the weather forecast for your field day.

In this every-man-for-themselves game, the objective is simple – be the last player standing. 

It’s essentially dodgeball without teams and is a lot of fun for all involved. Just try to use soft balls to help avoid any injuries. 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, when it comes to field day, there’s no end to the fun that can be had.

There are so many different interactive games that you can be sure your students will adore. Each often has its own set of educational skills and purposes and promotes teamwork too. 

There are a variety of different indoor and outdoor activities here, all with varying levels of difficulty and involvement too, so you can be sure that no student will be left behind.

There is something for everyone on this list. 

So, which games will you choose for your next field day? 

Simon Lewis

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