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The 14 Best Apps For Homeschooling (Tried And Tested)

Hey there, homeschool heroes! Ready to level up your at-home learning game? We get it – the struggle to find the perfect educational app is real.

That’s why we’ve got your back with the lowdown on the 14 best homeschool apps. No need to wade through the vast sea of options; we’ve done the heavy lifting, putting these apps to the test.

From interactive lessons that make math cool to language apps that turn your living room into a global classroom, we’ve got something for every student.

Best Apps For Homeschooling

No more aimless scrolling through app stores, wondering which one will actually help your kid excel. We’ve been there and are sharing our top picks with you.

Say goodbye to boring lessons and hello to engaging content that’ll have your kids asking for more.

So, grab your devices, and let’s dive into the best homeschooling apps out there – your homeschooling success story starts now.

Balancing Screen Time

Finding the right balance in screen time is crucial for effective homeschooling. While the following apps are powerful tools, they mustn’t be the only tools you use for homeschooling.

Consider setting daily limits and incorporating a diverse range of hands-on or outdoor activities if possible.

Use the apps strategically for core subjects, then mix in offline exercises. This approach not only avoids screen fatigue but also enriches the learning experience.

Remember, we’re not advocating a complete tech shutdown. Instead, we’re advocating mindful integration.

By being intentional about screen time, you ensure that these apps become valuable assets in your homeschooling toolkit without overshadowing the importance of hands-on, real-world engagement.

Strike the right balance, and watch your homeschool flourish.

With that in mind, let’s check out our favorite homeschooling apps that you can incorporate into your homeschooling routine.

Organization Apps For Homeschooling

The first set of apps that we’re going to get into are the ones that will help you keep everything together.

From schedule planners to timers, these apps will help keep you and your family on track for a more functional homeschooling experience.

1. Brilli Routine

Simplify your homeschool day with the Brilli Routine. This is tailored for families and turns daily tasks into a breeze.

It’s perfect for parents who are seeking an intuitive tool to keep their homeschool schedule on track.

Recommended For: Busy homeschool parents looking for an organized and stress-free routine.

2. FocusPomo

You can boost productivity with FocusPomo – this app uses the popular Pomodoro technique of frequent short breaks between focused sessions to enhance concentration and efficiency.

Recommended For: Homeschool students aiming to improve focus and manage study time effectively.

3. Cozi Family Organizer

Streamline your homeschooling life with Cozi Family Organizer. This app is a game-changer for families managing multiple schedules. You can keep everyone on the same page effortlessly.

Recommended For: Large homeschooling families seeking a centralized hub for schedules, to-dos, and events.

4. HomeSchooler Helper

Empower your homeschooling journey with HomeSchooler Helper! This app caters to homeschooling parents, offering tools to plan lessons, track progress, and create a customized curriculum.

Recommended For: Homeschooling parents looking for an all-in-one solution to organize lessons, assignments, and student progress.

Best Apps For Homeschooling

Math Homeschooling Apps

Math can be a tough subject to teach, particularly if you’re not proficient in it yourself. That’s where math apps can come in really helpful.

Check out the following three apps to help your child get more confident with numbers.

5. Mathpid

Dive into a world of math mastery with Mathpid! Perfect for elementary and middle school students, this app makes learning math a breeze through interactive exercises and real-world applications.

Recommended For: Parents seeking a comprehensive math tool that adapts to their child’s pace.

6. Prodigy

Meet Prodigy, the game-changing math platform for grades 1-8 that gamifies learning with adaptive math content, ensuring each child progresses at their own speed.

Recommended For: Parents who are looking to transform math from a chore into a captivating adventure. Prodigy is your go-to app for personalized math education.

7. SplashLearn

Designed for ages 3-11, SplashLearn turns learning into a “splashin’ good!” time. This app covers math as well as reading with engaging games, interactive content, and progress tracking.

Recommended For: Parents who want a versatile app that caters to various subjects, making learning enjoyable for their little ones.

Homeschooling Apps For Languages

Whether you’re teaching your children how to read or enjoy a different language, the following apps will support you and your learners in their language learning.

8. Reading Eggs

Elevate your child’s reading skills with Reading Eggs! This dynamic app transforms learning to read into an exciting adventure.

Packed with interactive games and activities, it’s perfect for young readers building their literacy foundation.

Recommended For: Preschoolers and early readers who need an introduction to foundational literacy skills.

9. Duolingo

Bonjour, hola, ciao! Duolingo makes language learning a breeze. Whether your goal is fluency or just picking up some basics, this app offers an engaging and effective way to master a new language.

Say adios to dull language lessons.

Recommended For: Language learners of all ages, regardless of current fluency.

10. Hooked On Phonics

Unlock the power of literacy with Hooked on Phonics! Tailored for young learners, this app combines fun and proven methods to build strong reading skills.

Ideal for parents guiding their children through early reading stages.

Recommended For: Young readers who are struggling to pick up the skill. It’s an excellent choice for children facing challenges in early reading.

Best Apps For Homeschooling

Miscellaneous Homeschooling Apps

Finally, we come to our miscellaneous apps that cover other subjects that are important when it comes to homeschooling.

This is by no means the only list of homeschooling apps that you can find; these are just the apps that we have used and find essential for our homeschooling experiences.

11. Code Sparks

Dive into coding with Code Sparks! Designed for young learners, it transforms coding into an interactive adventure.

Engage in creative challenges, fostering a love for programming in a game-like setting. This app is perfect for aspiring young coders and programmers.

Recommended For: Aspiring coders and beginners looking to ignite their passion for programming through interactive and fun coding challenges.

12. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an all-encompassing app that offers a vast library of lessons that span across various subjects.

From math to science, it provides comprehensive resources, making learning accessible for all ages. This is a go-to platform for self-paced, personalized education.

Recommended For: Students of all ages seeking comprehensive, personalized learning experiences across a wide range of subjects, from mathematics to science and beyond.

13. BrainPOP

BrainPOP takes learning to the next level with animated videos, quizzes, and interactive activities.

Covering diverse subjects, it caters to different learning styles and ensures a dynamic educational experience. BrainPOP becomes your animated ally in the quest for knowledge.

Recommended For: Inquisitive minds eager to explore educational animated content covering diverse topics, making complex concepts easy to understand for students of varying ages.

14. Stack The States 2

Make geography a blast with Stack the States 2! Gamify learning about U.S. states through puzzles and challenges.

Perfect for kids and adults alike, it turns geography into an engaging adventure. Stack, learn, and conquer state knowledge!

Recommended For: Geography enthusiasts and students looking to master U.S. geography through an engaging and entertaining stack-building game that makes learning the states a breeze.

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up this exploration of the 14 best homeschooling apps, remember that the key to successful homeschooling lies in adaptability.

Embrace the flexibility these apps offer, tailoring them to your unique teaching and learning styles.

In this tech-savvy era, these tried-and-tested tools serve as invaluable companions in your educational endeavors.

Consider incorporating these apps into your routine, ensuring a harmonious blend of engagement and productivity.

Let technology be your ally, not a hurdle. You’re not just facilitating learning; you’re cultivating a dynamic environment where curiosity thrives.

As you delve into this digital toolkit, stay attuned to your child’s needs. Observing their progress and tweaking your approach will maximize the benefits of these resources.

After all, the essence of homeschooling is the personal touch – the ability to adapt and tailor education to fit the contours of your child’s intellectual landscape.

Cheers to a smarter, more connected homeschooling experience.

With these apps in your arsenal, you’re not just shaping minds; you’re fostering a love for learning that transcends the boundaries of any traditional classroom. Happy homeschooling!


How can homeschooling apps enhance the learning experience?

Homeschooling apps elevate learning with interactive lessons, engaging content, and personalized feedback, ensuring an enjoyable and effective educational journey.

Are there offline activities recommended in conjunction with these apps?

Yes, the article suggests incorporating offline exercises to complement digital learning and foster a well-rounded educational experience.

How can I ensure my child stays engaged during homeschooling with apps?

Keep the learning experience captivating by regularly assessing your child’s interests and rotating through different apps.
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