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14 Teen-Friendly Clothing Websites That Won’t Break The Bank

For teenagers, style and fashion is everything. They need to stay on trend and love expressing themselves through their wardrobe.  From skinny jeans to mom jeans, crop tops to baggy sweatshirts, we can never keep up with the latest styles!

14 Teen-Friendly Clothing Websites That Won’t Break The Bank

But with clothing prices rising everywhere, it’s difficult to keep updating their wardrobe to fit the freshest trends. Today we’re looking at 14 of the best online fashion stores that offer affordable prices and stylish clothes. 


Shein has blown up in recent years in terms of popularity. It is one of the best sites to visit to find cute clothing at incredible prices. They offer a wide range of dresses, tops, accessories, homeware, and more. 

Shein always has sales and discount deals running, so you’re almost guaranteed to grab a bargain when you shop from this website! The quality is also decent for the price, and you can find plenty of Shein reviews on social media platforms. 

All new customers also get free shipping and 10% off their first order, so make the most of this deal while you can! 


Just like Shein, Zaful has grown exponentially in popularity over the past few years. It carried everything you could possibly need from a clothing store, so you don’t have to worry about paying shipping costs for multiple orders. Just order everything on Zaful and call it a day! 

Zaful’s Inspire Me tab will be where you find the trendiest pieces on the website, and you can use this if you’re ever feeling uninspired by the latest trends. It’s sure to help you come up with new outfit combinations to wow your friends and family. 

Zaful also offers plenty of trendy pieces for men, too. They run lots of great deals and are always restocking their clearance outlet, so look here for some of the cheapest deals on the web. 


H&M is another incredibly popular fashion brand known for its quality and affordable prices. They have stores situated all over the world, but their online store helps even more people enjoy their clothing. 

H&M offers plenty of clothing for women, men, and children. It’s then categorized for easy access to the website.

Most of the pieces also come with an inspirational guide to show you other pieces that work best with the one you’ve chosen. 

Simply find a piece you love (this shouldn’t be too difficult!) and scroll down to the ‘Style With’ section. You can also see what other buyers bought with this piece to offer more inspiration. 

H&M also offers a membership program where you can get points from each purchase. This leads to bigger discounts and deals, and you’ll also get a discount around your birthday. 

Don’t forget to check out their homeware pieces, too!


Lulus is the epitome of cuteness. While the website isn’t as cheap as some of the other stores on our list, the prices are still quite affordable. Considering the quality of the clothing, too, the prices are even more justified! 

You can find anything on Lulus, from tops to handbags, trousers to shoes. However, their biggest selection is their dresses. They offer wedding dresses, cocktail dresses, beach dresses, black tie dresses, and more. 

If you’re looking for a dress for a special occasion, we highly recommend Lulus. There is even an entire section dedicated to graduation dresses! All orders over $50 come with free shipping and returns are free. 


Romwe has been an online fashion boutique for 13 years, offering global shipping anywhere. Their clothing selection is immense – you’ll be browsing for hours! From party wear to beach attire, Romwe has almost anything you need. 

There are also around 30 new items released on the website every single day. Shopping for new arrivals has never been easier! 

Romwe also offers plenty of deals for you to take advantage of, including 10% off for new members, free returns, and up to 80% off sales. If you’re on the lookout for cheap and fashionable clothing, Romwe is always worth a check.

Forever 21

Forever 21 is an incredibly popular brand and has been a staple for many teenagers’ wardrobes for years. If we asked you to think of the first cheap fashion brand that came to your head, we bet that Forever 21 would be high on your list. 

After all, they are the 5th largest specialty retailer in the US! 

Not everyone has access to a Forever 21 physical store, though, so the online storefront is incredibly useful. They’re mentioned in countless television shows, movies, and publications, and the label is an impressive one to sport. 

Despite being founded almost 40 years ago, Forever 21 has still managed to keep up with trends and is among the first to offer exciting styles. A quick look at their website will show that they are both very tailored to teenagers and affordable. 

Dress Up

Dress Up does have several physical stores along the Southeast, but its main draw is its online boutique. They have plenty of clothing categories to peruse, from dresses to jeans, jumpers to athleticwear.

One thing we love about Dress Up is that they offer trendy clothing for everyone. You can really come into your own style with the help of Dress Up, and the affordable pricing means that a whole wardrobe won’t even break the bank. 

 Dress Up also offers a 10% discount on first orders as well as free shipping on orders over $49. Just make sure you sign up for their email subscriptions to take advantage of these discounts. 

Lovely Wholesale

Lovely Wholesale offers clothing from plenty of its sister sites such as Sammy Dress and Dresslily. Don’t worry, though, as you can find much more on this website than just dresses!

There are shoes, tops, rompers, and more, as well as thousands of accessories to choose from. You can find things for much cheaper than in physical stores, with the majority of items being sold for factory prices! 

The clearance outlets offer items as low as $1 and Lovely Wholesale also offers a student discount. They’re always running discounts such as $25 off of orders over $199, and the website is incredibly easy to use. 

Old Navy

Old Navy is known for its classic timeless pieces. It is commonly marketed towards professionals, but they also stock plenty of pieces for the entire family.

They offer plenty of jeans, jumpers, tops, accessories, shoes, and more. They stock sizes from 0-30 and XS-4XL, offering plenty of choice for anyone and everyone. 

There is also a function on their website that allows you to see $20 and under steals, making it easier for you to purchase an entire wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Old Navy is also known for its seasonal sales, which offer massive discounts on last season’s stock. Savvy teenagers can take advantage of this sale and stock up on next year’s clothing for much cheaper than buying it later. 

Nordstrom Rack

Everyone’s heard of Nordstrom, right? They offer amazingly trendy pieces for people of all ages. The one problem? They ask for premium price points.

We can’t be too mad, though, since the quality is out of this world. Unfortunately, though, many teenagers won’t have the budget to buy from Nordstrom. 

But worry not! Nordstrom Rack is a division of Nordstrom, offering off-price clothing. Here you’ll find Nordstrom pieces at a heavily discounted price, often between 30 and 70 percent off!

Nordstrom is every teenager’s dream designer piece, so the Nordstrom Rack website might be the answer to all of their wishes. 

They also carry plenty of other high-quality labels like Steve Madden, The North Face, Adidas, and more. Seriously, you won’t believe the discounts you can find on this website.

We highly recommend it for any trend-hopping teen who doesn’t want to spend too much on a piece of clothing that will go out of style soon.


If you want to find clothing that will perfect your Instagram feed, Tobi is the online boutique for you. One quick look on this website will have you desperate to make an order! The dresses are gorgeous, the tops are exquisite, and the quality looks sublime.

Tobi is the ideal store for any teenager who loves taking high-quality pictures and immortalizing their experiences. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good on social media!

Tobi also carries popular lines from Free People, Finders Keepers, Beach Riot, and more. They also do special guest lines, too, so watch their social media pages for more information. 


Amazon might not be the first website you think of when you’re looking for stylish clothes, but the Amazon fashion line is now in full swing and surprisingly trendy. Plenty of well-known labels sell on Amazon anyway, but they do not offer their own label at lower prices. 

Amazon also offers a Try Before You Buy feature for Prime members, in which you can get the item shipped to you for free before paying for it.

Try it on and decide whether you want to keep it or send it back. You’ll only be charged for the item once you’ve agreed to keep it. Hello, risk-free shopping! 

Amazon also offers free returns for any customer. Pair that with Prime shipping bringing the clothes to you within just a few days, this is one of the best affordable clothing websites for teenagers! 

Rue 21

Rue 21 is the place to be if you like clothing other than conventionally trendy pieces. Clothes sold on this website are still in style, but they focus more on graphic tees, activewear, and intimates rather than just the clothing basics. 

However, if you also need trousers, sweaters, jackets, and more, Rue 21 also sells these pieces, as well. 

Rue 21 has a page dedicated to their favorite pieces which are super helpful when finding out the current trends. They also sell other accessories such as perfumes and jewelry. 

There are plenty of Rue 21 stores around the US, so why not check their clothing out in physical stores, too? 

Rose Gal

Rose Gal is a great cheap website to buy clothing from. They offer any type of clothing you could imagine, from skirts, dresses, tops, jackets, shoes, beachwear, and more.

They have all of their clothing categorized by size, too, which makes it super easy to find yourself an entirely new wardrobe. 

They offer some of the best discounts on the market, too, with BOGOF offers running all the time and $110 off for new customers over multiple coupon codes. You’ll also get free shipping once your cart reaches a certain total! 

You can also return items within 30 days for a refund. But with this quality and prices, we doubt you’d ever want to. 


Thanks for reading our article on 14 teenager-friendly clothing websites for the trendiest pieces.

Trends are always changing, with some pieces going out of style in a matter of weeks. Most people, especially teens, don’t have the budget to keep up with the trends. 

Unless that is, they use one of the websites we’ve listed above. Our favorites are Shein, Zaful, H&M, and Amazon. However, all of the online retailers listed above are affordable, trustworthy, and offer excellent quality pieces. 

Always make sure you’re taking advantage of the coupons offered by the retailer. This will lower your cart total even more!

Simon Lewis

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