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130 Super Fun And Engaging Quiz Questions & Answers

Quizzes are a fun and interactive way to engage your class, stimulate their brains, and test their knowledge.

But if you’re having a hard time creating your own quiz, we’ve listed 120 super fun and engaging quiz questions & answers below.

Quiz Questions & Answers

The following kids’ quiz questions cover a variety of topics, from animals and science to sports and pop culture characters!

Animal Quiz Questions For Kids

Quiz questions about animals are always a great way to engage the children and warm them up for other quiz topics!

  1. Which Land Animal Is The Fastest?
    Answer: Cheetah
  1. What Is The Biggest Animal?
    Answer: Blue whale
  1. What Does A Caterpillar Turn Into?
    Answer: Butterfly
  1. How Many Hearts Does An Octopus Have?
    Answer: Three
  1. What’s The Slowest Animal In The World?
    Answer: Sloth
  1. What Is The Largest Bird?
    Answer: Ostrich
  1. What Does A Bee Make?
    Answer: Honey
  1. Which Animal Has A Purple Tongue?
    Answer: Giraffe
  1. What Is The National Bird Of The United States Of America?
    Answer: Eagle
  1. Where Do Kangaroos Live?
    Answer: Australia

Popular Characters Quiz Questions For Kids

Make any kids’ quiz more exciting by including some of these quiz questions about popular characters from movies, books, and comics!

  1. What Kind Of Animal Is Simba?
    Answer: Lion
  1. What Is Tom In Tom And Jerry, A Mouse Or A Cat?
    Answer: Cat
  1. What Kind Of Fish Is Nemo?
    Answer: Clownfish
  1. Who Is Mickey Mouse’s Girlfriend?
    Answer: Minnie Mouse
  1. What Weakens Superman?
    Answer: Kryptonite
  1. Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea?
    Answer: SpongeBob SquarePants
  1. What Is The Name Of Peppa Pig’s Younger Brother?
    Answer: George
  1. How Many Dwarves Are There In Snow White?
    Answer: Seven
  1. What Is The Name Of The Princess In Shrek?
    Answer: Fiona
  1. What Kind Of Animal Is Sonic?
    Answer: Hedgehog

Science Quiz Questions For Kids

Stimulate the class with these fun and engaging science questions for kids about space, technology, and more!

  1. How Many Colors Are In The Rainbow?
    Answer: Seven
  1. What Erupts Out Of A Volcano?
    Answer: Lava
  1. Who Was The First Man On The Moon?
    Answer: Neil Armstrong
  1. Who Invented The Telephone?
    Answer: Alexander Graham Bell
  1. What Do You Get If You Freeze Water?
    Answer: Ice
  1. What Sounds Can You Hear In Space?
    Answer: None
  1. Who Discovered Gravity?
    Answer: Sir Isaac Newton
  1. Which Planet Is The Hottest?
    Answer: Jupiter
  1. What Do You Measure With A Thermometer?
    Answer: Temperature
  1. Which Star Is Closest To The Earth?
    Answer: The sun

Biology Quiz Questions For Kids

Find out how much your class knows about the human body and plants with these simple biology quiz questions!

  1. What Is The Biggest Organ In The Human Body?
    Answer: Liver
  1. What Is The Name Of A Person Who Studies Biology?
    Answer: Biologist
  1. What Is The Name Of The Process Where Plants Turn Sunlight Into Food?
    Answer: Photosynthesis
  1. Which Part Of The Body Helps You Move?
    Answer: Muscles
  1. Which Organ Allows Us To Breathe?
    Answer: Lungs
  1. What Is The Process Called Where Plants Create Oxygen?
    Answer: Photosynthesis
  1. Which Part Of A Plant Helps It Get Water From Soil?
    Answer: Roots
  1. How Many Bones Are There In The Human Body?
    Answer: 206
  1. What Is The Heaviest Organ In The Human Body?
    Answer: Liver
  1. What Helps Us Taste Food?
    Answer: Tastebuds
Quiz Questions & Answers

Geography Quiz Questions For Kids

Test any child’s knowledge and curiosity about the world with these simple and fun geography quiz questions!

  1. Where Is The Eiffel Tower?
    Answer: Paris, France
  1. What Is The Tallest Mountain In The World?
    Answer: Mount Everest
  1. How Many Continents Are There On Earth?
    Answer: Seven
  1. Which Continent Is The Largest?
    Answer: Asia
  1. What Ocean Is The Biggest
    Answer: Pacific Ocean
  1. What Is The Longest River In The World?
    Answer: The Nile
  1. Where Is The Great Barrier Reef?
    Answer: Australia
  1. What Is The Largest Country?
    Answer: Russia
  1. What Is The Coldest Place On Earth?
    Answer: Antarctica
  1. How Many States Are There In The USA?
    Answer: 50

History Quiz Questions For Kids

Teach your class some interesting facts about history and important events with these super fun and engaging quiz questions about history!

  1. Who Gave The “I Have A Dream” Speech?
    Answer: Martin Luther King Jr.
  1. Which Famous Ship Sank In 1912?
    Answer: Titanic
  1. Who Was The First Ever President Of The United States Of America?
    Answer: George Washington
  1. Who Built The Pyramids?
    Answer: The Egyptians
  1. How Many Wives Did Henry VIII Have?
    Answer: Six
  1. What Year Did World War II Start?
    Answer: 1939
  1. What Famous Battle Took Place In England In 1066?
    Answer: The Battle of Hastings
  1. Where Was The Declaration Of Independence Signed?
    Answer: Philadelphia
  1. Which Country Had Rulers Called Pharaohs?
    Answer: Egypt
  1. When Was The First Super Bowl?
    Answer: 1967

Sports Quiz Questions For Kids

Find out how much your elementary school class knows about different sports with these fun sports quiz questions for kids!

  1. Which Sport Is The FIFA World Cup?
    Answer: Football
  1. What Does the NBA Stand For?
    Answer: National Basketball Association
  1. Which Sport Does LeBron James Play?
    Answer: Basketball
  1. How Many Points Do You Get For A Touchdown?
    Answer: Six
  1. Which Sport Is America’s National Sport?
    Answer: Baseball
  1. How Many Holes Are There On A Standard Golf Course?
    Answer: 18
  1. Which Country Did The Olympics Originally Start?
    Answer: Greece
  1. Which Sport Is Played At Wimbledon?
    Answer: Tennis
  1. How Many Goals Did You Score If You Scored A Hat-Trick?
    Answer: Three
  1. How Long Is An Olympic Swimming Pool?
    Answer: 50 meters
Quiz Questions & Answers

Math Quiz Questions For Kids

Include some engaging math questions to your quiz with these simple and fun math quiz questions for kids!

  1. How Many Centimeters Are There In One Meter?
    Answer: 100
  1. What Is 9 Multiplied By 8?
    Answer: 72
  1. What Has More Sides, A Triangle Or A Square?
    Answer: Square
  1. How Many Minutes Are In One Hour?
    Answer: 60
  1. How Many Years Are In A Decade?
    Answer: 10
  1. Which Is Higher, A Billion Or A Trillion?
    Answer: Trillion
  1. What Is The Sign Or Symbol For Multiplication?
    Answer: X
  1. What Is One Thousand Multiplied By Zero?
    Answer: One thousand
  1. What Is 111 Plus 111?
    Answer: 222
  1. What Is 999 Minus 99?
    Answer: 900

Movies Quiz Questions For Kids

Test the children’s movie trivia knowledge with these super-engaging quiz questions about popular children’s movies and Disney characters!

  1. What Is The Name Of Ana’s Sister In The Movie Frozen?
    Answer: Elsa
  1. What Is The Name Of The Small, Green Monster With One Eye In Monsters Inc?
    Answer: Mike
  1. What Is The Polar Express?
    Answer: A train
  1. What Is The Name Of The Cowboy In Toy Story?
    Answer: Woody
  1. Which Disney Character Flies Sitting On A Carpet?
    Answer: Aladdin
  1. What Is The Name Of The Fairy In Peter Pan?
    Answer: Tinkerbell
  1. What Is The Movie With The Rat Who Loves To Cook?
    Answer: Ratatouille
  1. Prince Charming, Is The Prince In?
    Answer: Cinderella
  1. What Kind Of Mythical Creature Is Princess Ariel?
    Answer: A mermaid
  1. What Is Shrek?
    Answer: An ogre

Book Quiz Questions For Kids

Encourage reading and see how much your class knows about popular children’s books with these fun book quiz questions for kids!

  1. What Are Willy Wonka’s Helpers Called?
    Answer: Oompa Loompas
  1. Who Wrote The Cat In The Hat?
    Answer: Dr. Seuss
  1. Which School Did Harry Potter Attend?
    Answer: Hogwarts
  1. Who Had An Encounter With The Three Bears?
    Answer: Goldilocks
  1. What Is Harry Potter’s Middle Name?
    Answer: James
  1. Who Is The Wizard At The Court Of King Arthur?
    Answer: Merlin
  1. What Is The Name Of Winnie The Pooh’s Donkey Friend?
    Answer: Eeyore
  1. What Kind Of Hole Did Alice Go Through In Alice In Wonderland?
    Answer: Rabbit hole
  1. What Is Charlie’s Surname In Charlie And The Chocolate Factory?
    Answer: Bucket
  1. What Is The Name Of The Lion In The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe?
    Answer: Asian
Quiz Questions & Answers

Music Quiz Questions For Kids

Challenge your class’ musical knowledge with these fun music quiz questions about instruments and more!

  1. What Do You Call Three Musicians Or Singers?
    Answer: Trio
  1. How Many Strings Does A Normal Guitar Have?
    Answer: Six
  1. How Many Strings Does A Violin Have?
    Answer: Four
  1. Which Instrument Does A Pianist Play?
    Answer: Piano
  1. Which Classical Composer Was Deaf?
    Answer: Ludwig van Beethoven
  1. What Is Pop Music Short For?
    Answer: Popular music
  1. What Type Of Music Instrument Are The Drums?
    Answer: Percussion
  1. How Many Musicians In A Quartet?
    Answer: Four
  1. What Colors Are The Keys On A Piano?
    Answer: Black and white
  1. What Is The Name Of The USA’s National Anthem?
    Answer: The Star-Spangled Banner

Holidays Quiz Questions For Kids

Get your class in the mood for the holidays with these fun and engaging quiz questions themed around the most popular holidays!

  1. Where Does Santa Claus Live?
    Answer: The North Pole
  1. How Many Reindeer Does Santa Claus Have?
    Answer: Nine
  1. How Many Times Does Santa Claus Check His List?
    Answer: Twice
  1. What Color Is Rudolph’s Nose?
    Answer: Red
  1. What Is The Name Of The Grumpy Character In The Christmas Carol?
    Answer: Scrooge
  1. What Do You Say On Halloween To Get Candy?
    Answer: Trick or treat
  1. What Do We Carve On Halloween?
    Answer: Pumpkins
  1. What Do Witches Fly On?
    Answer: Brooms
  1. What Is A Vampire’s Favorite Drink?
    Answer: Blood
  1. What Year Was The First Thanksgiving?
    Answer: 1621

Miscellaneous Quiz Questions For Kids

Last but not least, here are some miscellaneous quiz questions for kids to add some randomness to your quiz!

  1. How Many Days Are There In A Year?
    Answer: 365
  1. What Color Is An Emerald?
    Answer: Green
  1. How Many Edges Does A Cube Have?
    Answer: 12
  1. How Many Wheels Does A Tricycle Have?
    Answer: Three
  1. What Fruit Do Raisins Come From?
    Answer: Grapes
  1. What Color Is A Ruby?
    Answer: Red
  1. Who Painted The Mona Lisa?
    Answer: Leonardo DaVinci
  1. What Is Arachnobia A Fear Of?
    Answer: Spiders
  1. When Do Leaves Die?
    Answer: Fall
  1. What’s The Response To “See You Later, Alligator?”
    Answer: “In a while, crocodile.”

Final Thoughts

And here you have it: 130 super fun and engaging quiz questions for kids to test your class.

Ask them questions from one subject, or mix them up to make your quiz even more fun and engaging!

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