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20 Of The Best Dr Seuss Books For All Ages

Children’s literature is so much the richer for having so many books written by Dr. Seuss, the pen name of author Theodor Seuss Geisel.

His fantastic characters, whimsical rhyming schemes and vivid worlds are the perfect tools for children learning to read. 

20 Of The Best Dr Seuss Books For All Ages

Each of his stories is a treat to read, and he wrote more than 100 books, but these 20 are among his most famous and have become children’s classics.

Let’s dive into the wonderfully, weird world of Dr. Seuss. 

1. The Cat In The Hat

The Cat In The Hat is most likely one of the first Dr. Seuss books that come to mind, and it’s not difficult to see why.

This wacky story of two bored children and a talking cat leads to all sorts of fantastical nonsense and adventures. 

Not only is it most kids’ favorite Dr. Seuss book, but it was also his favorite too. It’s an easy reader and will give kids bundles of confidence in their reading ability. 

2. Green Eggs And Ham

Along with The Cat In The Hat, Green Eggs And Ham is one of the most famous of Dr. Seuss’s books.

This wonderfully iconic book came about as the result of a bet between the co-founder of Random House publishers and Dr. Seuss. 

He was challenged to write a book using 50 unique words or less. He won the bet and one of the great children’s classics is the result. 

3. Dr Seuss’s ABC

If you want kids to remember something make it as silly as possible, it’s not boring, and they’re more likely to remember it.

Well Dr. Seuss certainly made the alphabet not-boring with his made up words and unique rhyming style. 

Each letter is shown in capital and lowercase with lots of words starting with that letter. The ridiculous sentences make learning the alphabet fun for your child and for you.  

4. Oh, The Places You’ll Go

There is something deeper to Dr. Seuss books than fun rhymes and wacky characters and this is evident in this book.

It has a sentiment of possibilities for children with the story following the narrator through various worlds until he reaches the Waiting Place.

It resonates with lots of life experiences and is often given as a graduation gift. A good book for independent readers. 

5. The Cat In The Hat Comes Back

As if he didn’t cause enough trouble the first time around, The Cat In The Hat Comes Back to create more mayhem in the home of Dick and Sally.

This time he’s brought a pink stain with him as he bathes in their bath. How will they get it cleaned before their parents return?

A wonderful sequel to the original Cat In The Hat and just as much fun. 

6. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Teaching young children to count as well as getting them to recognize colors is simple with this wonderful book by Dr. Seuss. It also teaches children about opposites in the best possible rhyming way. 

This is a must for early readers who will love being able to read the whole book by themselves. 

7. Fox In Socks

When teaching children to read, getting them to pronounce words correctly is key. This incredible book by Dr. Seuss does exactly that. It is a book that should be read out loud and slowly at first.

There is even a warning that it can tangle your tongue in two!

From imaginary creatures to the most ridiculous rhymes, this book is a wonderful confidence builder for young readers. 

8. If I Ran The Zoo

Gerald McGrew wonders what would happen if he ran the zoo. He dreams of having a menagerie of fantastically weird creatures that would rival even Noah’s Ark.

Another brilliantly written and hilarious rhyming book from Dr. Seuss. 

Kids who love the zoo will adore Gerald’s McGrew’s imaginary zoo full of weird and wonderful beasts. 

9. The Lorax

Way ahead of its time The Lorax is a moving tale that spotlights the problems the world is facing now, that of pollution, deforestation and the loss of animal habitats. 

This is a great story, as you would expect from Dr. Seuss, but it also has an important message for all of us. It can be read aloud or as an independent reader. 

10. The Foot Book

A typically wacky but wonderful Dr. Seuss book for young readers. Who knew there were so many different kinds of feet? Wet, dry, big, small, left and right this book teaches little ones all about opposites. 

It’s a great introduction to the bizarrely brilliant world of Dr. Seuss. 

11. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Many kids have probably seen the movie but the book of How The Grinch Stole Christmas is still a classic and well worth reading.

As with most of Dr. Seuss’s books, it has an important message that applies to young and old alike. 

This is a great read aloud book for confident readers and a favorite around the holidays. 

12. Horton Hears A Who

One of the most beloved of Dr. Seuss’s characters is Horton the elephant. In this book, he hears a cry for help coming from a speck of dust, but no one believes him.

Determined to help, Horton discovers a miniature world inhabited by the Whos of Whooville. 

The message of this story is that being kind and standing up for what you believe is very important. 

13. Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You

This is a book of wonderful noises that Mr. Brown can make, and you will be making too as you read it aloud to your kids.

Although you may not be familiar with all the sounds, have you ever heard a hippo chewing gum or the sound of a goldfish kiss? 

Never fear, by the end of the book you’ll know all of these and more. A great book for sharing with small children. 

14. Yertle The Turtle And Other Stories

Yertle the Turtle is a story about greed and using others to get what you want while Gertrude McFuzz is a tale about vanity and The Big Brag is a story of too much pride.

The stories all have Dr. Seuss’s trademark rhyming, bizarre characters and underlying message. 

These stories can be read aloud to small children and are excellent readers for older kids. 

15. Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are

In the desert of Drize is a wise old man who sings a song to the narrator while sitting on top of a cactus! Well it is Dr. Seuss, what did you expect?

The book is a reflection of the author’s own irrepressible optimism and is a great story for children facing difficulties. 

With wacky characters in bizarre world’s he shows how lucky we really are. 

16. The Butter Battle Book

As with so many of Dr. Seuss’s books this story has a deep moral undertone about war. The story is about the Zooks and the Yooks who are battling over which way up to eat their bread and butter. 

Written during World War II it highlights the folly of war and how quickly it can escalate. It still has his signature rhymes, illustrations and unique characters. 

17. The Sneetches And Other Stories

The Sneetches is a story about prejudice in a land of strange bird-like creatures, some of whom have a yellow star on their belly and some who don’t.

When a scammer comes and starts taking stars and adding them where they shouldn’t be everyone gets in a muddle. 

But in the end the town forgets who had stars and who didn’t and everyone becomes friends. This is a great story about tolerance and acceptance. 

18. Hop On Pop

Hop On Pop is for some of the youngest readers of Dr. Seuss, featuring his famous rhymes but in the simplest of forms.

This helps beginners get to grips with the sounds in this book and that they will encounter elsewhere. 

The fun and vivid illustrations will keep young children interested in the book and the repetition will help them recognize words. 

19. Oh The Things You Can Think

A book which is a tribute to the boundless power of a child’s imagination will be a firm favorite with your kids.

With ever more weird characters and creatures and Dr. Seuss’s classic rhyming text this book will keep young minds engaged and enthralled. 

It encourages children to explore their imagination and celebrate the endless possibilities it presents. 

20. What Pet Should I Get?

Capturing a classic childhood moment, the dilemma of choosing a pet from a pet store is the theme of this book.

When a brother and sister can’t decide which pet they should get they are left wondering how they will ever choose just one. 

The book demonstrates an important life lesson about making choices and how difficult it can be but also how necessary. 


We hope that you have enjoyed this guide to 20 of the best Dr. Seuss books for all ages.

Simon Lewis

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