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What Are The Best 13-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas? – 47 Great Ideas

13 is a pivotal age, it marks the end of childhood and the beginning of becoming an adult. A teenager is when your child starts developing their own tastes and attitudes.

So, this means that trying to organize a birthday party for them could be a nightmare.

What Are The Best 13-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas – 47 Great Ideas

Luckily, using a wonderful thing called the internet, there are plenty of ideas out there for throwing a great birthday party for a 13-year-old.

There are ideas here for all sorts of parties: outdoor parties, indoor parties, parties involving food, parties involving marshmallows, and parties involving Marvel and Disney.

So, what is the best party to throw for your 13-year-old? Where can you find the right decorations or the best-themed tablecloth? What are the best parties for the outdoors?

Well, we have a list of some of the very best birthday party ideas for 13-year-old that we could find. Look at our list below!

47 Great 13-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas

1. Game Trucks

What is a game truck? Well, it’s basically a truck that comes to your house with everything that a 13-year-old could want: games consoles, controllers for them and their friends and plenty of battle royale games that they can scream and shout at for hours.

2. Photo Booth

This is a great idea if you are working to a budget. All you need is your Smartphone camera and some wacky props and your 13-year-old and their friends can spend hours taking goofy photos.

3. Hot Chocolate Bar

We all know how much of a sweet tooth a lot of kids have, so why not spoil them by setting up a bar where they can make their own hot chocolates?

Make sure to supply plenty of marshmallows and dusting!

4. Movie Time

Deck your living room out like a theatre, with red curtains and popcorn, rent a projector and play some of your teens’ favorite films on the big screen.

5. Throw Throw Burrito

This is a fun game where you throw squishy burritos at each other. There are other rules, but quite frankly all you need is fun throwing squishy burritos.

6. A Painting Party

If you think that your 13-year-old has an artistic streak, then why not grab a box of paints, crayons, and pens and allow them and their friend to explore their artistic side?

7. Rock Climbing

Now you don’t have to drag your son or daughter all the way to the Grand Canyon to celebrate their birthday.

You can just as easily take them to a soft play area and do some much more age-appropriate climbing.

8. Laser Tag

This is a classic party idea, great for teenagers who have a lot of energy to expend and might be more interested in science fiction and adventures.

9. Candy Bar

There are plenty of candy bars that 13-year-olds will simply wolf down. You can ship a load of candy bars in or you can give them the ingredients to make their own.

10. The Classic Pizza Party

Because who doesn’t like lots and lots of pizza? Celebrate your 13-year-old special day with lashings and lashings of pizza and warm bread.

11. Festive 13 Streamers

With a coming-of-age like this, you might want to plaster it on every wall and have it hanging from every light fitting. Having 13-year-old-themed streamers is a perfect way to ring in that special age.

12. Black And Gold Décor

There’s no reason why you can’t do something a little different regarding decorations. This could include black balloons with gold lettering or gold streamers with a black moniker on the side.

13. Jumbo Balloons

Huge balloons are just better than ordinary balloons. What more is there to say really?

14. Large Yard Banner

Ship your teenager off to school in the morning and then decorate the house as a surprise for them when they come back.

You can print their name and their age on it if you really want to embarrass them in front of their friends.

15. “Official Teenager” Decorations

This is another one that is either going to put a smile on their face or make them blush deep red. These are also very cheap.

16. 13-Year-Old Blues

If your boy is turning 13, then the chances are they might prefer blue to any other color. However, you could also have blue for a princess-themed birthday.

17. LED Balloons

Combine lights with inflatables with these fun decorations.

18. Hanging Door Banners

If your 13-year-old is really into their birthday parties, then you might want to shout it from every window and hang it from every door.

19. Gamer Decorations

If you know that your 13-year-old likes games, then you can always put up plenty of banners and streamers decorated with game consoles and PlayStation.

20. Huge Wall Banner

This kind of banner usually covers one side of a wall, so if you want to go big with the birthday celebrations, then you can!

21. Birthday Basket For Teen Boys

Whether it is race cars, gaming consoles, candies or clothing for their favorite sporting team, you can really make a splash with some of these gifts.

22. Birthday Basket For The Birthday Girl

The same goes for young girls, fill your basket with plenty of make-up, clothing and accessories.

23. Camping Out

If your teen likes camping, give them all the accessories for the great outdoors.

24. Teen Party Food Ideas

Sausage rolls, cheese twizzles, pickles and pizza, there are plenty of snack ideas that you can choose from.

25. Soda Bar

All teens like fizzy drinks, so why not indulge them a little?

26. Pancakes And Pajamas

Get your kids nice and comfy with some sleepover clothes and stacks of delicious pancakes.

27. Awesome Animal Crossing Bash

If you have a teen that is a fan of this game, then why not go for the whole theme?

28. DIY Escape Room

Decide on a theme and make some puzzles for your teen to escape from.

29. Paint Splatter Palooza

Make sure that you cover up the furniture for this one. This is a great way for your teens to run around and have fun with their friends.

30. Pastel Neon Birthday Party

This is another great idea if your teen has an artistic streak. Turn off the lights and watch the walls glow!

31. Fortnite Themed Party

This is another great one for the younger boys who love the game Fortnite. Watch them light up as they battle it out with their friends.

32. Fear Factor

This is perfect for young teens who really love a good thrill.

33. Nerf Guns Galore

Nerf guns are great for young children, so why not arm them with a deadly soft missile gun and watch them chase their friends around the sofa?

34. Glow Party

Glow-in-the-dark sticks are a great decorative accessory for your children to create a party atmosphere.

35. Starbucks

We wouldn’t suggest plying your kids with coffee, but this chain also supplies hot chocolate and whipped cream for those kids with a sweet tooth.

36. Spa Day

This is especially great for a young girl who likes to be pampered.

37. An Epic Sleepover

Get together 10 of your 13-year-old friends and bundle them up in a room with sleeping bags, movies and plenty of popcorn.

38. A Donut Day

What better way to celebrate turning 13 than with lots of donutty treats?

39. Minecraft

If you have a teen that is obsessed with this digital building block game, then why not theme a whole party around it?

40. Craft-Themed Party

If your teen likes to make things from paper, glue and other odds and ends, then why not let them indulge their creative side?

41. Scavenger Hunt

Hide some treats around the house and let your kids run wild trying to find them.

42. Minute To Win It Games

Set your kids against the clock as they go hunting for some great treats and prizes.

43. Heads Up

This game is fun for children, teens, and adults to play. If you are having more of a family-themed party, then this is a great one to play.

44. Capture The Flag

This is very much like the games on the PlayStation, as you have your teens run from one side of the backyard to the other, trying to capture and recapture the flag.

45. Kids Against Maturity

This is a less adult version of Cards Against Humanity, great for teens who like a giggle.

46. Double Ditto

This is a fun board game that is guaranteed to get everyone laughing.

47. Minute Of Fun

This is a game that comes with over 200 challenges, great for people who want to work their brains as well as their laughter glands.


We hope that we have managed to fill your head with great ideas for your 13-year-old’s birthday party, even if they aren’t listed here, there is plenty of room for improvising!

Simon Lewis

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