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25 Incredible 9th Grade Science Project Ideas To Try

Forget quizzing your class on all 118 elements of the periodic table. Gather them together for some fun science projects instead!

If you’re teaching grade 9 students, there’s no better way to increase their interest in the wonders of science than by letting them play mad scientist.

9th Grade Science Project Ideas

Looking to add some spark and energy to your science lessons?

Let your students get creative and experimental with these 25 incredible 9th grade science project ideas to try that are sure to wow and amaze your class!

These incredible grade 9 science projects cover chemistry, physics, biology, and more. For health and safety reasons, just make sure to provide adult supervision where necessary.

1. Pressure Bottle Rocket

Firing this list off is an explosive science project idea that’s as educational as it is heaps of fun.

This science project will have your students building their very own pressure rocket from a plastic bottle and a few other basic materials. Just watch out, as you might get wet!

2. Homemade Radio

Turn your students into inventors with this science project that will teach them how to make a homemade radio out of a few household items.

They’ll even learn how to make their own headphones using a small magnet, a nail, a tin, and some fine wire.

3. Popping Boba Balls

Science projects can also be tasty! This science project will get your students to turn their favorite drinks into semi-solid boba balls that they can eat like pieces of candy.

It’s a fun and effective way to teach your class about spherification and molecular gastronomy.

4. Flying Teabag

Ever seen a flying teabag? Your students probably haven’t either.

This flying teabag science project is impressive yet simple, only requiring matches, markers, a non-flammable plate, and as many as many teabags as your students want to see flying!

5. Floating Rice

Teach your students about friction with this fun science project that’s as close as it gets to performing magic.

All you need are uncooked grains of rice, a plastic bottle, and a chopstick, pencil, pen, or stick. It’s a simple project, but it’s sure to make their jaws drop!

6. Flaming Torch

Your students will jump at the idea of creating their own fire vortex from rising heat and wind. The main items you’ll need are a turntable, wire mesh bucket, and borosilicate glass beakers.

The flames can rise above the bucket, so make sure to do this experiment outside.

7. Glowing Water

Show your students something interesting about tonic water with this glowing water science project idea.

You can use tonic water or regular water soaked with the ink from a highlighter pen. Then it’s simply a matter of shining a black light on the water!

8. Rainbow Fire

Here’s a simple science project for teaching your students about chemical reactions.

All it involves is a bunsen burner and several chemicals, including boronic acid, strontium chloride, sodium chloride, and potassium chloride, which will turn the flames into different colors.

9. PET Bottle Bridge

This science project idea is perfect as a group activity. It involves building a bridge out of PET plastic bottles using screws and tape.

What will amaze your students is how sturdy the finished structure will be (thanks to one amazing science principle), as they’ll be able to walk on it!

10. Infinity Mirror

Optical illusions are always fascinating. And that’s exactly what your students will create with this fun infinity mirror science project.

These infinity mirrors will dazzle and impress and also make for a great display item that your students can take home after class.

11. Lemon Volcano

Your students have probably made an erupting playdough volcano using bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, and food coloring – a classic school science project. But what about a lemon volcano?

Just a word of caution: this science project can get messy!

12. Stained Glass Candy

Get your students to create their own edible peppermint candy that they take home and share. This science project idea is like a cooking class and a science experiment in one!

It will also teach your students about the importance of measuring accurately in chemistry.

13. Vertical Hydroponic Farm

Teach your class about hydroponics and hydroculture with this fun science project that will get them to grow their own vertical farm.

This is a large project that also involves building a support frame with microcontrollers that monitor the plants!

14. Rubber Band Racer

Kick-start a drag race competition with this science project idea that will teach your students how to make their own rubber band racers.

This science project requires a hot glue gun and an electric drill, so just make sure the students have enough adult supervision.

15. Is Denser Fruit Healthier?

Organize a fun science experiment for your class with this project idea that will get them to test the density of different fruits and vegetables and whether density signifies their nutritional value.

Teach them about science and healthy eating in one!

16. Marble Roller Coaster

Transform the classroom into a miniature theme park with this thrilling science project that involves building roller coasters out of foam pipe insulation and masking tape.

The students will then measure how much height is needed to make the marbles loop the loops.

17. Teleidoscope

Get the students to create their own DIY kaleidoscopes with this teleidoscope science project.

You’ll need to gather a few materials to make the teleidoscopes, but the finished product is something they’ll be peering through for the rest of the day!

18. Electric Play Dough

Teach your students about conductivity with this electric play dough science project idea. It involves piecing together the electrical components as well as creating the playdough itself.

Add some creativity by letting your students create their own playdough shapes to electrify.

19. Water Quality

Here’s an environmental science project idea that will also teach your class an important survival skill!

Your students will learn about water safety and contamination, as well as how to test the quality of water from any water source and whether it’s safe to drink.

20. Charging Gadgets With Solar Power

Wireless charging? Your students will jump at this science project idea that will teach them how to charge their gadgets with solar power.

Several tools are required (including a soldering iron and wire cutters), so just make sure the students are well supervised.

21. Magical Plastic Bag Experiment

Here’s another incredible science project that will have the students believing they’re performing magic.

It’s a simple experiment involving pencils and plastic bags filled with water. Will the water spill when punctured? Get your students to find out!

22. Easy Heart Pump Model

Help your class learn more about how the human heart works with this STEM science project idea that will instruct them to build a model heart pump.

All you need is a small jar, bendy straws, a balloon, tape or glue, water, and red food coloring.

23. Tiny Dancers

This simple and fun science project idea will teach your class how to make a homopolar motor out of an AA battery and magnet.

Your students will also get to create their own “tiny dancers”, which will start to spin once placed on top of the batteries.

24. Heat Sensitive Color Changing Slime

Let your students get messy with this science project idea that will teach them how to create heat sensitive color changing slime.

All it requires is white school glue, water, thermochromic pigment, liquid starch, and different food colorings for them to get creative with.

25. Magic Spinning Pen

Have your class discover the power of magnets themselves with this school project idea that involves creating a small structure with a magnetic field.

Gluing a ring magnet to a pen and placing it in the middle of the other magnets will cause the pen to spin on its nib!


That wraps up our list of 25 incredible 9th grade science project ideas to try with your class, which will help them discover more about the world of science through their own creativity and experimentation.

The above science project ideas are perfect for students aged 14 to 15 and are guaranteed to fascinate them no matter whether science is their favorite subject or not.

Try these as soon as possible to add some excitement to your science lessons!

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