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Simon Lewis

Hi, I’m Simon Lewis and I want to help change this. I have been in the education space for over 20 years, dealing with young people day in and day out.

I have championed several anti-cyber-bullying feats, and I’m not stopping there.

I am fortunate to have been the person that all of my students come to with their troubles, and I help in any way that I can.

Whether that’s the tougher issues like what’s happening at home to lighter things like what to wear to a formal, I’m there for them.

Unfortunately, I’m only available in one high school of many around the country.

That is why I have created my site so that I can help other teenagers all over the world.

I feel incredibly strongly about anti-cyberbullying, which is why a portion of the site is reserved for helpful advice on what to do when you’re in that situation.

Please, let my site help you in any way it can. From party themes to money-making tips, you’ll find everything here!

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