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22 Winter Birthday Party Ideas For Your Teen

Many teens born in winter feel like there isn’t much to do because it’s so cold outside. But after taking a look at this list, you’ll be filled with inspiration for planning your teen’s next party!

The summer is the preferred time for celebrations of birthdays of all ages, including those of teens, but if you choose the correct themes for your winter birthday parties, you and your guests can have a fantastic time. 

22 Winter Birthday Party Ideas For Your Teen

If you want to celebrate a birthday in the winter, you’ll need to come up with an activity that takes place inside, especially if you live in a very chilly location.

At this time of year, some fun things to do include ice skating, going to an escape room, racing go-karts, or even throwing a good old-fashioned sleepover party.

Keep reading to learn some of the best winter party themes for your teen’s next birthday! 

1. Have A Slumber Party

This is a classic birthday party format and for a very good reason. This is a fan favorite because there’s nothing more enjoyable for adolescents than to spend the night partying it up at a sleepover.

This party, which will take place in your home, can have a specific theme if your teen wants. 

Make plans for some fun activities, like a baking and cooking competition, as well as some other games that teenagers will love participating in. 

You are welcome to keep an eye on things from a distance if that is more convenient for you but be assured that everyone will be nice and toasty while also having a fantastic time.

Everyone who came was delighted with their experience and left with fun memories they can look back on for years. 

2. Spa And Manicure Party 

If you have a teenage girl, then having a spa party is a great idea. You could even combine this with a sleepover and give all of the girls a pampering session! 

3. Bonfire 

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck inside on your birthday! a bonfire is a very fun activity if done safely. 

Help and supervise the teens as they build the bonfire and light it, but then step back and let them have their fun.

While many people bring their own speakers to listen to music, if you want to take it a step further you could hire a DJ for a few hours. 

Bring all of the ingredients for smores and other bonfire snacks, and don’t forget to light up the area a bit with some fairy lights!

Drink some hot chocolate, make s’mores for everyone, then stand back, and watch everyone party the night away. 

4. Take Them To An Arcade 

An arcade is a perfect place for a group of adolescents to blow off some steam and have a good time.

They’re free to act like children again and have fun with it! Gather a bunch of teenagers together, and have some fun trying to beat them at the classic games!

5. Go To An Escape Room

The only way to successfully complete an escape room is for everyone involved to work together.

Your group will have to work quickly to determine whether or not they can solve the mystery and get out of the room before the times up, but they’ll have loads of fun no matter what! 

6. Glow In The Dark Theme Party

Get together with your friends to celebrate the radiance of the night at a glow-in-the-dark party and revel in its glow.

As a form of décor, you may use things like glow rings, glow sticks, and other neon items. 

To build excitement for the party you could give your guests a glow stick along with the invitation.

7. Indoor Rock Climbing 

One way to get the heart pumping for any teen is indoor rock climbing. Because there are so many different routes to choose from, rock climbing is fun for climbers of all skill levels. 

You have the choice of scheduling an exciting day of bouldering or climbing using ropes.

It can be a lot of fun to challenge your friends to a race to the summit, or you can try out a variety of different methods and pathways to determine which one works best for you.

8. Roller Rink Party 

If you love the disco period of the 1970s, host a disco party at a roller rink, even if you have never tried this before!

Put on some cool knee socks, and jam out to some groovy music from an earlier age while you skate around the room 

22 Winter Birthday Party Ideas For Your Teen

9. Pizza Party

Who doesn’t love pizza? You’ll be hard-pressed to find any teenager who will say no to this junk food. 

Pizza is a great way to feed many people at once, especially if everyone has different tastes.

Get a wide variety of toppings, including classic mozzarella, pepperoni, and maybe in Hawaiian, and everyone will leave with full bellies. 

Having pizza at a sleepover party is also a great way to quickly and easily feed everyone without having to cook huge meals. 

10. Winter Wonderland Theme Party 

This is an excellent choice for a theme for your teen’s birthday celebration if their special day falls in the holiday season. 

A winter wonderland is a very easy theme to pull off. Simply make some paper snowflakes, use some fake snow around the home, and maybe even incorporate Christmas decorations, and you’ll be all set! 

Get your teen to help make the decorations, or they could do this with their friends. 

11. Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is a wonderful winter activity, even if it’s a bit difficult at first.

Teens, especially those who are athletic, have a lot of unlimited energy that needs to be released, and having access to an outdoor or indoor rink is a terrific way to do this. 

Many ice skating rinks can be booked out for parties, so gather the teens together and hit the rink! 

12. Arts And Crafts

While this sounds a bit childish, many artsy teens love making their own things, so they may want to incorporate this hobby into their birthday party. 

There are loads of crafts that are easy enough for teens to do, including making their own t-shirts, jewelry, candles, and more. You could even do some baking as well!

13. Go-Cart Racing

All teens of the day get their first car, so give them a taste of this freedom by taking them go-carting! 

After testing out the go-carts, every one of the teenagers will feel a surge of enthusiasm and want to go again and again. 

14. Candy Theme Party 

A party with a candy theme is a great idea because, in all honesty, there’s probably not a single person on earth who doesn’t like sweets. A dismal winter day may be brightened up in a hurry with this theme! 

This event might go in a lot of different directions, but setting up a candy buffet is a great place to start. Choose all your favorite candies and desserts and let the sugar rush begin! 

15. Jewelry Party 

Throw a party where people make one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry.

Give your visitors the opportunity to personalize unique gifts by allowing them to choose all of the components, from the type of metal to the color of the stones.

16. Letter Theme

For this, tell everyone that they have to dress up as something that starts with the birthday boy/girl’s first initials. So if your teen is called Ben, then everyone has to dress up as something beginning with B. 

If you really want to go all out with the theme, you could only serve food and drink whose names start with the particular letter that has been assigned.

17. Night At The Museum

Going to a museum after it has closed is guaranteed to be a nerve-wracking experience.

Special events taking place after normal museum hours and centered on a wide range of topics are routinely held in museums of all sizes. 

On your birthday, it would be a lot of fun to try one of these experiences.

Many museums encourage families with children to participate in their after-hours events, though some of these events are exclusively open to adults.

Have A Video Game Tournament 

18. Have A Video Game Tournament 

Hold a video game tournament by hooking up a number of gaming consoles and televisions k and challenging your friends to fierce competition.

19. Birthstone Theme 

For this theme, you could have everyone dress up in the color of your birthstone, and use this color in your decorations as well. 

This is an exceptionally wonderful concept for a birthday party to use in the wintertime for a teenage lady.

You might get her a beautiful birthstone necklace to wear with any costume or attire she chooses to wear on her birthday. 

20. Game Show Party 

Make it a game night, but not just any game night; instead, make it a game show game night! Use popular game shows such as American Ninja Warrior, Beat Shazam, and 25 Words or Less as inspiration. 

The game shows should be ones that your teen loves and appreciates so it’s easier for them to relate to the material and have a good time with it. 

It will also make things more exciting if as much as possible is done to imitate the set-up of the game show.

For example, if the game show typically has a hot seat, you should have one, and the cards should be labeled.

21. Halloween Party 

You don’t have to wait for Halloween to throw a scary party; you can do it any time of year.

One of the reasons that Halloween is such a popular subject is that it can be interpreted and utilized in a variety of different ways, from Halloween costumes to Halloween-themed food to Halloween-themed games. 

22. Camping Party

This can be classic camping, complete with all of the activities and experiences that you would have on a camping trip.

It will require the standard camping gear, such as tents and outdoor cooking supplies, to be brought along by friends. 

This party can be held in your backyard or any other open place so long as it is large enough to accommodate a camping setup.


Just because your teen has a winter birthday doesn’t mean that it has to be boring and dull. Use any of the ideas on this to throw your teen a fun and exciting birthday, no matter how cold it is outside! 

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