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Why Is School So Hard?

School is often viewed as a barrier to the freedom of adulthood, which some students can find harder than others.

There may be people who view their school years as the time of their life, but a lot of people find this period scary and confusing.

Why Is School So Hard?

If you are finding school hard, try to remember that you aren’t the only one feeling this way.

People tend to hide their feelings. Students who seem like they have it all may be going through the same things you are.

Nevertheless, if you are struggling, you may be wondering why you are finding it hard, compared to other students who seem to be flying by.

We’ll cover the reasons why school seems so hard in this post, going over things like a lack of friends, parental expectations, and larger classroom sizes.

Why Is School So Hard?

Here are some of the reasons why you may be finding school hard.

Little Friends

You may find school harder if you lack support from friends.

Whether you’re in the classroom or outside having a break, friends are beneficial. They can help you relax after stressful lessons, study hard subjects, and make you feel less alone.

School involves a lot of changes, but it can be hard to talk to your parents and teachers who don’t have a similar perspective. Friends, however, will relate to your experience.

If you don’t have many friends, you won’t have anyone to talk to about your problems or create fun school memories.

If you can’t release stress or have fun with your friends, you may concentrate on the worst parts of school. This can make school a lot harder for you as a result.

Lack Of Home Support

School can be hard if you don’t have a lot of support at home.

School is a time when you’re forming your own identity. Your peers and parents may expect different things from you.

If you don’t get home support, you may struggle to fit in among your peers at school.

Similarly, if you are struggling at school, but don’t have anyone at home to support you, this can make school life even harder.

Parents should be there to protect you, but compared to your earlier years, school is a period where they won’t be able to take care of you as much as before.

It is difficult to shield a child from mental health issues or bullies who make school an unsafe environment.

If your parents or guardians are working hard to put food on the table, you may have needed to become an adult earlier than you should have.

Taking care of your home and school is a lot for school-age children. A lack of home support can make school much harder to deal with.

Larger Classrooms

Some schools may not have this issue, but a lot of schools have large classrooms that are full of students.

This can make school difficult, as the teacher may struggle to teach all of their students equally.

Some people are quiet and avoid asking for assistance, even if they are struggling with the material.

Smaller classrooms allow teachers to focus on every student. If the classroom is crowded, teachers can get caught up trying to control the room, instead of making sure everyone understands the lesson.

Troublesome students or louder individuals may receive attention, but quieter, well-behaved individuals may not learn as much.

This can make school difficult, as they may not understand some subjects.

Crowded classrooms mean that passing out sheets and taking attendance take a lot of time. To make up for the time lost, the teacher will have to switch to different topics at a faster pace.

This may not give students enough time to grasp some topics, leading to poor performance on tests and exams.

Large classrooms and poor academic performance are big reasons why school may be hard.

Parental Expectations

Why Is School So Hard Parental Expectations

Students can have lots of pressure from their parents or guardians. Parents can have high expectations without giving their children enough support.

This additional pressure can be a lot, especially when added to the stress of school.

Other than classes, parents may expect that their child will take up a certain sport or go to a specific college.

Having these expectations can make students feel like they have to perform at 100%, all the time.

This is unrealistic, so if the student receives a bad mark or doesn’t do well on game day, these events can weigh heavily on their mind.

Parental expectations can make a student feel inadequate, which can add to the difficulties of school.

Poor Self Esteem

School is a time when people build their self-esteem. Some people have naturally high self-esteem. They may find school easy as they are confident and have ambitious goals.

On the other hand, some people have naturally low self-esteem. This lack of self-confidence can lead to poor school performance.

Being unconfident means that you may not believe you have the skills to do things right. This can lead to bullying.

Bullies tend to focus on students who have poor self-esteem, as they’re unlikely to stand up for themselves. Students who are bullied may feel afraid daily.

This takes precedence over academic performance, so students may start to do badly in classes if they are worried about bullies.

Low-self esteem can be a big factor in how difficult you find school.

Forced Education

School is often difficult, as they don’t teach students skills needed to survive outside of a school setting.

Testing regulations mean that students need to memorize information, then prove their knowledge through tests.

These topics don’t cover material that is needed for adult life. Schools don’t teach students about finance and taxes.

These subjects will affect students a lot more than math which they won’t use in the working world.

A lot of schools also cut classes for budget reasons. Music, art, and language lessons are normally the first ones to disappear from the syllabus.

Students who are interested in these aren’t able to enjoy learning anymore.

If school isn’t engaging, students can feel like they are forced to attend. This tediousness can make school a lot harder than it should be.

Final Thoughts

These were some of the reasons why you may be finding school hard, but this isn’t an exhaustive list! You may be struggling with school for a reason which isn’t listed above.

Remember that your feelings regarding school are valid. If you are finding it difficult, try not to compare yourself to others and see if you can seek help from your school’s counseling services.

Understanding why you are finding school difficult can help you make the changes to start enjoying school once more.

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