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What Is Outschool?

For children and teenagers between the ages 3 to 18, Outschool is an online learning platform that offers lessons.

What Is Outschool

With live Zoom and flexible sessions led by knowledgeable, independent educators, Outschool classes, in contrast to typical classes, allow children and teenagers to pursue their interests.

Outschool covers a broad range of topics and classes, thus if you are homeschooling or wish to provide an extra lesson to your child, then Outschool has you covered. However, this is still a relatively new platform, thus you may not have heard of it before.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Outschool, and why you should consider using this platform yourself. 

About Outschool

A range of thought-provoking, small-group courses are available online through Outschool, which is an original educational platform.

With Outschool programs, students have the chance to explore their passions through live and interactive videos taught by skilled, independent teachers.

When Outschool was established in 2015, homeschoolers were the first to learn about their programs.

However, it wasn’t long before kids in traditional schools started adding these fun and interesting, subject-specific classes to their education. 

Currently, Outschool serves more than 1,000,000 students in 183 different nations through 140,000 live online classes.

Who Can Use Outschool?

The age group for which the course is intended for is noted in the class listing. Outschool classes are available to students ages 3 to 18. At this moment, Outschool are unable to accept students who are under 3 years old or older than 18 years old.

All children and teenagers can benefit from Outschool, regardless of the sort of education they receive, whether it is in-person, online, or home-based.

Courses Taught On Outschool

You aren’t limited in choice when it comes to using Outschool. They offer a wide curriculum of courses and lessons that your child may be interested in. 

They still cover all the basics including math, English, science, history, politics, economics, geography, and languages.

In addition to this there are also various courses on arts, coding, health, wellness, life skills and other unique subjects. 

As a result, you can easily teach your child using the lessons provided to you by Outschool. They cover everything your child needs to know and learn about.

What Do You Need To Use Outschool?

Homeschooling offers a unique and flexible approach to education, allowing parents to tailor the learning environment and curriculum to meet the specific needs of their children. However, just like any educational setting, ensuring a safe environment is crucial for both the physical and emotional well-being of students.

Encourage your child to use the device of their preference and engage with these sessions in their normal educational setting. All popular online browsers support Outschool, and they use Zoom for real-time video conferences. 

A functional webcam, microphone, and a strong internet connection are all required. However, flex classes are a fantastic choice for asynchronous learning if your child doesn’t want to attend a live class.

How Much Does Outschool Cost?

Outschool is free to get started, and each class has a different price based on the structure of the class, and the preferences of the teachers.

They accept Apple Pay as well as credit/debit cards (using the Stripe payment processor) as forms of payment.

Their Happiness Guarantee is offered in support of all classes. If you are dissatisfied with the course, you are able to look into the several policies that this guarantee falls under.

What Is Outschool

How Do Outschool Ensure High Quality Lessons?

To teach in Outschool, all teachers must fill out an application that details their professional experience and educational background.

In order to guarantee that every educator on Outschool has teaching experience, knowledge of the subject, or a special passion they wish to share with learners, the team examines submissions using this information. 

On their website, Outschool also guarantees that instructors have the technical know-how necessary to properly offer online courses. After instructors sign up for Outschool, they regularly offer chances for professional learning and development.

A teacher is required to submit their class schedule for approval each time they are prepared to teach a new class.

Classes must adhere to Outschool’s standards for distinctive content, learning objectives, teacher skill, class experience, and more in order to be included on the Outschool website. 


Outschool is a fantastic learning tool and platform to use, especially if you are homeschooling your child. They have various different courses that cover all the important subjects and topics that your child needs to know about, 

While entry is free, you will have to pay for the different courses that you sign up for. However, there is a happiness guarantee, which ensures either a full or partial refund if you aren’t happy with the lessons.

Although, Outschool goes through an advanced screening process for all teachers and lessons to ensure this doesn’t happen.

We hope this article has made it clearer on what Outschool is and whether you should use it.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Software Does Outschool Use?

Unless you aren’t watching the classes live, then all lessons should be attended via zoom. In addition to this, it is advised that you have the latest version of Zoom installed, so that you can receive the best quality for the class you are attending. 

Are Lessons Recorded?

All lessons and classes on Outschool are recorded for safety and quality reasons. A lot of these recordings are made public after the lesson for you to look back on, and it is perfect for anyone who isn’t attending the class live. 

Can Outschool Help Those With Special Needs?

Learning styles and neurodiversity of all kinds are welcomed at Outschool. Many teachers at Outschool have experience working with students of different abilities.

Their classes might give both bright students the chance to advance their education and those who need academic support the chance to receive it. 

If there is a class you’re interested in, Outschool advises you to message the instructor directly to find out how their teaching style might meet your learner’s needs.

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